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Yes, because of Facebook personality Mike Tashaya, I have decided to leave Facebook

By Jean Gasho | Just Jean |

I have read enough stories of teenagers committing suicide after being bullied on Facebook

  • I have seen women being called names on Facebook that has affected their self-esteem for the rest of their lives.
  • Over the past week, for the first time, I can say I have become a victim of Facebook bullying by a Zimbabwean Facebook Personality called Mike Tashaya, along with a number of his 20 000 followers.
  • The bullying and harassment from Mike Tashaya and a lot of his followers has become so bad, so much I felt it affect my unborn baby, who is due in 4 weeks.
  • For that reason, Mike Tashaya and his followers, I refuse to allow myself to continue in an environment that is putting my health and that of my unborn child at risk.
  • I am a strong woman, but I have my unborn baby to think of, who right now is not as strong as me.

I have been blogging/writing for almost 9 years. My first blog was in 2008, where I decided to blog simply because of my thirst for writing. The blog was about my spiritual journey when I became a born again Christian.

Jean Gasho
Jean Gasho

Within 3 months of starting this blog, it attracted a lot of atheists and it was featured on the Richard Dawkins website. It was also featured on American TV shows and Christian radio shows. I had people asking to advertise on my blog because of the traffic.

I found this very overwhelming as I was very new to social media. I had just given birth and could not handle the pressure, so I deactivated the blog. I want to make it clear that on this blog, I only had one Zimbabwean follower, the rest of Zimbabwe did not even know me, even though the blog was successful.

My second blog was in 2013. I started the blog in a women’s refuge after horrendous abuse from a church and my ex-husbands family. I had no one to talk to, no one to help me, and the only way I had of expressing myself was to write.

Within 24 hours the blog had gone viral, which was even a shock to me. Though it was a blog about abuse, it became one of the best things I ever did in life. I discovered who I was as a writer. I met some amazing people. I brought awareness about religious abuse in the UK. The blog revived me, brought back my faith in humanity, and even led the love of my life Ghanaian musician Kofi Nino to me. Today I am the happiest woman because of love.

Again, my dear readers, my second blog had nothing to do with Facebook. For over a year, not once did I ever share or discuss my blog on Facebook, yet it had almost 2 000 000 hits.

This blog,’Just Jean’ was a new beginning for me. Leaving the past behind me, in March 2016 I started this blog where I write my opinions about current issues, especially issues affecting the black community.

This blog has been the best in my career as a writer.

Within a year, I started blogging for the Huffington Post, and my blogs on such an international platform have been very successful. As this year began I was offered to be a columnist for a popular Ghanaian news site, Modern Ghana after my New Year Article on African False Prophets was shared all over Africa.

After all the success I had received through this blog, I started being harassed and bullied on Facebook by Zimbabwean Facebook socialite Mike Tashaya. It all started when he took my article and shared it without acknowledging me as the writer.

When I asked him not to share my articles without acknowledging me, he then apologised. However after the “apology” he became vindictive, and started sharing my articles to open me up to abuse, often mocking me.


Even though Mike Tashaya is the one who sought my friendship, today he has become my biggest cyber bully on Facebook because of my work

What I have learnt about bullies is that they are normally very charming. They have a lot of friends or followers and are manipulative and calculating. Most of the times they bully from behind the scenes, and let their friends and followers do the work whilst they mastermind everything, creating a platform for the bullying.

This is why bullies are always able to get away with bullying, leaving the victim broken with no support. On Mike Tashaya’s Facebook wall, where he boasts of having a huge traffic and many Zimbabwean followers, his cyber bullying tactics are normally subtle, with a lot of help from his followers, he is able to single out a person and attack them, mostly women.

What has hurt me the most and my main reason for leaving Facebook is that on his wall, it is claimed that my success of this blog is down to Mike Tashaya and his 20 000 followers. They claim that even though I am being harassed on his wall, he is the most popular Facebook personality in Zimbabwe so he is making my articles “popular” each time he shares them.

I want to make it clear to Mike Tashaya and his followers, that no one has ever made me “famous” or “popular”. Even Huffington Post can not claim to make me famous. Modern Ghana can not claim to make me famous. I have worked hard for my name as a blogger and writer, and I will not let you Mike Tashaya use me and harras me for something I have worked so hard for.

On his wall, Mike Tashaya mentions my name and says he enjoys to watch people destroyed on social media
On Mike Tashaya’s wall Ghanaian woman is told that she is Satan and people from Ghana are so dark like a black moth

I will not let your abuse and harassment threaten the life of my unborn baby. I got where I got without your 20 000 followers. I have seen enough bullying on Facebook and I refuse to stay in a toxic environment.

Yesterday Mike Tashaya’s followers were threatening to tag me on his wall so I could see the abuse. I was once tagged on his wall where I was being called all sorts of hurtful derogatory names. Yesterday I had to resort to blocking him, but I realised that it was not enough.

Three women who have tried to stand for me on Mike Tashaya’s Facebook wall have been “savaged” by his followers as Mike Tashaya calls it.

One Ghanaian woman was racially abused for being a Ghanaian, told that Ghanaians are too black and ugly, and called all sorts of derogatory Ghanaian names because she had tried to defend me. Yesterday another Zimbabwean woman tried to defend me and was called ugly and fat on Mike Tashaya’s wall by his followers.

Mike Tashaya boasted that his followers had “savaged” a woman after she tried to defend me.
A woman who tried to defend me was overpowered on Mike’s wall

I have to leave Facebook, because even though I am a strong woman, it hurts me to see women being bullied on Mike Tashaya’s Facebook wall because they are trying to fight bullying on my behalf. Yesterday I was hurt because in my 10 years a writer and blogger, no man has ever claimed to contribute to my writing success, and certainly not a man who is bullying me and using my hard work to attack me.

To my dear Facebook followers, the few I had, those who always stood by me, I will certainly miss you. But I am not a writer because of Facebook. Facebook has never contributed in any way to the success of my work. I will continue to write, I will write like I have never written before. I will not let the bullying by Zimbabweans on Facebook bring negative energy to my work, and certainly not Mike Tashaya.

When my marriage became an unhealthy abusive environment for me, I had to walk away. When the church became an unhealthy environment for me I had to leave. Facebook has become an unhealthy abusive environment for me, leaving is not a sign of weakness but to maintain the strength I have and to explore new areas.

It’s 2017, its time for me to be adventurous with Twitter and Instagram. It’s time to expand my horizons on this journey of mine as a writer. With or without Facebook, my pen shall ever write.

You can visit Jean Gasho’s blog: Just Jean 


  • Badza

    Hanya nani.

  • Jean Fadzai Gasho, I feel so sorry for you, i do not support you for leaving Facebook just because of one person Mike Tashaya.
    In life people must grow to accept negative comments and ignore them, strong leaders like Jean Gasho should develop the understanding that not all people like you. Some people read your articles to find fault and critise, others read to gain knowledge while others read to kill time.
    Tashaya could have been one such person who had a hatred for for articles but haungarasi mbereko nekufirwa.
    The most effective weapon was to ignore the comments kusvikira vaneta.
    If a person gives you a nasty nickname, the solution is not to fight him or her but to leave him and eventually it will die down.
    People can call you all sorts of names like whore, witch, ugly, dump, idiot, stupid etc etc, that will not change who you are.
    You can not prevent a bird from flying above your head but you can prevent it from landing on your head. You can not stop people from talking about you for as long they do not come to you physically.
    You have made a decision but I do not think it’s the best. I will respect your decision even though I do not agree to it.

  • Nhai nehanda murikushaya nyaya here pane kuti verengesa zvakadai shuwa….i know you can do far much better than this..

  • Waimboita nezvei paFacebook, asi waishanda Facebook, enda kubasa rako chairo, kana usingashande tsvaga. Usatinyaudza……

  • some people just don’t get it ukada kuvatsiura vanoto wedzera handizive kuti iignorance here kuita kwavo vanenge vagarwa in the end fb yacho becomes irrelevant but time time those abusers cant take abuse themselves.so u wonder why they do it.

  • who is that lol?

  • PanAfricanist

    This woman writes nonsense. Tashaya was probably right, you’re an an attention seeker. Her article is riddled with statements that show how shallow she is. She equates her only Zimbabwean audience with a whole black community. Anyone can be a contributor on Huffington Post. They don’t go out to seek you but vice versa. Nothing chinoshamisira. She speaks of 2 million hits on her website 😂. I’m someone working in that industry and I can assure you having visited the site when she was accusing Masocha of rape, it’s not a site that could attract 2 million hits. It was a mess and was in a state that it’s not indexable. If you’re leaving Facebook enda wakanyarara kwete kutinyaudza 😂. I hope she quits blogging too for good because clearly she’s not good at it. If she has a day job don’t quit it!

  • jean GOSHO

  • Sei sei vakoma…hanzi chii nemakudo ayo from Mozambique and Malawi?

  • At last,thank you Lord.we couldnt wait for you to leave,thanx ever so much.👏

  • Hormonal ……!now I understand!

  • Hopefully Mugabe will learn from you

  • Hanzi kufa kwemujoni kamba(camp) haivharwi wani?

  • Well done for taking a break Jean.
    I applaud you for putting your baby’s well being first.

    Wishing you all the best with your baby💌

  • Kashukuviri

    Jean you commented rather showed your support for that idiots Nick Mangwana. A bit of background, Nick is a UK based nurse and an adant supporter of Zanu PF. He went to Zim for the Zanu conference and his video at the conference was circulating. You got your article published and obviously told the whole world that you support Zanu PF.
    Now you are wondering what’s smelling when you can’t see the dead fox on your shoulders. My sister wake up from your nightmare.

  • Mkaranga

    Wazowana anokupa zvesize yako sezvazviri…..you’re a pompous upstart who thinks you know everything….hope you rot in hell and keep your funny ideas with yourself and your ilk…rubbish and bullshit ‘blogging’ my foot!! Get away mhani!!

  • hanzi zvadii zve iye tashaya wacho handimuzive iwe watoita ndide kuziva nezvake so thats why bullies get away u give em praise …but potraz yakutsvagirwa ma excuse kkkk

  • mhofu

    “I do not care that some Zimbabweans in the UK say I’m some Zanu PF agent, I’m not. Just because I do not agree with their way of doing things and choose to think for myself doesn’t make me Zanu PF. I am not a member of any political party in Zimbabwe neither am I a follower of any “political activism” of any sort. I am a woman who thinks alone and exercises my right to express my thoughts as a blogger, even if the mob attacks me. May I also say to the UK Zim Activists that not all Zimbabweans who resides in the UK fled from Mugabe or his regime. I did not seek asylum in the UK and my life was never in any form of danger in Zimbabwe. So please do not assume that every Zimbabwean who is in the UK is here because of Zanu PF, just like they are millions of Britons living abroad in Australia, Spain, USA etc. Migrating doesn’t always mean you are “running”from the government or “running” for your life.
    Now that I have got that out of the way, I will cut to the chase. I will not stand by and watch Zimbabweans in the UK, the so called “activists” who claim to fight oppression bully, harass, threaten and intimidate another human being. Yesterday Nick Mangwana, the UK Chairman for Zanu PF came under vicious attack by UK Zim opposition for travelling to Zimbabwe to attend a Zanu PF rally. I want to make it clear to UK Zim activists that it is not a crime in the UK to support Zanu PF. Also Zanu PF members are not banned from entering or living in the UK. They also have the right and choice to live here just like you. They also have the right to fly to Zimbabwe for Zanu PF rallies.”


  • lot chitakasha

    I hate bullies also,I remember when we were growing up, waitochinja nzira yekufamba nayo uchibva kuchikoro. Umwe munhu aitokurova, hanzi uri kunditariserei. One guy used to hang around pamatuckshop, palunchtime we had to buy a stick of cigarettes / mudzanga for him to be able to use the tuckshop. Yes Bullies are bad,if it is happening as she says ,then I feel for her and the guy doing it must stop. It is possible to agree to disagree without resorting to abuse/cyber bullying.

  • Jukwa Jr

    JEAN GOSHO I think you need a reality check, l am a former Profit Socha helper and here is the truth about Jean Gosho. To cut a long story short, Jean Gosho was having an affair with socha and she thought she was the only side piece, when she learnt that she was only a foot soldier in sochas army of concubines she then began to fume furry like a scorned woman. She would entertain socha and caterr to all his dirty needs in their surgery sessions, basically she was used not abused, she was also playing the game. She then started the blog about socha to bring him down which was correct to expose the monster socha, but she did not tell the whole truth to save her own face, but we all know that jean gosho was sochas side piece for a long long long time.

    So jeann gosho u owe your claimed 2 000 000 claimed hits to your bed hooping antics with socha that made u fume like a mad cow. You need serious mental diagnosis because you are really not normal, thats why u spend your days writting your stupid blogs thinking they are awesome. The truth about why people read them is because they want to see how much more crazy you have become and you always prove them right, cause you go crazier every time. Now you are picking a fight with Tashaya who ever the hell he is. Zvawakaroorwa kuGhana na black mamba why dont you pick fights with your new people and leave us with our zimbabwe alone, we are tired of hearing your crazy thoughts.

    My appeal to anyone who runs a Zim online tabloid please stop giving hure ra socha jean gosho airtime purizi purizi ndapota hangu, do it for her own sanity, she is a nobody home and away, azama kuda kuita celebrity but for all the wrong reasons. Jean Gosho try Ghana, when Makosi failed to impres Zimbabweans she went to Nigeria, hameno kuti aka budirira here ikoko, so take a leaf from her own book and go to Ghana, maka ngofanana kufunga kwenyu futi.

    iwewe now uri mucouncil house uri kungo zadza vana imomo kuti mari yebenefit iwande, u will never make a living form the blogging u claim to be awesome at because u r not. Purizi jean gosho chimbonyarara wo muna 2017 uchengete zvana zvako nechimwe chawati chiri kuuya. Taneta newe purizi.