Kapini speaks on Mukuruva again

Former Warriors keeper Tapuwa ‘Campos’ Kapini has challenged national team first choice goalkeeper Tatenda Mukuruva to prove his critics wrong at the Africa Cup of Nations finals.

Tapuwa Kapini
Tapuwa Kapini

The veteran keeper also believes that no player deserves to be treated with kid-gloves. Kapini sparked widespread debate last September when he questioned Mukuruva’s worth before slamming Warriors coach Callisto Pasuwa’s selection criteria.

In an interview, Kapini stuck to his guns before declaring that it was necessary for a national team goalkeeper to be scrutinised.

Kapini, who plays for Absa Premiership side Highlands Park, is back home for the mid-season break.

“A national team goalkeeper has to be criticised a bit; it is important because that is how we can measure his ability to deal with pressure. Tatenda (Mukuruva) has to go there and prove his critics wrong, myself included. That’s the pressure that comes with being the Warriors’ number one and he has to learn to cope,” said Kapini.

Although the former Highlanders goalkeeper still feels reigning Goalkeeper of the Year Petros Mhari should have been among the three Afcon keepers, he admits that Pasuwa did a fair job in his selection of the final 23.

“Yes, it is awkward to have the Goalkeeper of the Year omitted. We all know Mhari did well and so did Mukuruva, but that is neither here nor there, the coach did a fair job. I have nothing against Tate (Mukuruva), he is a brother because he went to school with my younger brother Issa Sadiki at Prince Edward.

“He usually visits our home and we talk about our goalkeeping trade. Mukuruva is still young and he needs all the support he can get. I say to him ‘boy go there and enjoy, relax and show what you can do…that’s the pressure that comes with this job,” said Kapini.

Kapini was part of both the 2004 and 2006 Afcon squads and has a unique record at the finals of being the only Zimbabwean keeper who featured in a winning team on both occasions.

In 2004 Zimbabwe beat Algeria 2-1 in the their third group match with Kapini between the sticks and two years later, he was also keeping goal when the Warriors beat Ghana by the same score line, again in the third group match. What was his secret?

“Nothing much, it is all about the mindset of the players. Remember all the games we won were the last ones, those labelled by some as dead rubbers. We were relaxed when we went into those games and because of that we performed well. So, I urge this group of players to just go there and enjoy, results will come.

“I have faith in this Warriors’ group because they are a talented lot. Back then we had Peter (Ndlovu), Joel Luphahla and Shingi (Kawondera)…players who could change the game in an instant, but I also believe that in Knowledge (Musona) and Khama Billiat this group also has super talent.

“They also have Costa Nhamoinesu, who can direct things, Willard (Katsande) can also lead and Marvellous Nakamba is up there. I believe they have the right quality to progress to the quarterfinals.” The Chronicle

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  • My first choice was polokwane keeper l think he undermined

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  • Where was that friend of yours called Mhari during the qualifiers??now you busy campaigning for him kujaira kuita ana mcheka dzafa.where were you when the guys were on the Munorurama bus heading to Malawi and came back with the result?musade kutinzwa apa harahwa dze match fixing

  • Mukuruva has just prove himself that he is warriors’ number one.He never conceed twice in a single match. So Kapini mind your own business with Highlands park otherwise you will end up in D 1.

  • he is jelousy period how can he single out one player as if he will be alone in the ground: the strength of the goalkeeper comes from the defenders and the whole team

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  • That 25meter offside goal by Cameroon gave me doubts abt our keeper. Rapinda panga aka cover

    • Stop lying bro Cameroon scored thru penalty

    • Read again. I said it was judged offside.

    • Sipho Nyoni don’t embarrass yoself. Read first

    • Maybe Sipho didn’t watch the match, so he might have missed the moment.

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    • It was an offside goal as you said so what. Who do you want Better you go there and be the goalie

    • Chitate can still improve on that. Some teams can exploit us and hit us with long ranges , topinda busy.

    • Wy du u always have negative attitude on everything abt our players Tapiwa? Iwe itawo zvako tione kwete kungoshora.

    • Im not negative. Im a dembare fan to the bone. At national team level we must not leave room for mistakes. It can mean being knocked out of a tournament or qualifying to the next round.

    • Gotwe Siza Wekwachizinga I just spoke abt one player and I didn’t say hez a bad player. Tozoenda pa miss ya Mushekwi lol.

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  • Bruce Groblaar was the last good goalie we had the rest are just taking chances eg Murambadoro Mzadzi Kapini Chigova Mukuruva Arubi

  • He is right trust me Mukuruva is a weak link in the warriors team ,you are right Campos

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  • Long live Chitate. You proved your barbaric critics wrong long back. Vavakungogwautawo. Keep focused and help our beloved Zim. Tirikutoda kuti utaridze vana Slimani, Feghouli, Armatey, Mahrez and Mane kuti you are the next Jungleman

  • Admin Kapini akundibhowa hangu nemanegatives ake .kapini was nt a gud goalkeeper to b honest guys Bt coach mumwe nemumwe ane maplayers aanoda muteam yake anoenderana netype of play yaanoda.so uri kurasika papi iwe.

  • Thumps up to Mukuruva young talented keeper he guided the post upto Gabon Kapini kurwadziwa ndozvaari hamumuziwi here nhai

  • Stupid Kapini yo team is on relegation zone nokuziva Norma kwako,if u hv any personal issues with that better be a coach man

  • Kapinis negative comments about Mukuruva reveals some kinds of jealous he has towards ths youngster n talented goal minder. From my own point of view wat pains Kapini is dat he wasnt called to be the Warriors keeper.The fact dat he ws fighting for Mhari in favour of Tatenda isnt his the major reason,he is jst trying to hide behind Mharis name.Othwz Kapini ws planning a match fixing deal n unfotunately it failed to materialize.

  • for me Tate varikubata guys…lets be objective….mark my words that guy wont be playing in Zim after AFCON.

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    Tatenda Mukuruva he should help him with advice not to blame him is totally a ridiculous manner and ignorance.learn to help someone with advice not insulting someone .

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    Mukuruva z the best u cant stand for him nw

  • Kapini has asked Mukuruva to prove his critics wrong at afcon. Apa I am failing to see chakanganiswa na Kapini, he is just motivating the boy to do well at afcon and shut his critics up!

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