Cop to pay $5 000 after crashing impounded car

By Bernard Chiketo

A cop has been ordered to pay $4 960 after he impounded a vehicle for alleged traffic offences before crashing it in a high-speed chase.

Rusape magistrate Shingi Mutiro awarded the compensation to motorist Simba Chikaka.

Titus Matava, a constable at Rusape Police Station impounded Chikaka’s vehicle at a roadblock allegedly over a traffic offence.

The police officer used the vehicle to chase another fleeing motorist.

In the ill-fated chase, the cop was involved in an accident, resulting in Chikaka taking legal action.

The case was pursued by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights’ Peggy Tavazadza, who sued Matava and the Home Affairs ministry.

Cases of police officers being sued in their individual capacity have been on the increase since the adoption the 2013 Constitution, that makes cops liable for their actions instead of the Zimbabwe Republic Police as an organisation. Daily News

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