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Stunner’s stunning confession. . . cheated on wife.. still speaks to married ex-girlfriend Pokello

By Bongani Ndlovu

Local rapper Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme, yesterday broke his silence, confessing to cheating on his wife Olinda whom he confirmed to be his “blesser” who buys him expensive cars and clothes.

Stunner and his wife Olinda
Stunner and his wife Olinda

In an exclusive interview with radio personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa on Facebook Live, the Dhaf korera hit maker, who broke down several times, also admitted to texting his ex-flame Pokello Nare.

A teary Stunner further claimed that Zimbabweans hate him but want to be involved in his personal life.

“On the real, people should just get out of my life . . . that’s what I want. I just want to do music, that’s all I’ve been doing.

“I don’t know why people hate me, I don’t eat at anyone’s house and I’ve never asked for anything. But Zimbabweans hate me and I know that for a fact,” he said.

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It was the first time Stunner opened up on his relationship with his wife after last week’s drama which has earned them the moniker, “Keeping up with the Chidemes”.

Olinda took to Facebook Live to pour her heart out on her troubles with her husband’s alleged wondering eye.

She said the artiste cheats on her with teenagers and claimed that everything Stunner owns, including cars and clothes, were a result of her hard work.

Stunner, using the same platform, yesterday said he agreed to do the interview to set the record straight.

He confirmed cheating on Olinda but refused to shed light on the mysterious damsel he cheated with, saying he owes no one but his wife an explanation.

“I’m not here to say I’m correct. I’m here to say that yes what she said was true. I had a slight lack of common sense and I made a mistake. Yes I cheated and I’m not here to justify it, that it’s because I’m a man,” said Stunner.

“The two spoke to each other and they exchanged words and I’m happy that happened. But I’m here to say I cheated and I’m wrong.

“I don’t owe any explanation as to why I did it to the public, the only person I owe that to is my wife. By telling people out there it’ll look like I’m trying to find an excuse or a way out, but I’m not looking for that.”

Stunner rubbished his wife’s claims that everything he owned was due to her hard work saying he had a life before he met her.

“I’ve known my wife for close to a year. So people can’t think she has been buying all my clothes and some of the cars for less than a year. It’s just my wife’s reaction as she was angry and it’s fine,” he said.

Asked why he was still texting his ex-girlfriend Pokello whom he featured with in a steamy sex tape, Stunner said they have a normal relationship.

“I still speak to Pokello, she’s married, I’m married and we’re cool like that. It’s not one of those relationships where I say good morning or what, it’s just normal. I text her and even her husband (Elikem),” said Stunner.

On whether he and Olinda are still together, Stunner said a lot of people have been speculating about his marriage yet they have no idea what’s going on.

“We woke up in the same bed. How else can you be with somebody if you woke up in the same bed and sheets? People have been saying a lot and it’s unfortunate that there’s a huge public eye that wants to blow things out of proportion and those who really think without the wife he’s going to be nothing,” he said.

In all this, Stunner had advice for married men who have wives who are earning more than them.

“I encourage people to love their wives even if they’re earning more than you. Even if after this interview something happens next week and she says she no longer wants to be with me then that will be that.

“So I’ll go back home and cook because I don’t think she has mellowed enough to cook for me at this juncture,” he said. The Chronicle

  • Its enough he is human at the end of the day

    • Olinda

      You are eating at Olinda’s house usanyepe I am not eating at anyones house is that true kkkkkk from Underpants to cars it is Olinda

  • Its enough he is human at the end of the day

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  • How do you build name / names by changing or double crossing women??

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  • Perfect Pat

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  • The soul called Desmond should learn to respect people he claims people hate him can I ask him a simple question did people create a bad story about him or its them the two who came to the public and broadcasted their internal affairs.We never knew where he stays ,his wardrobe full of things which Olinder claims bought for him please Mr Desmond Chideme alias Stanner musafumure hapwa dzenyu panevanhu hezvo wavakuti vanhu vanokuvenga siyana nevanhu sungirira imbwa yako

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    • Guess it’s only ok if it’s the man that provides for the wife? 😏

    • You are right Mildred,I have seen it live in a friend’s marriage.

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  • Ghenghis Khan

    The Mad Rapper says he owes nobody but his wife an explanation. He’s saying this live on facebook not to the said wife but to the same people he owes nothing to. Then he admits he’s a dirtbag then he wonders why people dont like him. When i listen to local hip hop i listen to the likes of the late King Pinn, Mau Mau and the like, not these clowns.

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  • Timuhombe

  • Nyongolo

    Stunner now you are stunning me .How can you say you owe no one nothing yet you are a public figure.You gave up your private being the moment you decided to join the entertainment circles coz us your funs are your lifeline and yes you owe us.Remember being a celebrated individual means you are a role model to your funs and not your haters and hence when you do wrong thus you owe us your funs an explanation and please be mature about it.

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