Mliswa heaps praise on Mugabe

By Mugove Tafirenyika

Controversial Norton independent MP, Temba Mliswa, has said he likes President Robert Mugabe so much that he wants to offer the nonagenarian advice on how he can protect his legacy, when they meet.

The new Norton MP Temba Mliswa
The new Norton MP Temba Mliswa

Speaking to the Daily News on the side-lines of national hero Peter Chanetsa’s burial at the national shrine last weekend — where he made a surprise appearance for the first time since his expulsion from Zanu PF in 2014 — Mliswa said Zimbabweans should appreciate Mugabe for instilling “confidence in blacks to stand up against whites”.

“We must give credit where it is due because the man did a lot for Zimbabweans, especially the black majority by giving them confidence through education,” he said.

The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson, who many thought had crossed the floor to join opposition parties after contesting and winning the Norton by-election as an independent candidate, but with the opposition MDC’s backing, revealed that he would advise Mugabe to step down ostensibly to protect his legacy, if he gets the chance.

“If I get the chance to meet him, I will persuade him to step down so that he can have time to write about himself, the liberation struggle and other memoirs,” he said.

“I have always been vocal about the need for leadership renewal in Zanu PF . . . I remain close to people in Zanu PF and I am probably the only person who freely relates with them and opposes them at the same time”.

Zanu PF is currently squabbling over 92-year-old Mugabe’s successor.

Apparently, Mugabe is refusing to relinquish power despite his advanced age and reports of poor health.

Paradoxically though, soon after Mliswa’s election to Parliament as an independent candidate, he immediately announced his intention to challenge Mugabe’s position in 2018.

Following his victory, Mliswa said: “This win is not for Norton residents alone, but for Zimbabweans and it’s a warning to Mugabe that he will lose the 2018 elections just the same way Zanu PF has lost the by-election”.

“I’m the real bull in the kraal. Mugabe sent his small bulls Mnangagwa, (vice president Phelekezela) Mphoko and (Zanu PF commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere and I defeated them. Now I’m going for the biggest bull in their kraal,” he declared. Daily News

  • garlic smelling so of a bitch

  • “We must give credit where it is due because the man did a lot for Zimbabweans, especially the black majority by giving them confidence through education,” he said. But as far as i’m concerned there was no free education and the schools we went to were built long back before independence. I just tend to wonder when people want to give Mugabe credit for something which was there before he became the prime minister of the Zimbabwe which he has destroyed including the education system!

    • Don’t play dumb. We didn’t advance as equals in those education systems. Black people were mere ‘house or kitchen niggas’ as Malcolm X would put it.

      • Gandanga

        What are you talking about you idiot. What advancement is there to talk about today. You are the dumb one

      • razor blade

        But Matibili has villagised the whole country, forced 5 million to seek better life outside Zim, brought sewage into our taps, murambatsvina, taken away grants in universities, etc. You mean good but unfortunately u are just blinded by Matibili propaganda!!

    • We still aint advancing equally even after the white men are gone.Our education is taking the Nigerian route,many honours,no direction.Streets full of graduates who even put in to practise are incompetent.Only those with politically affiliated relatives cn afford university fees

    • The Joker

      iwe namadegree 20 you dont have a job you are starving so really should education be given the praise it gets or Mugabe lead yall to believe that things get better if you have degrees and phds

    • razor blade

      Well said. Ppl easily get consumed by Matibili propaganda when reality is there to see. Matibili has done more bad than good for Zim. Full stop!!

  • PeterPan

    It’s not a black-white thing Mr. Mliswa. The question is who has benefited from this black-white vomit? Definitely not the ordinary Zimbabwean.

  • If they will ever meet

  • Benzi..

  • Mliswa how many months to 2018 and your motor mouth will be shut for good

  • Mliswa uri mboko yemunhu

    • Earny but ini ndinoti Temba haana mhosva but vanhu vakamuvhotera ndovakadzungaira coz come 2018 mugabe chodzokera fut

  • By the way temba what have you done to your constituence since you got on power #bvunzatinzwe

  • Shut your aperture Mliswa

  • idako munhu uyo

  • mliswa was anti mugabe recently what happened? this man is confused

    • He is not confused. He is a CIO on duty, just doing his job to confuse people.

  • trying to get back to zanu

  • Chidzokera futi kuNorton unonodyiwa nenyaya yacko iyi

  • Go join the party again – you are a zanoid!


  • fake calls

  • Takambokuudzai

  • Mliswa is a fool . Wait and see . Save wisely because 2018 u will be jobless. Mxm

  • sindoooraaniket

    I think he should be renamed Controversial or Complaisance.

  • That’s why I’m against supporting MuJuru Becoz up to now she is not prepared to expose how elections were rigged or who is behind the rigging of elections she hasn’t exposed any harmful infor against her former part To me she is still a very much Zanu pf agent

  • This psycho clearly doesnt know who voted for it

  • I hate Zim politics because people in that native country don’t know what they real need

  • Themba Mliswa is just talkative.He is one chameleon that I will never want to vote for.

  • LP

    This guy’s mouth is worse than a motor someoen should find some glue and make sure his mouth stays shut

  • tsek

  • Voetsek Mliswa mukanwa munonhuwa.

  • Yu were supposed to do that uchiri mu zanu, it’s too late, ucharohwa

  • Stay away from Themba next time

  • Ana Mliswa vatengrsi ava I told pipo in the opposition never rely nana Temba muchiteerera zvavanotaura mazanufp or pf whatever they sre there to destroy the opposition siyanai navo vese nana Runaida extention of zanu chete just imagine dei vasina kudxingwa variko in short vachiriko kuzanu yeropa

  • kambwa

  • Nyasha ChigamaMalvern Chipomasi ChipoyeraVictor Kureya

  • Kkkkkk africa and its people

  • Say whatever u want, I recognise the work Bob did for people who were alive at that time, yes free education, free health and many more? Things change.Go to countries where the situation is what u want, ko warambidzwa nani. A President is a civil servant so I u want a better job go up the ranks. Iye akatozvigonera and is there zvokumba kwako ndezvako fight for yourself, one day u will be a president too, hazvirambidwe chunhu wazvinzwa

    • Facebook has become easy that even donkeys are now allowed to air out their views kkkkkk

  • Mliswa

  • I smell stupidity in this Mliswa guy coz all what he has ever said is rubbish, he proves to be the product of Zanu pf, he only came to confuse pple but pple must not worry about him.

  • Tapera

    It is a pity that Zimbabaoons will never understand politics. There is no friendship in politics but common interests. One you savage understand that, Africa will be truly free!

  • vanhu vakavhotera pasiripo

  • Kkkkll ana temba dai vaikuteerera sekuru vako dai wairohwa kukaroi kkkkk hayaaaa go back to ZANU and keep quiet

  • Thus very stupid


  • Dai mdara vakakushwetedza ne chibhakera chavo and u also resigne to protect your legacy

  • If he likes him ,he must kiss his ass then we know he likes him

  • Temba is a confused lot. He was chased out of zanupf and now finding every means to get back by praising the enemy of every Zimbabwean. If Mugabe was good the people of Norton wouldn’t have voted you in. They voted you in to protest against what you are praising today.

  • Godonga

    You only need to reflect on how Mliswa came into politics via ZIFA ( Like Chiyangwa). he is a product of Mugabe s patronage system, a CIO running dog- hence his love for Ngwena.

  • The Joker


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