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Marawa family fails to impress Pearl’s dad

Robert and Pearl Thusi are in love. But Pearl’s father is a very angry man.


Bhekizizwe Thusi, a Durban taxi boss, spoke to the People’s Paper.

Everything looks glitzy for the two love birds. But Pearl’s dad is reeling with anger and disappointment.

He accuses the Marawa family of disrespect.

He says they are ignoring the fact that they must pay ilobolo for his daughter.

Bhekizizwe told Sunday Sun: “The Marawa family treats Pearl as their makoti. But they haven’t united the two families in the traditional way.

“And I’m still waiting for the Marawas to come for ilobolo negotiations.”

The angry taxi boss told the People’s Paper: “Pearl told me about the engagement. But she didn’t say when the Marawa family were planning to pay ilobolo for her.

“In my family, ilobolo is paid. And only then can they claim our daughter as their makoti.

“I get the impression this family undermines me as Pearl’s father,” he said.

But the old man said he’s not planning to call the Marawa family and ask for ilobolo payment.

“Why should I go to them?”

“They know how we do things as traditional people. They know they must do the right thing.

“And the Marawas have a background of rural life. They know exactly what they must do.

“Pearl hasn’t said anything to me about the wedding. I don’t know. Maybe, they got married without my knowledge,” said Bhekizizwe. Daily Sun

  • Robert is not married?

    • He is not married was watching his interview on SABC 3 today. he has a kid just like Pearl.

    • Was he asked about Pearl?

    • GUTU

      Robert Marawa from Gutu Masvingo come and marry home kkkkkkk pay i lobola as all man do dont be in the press for foolish things like Stunner who was getting chased away by Olinda boys a womantaking care of you from underware to cars kkkkkk pakaipa Marawa used to work for ZBC you remember during the Josh Makawa / Peter Jonasi days

      • Marevegwa

        Can you substantiate that. Zimbos you have a syndrome of wanting to localize all Zim sounding successful names! His Wikipedia says otherwise!

  • Try and convince me again that roora is not a sale.

    How is it not a sale when u have a father who thinks his daughter is his property,fuming over it??Its clear that he feels he is owed money becuase something that belongs to him has been taken without any payment

    • Kgotsile

      Iwewe ingotaura kuti hauna mari yekuroora chete. We can understand. Has anyone noticed that it`s always the losers in life who want to talk about how ‘barbaric’ lobola is? Stop hiding behind modernity or reform arguments and admit that you simply can`t afford any lobola. If you whine about lobola, mhuri yacho unochengeta nei kana usingakwanise roora? Kana varungu chaivo whose ancestors have been in Africa for decades, roora unobvisa, no joke. Kirsty Coventry akabvisirwa roora, ehe murungu iyeye akabvisirwa roora and her husband is white foreigner.

      Tibvire apa, ingotaura kuti handina mari.

    • How is she not hers she sired her and raised her and moulded her into the adorable woman she now is, roora/lobola is a sign of respect, appreciation and showing that you cherish your wife… imagine if the parent didn’t raise her well nd wld just let her come and go as she pleased wld one want to marry her..

      • Chabvondoka

        Waurikuti she sired her ndiyani? Baba vacho here? Ndavhiringika ini. Pamwe wagarisa muSouth Africa where one moment you can be a she and the next a he in the same sentence.

      • FlyboyX

        zvako iwe…other than that, I also believe it is our culture as well. Why dump it now? The fact that its abused does not remove its original intent.

    • You are a moron.You think boys fall from the sky and grow up on the holy spirit??You think our parents didn’t go through hell to send us to school?Why do u want a man for free that another woman suffered to raise??

      • The Joker

        apa wataura sense its funny how parents of the girl act as if mukwasha haana kurerwa nemaparents. Why should he pay and arm and a leg for someone probably slept with 10 men before you. No wonder why some men just dont propose marriage

    • Pay the token of appreciation to your parents yourself.Moulded her into a desirable woman iwe une chidhamu chegambi nekukwirwa mahara nevamwe varume??

      • Kgotsile

        Stay single and bitter uchirotomoka zvinyadzi while talking to yourself about your day until you die alone then.

  • #commercialisationofthegirlchildmustfall

    • Kgotsile

      if lobola is commercialisation, what would you think of the Indian marriage ceremonies? They are very costly but you would never see them complain about it. Ndiwe wega unongotuka zvekwako while others hang on to their culture.

      • The Joker

        Funny how black parents demand roora esp when the man is white little do they know that in the white culture it is the father of the bride who pays for the wedding.

        • Kgotsile

          Nonsense. All these black Africans paid lobola for their wives. Even if an it’s an Asian mukwasha anobvisa roora. Roora inobviswa regardless of mukwasha’s race. Varungu especially are more than eager to pay lobola for their black brides. If you want to marry a white girl who grew up in Africa, you pay lobola too. You didn’t know that did you? Kirsty Coventry’s white husband paid lobola to her white parents in Zimbabwe.

          We are black and not white, even a rich black man will not pay for his daughter’s wedding, even Chiyangwa didn’t do that. Not even black Americans do that. So I am not sure what you were trying to point out because you follow the bride’s culture and customs when you get married. That’s a universal.

          Hamudi kubhadhara roora and on top of that, you want your father-in -law to pay for your wedding ? Kana neniwo handingabvume rombe remukwasha kudaro. Good luck with your life, you and Phri, you will need it.

  • #commercialisationofthegirlchildmustfall

  • #commercialisationofthegirlchildmustfall

  • #commercialisationofthegirlchildmustfall

  • Ngaabhadhare mhani

  • Musada kubatira chirungu pamusoro
    Bvisai roora sevanhu
    African ways are never evil

  • Ndavashaya vese vari two. Ndevepi?

  • Ngaauye kuno hake Robert

  • is he not married or its his 10th wife television pple are a disgrace

  • Amai Mandigona

    Haasi wedu here uyu ?


      Amai Mandigona ndewedu mwana uyu Robert Marawa from Masvingo gutu former ZBC anchor kuma 1980 uko nana Kudzi Marudza and the like kkkkkkk ko vachada kuzivikanwa here mari yaita ka

      • Rovha

        MASVINGO ita mushe. Robert Marawa Zimbabwean? Please research before peddling lies. Do you know who is called number one in SA? Do you know who number two? Why do they call Marawa number two?

  • Roora ngaiuye isu anatsano tidye mari yemkwasha.

  • The Joker

    im on the fence nenyaya yeroora we all know most black families esp parents rely on their kids to take care of them which is wrong. Roora by now should be a token of appreciation. It is culture but parents need to ziya pekugumira at the end that money is being taken out from the home which your child is going to make for herself and partner. If they have kids its obvious your children needs will always come first before culture. I am a woman and I actually realised that I dont gain anything from it not even a cent parents forget that we did not demand to be born it was their choice so they should not make it a burden raising us and want to be angry over money.