Stunner, wife back together

By Sharon Muguwu

Rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme and his wife Olinda Chapel on Thursday night shocked people by their public spate, which apparently now seems to have been a publicity stunt.

Stunner and Olinda
Stunner and Olinda

Olinda took to Facebook to accuse Stunner of cheating on her with an 18-year-old named Deon, chatting with his ex-girlfriend Pokello Nare and a lot of other things.

Basically, she accused him of being a gold digger whose lifestyle she sponsors from the cars, alcohol, a roof over his head, paying his child’s school fees and other things.

But by midnight after social media had gone into frenzy sympathising with Olinda and cursing Stunner, the two were back together again.

Apparently, they kissed and made up, ultimately making a fool out of everyone.

Olinda poured her heart out on social media and Stunner sent an audio clip dismissing Olinda as a cougar.

“Inini vasikana vakadai handitombode. Type inoda attention. (I don’t like these types of women who love attention),” he said.

“I once had a girl like this who wanted attention but she would buy alcohol. That woman is saying Stunner is my husband she is old, she should also look for older men who are tired,” he said.

Stunner took to Snapchat to show off his getting back together with his wife.

“I have been hearing about this story since afternoon, by the way I can see all the messages you’re sending my wife,” he said, showing his wife’s phone.

He took the opportunity to poke rival Mudiwa who had posted on Facebook sympathising with Olinda.

“Babe kana pane zuva rawafadza Mudiwa ndinhasi, chabva chakangangwa kuti I’m slaying and praying. (You have made Mudiwa happy),” he said while he showed his wife sitting next to him.

In typical Stunner style, he went through his closet making fun out of all the issues, “Let me look for my track bottom, the clothes you were telling everyone that you buy me.”

They then posted another video while they were in a food court; “In the meantime, I’m buying food with my wife.”

Yesterday morning, Olinda took to Facebook to apologise to Stunner.

“It is with a heavy heart I need to apologise to my husband. After spending the whole night talking things through and going through ‘evidence’, I was mistaken.

“I had one of his very close friends approach me and feed me the wrong information that seemed to have coincidental evidence. It truly seemed like he was in the wrong but he wasn’t, hence why he found the whole thing funny.”

She said her behaviour is not that of a married woman.

“As a woman akaroorwa, (married) I’d like to apologise for the things I said yesterday. The day we got married, it was no longer mine but ours. I should know better. I hope he forgives me. But true lesson learnt is that friends come in sheep’s clothing. Des and I are now working on our marriage and we hope God sees us through. I am sorry to everyone who had their time and emotions wasted. I overreacted, it wasn’t a publicity stunt but a woman who acted as judge, jury and prosecutor and just wanted to hurt him the way I felt hurt.

“And him being the man that he is, he came home still laughing drinking his Moet and snap chatting my angry face. Des murume wangu, I am sorry and you are right. I should be banned off social media,” Olinda said. Daily News

  • We are sick and tired of the issue between olinda and stunner why dn’t yu change the subject

  • Handisi mhene hangu ndiri bho tsanoo…… #tazoitiswacashrecords

  • Zvine basa reyi naani get away nenyaya isina maturo iyi

  • Sure there are supposse to change the subject

  • Thanks for talking to yourself Otina Jikison. The various accounts are confusing you now! How many accounts do you have

  • Please stunner now you can release a album now 3million supporters great achievement tora mari zvako wakati ziii

  • Let me js unlike this nehanda thing….. too much of wasting tym over stupid things…

    • kismores

      It has elicited so many responses because it affects many people’s lives. Stunner is a celebrity and a public figure so the story generates so much interests from the public. But the wife did not exercise self restraint. She came out to pour scorn at Stunner, leaving him bare and in the open. Perhaps things got heated. And Stunner in return said he was no longer interested in her. He should not continue to stay with someone who was suicidal. Otherwise what was he telling the world? What is now the foundation of that relationship? To me, she looks like a mother of 10 kids and she is exhausted by them. Her beauty perhaps was difficulty for Stunner to notice. But that is the same person he said he loved from day one. I’m sure he had no “beer goggles ” When he proposed love to her that very first day. Yes, motherhood might have played havoc with her body but that could not be the reason he should reject her for.

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