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Zanu PF monopolising Heroes Acre: MDC

By Tendai Kamhungira

The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC says Zanu PF is monopolising the National Heroes Acre by conferring hero status to its members only, yet there are other deserving individuals from society.

Obert Gutu
Obert Gutu

Speaking to the Daily News, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said the ruling party has “bastardised” the meaning of national heroism.

“National hero status should not only be a preserve of politicians. It’s a really sad, complete and utter betrayal and negation of the revolution,” he said.

“It boggles the mind why iconic national figures such as the late Jairos Jiri . . . were not declared national heroes,” Gutu said.

He added: “Bluntly put, the Zanu PF dictatorship has trashed and bastardised the otherwise noble concept of national heroism. Right now, some undeserving (people) lie interred at the national shrine.”

“It’s not a secret that the Zanu PF regime has since degenerated into a ruthless, insensitive, incompetent and deeply corrupt one-man dictatorship.”

“It is (President Robert) Mugabe and not the Zanu PF politburo that is now conferring hero status on deceased Zanu PF politicians. Mugabe is Zanu PF and Zanu PF is Mugabe,” Gutu said.

His remarks come on the back of concerns that it was only Zanu PF politicians who are being given the right to be interred at the national shrine.

There have been complains about the failure by the Mugabe-led government to declare people such as Ndabaningi Sithole, Wilfred Mhanda and Lookout Masuku national heroes.

Last year, MDC vice president Nelson Chamisa said he regarded Sithole — the founding Zanu president — a national hero after he was denied the honour following a fallout with Mugabe.

Addressing about 1 000 supporters in Chipinge, Chamisa said an MDC government will correct the partisan conferment of national hero status.

Concerned people argue that the National Heroes Acre is supposed to be for all who have been extra-ordinary in their line of duty, including those that made huge sacrifices during the war against white-minority rule.

However, Mugabe has argued that the hero status is conferred to those dedicated to Zanu PF.

“Hero status will only be conferred on Zanu PF dedicated cadres committed to the country’s cause. Those who claim to want to be conferred hero status must construct their own shrines to bury their own heroes,” the 92-year-old leader said in 2012 during the burial of Zanu PF politburo member Kumbirai Kangai.

Last year, Mugabe was dragged to the High Court by Harare lawyer Tinomudaishe Chinyoka and Alexio Musundire, challenging the decision of conferring his sister Sabina with a heroine status.

Meanwhile, the late Zanu PF’s former Mashonaland West governor, Peter Chanetsa, is set to be buried at the national shrine today. Daily News

  • And Heroes Acre Was Built Before MDC Was even there…National Heroes Were Being Buried Way way before Morgan had a thought of Going İnto Politics.

    Heroes Acre İs A Zanu Pf İdea which Was there Way Before Opposition was there.

    For this One,…….İ Wont Agree With You

    • Plus vakamboitireyi opposition, zvogwadzakaaa

    • Kkkkkk you think Hero means Zanu,,,,

      • Medici Prince

        i don’t know what the problem is. MDC can simply buy stands, consolidate them and name it MDC heroes acre they really is no need for barking. They can then take those they feel are heroes who have been denied the hero status then they can bury them there, if that is their families would want.

    • YES,According to the İdeology and theme behind the National Heroes Acre………..But my opinion is MDC didnt have anything to do with Heroes Acre from its planning ,implementation and maintainance.

      Thus MDC Have NO RİGHT Whatsoever to Challenge anything that Concerns the National Heroes Acre.

    • You son of a bicth Zimbabwe is not Zanu dont be stupied that is a state property not your wicked zanu pf zanu pf owns and office only and next year we are moving you out

      • Medici Prince

        but oziman why are you mad, MSC can just acquire land where they will name it whatever they want, i really do not know why they complain everytime. The people who get confered the hero status by Zanu PF did contribute to the liberation of the country so wether they are buried in Chivhu, Murehwa or wherever should not be a problem if the funeral is a state assisted one. anyone can buy apply for land for the purpose of making it a cemetery, they after all run the council so it won’t be much of a issue. They can then do there what they cry for for ZANU-PF to do. The people who are buried at the national shrine are or were all members of ZANU PF, so really why the opposition cries about who gets buried where shouldn’t be an issue, they can talk about state assisting with the funerals of those they deem they want buried at the Heroes acre, that is understandable, and yet again it is not their place to do so, but the families of the deceased.

    • @Oziman Ndlovu Chindiro……………Your “POOR BRAİN” Quality Shocked me.Wandirwadza.

    • I hate Zanu pf Zimbabweans are suffering all over the world whilist people are stealing state funds its not nice

  • Does correction include removal of some remains and sending them for reburial elsewhere? Just wondering, aloud.

  • Is it only for politicians a hero can be from football etc

    • Medici Prince

      it is also allowed to build your shrine and name it whatever you want and bury any hero there, this one in particular is for ZANU PF, anyone outside ZANU PF can build their own and name it what they want, i really don’t know what the noise is about.

  • Heroes is Zanus baby. Why do you care who they bury there.

  • There are no heroes in oppsition camp as Mdc is a death trap for heroes and their asprations.There is no heroism in selling out of our country to foreigners.

  • Talking abt Heroes Acre instead of service delivery.

  • Zim haisi ye mdc,anokanganwa kt ndeye magandanda
    Heroes hazvirevi ngochani

  • Seriously Morgan?

  • Build your own iyo inevaridzi

  • Haiwawoooo. Pane pavachamuka here???

  • With these economic hardships i wonder if it worth the debate. Why u guys always wants to be everything Zanu pf is?

  • even those burried at heroes acre dont wake up after death, they will either go to heaven or hell like everybody, whether you were eaten by hyenas or at heroes,its just the same…we have some people who have refused to be burried there. those burried at heroes acre, they dont feel it

  • What is so important to be buried at Heroes acre,does it constitute going to heaven,a dead body knows no difference, can’t we fight for life than dying

  • We have better things to worry about. This issue should not be on the agenda of right thinking Zim politicians. With cash shortages and an almost dead economy in our midst! Surely we need solutions dont we?

  • Pane anoenda kunovigwa achifamba here? Munhu akafa hazivi chinhu

  • Very true

  • We busy luking fo mney so we cn survive this hard economy nd othaz r busy fgthing fo who gets buried in e heroes acre…lyk seriously

  • Ndizvo zvavakafomera party to go to heroes acre kkkkkkkk shame look for your own Chikomo

  • True.

  • And I was thinking no noble person wld want to be burried beside those gone Zanu pf monsters,kanti lani linje bo Morgan???

  • Heroes is a state property not for Zanu pf Zanu pf is not the only part which fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe dont be stupied you Zanupf idiots

  • yes they do like that because it’s anybody who leaves Zanu he’s/she’s no longer a hero