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Stunner, wife take followers for a ride

“She wasted everyone’s time!” This is the general feeling among followers of Stunner about his wife – Olinda who in a series of videos – ranted about the way the pompous artiste was illtreating her by cheating, even threatening to commit suicide – only for her to be seen cuddled up with him on the same bed she had shed tears on seeking empathy from the thousands who watched her video.

Stunner and Olinda
Stunner and Olinda

Olinda who has been married customarily to Stunner for close to a year claimed through emotional videos posted on Facebook via live streaming on Thursday, that Stunner was cheating on her with teenagers, despite all her efforts of going through weight loss surgery to impress him and taking care of the hip hop artiste by sponsoring his flashy lifestyle.

And she had people’s attention as most took time to watch her videos and show support, not knowing Olinda was taking them for a ride.

As the videos went viral, Stunner whom Olinda had demanded that he brings back a Mercedes Benz she bought for him – drove to their home – not to return the car – but to make peace with his woman on the same night.

It seems it did not take him long to do so as the two were allegedly spotted at a takeaway outlet in Avondale, Harare, buying dinner.

And in no time, a bubbly Stunner was posting videos on SnapChat (a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos and text) bragging about drinking Moet while Olinda could be heard laughing at him.

He also snuggles up with her on their bed saying Olinda had made his nemesis – Mudiwa – proud by posting the negative videos.

As if that was not enough, Olinda followed up with another bombshell yesterday morning where she apologised, pleading for his forgiveness for falsely accusing him.

“It’s with a heavy heart that I need to apologise to my husband after spending the whole night talking things through and being given evidence. I was mistaken.

“I had one of Stunner’s very close friends approach me and feed me with wrong information that seemed to have coincidental evidence. It truly seemed like he was in the wrong, (Stunner) but he was’t. As a married woman, I’d like to apologise for the things I said.

I hope he forgives me,- posted Olinda on her Facebook page.

She said the two lovers had worked things out and were now working on repairing their marriage.

“Des and I are now working on our marriage and we hope God sees us through.

“I’m sorry to everyone who had their time and emotions wasted. It wasn’t a publicity stunt, but a woman who acted as judge,” she said.

Olinda describes Stunner as a real man for sipping on expensive champagne while sending a video of her dull face to the whole world on social media as the two were solving their issues.

“And him being the man that he is, he came home still laughing, drinking his Moet and snap chatting my angry face,” she said. The Chronicle

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