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Stunner goes back home, appears to be back with Olinda

After a day of high drama that saw Olinda Chapel threaten to commit suicide and wash Stunner’s dirty laundry live on Facebook, the flamboyant rapper drove back home in the evening and appears to have made up with his wife.

Olinda broadcast her heartbreak Live on Facebook detailing how she had spent a fortune buying expensive cars, clothes and shoes for Stunner, only for the “Team Hombe” hitmaker to allegedly cheat with an 18 or 19 year-old girl.

But by the evening Stunner had driven back home and was Snap-Chatting from the same home in which his awards were being smashed to pieces by an angry Olinda.

Stunner even managed to crack jokes about the day’s events with Olinda holding back an embarrassed smile. He went through his wardrobe reminding Olinda that she had told the world she bought all his clothes for him.

While its not clear whether the two are back together again, one thing is clear, Stunner is back home and trying to work things out with his wife.

More details as they follow…….

  • Rubish

    • TSM Season 6

      shit news

  • Murume Mukuru

    Ndazvishairwa pazvo

    • TSM Season 6

      mhata yemunhu stunner

      • Murume Mukuru

        Muviri wese kkkkkkkk

        • TSM Season 6


  • Thats good penga udzoke ,now its a lesson ,Olinda take your husband to church for deliverence,dzikinuro mese mai mwana,mombozvininipisawo pamberi paMwari,more money more problems but if more money Mwari munavo means more blessings inenge ichitogadzira nhaka yetwuzukurubvi.murume chaiyechaiye haarashiri hurume hwake pesepese semombe,iva munhu munin’ina dzungu hakusi kungwara,if more of the celebrities are dying becoz of chihure why cant you change the cup?Dzikama unofa uchipasiya hapana chinodadisa munhu kuita semombe,usaita shavi rehuku inekademon kekutetateta pesepese dzikama ziva Mwari nguva ichipo you might be history very soon becoz of the devil whom you are listerning to his tunes

  • We been played wena kkkkkk. She a drama queen

  • Nxaa marara who is Stunner? Madomas i imarii kumbare

  • As for her,…this is the beginning of the end,..humiliate someone that way and it’s filed away for future reference. A REAL woman doesn’t hold a man to ransome that way. You’re happy he came home to “stop” the suicide this time. Is that how you’d like someone to ‘want’ you,..forcibly,…??!! If he doesn’t, you will kill yourself…?? That is holding someone to ransom. You bought him all the pressies and yet he plays you,…we know this from YOU. Today you’re happy he is home,…??!! Chick,..a woman of substance would’ve walked away and let him do some chasing…! This dude is a playa who has mastered the game,..he KNOWS which side HIS bread is buttered and by WHOM…he ain’t going nowhere….and honestly i can’t say i blame him,..his life is too easy..!!! He has his fun,..with toys YOU bought him,..comes home,..says sorry and is rewarded with MORE..!! 2017,..Sorry girl,..i only know you both from the video clip YOU put up. Your only pain it seems, is that YOU support his fun,.so how dare he go out and share with others,…!! Ask yourself real questions,..is this a marriage of convenience…?? In one instance you say,..’people tried to tell you about him,..in the next you say,..why are you only coming now with this’. – You seem quite confused. YOU have let the world know your family secrets,..things like how he is unhappy to be seen with you re; your weight etc,…! If this is you, on social media,..whats real life like with you,..maybe THATS what he is running from. Some self-reflection needed here…and STOP with who bought who what,..THAT is what couples together do for each other,….!! Dirty laundry belongs in a laundry basket NOT on social media,..YOU are looking foolish,..Not he…!!

    • well said

    • Well said

    • Mashoko makukutu iwayo amai Sorobhi.The whole thing smells like a stunt.You can’t trust a man who leaks his own sex tape.

    • mtoto1

      I don’t think this is true that they are back together! No pictures no nothing to corroborate this claim!

    • Well said

    • Well said, mashoko makukutu iwayo Mai Chisamba

    • Life is worth living than staying with a cheater. Better to face the fear of being alone than live with a liar. Spending on a man hoping he will love, stay and respect you is a wrong decision. Hope she will let him go for good.

    • In as much as this wman is seeking sympathy from us, i think she has also reflected her true character to us all indirectly. She is a too talkative and pompus, there is no need to tell us tht she bought this, this and that for so much. Its show off in a way. If u treat a man like a child, he wil end up thinkin u’r his mother and the next thing he wil go out and look for girls. Ma1 avo vese, law of attraction is at play here, sm1 brags around yet asina chinhu, whilst sm1 on the other hand is also bragging arnd cz arikuti ndine zvinhu. Pakaipa…..

    • try to enter the school of Law your oratory is in the class of BITI, OBAMA,……. PROLIFIC….

    • TSM Season 6

      social media kills marriages

    • Wow so tru

    • Well said

    • ABCD

      yaaah u have time kkkkk didint even read but aaaayaaaas u r committed to commenting lol

  • Nxaaa that woman is desperate. She’s blackmailing him.Why would she kill herself over a man? It’s high time we as woman must stand on our own

  • Mahumbwe acho sooo..

  • This chap is a cheap celebrity not worthy talking about .their relationship is madness mhepo

  • Dr mukoma Jerry Charlton Tsodzo munenge mamboreva

  • It was a song in the making

  • Stunner kugona seeding kudaro☹️

  • What a dirty publicity stunt. They seek for attention and the media falls for it. Who’s is fooling who?

  • Uri benzi remukadzi iwe . Leave that bastard for good. There are nice guys out there waiting for you, nxaa.

    • Ndiani anoda munhu ane maoko ane mapapiro samai avo ah. Musamunyebere mukadzi uyo

      • ABCD


    • Ndiyani anoda benzi rakadaro ngarigare nemari yaro.

    • TSM Season 6

      especially me waiting for her

  • Tazoita cash

  • All it means you can have all material things of the world but it wont guarantee your happiness. Love has no price tag.

  • Bcoz we were goin to take that car tomupa mazda demio

  • Stunner chibaba

  • Kkklkkk dzevaviri hadzipindirwe hezvooo masara pachena #feelingstations

  • Publicity stunt

    • I doubt she needed the publicity. Blaz vanozonyanyawo kuvhaira ivo vasina kana cent apa music yake ndofunga yakunyanya kuteererwa nema face ake

  • Benzi remukadzi saka kana wakonana ne murume wako unoparidzira vanhu pa social media kuti zvidii, u don’t fit kunzi mai vemusha mai imi. Makafanira kurambwa zvinoratidza kuti hamuna kukwana. Kana uchida kufa ifa wakanyarara

  • Takazvitaura izvi.aisachemera mari yake aida mrume wake uyo aigunga kuti ahadzoke kwaari

  • Now she deactivated her account…..Olinda amana. Hasha too much.

  • Desperate much

  • I hv not commited suicide before but thoz who hv done dont publish or tell anyone…a note z found n their pockets o room aftr e suicide bcz they dont wnt anyone t disrupt their intentions…so n this case u were nt suicidal at all…period…ok I wll nt speak..

  • So is Olinda going to tek the pills….can’t wait for #TheChidemes episode 2…..kkkkk……

  • Very soon she will be back again to Facebook crying like it’s the end of world. Women are short sighted and easily fooled. Stunner is just doing this to avoid being humiliated. A leopard never changes it’s spots. Watch the space.

  • So , after I saw your video lady , I found myself deliberating on what exactly fueled your stunt ? Weakness, desperation , broken-heartedness , etc! Well with this update, the prize goes to “Desparado”!
    That being said , I stand with you as a woman & will therefore put it to you , that you urgently need counseling.
    That man is back for revenge. And for the gazillion time , please note “You can’t buy love”

  • Vakasangana zvidhakwa saka inhema angaaona KT Takura na Tigonzi n upcoming rappers ndovava kuzivikanwa stunner apera vamwe vaitot mshakabvu akat let’s do zvinokasira kuzivikanwa kt stunner ariko BT ava dofo chete

  • That pic is from ages ago

  • Flamboyant rapper 😂

  • Mukanya

    Stunner is aka for Chideme….. true its an empty calabash!!

  • sister musaite dzungu munomuwanepi asingacheater …dzikamai

  • Zvekutungana kwembudzi.

  • Musade kutinzwa

  • The same guy u xposed naked back in action. Ko ndookuti shark but stl its not the end of cheating stuff. Buy him a lamborgini this time and he wl go fo a hotter sugar mummy now. He is on demand like grilled chicken

  • kkkkkkkkkkkmkkmkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Genghis Khan

    Stunner you need to find yourself a real job, have some self respect man and stop playing gigolo.

  • Desparate housewife

  • Chimukadzi chacho hachiwaraidze. Too big and dhunda

  • Perfect Pat

    Haiwawo nyaya dzevanodanana hadzipindirwe

  • Following these junk stories is like trying to read all mails in the Junk/Spam mailbox

  • kikikikikik

  • Havaroore vafana ava akagara nevakadzi vangani mfana uyo pedzeranai kwazvakatangira , pazvakatanga hamuna kutaura wani zvavava makuzvishambadza pa mhepo ndezveikoko

  • This woman is so pathetic, she thinks trying to kill herself is going to bring back a man, seriously, he might be back now but i’m sure as hell he’s gonna leave you again, and you think killing yourself is the answer, let me tell you, there people who have serious problems than yours, but they dont want to die, iwewe ukuda kuzviuraira murume because akusiya, iwe pawaiburitsa mari yako uchimutengera zvinhu asi pane anga akunyepera kuti mutwin wako, kana iro ropa rako chairo rinokukanya wani, grow up silly lady, hapana akakubatira pfuti for you to spend your money on him, get over it, asi achakusiya chete, ende hapana zvaunomboita, and next time kana akusiya usatiudze isu, hatidi kuziva zvirikuitika mumba mako, nesuwo tine edu maproblems asi haumbotiona tichimayanika pamasocial media isu, hanzi mukadzi bedzi anozvipunzira imba yake ega, and people say women must support each other, ndichisapota chii ipapa, manyada aya, hanti wakasarudza wega kuSTUNNELIZWER

  • Saka mahumbwe ,blazi Chinyatso hurai this tym

  • James Bond

    But ichmbere ka iyi

  • Kana zvichinetsa tora kaBen 10 kako uende nako kuEngland momira kutinyaudza,afta all yo stupidity doesnt affect the diameter of our assholes

  • Cyber Mujibha

    Forced to shag a fat bitch like this just for money should be a hard and tall order!!!!

  • Mkaranga

    Bullshit nonsense……

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