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Army chief declares ‘unflinching loyalty’ for Jammeh

Gambia’s Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant- General Ousman Badgie, says President Yahya Jammeh has the “unflinching loyalty and support” of the army.

Military intervention in The Gambia is "possible" if President Yahya Jammeh does not step down after having lost elections, the head of the West African regional bloc Ecowas has said.

“May I please seize this opportunity to also renew to Your Excellency the assurance of the unflinching loyalty and support of The Gambia Armed Forces to Your Excellency, the Government and People of The Gambia,” Badgie’s New Year congratulatory message published in the pro-government Observer newspaper read.

“Please permit me to commend you for your demonstrated personal commitment to The Gambia Armed Forces which is guided by your vision of making The Gambia Armed Forces not only as one of the most developed armies but that which is second to none in the world,” he added.

This is the latest twist to the political crisis that has arisen from the December 1 polls which Jammeh lost, conceded defeat before backtracking from his earlier position. The Herald

  • Rubbish utter nonsense

  • So, Jammeh has turned the Army to Rebels,

  • Africa is in trouble with this kind of people.

  • where is ECOWAS ,AU, UN this is treasonous!

  • Nxa African leaders


  • African leaders and their nonsensical

  • Un proffessional army

  • Un proffessional army

  • When one joins an African army he becomes an idiot

  • with senegal’s army on standby I wonder wats gonna happen if this power hungry man refuses to step down on the 19th

  • And wat dd de electorate say. Jammeh is ready to dictate

  • Here we go again

  • Mugabe’s disciples! Anywhichway, dictators must fall!

  • This army General is now meddling in Politics , may he face the music with Jammeh his putting his head on the block so let the games begin !!

  • These dictators need smart elimination.

  • So it’s no longer national army but Rebels, let the game start and see

  • The rest of the world has got help apa. Otherwise this trend goes on tinomama

  • Wonder why they bothered with holding those elections when he could have just declared himself life president. This is African atrocious politics, dictators will want to hold on to power regardless of election results not being in their favour. A certain country once withheld results for over a month only to declare a rerun. Now we have this despot who initially conceded defeat but after a week changed his mind,,, really now. I can tell you he got a call from a certain president ( any guesses) telling him he was a coward in letting the West cause regime change in his country. And of course the calls were unrelenting and now he is holding onto power with the help of the badly biased army that has thrown its weight behind him. Another civil war is looming in Gambia, Lord have mercy in Africa.

  • This is the problem with African politics, I remember in Zimbabwe when Morgan Tsvangirai walloped Mugabe, the army generals came out saying they would never serve someone without war credentials. In other words they are endorsing the president of their choice and threatening war on the opposition.

    • We always blame the West for our problems but in Ndebele we say ,”uTshaka usekhaya!”..our leaders are the biggest let down. The army has destroyed economies in Africa.

    • Well said Gugulethu Ndlovu

  • Times change! Part of our army are having second thoughts!

  • Britain troops should go dispose this ditactor like France did with their former colony Ivory Coast when Gbagbo thought he was untouchable.

  • Military is supposed to be apolitical but when u are in the looting mafia u become political to safe guard your loot.

  • Saddam used similar tactic,where’s he?I feel sorry to this dictator,LTS wait n see 19 Jan.

  • shit

  • Mukanya

    The African political IDIOCY!!!

  • What an abuse of rank and title. Do these so called generals really understand their roles, duties and responsibilities within the defined limits of the constitutions of their countries? They are appointees who neither have the knowledge or skills commensurate with those ranks and positions. They serve the ‘person’ who enslaves the people in the name of liberating them from perceived western influences. Wither Africa the beloved continent?????

  • This should never be allowed in modern day Africa.

  • If so,lets encourage all the opposition parties to have their own armies so that if the outgoing president refuses to hand over the power,they’ll just do the same as what happened to Joseph’s father in Zaire.kkkkkkk

  • unfortunately he is in a wrong side of the continent. if he was in southern Africa with docile idiots he could escape. ECOWAS is at an advanced stage with preparations for inauguration of new president. wait and see drama

  • elections in Africa are jus window dressing.Delayed matches