AFM pastor up for rape of congregant (16)

By Tanaka Mrewa

An Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) church pastor based in Bulawayo’s Emakhandeni suburb has been arrested for allegedly raping a congregant (16) after a church service held in the evening in the suburb.

A court heard that the pastor offered the minor a lift after the service held on December 30 and ended up raping her.

She lives in the same suburb while the pastor stays at Ross Camp in the city.

The incident occurred as the pastor was heading home after the two had agreed that he would first drop the girl off at home.

The pastor, Isheanesu Muposhi (27), ended up pouncing on the girl before they reached her home.

Muposhi was not asked to plead to rape charges when he appeared in court following his arrest on December 31.

Western Commonage magistrate Miss Tancy Dube remanded him in custody to January 13.

It is the State’s case that Muposhi offered a lift to the girl at around 9PM as soon as the service ended.

Prosecuting, Mr Claude Fombe said Muposhi was arrested the following day after committing the crime.

He said congregants confirmed having seen him leave the church with the minor after the service.

“Accused person offered a lift to the complainant. Along the way he proposed love to her but she turned him down. Accused parked his car at a secluded area at a ZAOGA stand near Easy Pick shops in Emakhandeni and allegedly raped her once,” said Mr Fombe. The Chronicle

  • Matebeleland might be Babylon

    • So rape never occurs in mashonaland ? Gumbura was in Harare when he raped remember.

    • His roots are traced back to Matebeleland

      • abs

        Urimboko blaz…dont behave like uringochimbi…! Pamwe uri blaz wake munhu akaita rape iyi futi…!

    • Nxaaaaaaa Gumbura is not from Mat dear nxa uzonda mandebele wazondekahke hayi idonti yakholeyo oyikhulumayo

    • He is from Matebeleland. Most of you are savages. Last week was robbed by ndebeles in Sa.. Violence is part of your Dna

    • I haven’t opened the link yet, but does it say he is Ndebele or he is just based in Bulawayo?

    • Tendai

      Tinotenda what is your problem shaaaa. Nyaya yekuti maNdebele or Mashona yapinda papi apa. People are being raped across the country there is no need to be tribal about it.

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    • Tsuro

      What has that to do with Matebeleland …..please we do not want to be dragged into tribal wars by people of your calibre….you are a disgrace to our society.

    • Mbuya_vaHector

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  • Percy Malunga

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  • stingray

    A Pastor at 27 years!

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