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New Year Cross-Over church services: The new madness of black people

By Jean Gasho | Jean Gasho.com |

Black people are the least successful people in the world. According to research, in USA white people are five times richer than black people. In the UK alone, half of young black males are unemployed. In Africa, poverty is the continent’s middle name. Yes, white people and racism can be blamed here and there for the suffering of the black people, but the truth is most of the suffering of the black race is self-inflicted. Black people refuse to think for themselves.

Jean Gasho
Jean Gasho

One of the greatest gifts God gave to mankind is the ability to think critically but sadly, black people refuses to do this, always needing a “man of God” to think for them. Donald Trump is reported to have said black people are lazy, I think what he meant was that black people are cognitively lazy. It’s not a racist statement, it’s brutal truth.

Being the poorest people in the world, yet the most religious, believing that God should somehow miraculously bless them with wealth by going to church and yet they will always remain in poverty. Not long ago I was also part of the black circus of religion. Being in a black Pentecostal church made me completely retarded as I was no longer able to use my God-given mind to think for myself. I entered the church building with money and left it there thinking that would give me a breakthrough.

Today I watch in sadness as millions of my black brothers and sisters abandon their minds in the name of Church/God. As we are entering into the New Year, black people will be flocking to churches on 31st December for All Night Services dubbed The Crossovers leaving churches at early hours of the morning on New Years Day. Most of these Crossover services have nothing to do with the salvation of soul or seeking the face of God but rather claiming financial breakthroughs and miracles.

The Black Pastors, Spiritual Fathers and “Prophets” will be making the most of New Year’s Eve. For them, New Year is a time to make more millions as they tell their gullible followers to sow seeds so that they will be blessed in 2017.

They will be telling single women that they will be getting married in 2017. People will be promised big breakthroughs, cars, houses, businesses, promotions etc. Everyone will be all hyped up at these freaky Crossover services.

Now the sad thing is these gullible followers were promised the very same thing the previous year. They were also told that 2016 was their year but at end of the year, they are exactly the same as they were the previous year, and the year after. No breakthroughs! No miracles! But they will still go again this New Years Eve for some fresh “anointing”. Is this not some mental illness?

In the UK prosperity false prophet, Uebert Angel has resorted to having Porn Star Ray J as his guest of honor at his CrossOver all night service just to pull the crowds. Ray J is the Black American who made Kim Kardashian rich and famous (through a sex tape) whilst being the loser in the end. Now Uebert Angel thinks it’s something worth bragging about that Ray J will be a guest of honor at his Crossover night service.

Zimbabwe probably has the highest population of prosperity “prophets” in Africa even though it is now the second poorest country in the world. The poverty stricken people of Zimbabwe are obsessed with false prophets and spiritual Fathers.

Zimbabwe’s biggest Spiritual Father Ezekiel Guti has promised his millions of followers that 2017 is the year of “Having and not giving back what you already have”, whatever that means. False Prophet Walter Magaya will be holding his own Crossover Night where he is promising his blind followers prosperity.

Another Zimbabwean False Prophet Eugene Makore who is always bragging on Facebook about his flashy cars has asked people to sow a seed (money) so that they receive their 2017 breakthroughs. The breakthroughs even come in packages, gold, silver, bronze, and platinum. These packages are according to how much money you give off course. With the platinum package, you get a chance to speak to Eugene Makore directly on the phone, which is supposed to be a “blessing”.

If you think Eugene Makore is barking mad, wait for this. Father of all false prophets in Africa Emmanuel Makandiwa is also doing a massive New Year Cross Over service for 2017 where he is promising even bigger financial miracles and breakthroughs. The gullible followers are being told to pay as much as $7000 for bigger blessings.

Emmanuel Makandiwa is the spiritual son of TB Joshua who was humiliated in November 2016 after giving a false prophecy that Hillary Clinton would win the USA presidential elections. If Zimbabweans are able to make these “Men of God” millionaires, why then do they blame Robert Mugabe for poverty.

Below is a shocking video of a worker of Emmanuel Makandiwa asking people to give money for 2017 breakthroughs.

Zimbabwean Makosi Musambasi who shot to fame in 2006 after entering Big Brother UK now resides in Nigeria where she is now a teacher of the bible. She often tells people that if you don’t tithe (giving money in church) you will die poor. She will also be attending an all night Crossover Service by Nigerian Bishop Abioye where people are expected to bring empty bottles and be given “anointing oil” by their prophet.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, white people are more successful financially than black people simply because they use their brains, its that simple. God doesn’t grant you success because you have paid money in church or fasted. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t pray and fast to become a billionaire, he simply used his intelligence and added hard work to it. No Papa had to lay his hands on him to invent Facebook.

So for those single women who have been promised husbands by their “prophets”, forget what Papa has said and just get out more, and maybe stop putting too much makeup that you are barely recognisable, and surely you will meet someone. For those who want financial breakthroughs, work hard, be innovative and maybe use your God given talents to get to your destiny. You don’t need special anointing oil from a “Prophet” to be successful.

2017 will just like any other year. You make it special by your own efforts. It won’t be a year of breakthroughs or whatever stupid themes  your “prophets” promises you.

Until black people are able to think for themselves, work hard, identify opportunities, take  a risk in entering into new areas, they will continue to be impoverished hence a nitch market for self-styled prophets to be richer.

For 2017 start by celebrating New Year in your own houses. Stop this New Year Cross-Over madness. You will save yourself a lot of money that you will surely need throughout the month of January as you recover from Christmas spending. Happy New Year my readers!

You can read Jean Gasho’s blog: Jean Gasho.com

  • Atanga mwana vaNever kukwana pese pese.,!!!

  • because white people are supremacist, racist and looters they funded wars in Africa and looted diamonds

    • Thatz a lie

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • Erech is saying the truth Gugu…you don’t know that plundering is the biggest form of business humans can ever indulge in in order to get rich. After plundering comes the formation of something called a government and a piece of s****t called a constitution to protect this plundered wealth and an elite class is formed to oppress the majority using armed men called soldiers who fight wars that they don’t know.

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • Lie we are too religious always hoping for miracles instead of thinking critically and implementing our ideas by being smart

    • black pple are also full of excuses

    • Our trajectory is gonna be far different from theirs. Their success was achieved not by hardworking but by enslaving africans (African slave trade and colonisation ) .They destroyed our civilisation and created dictators to oppress us and to favour their civilisation.
      Our success is not going to be easy because we are not going to enslave them and we not gonna colonise them.

    • But it took them many centuries to build their system and we only had it for about one and half centuries. I think we are gonna be more progressive here in Africa if we repent from corruption. But we need to be careful because white puppets like Jean Gosho are definitely going to take away this hope.

    • scramble for Africa.does this ring a bell? Gugulethu if i am also liar please prove me wrong who masterminded the Sierra Leone war which culminated in blood diamond? who oiled the vehicles used by conflicting sides in Angola? who led a group of mercenaries who were arrested at Harare international airport enroute to Equatorial Guinea, who was the ring leader, what was his skin colour? who funded and benefited from the conflict in DR Congo? Gugulethu Ndlovu please tell me who is Ken Saro Wiwa and tell me about him? Gugu, I admit Africans we are also to blame Eg The Gambia is facing a crisis now, Malawi is in abject poverty because of governance crisis, but I stick to my guns the white man should not run riot like a mad dog on our streets.

      • Amir

        ZANU PF benefitted from Congo

  • ‘In USA white people are five times richer than black people’ obviously because of slavery, blacks have only been free for a minute….nothing to do with Christianity. USA has a huge percentage of the white evangelicals especially the region classed as the BIBLE BELT people who propelled TRUMP into power and it the biggest economy

    • And there is staggering poverty in the rust belt, so many white Americans on welfare.

    • The usual excuses. Even with the staggering poverty on wealth metrics they are well ahead of blacks in America, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa on average. Those on welfare are on welfare because their country can afford to have people on welfare. We remain poor because we want to continue moaning on and on about slavery and colonisation. The Far East was colonised. India, Pakistan, China, Malaysia all of those were under the same yoke.

      If truth be told slavery didn’t really touch the bit of Africa we are from but it does provide a convenient scapegoat when folks like Jean point out the truth.

      It’s time we stopped making excuses. Nigeria could have been well ahead of Dubai and the Arabian peninsula as a whole by now but alas. South Korea was a sh!thole a few years ago….lo and behold. Is there any black country competing at that level??? No! Why? Because we are so steeped in feeling sorry for ourselves and trying to find every other reason for our failures but ourselves. Reality

    • Tendai N Ramhewa spot ON!!!

  • I agree with this writer ..success comes through hard work..critical thinking. .and being a visionary. .we must wake up as black people and stop being lazy hoping for miracles

    • Have you seen how hard rural African women work?Most wealthy people just had the luck to have connections who gave them a helping hand or vakatoba vakaita mhanza yekusasungwa because they are connected

      • svosvai

        I think sometimes its not about how hard you have to work physically, you have to be innovative, be a visionary, ukarima mbambaira nekudzisakura wonotengesa kumbare sezviri kuita nevanhu vakawanda kumamisha ikoko dont expect to drive a mercedes benz. You have to do something exceptional , zvisiri kuitwawo nevanhu vakawanda kutsvagawo zvinyowani – kuita research wotsvagawo zvisiri pa market but zvinodiwa nevanhu kana zvaunogona kuti vanhu vade. Sometimes its all about the brains and working smart not about the hard and strenuous physical work. Then pozotiwo chi kambanizim sanike muzimbabwe, sorry kwa sorry

    • I work very hard but am definitely not rich only a few individuals have monopoly over global economy and growth. If today those individuals just decided even verbally to pour investment into Zimbabwe my labour would be worth 100times its value in income. I would become middle class instantly…..Without necessarily working harder!! So maybe you the one who needs to think more critically.

    • Wizzy Zvoushe that’s the same mentality that keeps us Africans impoverished. Its no about being lucky here if there is no way make your onw way. There are so many millionaires in this world who were born in poor families . Its not about where you are born its about you making a decision to change your life. We always blame our parent for being poor. The other thing , working hard does not make you rich .. working smart does

    • Please name the millionaires who were born poor.If your dad is a millionaire and his father before him you will most likely be one.Lets talk real life, not Naija movies with rags to riches stories.If your dad is a gardener working for pittance how on earth can he prepare you to be a millionaire?The schools you go to will determine where you can go.An O level certificate from Chisipite Senior is worth more than a first class degree from the UZ

    • naija movies lol u killing m Zvoushe…

    • They were using miracle s when they enter into Africa

    • They were using miracle s when they enter into Africa

    • @ wizzy….to be born poor is nt choice bt to die poor a choice.i agree when u say is takes time one to be rich since he/she comes from a poor family bt this does not rule out the possibility of being rich

    • R u lazy,r u Luking fr a miracle?

  • Mbuya please stick to fabricating tales of sexual abuse.Izvi zve economics is just too complicated for an airhead like yourself.There are structural inequalities in the world economy.The reason why blacks are on the periphery of that economy is white privilege kwete kuti they can’t think for themselves.In the USA most blacks go to underfunded educational facilities, live in crime infested areas that do not foster personal growth but its been reported that black women are graduating from four year colleges in record numbers against all these odds.Africa has become a force to be reckoned with in the world economy in the past decade which is why the Chinese are rushing here.How can a black woman peddle anti-blackness.Wakapihweiko nevarungu?Saka ukaisa chi weave che blonde unobvawatofunga kuti wave murunguwo here?

    • unfortunately friend zvekutsvaga maexcuse tinozvigona while its not the only reason it does contribute signficantely.

    • Itai Kumire Word….

    • Please tell me how a boy from Muzarabani whose parents rise before sunset to toil in the heat can make their son a millionaire.Let’s examine our self styled tycoons;Chivhayo, Chiyangwa and co.Do they work harder than everyone else?

      • Mushabi

        My brother the mere fact that you see it aa a hopeless case is the problem. The black man must be able to come up with solutions to his problems be innovative.

      • tafamutekwe

        Bro, its not a case of working harder but thinking strategically. The afore mentioned tender-prenuers and black petit bourgeoisie used their minds to think strategically in order to escape from hopeless situations. Chivhayo I understand, was a bus conductor who went on to be a “prison graduate” before he re- commandeered himself from a hopeless cul-de-sac situation to where he is today and as for Chiyangwa his entrepreneurial skills were horned by assisting his mother selling vegetables at a bus station in the one-Merc-town of Chegutu! On this one Jean Gasho is right bro.

        • Sadza Mberiyo

          You are right on everything else but not so with Chiyangwa and Chivayo. Huya ku inbox and I will enlighten you a little bit about the Gentlemen

    • y insult her for her opinion? kutuka munhu kupererwa nema facts lol

      • FlyboyX

        Nhai zvako…ari kutaurawo zvaanofunga and she is not so far from the truth!!

        • Chiko

          But kutuka kutaura wo zvaunofunga. Ingawani iye atukuka vanhu vatema … pfutseki

    • Its the only language she understands.We are only responding in kind.

      • Shayamavhudzi Kumberi

        You are right

    • chiyangwa mzukuru wa mugabe pliz!! anyway lets talk about how our leaders r looting whilst the masses r suffering e.g diamonds

      • Idi Amin Rorbeto Mugabage

        Zimbabwean masses are stupid, instead of gathering at these crossovers in their millions, why not gather at state house and demand mugabe’s head…

    • muzukuru wake nhai?if that is true would you say phidza “eorks hard and thinks critically” sezvinodiwa naGasho?It just blows holes in her theory about Africans laziness.

    • Under Mugabe hapana kwatinoenda …………. Ndiye sanction yacho , Mugabe means disaster and poverty simply bcoz those whites couldnt stand his idea of empowering black people ………… Hanzi Ku USA whites are rich ……………… Vangarega sei bcoz handiti kuti vavake America yakavakwa thru slave trade ? I was reading an article on Zimbabwe Today ,Modern Colonisation ;How Briatain controlls over 1 Trillion US dollars of African natural resources thru London stock exchange

      • yowe

        Saka kunosiya mari kwaprophet ndosolution here??

    • we have better examples of successful business people than those who r priviledged becoz they r connected to ZANU and r given handouts from the loot and corruption that zanu is only good at!

    • Thanks Ribelo.It pisses me off when supposedly literate people gloss over these huge facts about African countries and their former colonial powers

    • Anashe please provide their names(minus Strive nekuti tinomuziva).

    • Man i like yr thinking u said it like it is

    • Tapiwa Mafuta even kuAmerica black pple are full of excusess but ofcourse we a very capable pple

    • This comment at Crispinov

    • Pastors are thieves

    • So what made you come to the conclusion that the author is a airhead?

      • Gidza

        If all of us could think like Jean Zimbabwe would be out of the mess. Jean thinks in English and she likes to derive her livelihood in that language hence she makes a great change in her life. One day I listened to Phillip Chiyangwa addressing guests at “The Shifts” seminar. I followed closely and attentively what he said. His speech through out was full of sense. Many of us Zimbabweans we sometimes lack reasoning. We don’t see good things in people. Chiyangwa, like Jean spoke in very clear language. But I was disappointed some of my fellow Zimbabweans still failed to grasp what the man was trying to say. If we take Jean of her words, to me this lady is saying the truth – really hard truth. Our problem as Zimbabweans we worship people who tell us lies. Most politicians like these pastors tell us what we want to hear. They climb on the shoulders of other people to amass wealth. OK, take Chinotimba or Mahogany.They are less like serious politicians and, more like Street jesters offering nothing or a little light relief in an otherwise gloomy political climate. When everyone else is having sleepless nights they themselves sleep easy in their beds, without a show of being bothered. Zimbabwean is in a real mess but see who is being bothered? But we are lazy to punish them at the ballot box. This is what Jean is trying to say that we have ourselves to blame. Jean is a straight talking person I think many hate her for that.

    • If we continue blaming other pple for our lack of development then we will never find a solution to our challenges.

    • Rubbish. Hauna zvine musoro zvauri kutaura iwe!

    • Black power,black z beautiful etc.These are empty slogans.They dont apply to us blacks especially us with short/kinky hair.Th Indians(remember they were also colonized) are already exploring Mars while we are tearing th african continent apart thru overstaying in power, corruption,nepotism,tribalism,regionalism,& many other factors including laziness.Therz nothing to mek us proud as africans,th lady z simply rite.Th shorter th hair the shorter th effort to think,african brains are underutilized,therz no shortcut to progress,be it thru corruption or nepotism or whatever.We simply need to work hard.

      • Joji

        Apply scientific knowledge , add hard work, discipline and financial prudence and we can do it. White people have already made the hard sacrifices for humans to gain scientific knowledge, the knowledge is there for anyone who wishes to access it ! Indians have a space program not because they invented new tech or made new discoveries but they simply applied what others before them (whites) had already discovered ! Blacks meanwhile, are busy hoping for gods to save them from themselves psml !!

    • Kennedy Siwela Madziva exactly. We need to stop this victim mentality. Asian countries are moving forward inga wani.

    • ZimAsset

    • Sibongile Sally Ncube WELL SAID!

    • Why do the whites have an advantage ??? becoz we dont know we know nothing.We are quick to accept what we are taught n never question it.If we did we would have been somewhere. As long as we keep parroting what we r taught we will still be lagging.We need to start creating knowledge!!!!. Whites died for this knowledge they have .U know about Mary Curie who died of radiation but they now have x-ray technolgy. the 1st space attempt blew out the person who tried it.The very 1st pple to try to get knowledge died trying to understand n get to know.

    • wizzy zvoushe you are the airhead here.No wonder why you are called wizzy!You speak from less objective and more prejudice.While it may be true that blacks go to underfunded schools and shit you said fact still remains and you gotta swallow that!The solution to our “black people problems” lies neither here nor there…as they say the solution to the problem is in the problem itself. Sibongile Sally Ncube I agree with you

    • Sibongile Sally Ncube U hit the nail on the head my sister.We can say watever but the bottom line is we r just destructive like animals we dont build anything.We were given a beautiful Rhodesia but we cudnt even mantain it. Every other piece of technology that cud have helped us to propsper is all destroyed.We cant even farm. Sables makes fertiliser from water n air !!!!!!! yes water n air but its closed what a shame

    • Ras

      The Chinese are rushing to Africa because of the cheap raw materials they get corruptly from our leaders. Africa is not an economic force, lol, it’s a raw material source. Remember the marange diamonds. 15 bidza yaka shaikwa. Kwana mface

    • Munashe Runoona

      Well as you can see from the comments, another reason is we lack introspection. Wizzy Zvoushe everyone in the society understand behavioral economics, just the technical terminology which vex people but if you track our proverbs you find that you don’t need to have a PhD in Economics to state what Jean has done. People rant about China in Africa yet how the negotiations they lead to these deals prove that our leaders need more than ‘prayers’ and anointing to strike good deals. All these deals super-flawed yet we don’t want to be criticised right, we are too fragile for that. “If it wasn’t for Apartheid”, “if it wasn’t for slavery”. if it wasn’t colonialism”, “if it wasn’t sanctions”, yeah right? perhaps things like lotto and crew should be banned in fragile countries

    • yowe

      Hahaha asi wakasiyiswa $7,700 kwaMakandiwa ukaudzwa izvozvo and you think uchangomuka wavane business rako???

  • Jean Gasho simple thrives on being controversial, the publicity she gains drives her career as a blogger/writer. Her opinion is very biased towards negative. All religion demands adherence to a set of rules and commitement and Christian faith isn’t exempt from that. U have to follow your church’s rules by virtue of association and no one forces anyone to give monies to church as offering. Advantages of being a ‘Pentecostal’ far outweigh disadvantages/cons. Why does she fail to mention the millions of money spent by revellers on entertainment, alcohol and drugs on the 31st of December each year. Consequences of such expenditure are often detrimental to the revellers themselves and others e.g. drunken driving, poor choices, poor health etc. Time and money spent on church is always beneficial at least if I say tithe Magaya some of my money has a good chance of assisting in an orphanage or hospital than on revelling. And I beilive even if we were to compare numbers Christian give way less an amount than that which is spent in revelment each year on New Years celebrations. A house that is divided cannot stand as Christians we should quit this culture of pulling each other down and respect other people’s choices and faith.

    • The saving you will make from money spend booze and women will be 6 times more than what you will normally tithe. Health benefits from living a clean life, health liver, kidneys, brain etc , Fines, criminal record…Hearing some positive and motivational sermons, self confidence and self belief, being a better human

    • U only missed by btinging Magaya into the christian discourse, he definitely is not a christian, by the way, its just for your own information.

    • It’s not my place to qualify Chritianity of an individual for your own information I’m not even Pentecostal myself…But I choose not to judge and respect other people’s faith. It’s their money to spend anyways.Michael Mazerere,,,,Show me a perfect church and I will show you heaven…😇😇😇

    • You make a lot of sense ma’am but the point still remains. Myself being an atheist and freethinker, I dont subscribe to the blaring of boundaries between institutions. ie Organised Religion, State and Enterprise. I believe that we can only achieve socio-economic justice by separating the 3. Any collision between either of the three will corrupt the core values of our society. Giving to your church voluntarily is not frowned upon. What is frowned upon is when leaders of churches actually make requests and give lame excuses like one is going to be better off after giving. Now: THATS STEAMING HOT BULLSHIT that we are trying to debunk.

    • Even the ‘capitalists’ sells u a product u have no use of but we blindly queue up and buy just because it was advertised and u were told u need it. As long as there is no quantifiable means of asserting that those individuals are under hypnosis or some mind control they have right to give their monies to whoever they choose. Coz I for one have no means to determine if prophesy predictions are true except for people involved…. Adults are free to make choices….I hate it when people attack Churches/Christianity relentlessly and blame it for societal ills. There are ghastly things happening out there which are truly horrifying and demand the attention.

    • The perfect church is not made perfect by human artefacy but its the one that takes in all truth and honesty the responsibility to preach to the whole world the message of repentance and preparing people to meet with Christ when He comes, if dead they will be resurrected, if alive they will be translated to meet the Lord in the air and be eternally saved. This is ALL that matters not these prosperity messages doing the rounds. Yourself as Jacquelyn Binya are a candidate for this universal showdown and it will be in your best interest to seek the truth (John 14), Christ and be baptised in water and in the Spirit. I dont mind helping you or anyone so willing to learn more about this process.

    • Jacquelyn Binya Capitalists are closely regulated by commercial codes of practice and constitutional laws that protect the commercial rights of people and other businesses. You can successfully sue a business and get restoration. But can you do the same with the church if you feel aggrieved?

    • gagaga Tapiwa Mafutha I would hate to stereotype you but I know your type as u aptly described yoself as a free thinker and atheist. I yield…..Otherwise this conversation will continue for eons and eons of time….But issues of faith are like issues of love they all centred on the heart they are impossible to quantify and prove so hence cannot stand in the court of law.Hence the aggrieved party has no choice but to walk away empty handed…Hope I answered your question…

    • Jacquelyn Binya Yes you did well. By the way, do you know atheists are the loveliest and happiest people on the planet? Food for thought. I will let you off this time. Next time ndinokurova neshamhu ye 77000 bond notes…lol

    • gagaga a good commander knows when to quit!!

    • i agree y do people love to attack specifically Pentecostals ? faith is a choice giving is also a choice if someome decides to give theri own money y r people mad??

      • wadzanayi

        U are right.l like yr comment

    • Anashe Mlambo The issue is in the motive. If you give to the church to support the running costs or some charitable cause, then thats commendable. Giving to expect some kind of benefit is not godly or pious. Its greed and shows you dont have faith in the first place.

      • Hope

        – True

    • tapiwa the bible tells us to give it doeant even give us limits on how much to give as long as its from the heart …in fact a widow in the bible gave ALL she had in front of Jesus and Jesus praised her he never said this church is taking from this poor widow!!

    • Trust the atheist to know of godly &/or pious acts lol!!

    • Jacquelyn Binya I actually grew up in the church. I even went to mission school run by Jesuits. I passed my RE with a distinction. I became an atheist as a way of acknowledging my understanding of religion/s. I still study other religions like Islam, Judism and Buddhism just to understand where other people come from. Just because I dont get involved in church doesnt mean I have no idea about the world around me.

    • Tapiwa Mafutha your page has the security of the State House. I can’t post on your wall neither can I DM u.I deleted your friend request by mistake…some people are trigger happy I happen to be click happy😈.Can u resend so I can oppose u at every opportunity😁😁😁….Back to this post I don’t doubt your knowledge on religious matters but u atheists always ‘know’ everything but happen to be unbelievers.That irks me…U really like schooling us believers on matters u don’t even conform too and somewhat have this attitude of being more superior evolved beings. Thus my comment….

    • leviticus

      I think you are missing the point of this article. The article simply states people are being conned, if she is not just give evidence and facts to the contrary , why insult her?

    • yowe

      Ko wadii kushandisa tithe yako to help hama dzako dziri kutambura?? You pass hungry people everyday on the road, those who need clothing, your own relatives or neighbours who need help munovasiya muchida kunopa a multi millionaire!!!! That is not biblical and do not talk of Malachai the same bible clearly says do not give to the temple when your neighbour is in need

  • Food for thought

  • jeri

    100% true

  • Whoever the author is, your choice of words is lamentably poor. Controversy isn’t innovation. Get some education

  • Africans are lazy and don’t want to work, that why their prophets are now emphasising on the gospel of prosperity

    • Can you call Zimbabweans lazy with a straight face.Cowards we may be but lazy we are not.

    • So if we not lazy how then do we believe that riches are sowed like seeds and never worked for?? Why then are we blinded to the extent of believing that there can be a special covenant than the one made at calvary??

    • elvis maybe they want miracles because they have been toiling in vain zimboz vanoshanda shame ….look how we as a people tonorima kumisha mamwe marudzi haambo fungi zvese izvozvo try living in bots or SA

    • Elvis Benhura I dont blame u but I just blame yr teacher prophets encourage us to receive Jesus and Jesus is the 1 who need that money for yr own info that money we have is God’s so he assigned us toanage for Him when u c us giving thats part of management so dont blame the propherts

    • @ Andrew Bvitira what do u mean when u say the money is God’s ? What of the signs of the end times that we were warned of? That in the last days there shall emerge fake prophets and the love of money shall increase? And Jesus clearly said “Musazviunganidzira pfuma panyika”. Also Jesus was made poor for us to be rich and the greatest sacrifice was done like I have already said .

    • Read genesis it God said let THEM have power and dominion over everything on earth God did not include himseld God’s idea was to make pple manage earth on his behalf so when u c us taking money to the house of God its for the purpose of the Lord

    • Propherts a not new there were there b4 there duty they a the mouth peace of God God is God of order He dont give sms to jeck and Jiri He is an ogernised God

    • Thiz days it better the way God need money in the old testerment it was a sin to visit the house of the Lord without money if u c a church wich dont talk about money it doz not belong to God zvawataura zvemazuwa ekupedzesera zvakatotanga day Jesu paakamuka kuwakafa ndoaiva mazuva ekupedzisira from the days of Peter up to now tiri kungowaona waporofita wenhema

    • @ Andrew Bvitira, can u justify and explain how a civil servant who didn’t get their December Salary be able to pay the required minimum sacrifice , not mentioning that the sacrifice is way above their tithe.

    • How can u sacrifice something u dont have yet God’s pple dont rely on salary only but religious pple do

    • So when your prophets talk of sacrifices vanodii kutanga nekuti “kna unayo” but they start by saying “kuti zvinhu zvako zvifambe”. Zvasyanei nen’anga. And for ur own info, hardworking pays a lot without sacrifices.

    • Kkkkk @ Andrew Bvitira so u saying if u are a God’s person you dont rely on your salary? Your statement is not only blasphemous but has miscarriage of justice. Jesus’ father , Joseph relied on Carpentry, Abraham kept his livestock, Joseph the dreamers father Jacob relied on farming and we all know what happened during hunger in their land. Simon Peter was a fisherman, mthew was a tax collecter, the list is endless and literally u mean that 75% of unemployed zimbos are ungodly?

    • So u telling me u lazy n u don’t wanna work?

    • @ Craig Tafi did u follow the conversation?? I said majority of black people. Remember the other year some people were given tuchira teekupukuta mota yaunoda, ma Benz , discoveries. Range rovers, SUVs , yet they were never told that wealth is worked for. When we r busy sleeping , others are grinding ideas of finance, making strategic partnerships, investing etc.

  • I think blacks are poor because if you start a business and you black, blacks and whites don’t support you because you black. Indians support Indians that’s why they rich, whites support white businesses.

    • Success comes from hard work, religion has destroyed Africans, the so called “men of God” give people false hope and false principles

  • poorly written article…

  • Another fool going public- for everyone to see

  • Very true Jean Gasho 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿, black people have a habit of over doing things. If it’s drinking alcohol black people make it a point filling up fridges and drink like there is no tomorrow. Black people when going to church their target is speaking in tongues and have spiritual powers only to become a Prophet.

    Black people or precisely, Zimbabweans brainwashed by some prophets don’t believe in putting money in the bank, earn interest and increase bank balance but rather give to the so called spiritual father with high expectations to get more. Stupid, very stupid indeed. Who is richer you or your fake spiritual father?

    Zimbabwe is now a nation taken over by dubious prophecies, Prophets and corrupt politicians enjoying and sharing what seems to be last of the remaining wealth of a dead economy.

    One unfortunate and scary thing is that Zimbabweans chose to be in the demise rather than getting out of it. Where does this lead us to. Nowhere for majority suffering but somewhere for the rich Prophets they chose to follow.

    Fadzai Mahere is today under attack from people glorifying fake prophets. How many millionaires, successful business people, accomplished academics are products of these fake churches and prophets. Fadzai Mahere is a leading Lawyer through years of hard working, focus, determination and vision.

    Now, she is advising fellow citizens to invest their precious time and little hard earned money wisely. The stupid, blind folded and brainwashed followers of fake prophets will invest their time and money in those prophets of doom and reap nothing but poverty.

    2017 will bring nothing amazing because Zimbabwe is the only nation on earth with educated and stupid people who don’t even know the distinction between the good, the bad and the ugly. Literacy and stupidity is a cocktail for distaster and that’s the disaster we found ourselves in. Live with it and in deplorable poverty, we deserve it.

    • Well said. 100%

    • Yes thats true.

    • Veku church takapusa ko imi vakangwara vacho murikuitei munorwadziwa nei kana ndichibvisa mari yangu kuchurch ndinenge ndichatevedza zvakanyorwa mushoko raMwari vamwe murikuhukura pano murikudyiwa nemahure hatirwadziwe nazvo nekuti haisi mari yedu saka imi musarwadziwe ndikapa mari yangu kuchurch

    • y r u so passionate about peoples choice of religion/faith? does it affect u in anyway?? how does people giving money yavo cause u so much chest pains in a free counrty iwewe chengeta ka yako nhayi!!

    • taura hako leon if it was a man who spent his earnings on alcohol and prostitutes they would be defending him vehemently!!

    • Anashe Mlambo it’s just an analysis of beliefs and religion. I never in any way condemn choice of religion. Read and understand before embarking on a silly response.

    • Ahh ths year tichaonerera;,only less thn eighth of e pple in zim are christians.,zvino imi musina kudyirwa mari yenyu makayi investr here zvamuita hasha neyedu.Mozobvunza munhu ave nemari yake ko basa racho ndimi makamupa here munyika yakadzima kudai.Let Jesus take all e Glory

    • You have your own choice brother. We will continue giving our black prophets and black church founders money. Churches are not supported by the government. What do you say about the money which the missionaries took 200years back. Some are still benefiting today ,they were teaching people about history of Israel no body complained because you see a fellow brother of yours making money its wrong. Stick to the topic bro don’t mix facts .

    • Mqondisi Msimanga Missionaries build schools, hospitals, bridges, universities etc. Your Makandiwas and Magayas build their own mansions and hotels which you and other deluded followers never sleep in. It’s you who’s getting facts twisted to justify your fantasy for prophecies. Any rich missionary you know, Doctor of History?

    • People in Zimbabwe are only poor cause of bad governance and corruption. Not because of the emergence of Papas. I grew up watching 700 club on ztv an American Christian station/program. There were always asking for people to support them through finances/offerings in money. My point is even the most developed countries have those very same churches were congregants give offerings. But they are not poor and desolate like Zim. Why are u people attacking the church? It’s definitely not the enemy or in any way responsible for our woes. U really huff and puff flexing muscles against defaming the church but neZanu muno kundikana….😢😢😢.The church works in communities at grassroots level and it helps strengthen and safeguard families that constitutes nation building at grassroots level. Why can’t the so called democracy/freedom activists patner with the church in its efforts. Have u often seen how Pres. Mugabe visits VhaPostori & ZCC sects during election time and he even friends with the Papaz. Point is a leader acknowledges other leaders.Those guys have real followers not a virtual facebook following.
      But u ‘progressive’ guys are busy making enemies barking @ every tree. No wonder u never have support of those ‘Christians’ and all activism efforts flop like a giant mess.

    • as usual black people trying to blame someone for their problems like someone said u will never find a solution if u r alwqys looking to blame someone….. 15 billion was looted and a 93 yr old man with nothing to offer zim might be elected in 2018 but someone is talking about magaya and makandiwa as if they rule zim their congregants r not even a tenth of the population but people r obssesed with them vanaMagaya vakawuya manje manje ava and u ignore Zim problems that started kudara

  • Thinking eludes black people in a broader sense, you find people voting a 93 year old already suffering dementia to think for them! How sad!

    • This almost got me shocked my brother Dumi. Surely how can a group of people calling themselves normal and very educated vote for a 93 year old to be a president of a country like Zimbabwe?Hahahaha kuenda kuchikoro hakupedzi hudofo chokwadi.

    • yes but we r under a dictatorship mugabe lost elections kudala but still held on to power u cant blame zimboz.. If elections were free and fair its impossible for Bob to win

    • Benson Munemo I am a Christian just like the author of this article, i have questioned the significance of these Cross Overs, worse still the election of a 93 year old to lead a battered nation out of this predicament!

    • Anashe Mlambo accusing and excusing won’t help us in any way, but it will only lead us to mental incapacitation which has made us a century behind other continents!

    • mugabe is not our fault he’s imposed himself on us but look at SA were black people r poor but they have their desired leaders

    • Dumiso Baloyi
      I question your Christianity if u we’re one you couldn’t question th significance of cross overs about voting for the 93 year old to lead it’s a lie no one did

    • Khalib Arkim Oitsile im sorry you don’t have the power nor the authority to judge my Christianity based on my opinions! And didn’t Zanu PF just endorse Mugabe as their 2018 elections presidential candidate or maybe they do not fall under black people!

  • Well said my sister. You are right 100 percent. I wonder what this obsession with the prophets is coming from. The devil has surely come to steal, kill and destroy. It takes an open spiritual eye to see that these prophets are the devil’s advocates and they have nothing but evil to spread.

  • Tshemisi Phiri Stanford Phiri Eddie Mutema Privilege Matizanadzo Save Mawarire

  • White people can be richer than blacks cos our grand parents spent most of their time slavery to make them 5 time richer. That was theft. If I were to be a President they were going to pay back.

  • I think she is seeking relevance in Zimbabwe. Il’ll not be surprised if she become a Porn star

    • You have to be attractive to be a porn star and Gasho is far from attractive

    • Kkkkk

    • Lol! You’re BOTH SO stupid it is unbelievable!
      You can start a University with the amount of foolishness going on in your head to specialise in stupidity degrees! Jeez

    • Aaw it must really hurt to see that NOT all women are so stupid, scared nor twerking their behinds, but rather their brains…

  • Agreed success comes through hard work but to say poverty is Africa,s middle name when compared to Europe and America without a close look at the continents, history is in my view very unfair.For Europe and America to be what they are today their strong economic foundations were built on the exploit of african labour during slave trade and a disgusting plundering of africa,s resources before and after the scramble and partition of Africa by the lazy people the writer is giving an undeserved level of praise.The cheap labour and free resources these continents enjoyed at the expense of Africa and its people is huge and Africa got nothing in return.Given how much africa was disadvantaged economically and suffered at the hands of the very people you are crediting,my heart bleeds and what makes it worse is that the writer is an African.All iam saying is that we are not lazy and that if Africa is to be paid back what it lost to Europe and the world we will be the richest continent for the next million years to come.

    • Thanks Edgar, your respond shows maturity and striking the main keys. For sure Africa will be the richest for its entire life we paid back what we were robbed

    • Agreed, but why is it that the opposite never occurred? Can Africans colonize whites? Can they take education to Europe and America? Do they have science and technology? Can they lend money to the whites. Africans even before the whites came were poor. The whites just took advantage of the poverty and ignorance

    • What a good strike Mr Edgar 👍

    • The funny part is we continue to discover billions worth of minerals eg diamonds in Zim,but still we cant buy medicines for our hospitals but instead we buy riot equipment in these pce times.

    • @Harry Chinkumbi and Kennedy Siwela Madziva God created Africa for Africans.Africans were robbed and you blame them for being victims of greed by the west.If our criminal justice system was meant to reward robbers then the world was better off without it.What the west did to Africa can never be justified even by a billion of voices like yours.Supposing Africa cannot fully utilise its resources today that cannot justify Lucifer,s angels plundering them either.My sons,great grand children and many more future generations will need them and a responsible African still has a right to jealously guard against their undeserved plunder.We were Africans first before the whiteman,s education and so shall our children.The moment we stop to think like Africans and argue as Africans then our inheritance is doomed.We need that magic and wisdom to realise that our resources cannot be protected by non other than ourselves.Only a fool leaves their property to fate whilst cherishing the idea that other human beings are more superior than themselves.Iam proud to be African.Europe and America were not created in the order you see them today.They too were poor before they stole and enslaved other nations.Africa too shall prosper and thats why we need to protect her resources.If we are not successful today it does not follow that our children will not be and for them to make it,they need the very resources you mistakenly think are better off in the hands of a whiteman.

    • If a country like Zim is given back wt u claim 2 have bn stolen by settlers with the current crop f leadership it hz wch fails 2 account 4 a mere $15billion my bro we will be in deep sh*t

    • we were exploited becoz we lacked knowledge of making a gun. This is lack of knowledge on our part . we cant blame them.When u have kids in yo hse u tell them what do n wen to do it why becoz u r more powerful than them

  • Jean i have been against most of your posts for the past time but when someone tells the truth nomatter how harsh it is, i will always agree with them. Most of our problems are self-inflicted for real. Thanks for being bold and telling the truth. We talk of corruption, dictatorship, denial of failure, blaming others for not taking our responsibilities. You name it

    • One day wen blacks are tired of making silly excuses and develop good habits there will b meaningful progress

  • Africa only had this civilisation for one and half centuries but it took them many centuries.
    I think we are more progressive than them. Its too early for Jean to mock africans

  • till black people embrace black empowerment in economic terms and we adopt a group economy this is not going to change.

  • I am.equally puzzled by blacks madness over cross overs. The madness.is truly the cause of poverty. For example an estimated 10000 cross over congregants are made to buy a candle for $1 each just to.light for some seconds into a new.year. How much does the fake prophet make 5 minutes after the cross over hour. Shame.on us. After the cross over we go back to our work places and start stealing from the employer. Shame.

    • asi ma africans ese anenge aripo here? when talking about poverty u mention prophets as if africa yese inopinda ma church iwayo prophets or no prophets the fact is africans r poor

  • I am.equally puzzled by blacks madness over cross overs. The madness.is truly the cause of poverty. For example an estimated 10000 cross over congregants are made to buy a candle for $1 each just to.light for some seconds into a new.year. How much does the fake prophet make 5 minutes after the cross over hour. Shame.on us. After the cross over we go back to our work places and start stealing from the employer. Shame.

  • But African leaders thru corruption and mismanagement are stealing from us the little we are working hard to grow

  • Valid point, valid analysis. W

  • Truly we dont need these fucken prophets to prosper. Religion is just a drug sending our people to sleep. Secularisation will liberate Zimbabwe. The biggest problem is 90% call them true prophets, 9% call them profits and 1% including l, call them thieves. Truly they are thieves, harmful daylight robbery engineers. Truly Zim is a nation of stupidity and docility.

    • Benzi kana rikafamba risina kupfeka rinofunga kuti ndiro riribho vakapfeka ndivo vanopenga

    • there is a difference between a theif and munhu anopa nemoyo wake mari yake without force

    • Murikutiiko? Maprophets arikubira vanhu mhani.

    • godfery wakabirwa marii?

    • Iwe kana uchiti pasi ne rape or child abuse .waka abuswa nani? You dont have to be a victim to condemn evil. Evil is evil

  • The doughter of lucifer i mari yako here irikubviswa kuma church kwacho une mamhepo asatan

  • She is partially correct. She is not entirely wrong.

  • Peter Kozelj

    It’s no use, Jean. You’re not getting through.

  • I always wonder why these people dont see it? What really is wrong with them that they believe such? Well said.

  • Yes its true bcos black is the of their brean,skin and their heart.

  • Hure iri rakushaya ma boyfriends nekuti akunamata kwaarikudzidziswa ne ma prophets kuti chihure chakaipa saka hapasisina akukecha akushaya mari saka akuhukura manje uchafa urirombe chete kusvika wauya kuchurch bvunza jah love

  • Linda Mahere keep talking daughter. Dont worry. Even if they say nasty stuff to you. Soldier on. We are with you. That is how demonic captured people behave. GOD bless you for telling as.it is. Do not relent.

  • I think those who is supporting the writer should go back to school.

  • Wealth is not riches

  • kaki page. unlike button

  • History cannot be glossed over using example of the prophets. It is important to be innovative as well fighting historical injustices as these are not mutually exclusive.

  • Its more of your opinion than anything related to a well researched article. Refer us to the article. You talk about whites being more successful and richer than blacks. The 2 words have different meanings and it would be interesting to see how those words are handled in that research.

  • This is the truth sister , it does not need rocket scientist to interpret it or magnifying lenses to see that black people’s challenges are self inflicted. Gross mismanagement ,embezelement of state funds meant for public projects by people in power justified that. Ill-advised policies and political immaturity in nations cost so much. Corruption and nepotism is corporate governance reduces the economic growth and reduces people to mere paupers with no hope of future. Despite the vast natural resourses in Africa but it is still the poorest continent with most people languishing in poverty and living under 1 us dollar. Elite groups in power do not believe in other can do better than them can transform events for better. You can not expect econmic growth if nations keep recycling deadwood in strategic positions as they kept on doing the same thing.

    • Can u then explain the sanctions put on Zimbabwe & the murder of Gaddafi?

    • Do you know the meaning of sanctions and the death of Gaddafi is not why black are poor brother . Your question lacks relavence.

  • its because of African presidents who use poverty as a tool to influence poor pple …

  • Christine Kumbi Mike Tashaya – another one.

    • Hahahaha i just tagged you as well

    • Got battered and bruised after I shared it without acknowledging the author earlier. Its a good article

    • Mike people don’t want to hear the truth. We are not saying all churches do this – we are just calling out these mega-prophets’ churches that are manipulating people.

    • Absolutely. We are infact just trying to engage them so we get absolute clarity on the goings on. Nothing personal

    • I am calling us out for allowing them to debase our faith to the point where being a christian is synonymous with not thinking. Questioning Papa is more sacrilegious than asking questions about God himself. I CANNOT!

    • Exactly!!!

  • Totally correct. Another important element to our stupidity is jealousy…the pull him/her down syndrome. I like that…the lady is a marriage material. Good

  • Tawanda Tawanda Tawanda Tinashe Rugare Watifadza – thoughts?

    • Half half…on some points she makes sense and on others she’s off. To me effects of mental colonisation cannot be wished away or downplayed like that. Its our duty though to push forward…but I think the generation thats blocking that is dying now..havangazvinzwisise because they lived through oppression. On the brainwashing part yana papa am with her.

      A good piece with a few flaws here and there in her arguments.

    • I agree…in fact colonialists and slave masters also used the Bible. Same concept. And this gives Christianity a bad name, yet it’s just a case of people taking advantage of people’s desperation or frustration.

    • I think I agree with Tawanda’s assertions. She’s spot on on some aspects. And yes some people are taking advantage of people’s desperation. The best is to have discernment and do what works for you. However in totally against buying miracles and breakthroughs

  • Chikristu checaprofita chauraya vanhu misoro Cross over inotoita kunge hautopindi mugore idzva

  • Takajaira kupihwa saka tisingagoni kupa .if u a always receiving u a the father of poverty .blacks are poor bcz a always receiving mabhero care and so on .

  • Simbarashe Chikaura Arnold Wellington Ziwenga R Tendo Tapiwa

  • this is total rubish from this woman especially considering where africa is coming from.ts awys difficulty to catch up .these peo benefited during colonial era.sent resources etc to develop their nations .many african countries get indepndence less than 4 decades ago.making us fall behind interms of everthing .infructructure,education etc.thas rubish actually

  • Yes yes yes.. Thanks for the words of wisdom.. Black poor lazy people hahahah.. I was a pastor I left the ministry in 2010 ..I know how these people are being fooled by these pastors. Giving in Church will never make you rich. Work guys.the bible said you will eat of your sweat. Those who gave you Christianity ( whites) are not into that madness hahaha. Wake up Nigas

  • There is a lot of truth in your article. The overall idea is great and i find myself agreeing with you in that this whole church thing is turning into some kinda madness. You didn’t have to insult every black person in your first half of the article though. You could have sold your idea to us in a better way. Anyway i think we need an education system that encourages critical thinking and structures that help people use their talents.

  • Has it occurred to you people that you are agreeing so loudly that you think you are disagreeing?

  • It can only be traced back to slavery, colonialism…

  • This is true without fear or favour black people are not ready to lead. A good leader must be selfish less. These African leaders inherited a healthy economies and reduced them to ashes because of greedy and selfish. Its very painful to be oppressed by our very own Sons of soil. Why can’t eradicates policies which can favors the poor.

  • Trevor Tanaka Nyakudya

  • However “poorly written” the substance of the article is on point. Crossovers bring no wealth, spiritual or otherwise

  • You are right

  • I give up on Africans

  • I dnt compete with a whiteman in anyting i do in my livity,,,,,i dnt knw who he is?,,,i dnt live to a whiteman’s expectations becoz he is not living to mine.,,,,,,, selah

  • mwana weBlack

    Uncle Tom … what a biased article. Ko why didn’t you mention the many Zimbabweans doing big thing .. Strive weEconet, started his business from scratch and now its gone global. You also didn’t mention the many poor, drug addicted and homeless white people who beg us black people for money. Black people are not lazy or brainless, just disadvantaged in many ways. I loathe it when someone structures their argument one sided and generalizing everyone

  • Waseva!!

  • Kledza

    Siyana naPWM, Baba Guti and Makandiws touch not my annointed, wayambirwa Jean.

  • We’re even at their mercy. The whites can even annihilate the blacks if they so wished. We’re so dependent on them. If they came up with some “vaccine” to kill us who would even question them?

  • Most of the prophets are blacks

  • That is an insult to some of us,,we take pride bring African and worse off not everyone is poor than a white man,,so u better have ur facts straight ma’am

  • so true

  • Colonialism and slavery were so effective at destroying the colonised and enslaved, such that we no longer need the systems to demean or undermine ourselves. We just accept it and spread it like a virus to our offspring!!! This article is the staple of racists and supremacists!!!

    Think before you write this tripe!!!

  • When whites came to africa,they found africans busy hunting,invading each other’s territories,abducting women n children.infact they thought having many cattle was a sign of richness.whites started mining precious minerals,etc.they got rich,from hard labour,infact in most instances they made agreements to xplore and to mine those minerals.why would we blame whites for everything?our forefathers could hv easily invaded europe,asia the americas,etc.but they chose to chase after many women,lol,bunch of lazy loosers

  • As black people, we have embraced the whiteman’s way of life but without the means to support that lifestyle. Ad a result we look to miracles to help us sort our finances out. And the pentecostal prrachers have found themselves a niche market and that is poignantly sad!

    • Loool!! ‘Look to miracles to help us sort our finances out…’ hahahaha! 😂 Sis you’re funny!
      Gotta love this thread!

  • True but the reason is beyond us,we are not lazy coz other races use us to do the job that make their lives better. There is no problem with our IQ since we can outperform them in the class room.,maybe God made things the way they are for a reason. We musn’t blame the other races coz they actually go out of their way to help us: eg when you want a job u actually turn to the white men,when u discover minerals ,lately we go to the Chinese for machines ,Cuba for doctors,the least is endless.,maybe we need to pray that God may have mercy on our race.

  • Kyle Broflovski

    Clearly the writer is a firm believer of ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity.’ she always manages to share her opinions on topical issues, normally with a decidedly negative view. I’ll agree with her when she says that black people are being duped by these prosperity prophets. My Black people wake up, these prophets are only here for the money!

  • shuto

    Go and register to vote damn it. Theories full of nonsense. You are cowards Zimbaweans. Cowards. Busy kushaudhana and leaving the house burning, like the proverbial man running after a bruning house in pursuit of a rat running away from the flames of fire. Go and demnostrate aagainst misrule, hamudi.basa kutukana pasina kwezvinosvika. Who does not know that your modern pastors are doing it for themsleves.

  • Tribalism is worse than racism in Africa. We kill each other 99% than any one else kills us. The other big problem in Africa is our corrupt Dictator leaders and primitive cultures which holds us back in the stone age. We can’t live in a modern world.

  • Spot on Jean. .that’s the truth we must wake up!!!

  • CTRL

    I respect the editor of this article , WELL DONE but to say blacks dont think is unacceptable and his continued discounting of God and men of God is very disturbing, however no matter which side of the fence you are the fact remains that blacks reeks poverty and the blame rest on the door steps of Gvts with misplaced priorities, corruption and abuse of office take a good look of us, Zimbabwe does have potential, do we have to blame whites or do we have to blame God for our Misfortune, i dont think so We are to blame otherwise we will all die trying to solve the equation of a 93 year old man, concetrating power in his bedroom,

  • Jean Gosho do u remember the days of slavery??

  • Okay u are talking but give solutions and ideals ka bcos it doesn’t help in anyway what u a saying u have said a lot then what?????

  • Slavery wasn’t only physical but it also affected the mentality,our own history was written to make us believe we the underdogs,

  • kkkkkk monyepa dhara….

  • .

  • poorly written or not….point clearly made

  • Iri ZiMvana reziGuvhu dende ratanga kushaya,black people this black people tht tibvire kumhepo

  • Clearly here you did not do your research very well Nehanda Radio ..Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa IS NOT A SON of T B Joshua …As i see this from my own view YOU are much against my fathers Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel …This article came from being about black people not using opportunity and their God given talent to fighting the church and you are now saying Ray J was a porn star etc what if he repented ,Jesus was always with tax collectors clearly.you dont know scripture you dont read the bible of which i will help you with that .Everytime God wanted to do something He used his Prophets that why you see Moses speaking to Pharoah before the people are released..If you have black people at heart and your nation Zimbabwe you would have written some thing constructive its because of people like you and have the mentality like yours that make Africa stagnant …And success according to the world principals is different from us who are in Zano Jaaziel Levit …If you dont have have anything to write write about the weather …

  • You sad woman. Asi uri hama ya Prof Moyo? I suspect you are the same character as well as Nathaniel Manheru etc

  • ndosaka mai Charamba vakati:kuti tinzi vemberi zvaikwanisika asi isu tisu takazviudza kuti vanhu veshure tisu.i agree with this lady esp on how these prophets do to their followers

  • Ewoni. Saka tiite sei

  • ndosaka mai Charamba vakati:kuti tinzi vemberi zvaikwanisika asi isu tisu takazviudza kuti vanhu veshure tisu.i agree with this lady esp on how these prophets do to their followers.we walk by faith not sight(problem yemunhu ndeyekuti anoda chinhu chinobatika ie annointing water, stones etc).James 5:11:Indeed we count them blessed who endure.You have heard of the perseverance of Job and seen the intended end by the Lord, that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful.mashortcut siyai, mirirai Jehova muchishanda nemimba and be economic.iyo yaZuckerberg yekuti he doesnt pray but he is rich its becoz our God is merciful, thats why you see He brings even rain to come upon the field of the witch.

  • Zac

    This has to be the most intellectually dishonest article I have ever read. I can
    how the author is bitter, the Pastor of the Church she went to must have swindled her good with no word and no teaching.

    Madam you are entitle to your own opinions not your own facts. The opening statement says black people are the least successful people in the world, your world must be Africa Only I take it. I can name 10 Black people who are not only wealthy but rich, I can show you billionaires that are black but best of all I can show you white, Asian and Latino people who are not Christians and very poor.

    Poverty has nothing to do with Church, not all black people go to Church and not all Church people are poor. Go and find another argument to make, get your facts right then come back with a better argument.

    We all get it, you hate God, you hate the Church and you hate yourself for been duped into spending your money in a Church that did not help you but that was your experience. Go try fishing because this topic is a grade above you.

    I live with the richest people who have the most valuable properties in North American yet their people are poor. Not all associations, clubs, churches or organizations produce the results they want but that does not render them all useless and the people pathetic like you try to paint of church and black people. Try getting a broad spectrum of understanding and travel the world a little better

  • Yes we r poor because Africans were colonised during barter trade & e whites came in Africa & they introduced currency of wc they r e ones who determine e value of our currency. Thats e reason wy Africans will remain poor not that they dont “think.”

  • Well articulated writing, but to ask people not to believe in God is far fetched and inconsiderate. Going to church does not make people poor. People fight for their souls which are worth more than millions of this world. Yes I would rather be poor and have an eternal life in the end. These white people you praise most worship the devil they belong to secret societies. In the US they join these societies in college and most black people don’t because its the wise not to.

  • Jean Fadzai Gasho

    • Love you big sis and I am behind you all the way. I pray for you and your family each time.

      Don’t ‘prepare’ for any ‘attacks’, none will get anywhere, you shall continue to stand firm and BOLDLY declare each and every truth there is to declare.

  • I can’t say it any better

  • And that we are charity objects.

  • ko kunyepae.

  • well said

  • without more quarrel a would like to ask u to do more research before attering your words .coz little knowledge is dangerous

  • Snootie Joe Zhanota

  • Some people don’t hv brains, i see. All the things you see troubling many Africans are the results that we all know where they came from. You can’t stop right the wrongs which were for more than 50 years or more were caused by some greed whites.whites can blame black people but we are aware of the things they did to us. The problem of the black people is that those who are on top is continuing what the white people did to fellow Africans. They are only concerned about the their families thereby worsening the plight of other africans. Guns and weapons of destruction are manufactured in whitemen countries, but sold to africa. Why not selling things or machines that improves humanity’s well being

  • Sure black people don’t like to come out of their shell ….. This is the truth……But as for me I know I will employ white people one day …..I believe in the power which blacks were given by God

  • Ahh! You! : Refuse to think for themselves” what do you mean, Dont forget we are here on earth for a purpose in God’ s view, Enjoy your level of life and be blessed

  • You cockroach, are you white? It doesn’t mean if you fail to think, every black person is like that. BITCH

  • dehwa2

    this time I agree with you 200%.People should wake and stop being robbed by these so-called men of God.

  • Yes Jean u r very right until we realise this n wake up n work hard we will never go any where. Black ppl are lazy they want things for nothing thats why u the mushrooming of these pentecoastal churches who offer success for a fee. They flock there paying 100s of dollars so they can be successful instantly. They think money is the piece of paper not the products u r able to produce.Unless u seek knowledge u will always be begging becoz u cant offer anything outside labour. The whites are busy doing researches looking for new knowledge so they can make new products to improve pple`s lives. The University of zimbabwe has been there for 65yrs but we still dont have the technology to make a paper pin, to extract iron, platinum, gold etc from the ground, neither do we have technology to process it. We behave more like animals

  • This was obviously written by a brainwashed idiot

  • Rich or poor the good part of it is we will alll die one day black or white so thre is nothing special abt being rich

  • s

    is she challenging GOD or man. I think this lady should pray that her gospel is heard more than these man of GOD who have taken thousands into their control. Maybe God has given her a gift to deliever people from these “demonic preachers” and she is wasting it. but at the end of it all she should also be away that her brain is just a spack or not even seen in GOD greatness. She has do this with a lot of humility because God says our thoughts are so different from ours. what she might be excited about GOD could be calling rubbish.

  • Chikiti

    These followers don’t want you to question their prophets

  • Em Cee

    We owe no one an explanation because we never questioned how you deal with your sangomas. As the body of Christ we don’t need to be understood by you sons of the devil. Keep your mouths shut because we are not part of you, neither are you part of us.
    Who authorised you to control the activities in another man’s house.
    Munhu anoda kunzwisisa anobvunza.
    Commenting and insulting what you don’t understand only shows that you are stupid.

    • leviticus

      If you were a christian you would defend the gospel not the “men of GOD” or the church. In as much as you no one an explanation that doesnt mean people shouldn’t comment when your leaders do wrong, and they are wrong.

  • leviticus

    Although I dont agree with some articles you have written , here you have hit the nail on the head Jean Gasho. I do admit that I like your simple analysis of things. You have not even scratched the surface of some men you have mentioned here. Crossover has become just another way to make more money. By the way Eugene Makore does not own any of the cars he posts on the Internet. He uses church members to take cars on credit, the car will be registered under Makore, the church pays the bills and insurance and the church member is left with a huge 5 year debt. I am sure others use this ploy. Look into the so called “miracles” that Eugene claims to have done. If you really want to enlighten people and educate people do investigative journalism on these people one by one and those who are sensible will start to think for themselves. Zimbabweans who go to a zimbabwean church especially in the Uk are suffering because of the so called “men of GOD”. Fake degrees, fake cars and fake clothes with a fake image to steal money from the congregation. It is the foolish sheep who see you as an enemy when your vpoice will actually help in their healing by highlighting this great con. Deliverance and emancipation from mental slavery is needed for people to start to worship freely and as journalists you do have a moral obligation to highlight and expose people like Eugene Makore etc.

  • Vanz

    sadly there are some valid points in this article. kkkkk

  • Vanz

    Just check the way Jesus operated and how our prophets are operating. Hanzi seed any amount with a 7 so that 2017 will be great for u. kkkkkk what a joke!!!! Its sad we have people who fall for this every day

  • Tafanana Zhou

    It makes sad when someone says Africa is now a force to reckon with and that is why Chinese are flocking in droves. Chinese are coming to Africa to get raw material at a song because of our corrupt leaders. Whites are richer and think critically better than blacks that is why they are inventors. Blacks are of course capable but being capable and actually doing are two different things. We can not continue to blame colonialism. White gave up power in Ghana in 1957 and at independence Ghana gave aid to South Korea. Today Korea is in the top 12 richest countries in the world and where is Ghana and what did the much hyped Nkwame Nkruma do for Ghana except running it down. In 1980 parastatals in Zimbabwe contributed 40% of GDP with a hugely uneducated white management. Today with MBAs there is not one of the 92 parastatals which makes a profit. People celebrate Whucknell a crook who fronts for Grace Mugabe at Zesa corrupt deals. When we stop celebrating bofoons like Whucknell, Chinotimba Kasukuwere and we stop giving excuses for our failures and we start to think critically then we are on the way to recovery. I read someone saying black women in the US are graduating more than whites. Its not about education STUPID. Its all about output. We have robotics professors working for banks instead of research institutions where they invent innovate and do reverse engineering. Ian Smith’s cabinet in 1965 had only a university graduates. Mugabes cabinet had 18 graduates out of 20. 6 of them had PhDs and 2 were medical doctors but what did they achieve with all that education. There is no denying that Smith alone was a far better manager of economics than the whole of Mugabes cabinet put together

  • Mhofu

    Jean I do take your opinion however disagree with your limited research before jumping on matters. You do make a point that people ought to work hard. Not sure if you believe the bible but I do and agree with you on the aspect of God blessing the works of your hands. I also do believe in miracles and think God give you an edge if you believe him but then so does anyone who walks into an interview with a rabbit foot in his pocket.

    It is well documented an an economic fact that where there is disempowerment and lack people turn to various vices. Drugs, crime etc in Zimbabwe it so happens to be religion.

    Colour has nothing to do with your facts, there are some in the white communities who spent the night with prophets. Turn on Christian channels and see for your self God TV, TBN the theme is money any given day and colour has nothing to do with it.

    If you want to dig deeper find out why those in poverty turn to Papas etc. As a black you should know that economics was never on our side we are merely playing catch up. You talk of Zukerberg ok he grew up playing with tech how many kids in Zimbabwe can boast that? Think Maslow’s hierchy of needs. We are barely meeting needs in Zimbabwe or indeed many African or black people countries. As a black who is educated and well traveled including living in a few countries I will give you a word of advise, “whatever your bone with some religious person focus on improving yourself. Some will always be doggy some will be genuine. If Zukerberg made millions with Facebook how come you condem someone who makes millions by quoting the bible and making declarations? Should we talk rich magicians, fortune tellers? Ops they are mainly white and some of them on TV

    Qualified Certified Analyst

  • Sinyoro

    You’re much more foolish than i thought! Clearly you don’t understand the principles of true prosperity where you live a stress free life. The bible even says the things of God are foolishness to a natural man (1 Corinthians 2:14). I don’t blame you because i used to be like that. I can tell you now there are lot’s of rich Christians who tithe and yet they are getting richer(Strive Masiyiwa is one example). Your foolishness even started when you said you would go to church and give money expecting a breakthrough, it doesn’t work like that. Thats why the bible says my people (Christians) perish for the lack of knowledge(Hosea 4:6)

    In regards to prophecies, even if God came down today and told you a husband/wife is coming it might not necessarily happen, you have a part to play. God cannot interfere with your will and if you decide not to apply your faith it won’t happen. Haven’t you read in Mark 6:5 that Jesus tried to perform miracles in Nazareth but because of their lack of faith he COULD’T, meaning he commanded people to start walking, blind eyes to open etc, but it didn’t work because of their lack of faith.

    Before you write an article i suggest you do a bit of research first and not try to feed people with your own opinions which clearly are not intelligent. If you don’t believe in prophets or biblical principles to get rich then keep your money, don’t give to God while i will continue to give, apply those principles and wax greater and greater in life!

  • max moyo

    Jean i think you can make your points without insulting the entire black race.
    Not smart at all what you just did there. The black race is the mightiest race. This race has had to overcome much more adversity than any other race; just peruse your history books and you will agree.

  • Joji

    As black people, we dont value knowledge, we value religious nonsense and pastors and papas and miracle money and miracle weight loss. What a more apt example of laziness than that of believing in miracle weight loss lol !!

  • itaiti

    Is Jean herself now a antagonist of that sort of church structure? i remember her “he was my Papa” stories, Which church does she now attend if at all?


    Dear Jean Gasho.
    You are right that many are blindly following a corrupted prosperity gospel that appeals to the flesh. The bible says many will turn to false prophets who preach to tickle their ears. Jesus himself said there would be many false prophets. Jesus himself said there would be two churches ; the WISE and the FOOLISH. The foolish went to buy oil. Right now they are busy buying and the false merchants of anointing oil are making a killing. The BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD AND WE MUST USE IT AS OUR BALANCE AND IF YOU MEASURE WHAT IS BEIGN DONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS you will see many IMPOSTORS ENTERED THE HOUSE AND THEY ARE BLIND GUIDES, DEFILING MANY AND BEING DEFILED THEMSELVES. They promise them freedom when they themselves are slaves of depravity. THERE IS TOO MUCH CORRUPTION, PORN, SEXUAL SIN, OCCULT, EVIL IN THE CHURCH! THEY ARE PREACHING ANOTHER GOSPEL. JESUS NEVER PREACHED THE SELLING OF ANOINTING OIL. NO! HE BEAT THOSE WHO WERE SELLING IN THE TEMPLE GROUNDS! THIS IS THE HOUR TO BE WISE or FOOLISH! JOB 28:28 DEFINES TRUE WISDOM. THAT IS THE WISDOM LACKING IN THE CHURCH. THE MESSIAH IS COMING AND THE WHOLE BIBLE IS ABOUT THAT. REVELATION 16:15. HE IS COMING LIKE A THIEF AND MANY WILL BE LEFT BEHIND BECAUSE OF THE COMEDY, REPULSIVE WORSHIP THEY ARE BUSY WITH WORSHIPING THE GOLDEN CALF OF PROSPERITY.

    • Murume Mukuru

      Aaaah…..where do you get the time to write all that?

  • nick

    ccc Is your roof “under the weather? “Gutters “down the drain “Ceilings “crumbling on you” water collection buckets in the house???? AAhhhhh Roofs periodically need to be repaired. Beira Roofing will be more than happy to help you with small to large repairs on any kind of roof, no matter who originally did the installation. Call us for a FREE estimate and or inspection +263-733-540875 (Harare)

  • tafamutekwe

    100 percent purified advice although you may be forgiven to think you are reading a passage from Hitler’s xenophobic Mein Kampf. Well articulated for a change, sister!

  • Murume Mukuru

    Of course what you wrote there is very true for Zimbabweans….but remember, in times of crisis (poverty and insecurity), people psychologically become desperate and look for a higher power for redemption.To get out of that, the nation needs strong leadership, right now our country has no leaders, RGM runs a mafia organisation which actively suppresses ambitious people.

    It is a bit unfair to paint all black people with the same brush because Zimbabweans are behaving foolishly.Take note the black nation is still very young-black Americans only got free 50 years ago, South Africa is just 22 year old as a full nation…this is after more than 400 years of oppression and cultural decimation….it may take a 100 years to fix such a mess…but am hopeful, we will get there.

  • bhutsumutandarika

    Mugabe is the cause of the increase at these churches by failing to manage the economy.

  • Chikuyochisamarengu

    Straight talk Jean, taneta nemafalse Prophets!

  • yowe

    What an article!!!! Ha wavapedzera apa .The poor and deluded Zimbabwen philanthropists who donate generously to “men of god”are even afraid to respond to this hahaha Yowe!!!

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