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Former student leader Paul Chimhosva dies in South Africa

Former University of Zimbabwe SRC president Paul Chimhosva has died in South Africa according to online reports.

Former student leader Paul Chimhosva dies in South Africa
Former student leader Paul Chimhosva dies in South Africa

Chimhosva shot to prominence in 1990-1 after leading several demonstrations at the UZ that resulted in the university being closed for several months.

Although details are still sketchy its being reported he collapsed early in the morning at his home in South Africa but died on his way to being taken to the hospital.

At the time of his death he was working for Exxaro Resources in South Africa, having completed a Bsc Mechanical Engineering degree at Wits University.

He is survived by one child.

  • Aah not the demagogue

  • Terrible loss

  • Haa dhehwa

  • Very sad

  • Rest in peace, UBA

  • What a big lose may his soul rest in peace

  • Nezvikosha

    Bsc mechanical engineering at Wits University? Get your facts right before rushing to print. So u think at UZ where he became SRC president he was doing A’levels? Or Access to Engineering? Lol! A brilliant student leader, easy going fellow. May his soul rest in peace!

    • Cyber Mujibha

      Yes PRC completed his degree at Wits as he was expelled from UZ in 1992 and went on to complete his Mechanical Engineering Degree @ Wits. The paper is correct 100% on this one.

      • Nezvikosha

        Thanks Cyber for the correction.

    • Janto

      Shut up if yu don’t know the facts, the article is correct.

  • RIP big brother

    • Cde Zvinoshupa

      Kwahi zvadini nhai Vatete? Shocking!

  • May his soul rest in peace,our thoughts& prayers are with the family through this difficult time.

  • RIP

  • Is this true? RIP homeboy sad indeed

  • Remembered for the wrong reasons. I won’t shade tears for him. This guy delayed my graduation. I lost my pending job at RBZ because of this dude. I’m nothing today because of him. May his soul roast in hell.

    • RFZim

      Man I think if you where really serious with your life since the 90 when this guy messed you up we could be reading another 250 page of your success story.But you just sound like a little moron bent on pushing the blame of their ills on some guys. Be responsible baba.

    • GidzaWacho

      Go to hell!

    • Belingwe1

      My man don’t ever say this, many things happen in life and we respond accordingly so never say anybody disturbed you coz you are to follow your track despite disturbances. Where have you heard anybody wished their soul rest in hell? Inga shona inoti wafa anaka wani!

    • Kikkkkkkkk zvakaoma. Have the power to forgive and let the dead rest…mopedzerana kudenga

    • How if I may ask bro?

    • saka urikupinda neipi mazuno

  • mhdsrip

  • May his soul rest in peace

  • Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless. You will be remembered. May your soul rest in peace.

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