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Three-year-old Zim girl dies after two hours in locked car in Australia

By Nick Hansen | The Daily Telegraph |

It should have been ­a Christmas celebration, ­­but instead the shattered ­Mupedzi family gathered at home with dozens of supporters to mourn the death of their three-year-old girl.

Emergency services speak with the family, following the death.
Emergency services speak with the family, following the death.

Tanatswa Mupedzi died in Westmead Hospital on Christmas Eve after being pulled unconscious from the back seat of a white sedan outside a home in Glenwood, where it was ­believed she had been for about two hours.

The girl’s grandmother, a registered nurse, led a frantic CPR attempt with the girl’s mother before police and NSW Ambulance crews arrived around 4.45pm. But tragically the youngster went into cardiac arrest and later died.

“When police arrived, family were performing CPR inside the home … a crime scene has been established at the location while police investigate all the circumstances,” a NSW Police statement said.

Family and friends arrive at the scene where the toddler died.
Family and friends arrive at the scene where the toddler died.

The Mupedzis had been preparing for Christmas but the events made for a devastating scene at the house.

Loud sobbing rang out in the neat, suburban Cameo Circuit where the family tried to come to terms with the loss of their little girl.

Friends and relatives flanked a woman, believed to be the girl’s mother, as she circled the block while neighbouring homes hosted Christmas lunch.

Police initially treated the terrible incident as suspicious but now believe it was a tragic result of confusion about who was keeping an eye on Tanatswa.

Officers from Quakers Hill Local Area Command are now investigating whether the girl’s aunt and grandmother thought someone else was watching her during the time she was unaccounted for. They will also try to determine whether the child was left in the car or made her own way into it.

Neighbours described the family as “beautiful” people whose children were often seen in the street.

“It’s so sad at any time of year but at Christmas it’s so awful,” one neighbour said.


Tanatswa’s death follows a warning from the NRMA last month about the dangers of leaving children in locked cars. It has rescued a total of 2243 babies from locked vehicles in NSW and the ACT in the past year. The Daily Telegraph

  • Ananias also die in SA prison.

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  • shame

  • Haa Zim yashupa

  • Sad RIP

  • Tragic.Very sad indeed.

  • Ooooooh thts very sad mmmm RIP

  • ooh R.I.P girl

  • Very sad incident.
    Our hearts go out to you .
    Rest in peace, little angel.

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  • RIP angel ..

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  • Sad rest in peace Tanatswa

  • Shame

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  • Sooo amai vange vayenda kunotsvaga ma rands ,shame ,sad,R.I.P.

    • Ma rands ku Australia.Really?

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        Zim nurses are you normal

    • Maron, sometimes we rush to comment without reading properly. Remember the simple comprehension exercises that people fail at school! Lol

  • Shame RIP

  • Rest in peace

  • Chamu

    Careless mother. The child should not have been in the car in the first place

  • R.I.P

  • Negligence on the parents part.

  • She died the painful death please police make thorough investigation somebody left her in the car if culprit found he/she must rot in jail

  • RIP little angel


      two hours without knowing where a two year old is .never head of. NEGLEGENT PARENTS

  • Oky dear

  • Sad incident,, rest in peace daughter

  • so sad to lose u in such painful circumstances Tanatswa. you will always be our little angel. we are still failing to come to terms

  • May her soul rest in peace

  • Very sad, RIP Angel

  • I cnt sit in the car with closed windows for two minutes,what more for a child who was there for two hours

  • RIP

  • R. i. p baby girl

  • Poor child a painful death, surely the parents/guardians should be prosecuted for neglect? How can a three year old go undetected for such a long time. I never let my toddler out of my sight for more than 2 mins at that age.

    • Saxton

      Sounds so simple when your child is alive. As a father of a toddler I hope you will learn as time goes on that you do not just judge other parents without looking at the circumstances.

      These people were preparing for Christmas probably there were many people around and the parent just lost track of what was happening around. I have read honest sad stories about kids who died in cars not because parents are reckless.

      Life treats and teaches us in different ways and who are we to judge other people. The saddest thing in life is to outlive your child. The horrors of burying your own child are unimaginable.

      I can only wish you the best in looking after your toddler with great care that you want everyone on the internet to know and hope that you reflect on other people’s tragedies. God Bless.

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    Sad news.young life cut short because of negligency

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    Useless mother….and grandma too.Mapenzi

  • Poor parenting skills,bushit.Little girl rest in peace

  • Shame

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  • Saxton

    The greatest pain in raising a family is to outlive your child, the horror of burying your own child and reliving this tragedy forever is unimaginable.

    May the child’s soul RIP. To the parents, God will comfort you and restore your peace.

  • inini1545

    This is a sad story, caused by a sorry of an excuse mother. Who in their right senses leaves a toddler in the car for any reason. Let them mourn and charge them with capable homicide.

  • Musadaro

    Sometimes I really fail to understand people. Why are we so judgmental and insensitive. This is a tough time for the Mupedzi family yet we find people who are so far away from them rushing to write such painful judgmental and insensitive comments. May the Lord give you people who are saying “it was negligence” hearts of flesh so that you can have empathy for this family. Put yourselves in their shoes. How would you feel when you are going through such and people treat you like that. May the Lord comfort you the Mupedzi family and friends. You may have a lot of questions about why and how it happened. Its OK to have those questions but remember you may not get the answers. Mwari vakunyaradzei muzita raJesu Amen.