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Maxwell ‘MaRhino’ Dube turns 40…. celebrates with UK bash

Former Chapungu, Dynamos, Warriors and 2001 Soccer Star of the Year, Maxwell ‘MaRhino’ Dube, recently turned 40 and celebrated in style by hosting a birthday bash in Leicester (United Kingdom) attended by several former football stars.

George Mbwando, Liberty Masunda, Brian Badza and Maxwell Dube
George Mbwando, Liberty Masunda, Brian Badza and Maxwell Dube

Those who came to support ‘MaRhino’ included Liberty Masunda, George Mbwando, Brian Badza among others. The party itself was an emotional occasion as Dube’s wife narrated the challenges they faced in getting “MaRhino” to join her in the UK after years of trying.

In a hilarious speech that left the crowd in stitches, Dube’s wife narrated how she met him when she was in Form 1 and the footballer was doing his Form 3 in Gweru. The shy ‘MaRhino’ asked her out via an intermediary and the rest as they say, was history. 

Maxwell Dube's cake
Maxwell Dube’s cake

Dube made his debut for Gweru based Chapungu in 1993. Years later he broke the local transfer record when he moved on loan to giants Dynamos for ZW$25 million. Three years after the move, Dube was crowned the 2001 Soccer Star of the Year.

“I do not regret not playing in Europe,” Dube said in a 2013 interview.

“I believe that is what God planned for me, although I had opportunities to try my luck in Europe there were always transfer fee disagreements between my team [Chapungu] and the other parties denied me that opportunity.”

Family and friends come to support Maxwell Dube“I also had many offers from South Africa, but my team asked for too much which caused some teams to disagree with the terms and conditions wanted by Chapungu,” he said.

“Winning the Soccer Star of the Year award was one of the best moments in my career and I could not believe it when I walked to the podium. I remember when Charles Mabika asked me to give a speech, I spoke briefly because I was still in a state of shock and all the cameras were on me. I was so excited and on the top of the world,” Dube said.

  • he has been 40 for the past 4 years

  • he was 30 paakaita soccer star. huyai nema calculator tione

  • Achiri a small boy

  • ” Dube broke into the Chapungu team in 1993. Eleven years latter he joined Dynamos. 3 years after the move he was crowned 2001 soccer star of the year” doesn’t add up

    • he was born in 1969 macala

    • Still what has been reported doesn’t add up, add the eleven years uzoona kuti how arw we then arriving at 2001

    • Mahachi akatamba kuBantu aine how many years unongohumanawo iwe

    • 2016-1969 #48

    • General Tichataonga

      joined chapungu as a junior player not the seniors.

    • kkkkkk

    • lot chitakasha

      He was Soccer Star when he was at Chapungu ,chronology of events mixed up here.

  • Kkkk zim soccer players.. they expire before they grow up.. he retired abt 15 yrs ago bt he is still 40yrs… kkkkk

  • He is not 40

  • all this information and marhino age is not tallying soccer players have a tendency of age cheating …..they always want to remain young .peter ndlovu akaita makore mangani achinzi ane 23 yrs???

    • khanda1

      Peter, Benjani, Adam, Madinda, Agent Sawu, did not fake their years. Just follow up the years when they were @school you will realise that. Peter Ndlovu was signed by Coventry when he was still a form 4 student. Thats he was around 17 @ the time to be exact 1990 when he went for trials @ coventry then thereafter it was a national team duty in Egypt. Peter started playing for Highlanders team when was still a young boy. I remember watching him both as junior player & a senior player in which he played for less than a season. And remember in England they add up the numbers

      • Razorman

        The point is when soccer players reach form 4 level they repeat just so that they can stay in school and continue playing. They have been known to use their younger brothers birth certificates in order to play for a younger age group… so that Peter was in form 4 is not conclusive? did he not repeat?

        • khanda1

          No he did nt…we are talkng about people we ve grown up seing progressing through the junior ranks until they became professionals. There are a lot of people who have cheated but those are not among those. Yes ido agree that there are many who have faked their ages but most of these players never progressed any further than playing at home

          • Razorman

            Point taken the next question would be did the player in question start school at the correct age? Remember players like Kanu when he was bought by arsenal from Inter Milan they did bone radio carbon dating and discovered that he was not the age that he claimed to be…

  • Aimbogara kumaraini kwangu pahuku kk Ku kuhillside

  • Of soccer ages…….Remember the slain South African goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was a number of years younger than his own twin brother!

  • Todana amai vake here ?

  • I am 38 yrs old and he was my senior at school ,he was 2 years ahead of me,i hope that I have answered yr comments .That’s his really age and I know him in and out

  • He is not 40,might be btwn 46 and 50,im 37 he was playing when i was still in primary school thats a liar

    • i know him personally,93 to 94 he was at Ascot,when i went to Chaplin he was playing for Chapungu,i am 40 and he is 40.

    • kunyepa u mean akabarwa 1976

    • Kunyepa.these soccer players could break world records if they we honest with their ages.

  • lot chitakasha

    Great player MaRhino,he had both a blistering shot and dribbling skills..pane kaskill kaaiita..have yet to see it but Edward Katsvere used to do it also. He was also good with free kicks..he richly deserved the award…a very very good player!! Happy Birthday MaRhino..bless!!

  • my child is nicknamed marhino

  • Nice to see Brian Makopolo Badza there

  • Hbd marhino

  • Maxwell (MaRhino)Dube is the most classy player in Gweru,i was at Mambo High and he was at Ascot ,what a player.

  • Zvinotendwa



  • His age is correct. In 93 and 94,I was at fletcher high and he was a student at mkoba something. We played against his school and he was super good. We almost the same age.

  • Forever young

  • Hpy bdae

  • Ndini

    That’s his correct age, played with him both at Chapungu juniors n Ascot nana Muchena, vana Cox nana Sox. Happy for him. At least he managed kubuda kumudhadhadha

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