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UK couple who led “champagne lifestyle” on £300k jailed for fraud

By Dan Windham | Harrowgate Advertiser |

A couple in Harrogate who led a “champagne lifestyle” after defrauding businesses across the United Kingdom out of £300k have been jailed. 

Memory Chirwa, 33, and her partner Raymond Makudza, 38, defrauded businesses and charities with a series of mandate fraud.
Memory Chirwa, 33, and her partner Raymond Makudza, 38, defrauded businesses and charities with a series of mandate fraud.

Memory Chirwa, 33, and her partner Raymond Makudza, 38, defrauded businesses and charities with a series of mandate fraud.

The couple were caught following a two-and-a-half year investigation by North Yorkshire Police’s Serious Crime Team. They were found guilty of fraud and money laundering at Leeds Crown Court and were both immediately sentenced to four years in prison.

Detective Inspector Steve Menzies of North Yorkshire Police’s Serious Crime Team said many businesses and charities suffered as a result of their criminal activity.

He said: “I am pleased with today’s result in court. This was an extremely complex and lengthy investigation into serious fraud and money laundering which saw business and charities suffer significant financial loss at the hand of these fraudsters. “

Memory Chirwa and her partner Raymond Makudza led a ‘champagne lifestyle’ around Harrogate without the legitimate means to do so.

“I am satisfied they have been brought to justice and I praise my colleagues in the Serious Crime Team and our Financial Investigation Department.

“Their professionalism, dedication and sheer tenacity in investigating these crimes have resulted in Chirwa and Makudza being where they belong, behind bars, and has also prevented substantial financial loss for other businesses across the country.”

  • Bad lucky

    • Brian

      Bad luck

  • At least they tried bt unfortunately th plan didn’t go according to plan

    • svosvai

      ukaba wodzoka zvino ivo vakada kutosasana variko vaifunga kuti mapurisa eko i ZRP here

    • (Prof )Changamire Gudo (Phd)

      Uk don’t play they are deporting nowadays serious

  • vanga vajaira kuba ma zim dollar asingatenge


  • Zimbos tries everything to survive

    • Stealing from those who give you hospitality is not surviving but plain stupidity

  • Tough lucky

    • Brian

      Tough luck

  • Depot them.Zimbabwe is a prison itself from the Airport into City Centre without even visiting Chikurubi.

    • Lolest

    • (Prof )Changamire Gudo (Phd)

      sungai mhunu mhani nxaaaaaaa we are enough of thieves. I am happy that any Zimbabwean stealing or in criminal activity is JAILED they give us law abiding citizens a bad name abroad

  • Zvinonaka zvinodhura.

  • Beautiful couple!!

  • Alphy Chirwa

  • Awh nooo

  • Zvinowanikwa muvanhu sandivo vatanga

  • Tough luck guys well tried wht we need is money

    • (Prof )Changamire Gudo (Phd)

      she will be getting money in matapi flats prostituting kikikiki

  • Gymbunny

    the woman is beautiful but aendera kujeri mafufu
    300k over 4 years is peanuts 37.5k each per year, they could have gone to work and cleared that..

    • Jekiseni

      75K per year

      • Gymbunny

        nah bae
        its you missed the words “each” and “they” in my post. your assessment is how people fail maths exams.
        collectively for both these criminals its 75k per year
        each means tirikutaura pamunhu its 37.5k kapisch?

    • (Prof )Changamire Gudo (Phd)

      once you have criminal record in UK its over for you these two will never get a job again

      • dhehwa72

        not necessarily , they might be able to find a job in other sectors where handling money is not involved. There are several ex convicts who are gainfully employed after having been reformed by the prison system.

        • Gymbunny

          most criminals come out of prison worse of, reformation is an ideal, the reality is a lot of jails and prisons actually just take the criminals off the streets and function as universities for criminal behavior. Plus with the requirement of enhanced disclosures and security checks in most jobs in the UK, debt can prevent you from getting a job what more being convicted?

          • dhehwa72

            Debt can prevent you from getting a job in certain sectors not all sectors. For example you can not apply for a job in a bank when you have a mountain of debts behind you but you can equally apply for a job as a teacher/lecturer etc with a huge amounts of debt and still get the job. Purpose of the DBS is to show your past history and it’s the employer’s discretion to give you a job with a chequered past or not. So don’t take a criminal record as a hindrance to get employed.

    • Hawkeye22

      75k per year changamire.

      • Gymbunny

        each means tirikutaura pamunhu its 37.5k kapisch?

        • dhehwa72

          You forgot that 4 years in sentencing is actually not 4 years. They might spent 18 to 26 months in prison in total hence you , Hawkeye22 and Jekiseni are a bit wrong on your calculations. if they spent physically 2 years each in prison then Hawkeye and Jekiseni are correct with 75k each and there is no way these two would have worked and raised that much each in a year. Gymbunny ita ma corrections pa maths dzako.

          • Gymbunny

            My calculations are based on the facts at hand, yours on what may hypothetically happen, but lets not allow that to get in your way.
            Also many people are earning over 37.5 per year, its possible to use your brain and earn a good living, even 75k yacho haiishamisire variko vanoitambira feya feya

          • dhehwa72

            Whilst 75k isingashamisire its not easy to get that in one year. for starters you have to look at living expenses like rent , food, gas and electricity bills , transport and other expenses. so in a typical month you might need between 850 – 1500 a month to carter for all that depending where you stay, up north or down south as rentals vary. then to be able to put aside 75k aside in a year, you will need to put 6.25k aside a month. Add your projected 1.5k monthly expenditure that will give you a net salary of 7.75k a month. Meaning you will earn a gross salary of about 11.5k a month. Thats a hefty yearly gross salary of around 138k. Now how many people are easily earning that.

    • Chipazhamwongo

      True they did not invest all of it. Isiri yedikita tinopfachura.

  • (Prof )Changamire Gudo (Phd)

    wamama these two will be deported !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once you have a criminal record in UK its tough to get a job or anything
    shame for this sista memory chirwa she should get her PUNANI ready there are no jobs in Zimbabwe this girl will be in matapi flats prostituting

    • Brian

      Hakuna zvakadaro,deportation takes time,plus who says achaita hure,do you know the properties she owns?MaZimba why always wishing the worst for others nxaa.

      • (Prof )Changamire Gudo (Phd)

        @brian that is why are country is in a mess becoz people like you!!!!!!! do you condone stealing ????? what if it was your company that was ripped off????? all these thieves are giving hardowking Zimbabweans abroad a bad name
        once you have a criminal record in UK USA or abroad life is tough you cannot get a job or travel anywhere or even get a loan being a fraudster is not a good thing
        more and more Zimbabweans are being jailed in UK USA and places what reputation does that give us as Zimbabweans??????????
        no wonder Zimbabwe is a mess full of thieves becoz people like you ???? It seams you enjoy thieves or are one like many Zimbabweans in UK

        • Brian

          You are right,thieves must be locked away,It was just the way you put it which seemed as if you enjoyed their suffering,anywhere you reap what you sow.

        • Sam Samuels

          Who told u all this gabage – u cannt get a job , travel , blah blah.. Ges you have never been abroad from the way you write. …Every where there are people who steal, even in the Bible, even in the U.K. thats how how we were created not to all be like u. Just primitive mentality

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