UK nurse who gave Bible to a patient who didn’t want it vows to fight being sacked

By Richard Hartley-Parkinson for

A nurse who gave a patient a bible she did not want and spoke about religion with patients has said she will fight her dismissal.

Sister Sarah Kuteh (Picture: David McHugh/Brighton Pictures)
Sister Sarah Kuteh (Picture: David McHugh/Brighton Pictures)

Sister Sarah Kuteh received repeated warnings over the ‘unwanted discussions’ at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, but continued to talk about religion with people.

She said that she approached the subject as part of her job because she helped people fill out questionnaires that included a question about religion.

However, she went a step further and some people accused her of ‘preaching’ at them so she was fired for breaching guidelines.

Now, with the help of the Christian Legal Centre, she is taking Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust to tribunal for unfair dismissal.

But one patient complained that she was given a Bible that she didn’t want while another said that Mrs Kuteh was ‘preaching’ at her.

Mrs Kuteh believes her sacking from Darent Valley hospital in Dartford, Kent, was ‘disproportionate and punitive’.

She told the Mail on Sunday: ‘It was embarrassing for me – and painful after all I had done in my years as a nurse.

‘I was told I couldn’t even speak to my colleagues. All I had done was to nurse from my heart. How could it be harmful to tell someone about Jesus?’

She said that she had become more careful about speaking about religion following a warning in April following complaints about her approach.

She said it was not her intention to force her religion on other people and they often approached the subject with her first.

However, three more complaints were levelled against her in June leading to her suspension before being sacked in August and an appeal being rejected.

The NHS trust said: ‘We have a duty to our patients that when they are at their most vulnerable they are not exposed to unsolicited beliefs and/ or views, religious or otherwise. We feel we have acted appropriately in this case.’

  • Nurses need to know their personal and professional boundaries. Most hospitals and other social organisations have now rooms for prayers and other activities. Professionals need to respect people’s spirituality, equality and diversity. Person Centred Care stipulates dos and don’ts. Patients shud be treated as individuals not as a group. Not all patients believe in Jesus, especially if they are in extreme critical awkward position where resources are being cut. They question about the existence of God.

    • read story of Job in the bible knwing God doesnt min ol shall be equally smooth

    • If someone doesn’t believe in the Bible what’s the point of asking them to read Job? Not believing in the Bible doesn’t mean lack of belief in God.

    • Muchi Chingwe lol,.exactly..seriously tho that was self-explanatory, Furthermore i agree with Lovemore, people need to respect boundaries. No disrespect but the problem with people who claim ‘to be born again’ try to shove it down everyones throat. Coupled with the attitude ‘ never give up’ till sucess with converting sum’ seems to think that this allows them a First Class ticket to heaven. People will take their time, their time, the person who is ‘forcing it’ upon all else, clearly had their “time of clarity” And as u say,..not reading the Bible,..!?? What does that mean,..maybe they read the Quran,…and even if not,…!! People are sumtimes tiresome…

    • Eddie is doing exactly what that nurse did.

    • Tiriparwendo

      They also have the right to say no thank you, its not like if someone tell you about Jesus they commit a crime. People tell us about Mohammed or Bhuda but we are not offended because we exercise the right to say no

      • anon

        Then when you are told no thank you and you keep at it, that is harassment. You believe, that is your choice. Just don’t try to keep shoving it at others especially since you do not know their own beliefs.

    • WO

      Very true

  • Well she was begging to be sacked , it was her work place not a place of worship , lessons learned albeit harshly.

  • god wil fight for her if she can only use her knees

    • God gave her brains…and she is not using them properly

  • God will fight for people who use their brains first. Pray as loud as u can and be as holy as holy can be but you need raw natural wisdom as well.

    • knowing God is the beginning of all wisdom

    • Good luck with that Sir. Tell your kids not to prepare for exams and just knell and pray to pass. No wonder why in Zim churches are full but so much starvation, unemployment %95 .

  • Big up to tht nurse for a Job weldone and I declare her to be reinstated in e name of Jesus. Wht she did is e number 1 Job anywhere in e this world.

    • Are you fucking kidding me?keep your religious beliefs out of work…period…Africans are alwayz trynna force their shit on other people

      • Geghis Khan

        What do you mean Africans? You are the ones who brought Jesus to our shores, we had our our own gods we were worshipping and now that you turned us you no longer stomach what you started? In Get the fuck outta here!!!

      • captain dugaz

        Fuck u you are the horse shit what has this got to do with bieng African …

      • Pineas Murambiwa Suwo


    • I highly doubt that Jesus will give her her job back.

      • Fogmaster

        there are more christian hospitals than there are non Christian NHS anywhere in the world. Thats why atheists play the minority card.

    • True that Jorge Hiero i find it very annoying sometimes im a christian myself but i respect other people’s beliefs

      • Tiriparwendo

        mmmmmmm what kind of a christian who doesn’t know we have been tasked to preach the gospel in season and out of season

    • ??? what she did was foolish. Who does that. Why didn’t she just go home and pray for the person. How would she feel if a Muslim shoved the Koran in her hands.

    • Hahaha 😂

    • It may look foolish to those who think to be civilized is to denounce Christ

    • Al’fadhi Farouk Kumwenda Kapomela…you are a moron

    • Al’fadhi Farouk Kumwenda Kapomela you think your belief in Jesus Christ makes you civilized? You are well and truly brainwashed beyond return.

      • Tiriparwendo

        Eric you are a devil worshipper

    • Lol you declare with what imaginary powers? Despite your declaration she is still not going to get her job back just like sick people who pray to god but still die anyways. That’s because sky daddy does not exist except in your mind.

      • me

        Rueben, hanzi sky daddy, he he he

    • Do not impose your religion on others

    • My friend wise up. No wonder Africa and some African we are doomed (literally doomed ). Use your brains before you even think of praying.

    • toona vasvika wangu

    • Victor don’t be offended our sister did a good job I pray that all the creation in the whole world do the same .Let them criticize us for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ but we won’t stop because we know who touched us .Actually I believe God has better plans for our sister more than that Job .

    • wrong text

    • Kkkkkkk she reminds of what I was preaching two weeks ago .I was telling the church we should not hide behind our professions or job discreption but as born again Spirit filled child of God .

    • Evie Evidence Exactly,..i coomentedd without having read your post, thoughts too..

    • Ndidzo mviromviro dzekuzozorwa Doom kumeso idzi nxa.

    • Vedoom nedettol ndivavo isu tiriva Jesu tinofamba nekutenda

    • why cant she build her own christian hospital rather than practising her faith at work.

    • Thomas Bipiro Kutenda kwenyu kwekugamhira Chirungu padenga uku saka ChiKristu chacho chavekumanikidzwa vanhu here? Handiti munhu anotenda mune zvaanenege ada here?

    • Christians especially Africans should keep their faith to themselves..

      • Tiriparwendo

        why ‘esp Africans’

    • There is nothing wrong with what the nurse did. The bible was not gonna the person either. Giving a patient a bible is not in any way undemining soneone belief. I don’t have a Problem reading a Koran or any manuscript of other people’s faith. The nurse gave the patient knowing exactly that she is risking her job

    • NHS is a big organisation and if one is working at a hospital with so many different professionals from different countries with different beliefs how is it suppose to work If one is allowed to bring in their beliefs at work ? Hindus bringing their own beliefs so as jihad , Muslims, Christians and many more , that will cause confusion to be honest

    • Forcing a patient it was wrong but was she suppose to fired here nekuda kwaizvozvo .Zvakafanana nekuno South Africa unonzwa vachiti we are a creation country asi havadi kuti kudzidzwe nezwe bible kuzvikoro kwavo saka vanhu ngavango buda pachena zvavari .Kana nyika iri state of tsotsis and murderers ngavango daro

    • Forcing a patient it was wrong but was she suppose to fired here nekuda kwaizvozvo .Zvakafanana nekuno South Africa unonzwa vachiti we are a creation country asi havadi kuti kudzidzwe nezwe bible kuzvikoro kwavo saka vanhu ngavango buda pachena zvavari .Kana nyika iri state of tsotsis and murderers ngavango daro

    • Mshabi

      Wisdom is needed as well.

  • Africans with their religious bullshit

    • Lol you are too right 👊👊👊

    • repent . Dont find out that God exists the hard way

    • Allan Mhona this has nothing to do with God you dumb ass

      • David Jage

        Saka uri kumutukireyi

  • Does offering somebody a bible warrant a dismissal from work. NO. There are other reasons for the dismissal of this worker. Offering mere literature about christ cant be the reason. Unless if she threatened the patient. Now this was only an offer turned down.

    • Not everyone believes in God,so by forcing her religion to a helpless patient who refuses such an offer she overstepped her professional boundaries n deserved to be terminated.

    • We are.not told there was force. No. If she forced patient fine , but she only suggested an alternative to the patient problem. Its long like advising a bed ridden somebody to do some physical exercise inorder to restore movement in a body. If that advice is not welcome to a patient would that attract dismissal. okay fine it was Christianity in question , what of if the patient was moslem and was offered the Quran. Was she going to report.No.

      • anon

        There is a reason in a country with religious diversity why they tell workers to leave their religion at the door coming in. Kana mada zvenyu izvi look for religious, not secular hospitals to work in.

        You are speculating what the patient could have been, not what the patient was- ill and not wanting what this woman was trying to push but she obviously did not respect the patient’s right to say no thank you and it was not one patient either. Vanhu ngavazive migano pamabasa.

    • Havadi Mabhodho Hwingwiri thanks for talking blessed

    • Havadi Mabhodho Hwingwiri she gave an unwanted bible to a helpless patient ,how is that not forcing!

    • Guys I am trying to get in touch with Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust about nurse Sarah Kureh. The administration was wrong. This was racism against my fellow sisy. If it was a white nursing sister nothing was to be done to her.

    • Wow wat a point Havadi

    • wezhira wezheve

      what if i offer you pornographic material, will you be offended?

  • So hard.. God wil fight fo u

  • no no no ,why did she give a bible she did not want to anybody most of all a patient that was selfish and totally unacceptable

  • The Western world is busy fighting Islam yet they hate anything to do with Christ.
    so who are they trying to please?

  • I also dnt need a bible,to me its like gvng me a bag full of kak

  • And what is she doing in a hospital if all you need is prayer?

  • Some countries they are good in saying they are a creation country but when we exercise our faith in the Lord at schools and work place they react like Islamist or Satanists .

  • Some countries they are good in saying they are a creation country but when we exercise our faith in the Lord at schools and work place they react like Islamist or Satanists .

  • Of course people have follow different religions and some don’t tolerate particular religions ,she must have thought of that but sacking was too has harsh

  • Its wrong to shove your religious beliefs down someone’s throat .Imagine if someone forces me to have a Koran,I will feel insulted.People need to be more tolerant.

  • blessed are those who are persecuted.for doing right things .i may seem illogical that she may have forced a patient to receive a bible …but God’s way of doing things defies human logic ..our logic says you cant split the sea ad create a road out of it ,but God did it with the isralites and thats the same God that sister Sarah is serving .i pray that sister do not fight for reinstatement she must just pray and let God fight for her …..God has something bigger and better for her.

    • Murume Mukuru

      She knows that after being sacked ….chances of getting another job are slim. Her family will starve….thats why she is fighiting for reinstatement.Nzara inotyisa.

  • It is well.

  • Not all people believe in Christianity. Why should you force your religion on other people? That’s madness.

  • God will fyt that position have faith,anywhr He will elevate you no need to worry nurse.In our local clinic every bed got a bible you don’t like it you don’t read it but bottom line its there

  • This sends a clear message that religion isn’t supposed to be mixed with work. Most Christians wrongly believe that their religion is supreme. Imagine the nurse got a Qur’an or Gita from the same patient?

    • What’s wrong with receiving a quaran. she will take it and read it

    • Mabodza Zoro Everest she would have objected strongly. Christians aren’t tolerant of other religions. Practice your religion at home with like believing people.

  • Tolerance is very important , she lacked wisdom for it is the principal thing in christian life , souls are not won that way .May God grant her more wisdom and may she get another job in Jesus name.

  • Doctors give medications but the Healer is Jesus Christ

  • Feeding the Soul With Truth.—Coming to God inspires confidence, and stimulates the soul to action. The body will die if deprived of suitable nourishment, and so with the soul. In order to have spiritual strength, or even life, it must be nourished by the Word, which is spirit and life. It must be constantly fed by the truth which connects the soul with Him in whom we live, and move, and have our being (Manuscript 16, 1890).{7BC 941.1}

    KJV 1 Peter 2
    24 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

  • Murume Mukuru

    Dzungu too much with the religion of our former oppressors.

  • it is well my sis u wull get another job

  • We worship the living Lord Jesus Christ , something better is coming to locket her in the name of Jesus

  • Zivazvekurapa kwete zvebible parisingadi hatisitese tobata bible

  • Is there anything wrong by giving someone a bible??

    The word of God is life to me it means life given

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  • The signs people, its time to wake up.

  • Africans parade religions which where literally forced on them,Christianity and Islam,we r the dumbest ppl ever

  • Person centred care explains how to follow the directions of clients .

  • Every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord and every neil shall bow down. Excelent work keep it up God is Jehovah Jire.

  • We don’t condemn Christianity but she was preaching it at a wrong place and most likely at a wrong time , United Kingdom is a multiracial country and just think of it those who believe in different beliefs takes them to their work places , obviously to others it might sound a bit offensive. She should have known better that she was working with the public in a huge organisation.

  • dear nurse,the patient wanted The God of the bible not the bible,your life can be a living bible,some people cant read.shame.

  • The nurse is spot on

  • What was she trying to achieve? UK is not Africa, the rights of patients are taken seriously there!! You just can’t go into a hospital and donate what’ever you want!! Ethics and nursing ettiquette are adhered to,, it’s just a case of poor training!!

  • he fights for his own. Mwari vachamupa rimwe Basa

  • May God bless u nurse.actually your employers are not fighting u but God! Leave the battle to him alone.

    • Murume Mukuru

      They just fired her and she is crying to have her job back….mwari varipi ? She is in this alone.

  • She must just learn to comply with the nursing code of ethics and professional standards. Many people do this and get away with it but rules are there to guide. She crossed the boundaries.

  • itaiti

    Overzealous, what can you tell white people about Christianity?

  • Hahahahah Keep the Faith Madam you are going far actually. The fact that Jesus Encountered a storm on his way to deliver Legion means that the devil knew he was coming, and to you too the fact that she didn’t want the bible you angered that thing that did not want Christ and the devil wasn’t happy but keep the faith you are definitely going to another level in Jesus name.!!!!

  • Mshabi

    Preach Jesus, and if necessary use words.”

  • Wht I knw best is tht Jesus Christ died and rose again on e third day. On His parting words with His desciple he said, Go yea therefore and make desciple of all nations. So ladies and Gentlemen it is our duty to spread the gospel to any nation rich and poor, civilized and uncivilized, Hospital, school etc. Noone is forced to receive Jesus Christ like other religions do. I don’t see any reason to insult other people’s opinion. But wht I knw Christ is alive and nothing can seperate me frm Christ Jesus.

  • This woman is a fool. How can you try to sell snow to an Eskimo? Whites brought the bible to Africa to make us stupid now you try to tell them that same lie their forefathers fed us ARGGGG! BLACKS.

  • Yebo

    Hama dzangu. Pa Shoko you just tell a person once. Unomupa dyira zvakwaari kufuka nekuwarira. Never ever force anyone on religion. I wonder if this nurse was communicating with the Holy Spirit to give her directions. Ukayita basa raMwari uripanyama unodzingwa. Consult with the Holy Spirit and you are done.

  • On their deathbed they will know and will request this same nurse to come and pray for them. It might be too late

  • Peter Kozelj

    Well, sista, you can’t rape people with your stupid beliefs! If you’d try to push your bible up MY arse, I’d smack you good.

  • That’s interfering with patient rights

  • anotsutsuma

    Well done sister, preach on the Gospel, even if you do not get that job back God is in charge and shall provide. If you are a true Christian who knows God and understands the times then you would know that you must preach the gospel at all times and at all cost and that that is your main business on earth as a Christian. Do you not know that the Bible says those who love their lives shall loose them and those who love their lives not shall gain them. I am a christian woman who works as a teacher and I am always being preached to by people of other religions but I do not get offended because I know that the fact that someone is preaching to me trying to bring me to a religion that they wholeheartedly believe in means that they love me and so I appreciate that more than anything else but eventually I exercise my right to say no!!

    Rarely do I come across a story about Christians complaining that a person of a different religion tried to preach to them, that alone should tell you something about Christianity. Christianity is not a label that you should wear just to look good, it is a responsibility for all the saved people to share the word even if it costs them their lives, so if you are a christian and you still find yourself getting annoyed that people preach in public and want to share the word of God at every opportunity then you need to check your salvation because God is love and love is wanting to make sure that everyone hears the good news and are spared hell at any cost!!!!

  • Gymbunny

    this was just stupid. you have to follow the rules of your workplace. aidi kuparidza mubhazi, mu train, mu Sainsbury’s all public places. she chose people who couldn’t walk away.
    some Christians are just a nuisance even to other Christians. I suspect this is what got her sacked.

  • lot chitakasha

    She was overzealous methinks..the rules are clear.

    • Murume Mukuru

      Black people …dzungu rega rega as far as Chrisitianity is concerned.The Europeans no longer care about the bible stories….isu takangobatirira.

      • lot chitakasha

        It is the same with football, sometimes I feel embarrassed with the passion that I feel for Arsenal,some people will not eat food because Liverpool ,Barcelona or Man U have lost a match. I read a report the other day about two Nigerian guys in India fighting over who is the best team Real or Barca and who is the best player..Messi or of the guy died from a punch to the head. It would have been funny had it not be tragic..we are indeed a zealous people and our beautiful sister here is an example not that she did abandon her faith but like the great Chinua Achebe once said..”we mourn louder than the owners of the funeral..”

        • Murume Mukuru

          “We mourn more than the owners of the funeral” zvandirwadza. My little brother ,who is a very active christian, always cynically say “As Africans, we have perfected Christianity!”….ndabatikana.

          • lot chitakasha

            He is right,it is a great irony!

  • danzo

    England is a Pagan country, it’s Sodom. You don’t preach to other citizens without their full consent else you will be taken to court. l went to live there when i was 20. At 22 i had enough courage to venture into the night life there. On my first day in the club, i was virtually, literally mobbed by white girls who according to them “had never touched a black man before”. l was just left speechless, but yes of course i liked it. Believe me the country has reached the level of Sodom/Gomorrah in everything they do.

  • Reminds me of the movie God’s Not Dead

  • Jekiseni

    Vanhu veku Ghana hameno chinovabata. The professional boundaries of her job are well defined. Healthcare workers are not allowed to offer spiritual guidance in the UK. Why jeopardise basa rako for someone asingade kunamata Mwari wacho

  • Mina Makoti

    “Sister Sarah Kuteh received repeated warnings over the ‘unwanted discussions’ at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, but continued to talk about religion with people.”
    Sister Kuteh appears not to understand the purpose of the “religion” element on the form. Knowing a person’s religion is part of the baseline assessment from which nursing care is provided. For example, some religious groups do not eat pork. Others are very particular about having their priest on their bedside when dying or immediately after death before the body is moved.
    Knowing a patient’s religion does NOT give the nurse ant right whatsoever to go against a patient’s beliefs. An “unwanted discussion” is one that a patient does not want. Even providing patient care is not forced against the wish of the patient. Hence, the patient’s right to refuse hospital care.

    Firing Sister Kuteh does not solve the problem. In-service education, coaching and mentorship could have benefitted all concerned. Firing her is indeed “unfair, disproportionate and punitive.”

    • max moyo

      yours is a cogent and coherent input for a change

  • Mutengesimukuru

    Thats the problem with our society, we think everyone should be a christian and we force it down their throats, religion is a personal thing, keep to your self.

  • Nabu

    Stupid twat preaching the religion that enslaved her anything more pathetic