Zimbabwean man shot, detained without charge in Botswana

By Nqobile Tshili

A man from Lupane in Matabeleland North who was allegedly shot by Botswana police in June this year, is still being detained without charge in the neighbouring country.

File picture of armed police in Botswana
File picture of armed police in Botswana

Bekezela Khumalo, who is said to be partially paralysed due to the shooting, was recently released from hospital and detained by the police.

A family spokesperson Mr Obvious Nyoni said Khumalo was detained at Mochudi Police Station in Gaborone after he allegedly over-stayed in the neighbouring country.

He said they had engaged the Zimbabwean Embassy in Botswana in an attempt to have him released.

“He was shot on the jaw on June 25 rendering him partially paralysed. He was shot by police who were wearing civilian clothes doing patrols at night. He told us that he tried to escape from them as he didn’t know that they were police,” said Mr Nyoni.

An official at the Zimbabwean Embassy confirmed that they were in contact with the family over the issue.

“A family member will be coming to the office tomorrow morning to give us details so that we can go together to Mochudi Police Station to investigate,” said the official who declined to be named.

He, however said the embassy was having problems dealing with the issue as the victim kept changing his version of what transpired.

“It’s very difficult to rely on these guys. The incident happened after midnight. The police tried to stop them in an area where police were patrolling having received information about some people who were stealing cars. They decided to run away, escaping from a car,” he said.

The official said Khumalo’s deportation was stalled by some missing documents which were supposed to be produced to the police. He said the Embassy was worried about criminal activities involving Zimbabweans in Botswana.

“We’re not happy because some of them end up being arrested,” he said. Efforts to get a comment from Botswana police were unsuccessful. The Chronicle

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