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Diaspora crowdfunding for Dzamara’s new car

By Bridget Mananavire

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora have launched a fundraising campaign to replace Patson Dzamara’s car, which was burnt by alleged State secret agents during his abduction last month.

Patson Dzamara near the shell of his burnt out car
Patson Dzamara near the shell of his burnt out car

Just eight days into the crowdfunding campaign, £1 000 has so far been raised, with 22 more days to go. The campaigners hope to reach a target of £5 000.

“We are raising £5 000 to buy . . . Dzamara a new ‘Struggle 2’ (car),” Yolanda Richards from Gunnerside in the United Kingdom said.

“ . . . Dzamara is fighting our struggle. It is time to do our bit.

“It is the very least we can do.”

Dzamara said he had not asked the people to fundraising for him and was already making efforts to replace the car but found it humbling.

“In as much as I do have my own personal reservations and arrangements to that effect which will see me buying a car with my own money soon, I found that humbling and welcome. I eventually managed to connect with the people and we are on the same page. I officially gave them the green light to go ahead with this effort,” Dzamara said. Daily News

  • Yange isina insurance ere

  • He realy need support he is a voice of zimbabweans

    • Don’t be fooled he is not even a voice of Zimbabweans what cause is he fighting for that was never raised by mdc and other political parties he just want credit to himself if he wants real change he should join main opposition parties and stop making noise alone nxaa

      • razor blade

        Please shut up your hatred. Why sound like a Matibili bumlicker with poor reasoning??!!

      • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

        Oh yeah ..by the way you are the real voice of Zimbabwe. Thanks for everything

    • Washie makakwana kumba kwenyu ndiko uchitaura saMnangangwa anoti vachingovukura vachingovukura isu tichingotonga there is no diffence between u two u dont knw wat this Dzamaras going through he is nw sufering with his brother’s family

    • Washie makakwana kumba kwenyu ndiko uchitaura saMnangangwa anoti vachingovukura vachingovukura isu tichingotonga there is no diffence between u two u dont knw wat this Dzamaras going through he is nw sufering with his brother’s family

  • Ah mopenga chaiko moti isu hatidzide moto vakutoda kuita bisness nesu

  • Most cars are covered by third party insurance not comprehensive

    • maybe you need to check annual insurance report before commenting. there are more comprehensive insurance covers than 3rd part

    • DontLieToUs

      Does it cover state agents damage?

  • tnx my br pd mwari anokumirirai pose pamire mota uchapihwa hako let me say god blessing u to get back cars amen

  • tsie yakamirira utsinye coz iwe wacho zanupf ndoumwe wacho iwe

  • Zvakadhakwa izvo getaway

  • I think it’s good 💡

  • Nxaaaaaa

  • Let’s buy him a ‘Beast’ US Presidential Car & shame the devil.The journey is never long when freedom is the destination.

  • Its a worthy it the guy is trying

  • Wonderful move

  • Zimbabweans u are becoming so desperate and stupid,its today u know how to crow funding for an individual Dzamara whilst there are thousands of orphans in the country dying of hunger,have u done anything for them,anyone donating towards these is part of the problem to this Nation and we are likely to create another Mugabe to ourselves,Dzamara has achieved nothing that brings real change and life to Zimbabweans.Support a worth cause and that will make us visionary Zimbabweans

    • ma single lady zivai zvekubvisira varume ma G string makanyarara

    • Those are attention seekers nothing else what’s so special about this patson

    • He is fighting for all of us in Zim kwete iwe uri kwauri kugara ikoko,,, sniya vane rudo vabvise mari bcz haizi yako. Ita zvekurova mapoto kuchikomba kwauri kugara

      • The Joker

        what fight? He is just tuning shit people dont know what people are fighting for arikuda kufadza vanhu. Well that is what happens if you want to be a crowd please, there is suffering too involved

    • You blood zanu agent Dzamara is no different to those you think is most vulnerable, fund yours we fund our dzamara

    • usaudze vanhu kwekuisa mari dzavo, isa yako kwauri kuda ikoko ,

    • Resanias Runokunda don’t wast your time on this retard

    • I am with you Sonia … We don’t have mari yekutambisa chembere neharahwa dzichifa nenzara… Dzamara for what? He want to be a hero for himself so let him be?

    • Sonia May – mind your own business! You don’t have to donate!

    • Sonya where in Zimbabwe have you made a donation you doughnut headed pimp. Don’t stop us from pledging our support wanetswa nei. Hamuna mari ana Ernest. You always meddling where you’re not invited.

    • Umm ndakunyarira

    • ko insurance company yaramba kumupa mota

    • #Earnest ,patson is fighting chirikukonzeresa nzara yacho yauraya chembere neharahwa kumusha uko.so ths donation is fo a gd coz.he is fighting fo the betterment of al of us in general.ukadzamisa pfungwa dzako u wl get al ths.zvinhu hazvina kumira zvakanaka munyika medu thats y patson is doin wat hez doin

    • Ernest Chidaushe you not we.

    • The Joker

      shaa apa mota is a huge asset manje anenge akuda mari ye fuel. I dont understand peopl a car is not a achievement is helps you to get from point A to B

  • He should know not team up with thugs when protesting,last time many stores were burnt and he liked it.no state security would damage property because it is their duty to protect propery.

    • Powerful man! He should act like a man who know what he is doing .. To me he is causing unnecessary troubled for the poor people of Zimbabwe…

  • Ndinokutendai nezano rakadai vanangu

  • A car is worth nothing than our fellow brothers n sstrs who lost their lifes during xernofobia atack n nobody contribute fukol to that,

  • Akazvipisira kamota kake kanga kashakara achida rubatsiro …..Fundraising through so called bravery nxaaaaa

  • Thats wat Dzamara is fighting for ure so scared of mugabe munotya kuzvambaradzwa asi Patson have a hrt of a man to tell this detactor mugbe and his discples dat we are watching u,

  • Ini kuva kwangu in the diaspora was not by choice. Count me out

  • Unopenga voice of zimbabwe wakadhakwa iwe

  • Ko anga asina insurance sei

  • Ko Dzamara wacho akawanikwa here

  • Ini zvangu ndotenda zvikuru nekutengerwa mota kwavaDzamara

  • kkkkkk kuzungaira hakurapiki to hell nefundraising yenyu netajamuka yenyu.

  • I see a lot of dumb posts exposing how stupid and ignorant some people are if you don’t want to donate to his cause stay off this post

  • Chikandamina

    Idya zvako bhanzi iwe ndiwe wadii zvako hahaha maZimba takapata mhani,nxa!

  • Humbwa hunotanga nepashoma shoma, munechokwadi here kuti ndohugamba hwacho ?kana vana mapfumo nanaChinx vakange nani nekuti vakarwira nyika nyika yamumaoko amugabe ndokuzowanahavo kamutendo but they struggled and some of them were killed even some of our friends were missed burnt alive with plastics noone compensate us uhwu hwava hugamba hwechisalad povo tichishingaira kuti dai takunda umwe wakutodhoneterwa mari yemota shame shame hamadzangu mandinyadzisa hama kumusha havana mbeu vanzwa vaziya nenzara tariro havachina kuti urimupenyu zvakaoma Patson atoita mari after that muchanzwa atizii sauyo thiflag akarovesa nekukuvadzisa vanhu achivananzvisa acid ungarwe hondo urimhiri uchingo instructor chete kuti munhu wese muroad mazimba ngativei nemoyo wehondo kwete chisalad nyika yamuona iyi yakadeuka ropa zhinjisa zvokuti radeuka after 1980 upto now ishomasa mugarire tumaoganisations or umwe tuvanhu tusina direction TOSE TIKANGOVOTERA MDCT HUPENYU HUNOVA NECHANGE.

  • He should lean to ensure his cars next time…no2: he should not go to war if he is not prepare to kill or be killed…

  • Where, I want to put my 2cents also. He is fighting for a real cause

  • Why nt saying zimbabweans lets fight this obsolete government?

  • noble idea

  • Some horrible people making horrid coments here! Makes me sick! Patson Dzamara is a real hero!

  • Saka zveneinesu

  • Taryn Nefdt

    Good and start articulating the vision of the new Zimbabwe as well Patson.

  • Tipei link yacho tidire mari isu.. kana hanya nemashoko ukumama amurikutaura ayo.. keep ur empty pockets n ur stinking comments

  • Insurance ⛐

  • Munopera mari netufana utwu

  • He should claim compensation because before you show off know the type of people involved. Up to now he doesn’t know what ZANU Pf is capable of doing? Protesting in an organised groups are rare to have Personal belongings damaged as a result of protesting.

  • shumba

    Who can fund a lier

  • shumba

    Instead of searching and mourning for a missing brother he is masquerading

  • Witchcraft of the highest order

  • razor blade

    WELL done Patson Dzamara for continuing (after Itai) to stand up for the majority being terrorised in our own country by the shameless and evil black goblin Matibili nezvimbwasungata zvake. Big up to you, please ignore Matibili’s brainless puppets who are prepared to guard even the internet.

  • Mina Makoti

    Eyani. Motokari yotengwa. Vakafa kubudikidza nge ivo vanhu vakapiwa motokari yaDzamara, vanoitirweiwo? Tisikaendi kure, mukadzi waItai Damara urikudye nhoko dzezvironda. Vana vacho?

    Anhu woye, munozo zviedzwa. Zvemwaita kuvhure musiwo usikazovhariki. What criteria are you using?

    Kubatsira hakuzi kushataba. Munhu anopa ngerudo, unopa muchihwande, sekutauta kweBhaibheri.

  • Zimbabwe government must buy him a brand new car if justice can be served. They destroyed his car and they are accountable to damage of his property

  • The Joker

    1. This has not been proven that his car was burnt by the government
    2. Who is he fighting for?
    3. Why is he not starting a party and go the normal route like anyone who wants to be heard.
    4. This get rich quick tactics you get fucked up, politics is a dirty game his brother went missing tete vetajamuka magaro akasvurwa for what? why didnt people get her money for skin grafting.
    5. Do you think that this government is bothered netwunoise twamurikuita
    6. If the west had invested much in Zimbabwe it only takes about 2 hours to remove the president in power
    7 China doesnt give a fuck

    I can go on for days I dont support Patson and his movement, if you want to make a change start a party. Look ta that bitch ass pastor ari ku America and somehow his wife gave birth saka atomera midzi ikoko. We are not fools if you see us not participating usafunge kuti takapusa we dont want change.

    We know what we can handle and what we cant!

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