Man sued for $8 000 for breaking virginity

By Jeffrey Muvundusi

A court has heard that a woman’s virginity is worth $8 000 after she sued a man for “violating” it by lying to her.

court-gavelThe 19-year-old Nataly Madziwa is seeking $8 000 after she sued her ex Joel Moyo, 41 for claiming her innocence.

The pair began dating in April 2014, after meeting, but later discovered that Moyo was not in fact single as he had told her.

She said he had also promised to make her his wife.

They consummated their relationship, which resulted in the birth of a child.

When Moyo broke off contact, Madziwa turned up at his house, where she found him with his wife.

Distraught, she demanded $8 000 in seduction and psychological damages, plus other costs.

The right to virginity is protected by law as it was a moral right related to sexual freedom, sexual safety and sexual purity, she argued.

Her lawyer argued that violating the right to virginity might lead to harm to a person’s body, health, freedom and reputation and it ought to be compensated.

There was no explanation as to how the woman reached the figure of $8 000.

Madziwa, a form six student then staying with her parents, told the court that she lost her virginity on April 19 2015. She said she realised she was bleeding when she arrived back home.

Madziwa, who is being represented by lawyer Bruce Masamvu of Dube, Tachiona and Tsvangirai legal practitioners, also claimed that Moyo used to shower her with gifts and money before the sexual acts. As a result, she became pregnant and later gave birth.

She is claiming seduction damages arguing her chances of getting married have diminished not only because she lost her virginity but because she now has a child with the defendant.

She also spoke of the humiliation she suffered and was still suffering in the community as a result.

In his defence, Moyo said the plaintiff was not a virgin at that time they had sexual intercourse, adding that he even doubted paternity to the child.

He also argued that he was not married but at one point stayed with a woman who has a six-year-old child.

Judging by what his client has allegedly gone through and that she is unemployed, Madziwa’s lawyer prayed that a compensation of $8 000 was going to be enough for her recovery.

Magistrate Madova set December 15 for judgement. Daily News

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