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TB Joshua: Prayers of Americans ‘reversed’ my prophecy on US election – VIDEO

Some Nigerians have berated Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) for saying his prediction on the outcome of US presidential election failed because God had a rethink of events.

Nigerian prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of nations (SCOAN), has predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the US presidential election in a "narrow victory" against her Republican rival Donald Trump.
Nigerian prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of nations (SCOAN), predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the US presidential election in a “narrow victory” against her Republican rival Donald Trump.

Joshua had predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the election which held on November 8, but the outcome shocked most people around the world as Donald Trump took the day.

The cleric few days after the US election results were announced said people would need the spirit of a prophet to be able to recognise one.

He also hinted that his reference to Hilary Clinton as eventual winner was reflected in her winning more popular votes than Donald Trump.

However, TB Joshua in a newly released video, has said after his prediction, Americans prayed to God and He heard their prayers. This, according to him, was why Trump won.

But Joshua’s latest statement has again generated social media outrage from some Nigerians who have accused the cleric of covering up for his failed prediction.

Others called on fellow Nigerians to refrain from listening to Joshua who they tagged a deceiver. Naij.com

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  • Peter Kozelj

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    • N’angadzenhema

      The little liar is digging.He is in a hole and he keeps digging!

  • Brian

    Sometimes keeping your mouth shut or telling the world you spoke from your own thoughts is better.

  • Mujibha Wanhasi

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  • May people shld focus more on what DONALD is all about and why for the first time the prophecy of a renowned man of God Like T.B Joshua had to go the exact opposite

  • 😂😂😂😂 He doesn’t even know that the bible talks of fulfillment not reversal. If indeed God had shown him that it would Clinton and then decided to change, he would have come and shown him that it’s no longer going to happen the way he d been shown.
    I ve always said this guy is a liar.

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  • Prophet look,,whatever thing that happens God has already seen it before the World came into existence ,so we are going through a repeat of what God saw already and He cannot be taken by surprise or change what he foreordained and then He remains God.. The fact that He changes not and knows all things from the begining to the end and vice versa makes Him God..That was not a prophesy at all, you were just guessing aint got nothing personal against you but the god i know does not operate that way

  • Observer79

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  • Dee Gong

    Charlatans. The man should have stayed mum and people would have forgotten. He claims prophesy for world events yet he could not foresee the collapse of his own building.

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    False Prophet


    The prophecy of the man of God gave way for people who have a heart of God to pray and fast. And because prayer is so intensed, powerful and athoritative in the stand of à true faith of man. God cannot refuse but in answer to the prayers. Some people may not understand this things. But thanks be to God who is always andvanced at all times.