Man convinces girlfriend to get his name tattooed on her forehead

Jen Mills | Metro |

Society is a lot more accepting of tattoos these days, letting people express themselves how they want to with their own bodies.

kourtney-leigh-tatoos-boyfriends-name-on-foreheadBut.. well… maybe this particular tattoo might cause regrets one day.

Kourtney Leigh, aged 20, has got her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her face.

Or, as her possessive partner puts it, she’s been ‘branded like Heinz Beans’.

The word ‘Ryan’ goes above her left eyebrow, while ‘Wibbo’ is on the other side, so nobody else will ever be able to look at her without seeing Ryan’s handiwork.

Her boyfriend Ryan Wibberley, a 23-year-old tattoo artist who goes by the name Wibbo, claims he has persuaded 39 ex-girlfriends to get his name tattooed on them.

Most didn’t go for the face, but apparently legs, arms, fingers and backsides instead.

‘I just get p*ssed up and I get my tattoo gun out. It’s a laugh,’ he told the Sun.‘It’s not taking advantage because they want it done.’

‘I’ve got Kourtney’s name on my hand, but she’s the only ex whose name I’ve got done.

‘I’ve branded her like Heinz Beans.’

(We’re not sure why he called her an ‘ex’ either. It’s surely not indicative of things to come).

Including the tattoo of Kourtney’s name, Ryan, from Stoke in Staffordshire, has more than 50 tattoos himself.

The couple previously appeared on Jeremy Kyle, under the headline ‘Why would I cheat on you? I’ve got your name tattooed on my face!’

They have been together since February, when they met after Ryan left prison for affray, making threats with a bladed article and theft.

Explaining why she got the tattoo, Kourtney said: ‘I do it because he’s paranoid and wants to have me branded.‘He thinks it’ll put other men off.

‘I don’t really care what people have been saying about me.’

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  • am a victim too,but its not easy moving with it,my girlfriend has never come across it,but i know it will be hell

  • Thats extreem – forehead uhmmmm kana love yacho Sandra Meme Muzorori Ottilia Ndlovu Noreen M Vera Mirriam Tshuma Tanaka Pope Padzarondora Natasha Ndlovu Mary Tinarwo Joyce Mutandiri Natasha Tash Dube Samuel Makumbe

    • Ndezvekupenga izvo.boyfrend futi mangwana inofuma ichikusiya

    • @Natasha wether hubby chaiyo dear unofuma yaenda kwa amainini zvachose apa zihuma rese rakanyorwa kunzi “Mudaz” or “Thembani”

    • Ehe inofuma yarova pasi

    • haiwa chero kuri kuda munhu ngazvikone, it’s stupidity mxm

  • Tattoos isn’t demonic??

    • Leviticus 19:28 clearly forbids tattoos and body piercings. Studies have also shown that a lot if the symbolism is demonic related.

    • Thanx Pride was also going to give the same verse before i read yours

    • Dear Pride and Elton –

      You shall not round off the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard. Leviticus 19:27.

      I hope you don’t do this.

  • inizvangu

    Wakaita mwanasikana akapusa kudai unenge wama…a

  • Tattoos were there in the 70’s I remember some of my friends doing it in Mzilikazi suburb.I hated it then still hate it to death!

  • That is how people enter evil covenants which will later back fires at them

  • Hell no! I hate tatoos to the last

  • Kkk, DUMBASS move that

  • Dezvabo ikoko

  • Its stupid. What happens after they break-up?

  • I smell a court case when they breakup,concerning that very tatoo

  • that sort dont convince the TELL their girl TO DO IT, physically convince

  • Satanic

  • Kkkkkkk pakaipa

  • If it was done both ways it was going to be fair.

  • shame

  • the girl looks eastern and the man looks western , yeah the Chinese are crazy with westerners . ignorance at its best

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