The curse of Zimbabwean celebrities

By Jean Gasho

I have always understood a celebrity to be a person whose talent has attained them some amount of fame and fortune especially when it comes to music. But it seems in Zimbabwe the word “celebrity” simply has another meaning altogether.


It looks like a celebrity in Zimbabwe is a celebrity on Facebook and Social media but in real life these “celebrities” are living a life which is a far cry from their online personas.

They are becoming more like a laughing stock to Zimbabwe and probably Africa. Every month there is some embarrassing viral story about Zimbabwe celebrities, that in all fairness you don’t see with other nations.

I can’t help but think that the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe has reduced the talented people of Zimbabwe into a laughing stock and probably beggars.

I’m not writing this article to laugh at these celebrities, but something is clearly amiss and is worth mentioning. In counties like Nigeria and Ghana or even South Africa, artists actually make money from music, ie Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, Sarkodie, R2Bees and many more.

They make millions from their music, and on top of that, they have proper celebrity status where they are respected and esteemed by their people. No way would you see a celebrity in Ghana or Nigeria being mercilessly beaten by a dirty street thug and the mob is cheering on the beating.

Trevor Dongo

Urban grooves Zimbabwean musician Trevor Dongo is the latest artist from Zimbabwe to suffer a public humiliation that has exposed his weaker physical stature and his financial  situation. Yesterday a video of him being mercilessly head butted and choked in the street went viral. What was rather disturbing about the video was that the people who were watching were laughing and encouraging the beating.

The guy beating Trevor Dongo was an unkempt thug wearing dirty clothes whom in normal circumstances should not be anywhere near someone who is regarded a “Zimbabwean celebrity”.

It’s like Justin Bieber being beaten mercilessly by a homeless thug. I mean, come on. I thought celebrities walk around with body guards to prevent these situations. What was Trevor even thinking getting into a fight with a person whom he’s supposed to be donating his change/money to?

When I thought it could not get any worse, the reason for the fight was more shocking than the actual fight. Trevor said in a statement that the guy had grabbed his “tomatoes” or “food” or something. The fight was about food. Tomatoes to be precise?

Trevor could not let the guy just have the food. He could not even walk away for his dignity’s sake. I can’t help but wonder maybe he fought for the food because he actually could not afford to buy himself some more groceries.

What does that tell us about the music industry of Zimbabwe. The “celebrities” are probably worse off than the average people. And that is truly sad, because these musicians are making music as hobbies to just entertain people but are getting nothing for it.

For a top musician to fight a thug for tomatoes, that is truly sad and embarrassing not just for Trevor, but for the whole country Zimbabwe.

Stunner (Desmond Chideme)

Only last week Zimbabwean rapper Stunner was making headlines after he was found guilty of a criminal offence which included driving without a licence and reckless driving. These charges came after Stunner was involved in a fatal car accident in his brand new Lexus that injured two pedestrians and damaged cars and properties.

This is a man who has made such a reputation on social media boasting about how rich he is, sleeping in chinchilla blankets and how he is making money through his music. I remember about two weeks ago he was trending on Facebook after he made fun of single mothers (despite being married to one).

Soon after that he recorded a live video in which he openly mocked poor people and those struggling in the diaspora saying he was ready to give them jobs as care assistants. He went on to boast that he has already made money from his latest album because he already sold it to some company explaining why his album was free.

He was obviously lying about this, no company bought his album, and even if it was bought, he would still not be giving it out for free.  After all the bragging on social media, the real

Stunner revealed himself in court when he begged for mercy at the hands of the magistrate. He said he doesn’t make any money from music and life was indeed very difficult for him financially. The car which he had the accident in had been bought on higher purchase. How sad is that.

Nox Guni

Singer Nox Guni has been trending on social media over the past few months. Every month nude pictures of him in disgraceful sleeping positions in run down houses and hotels are being leaked online.

Allegedly this is involving a love gone bad conflict with an Amai Gamu aka Amai Guru according to her  Facebook page,  who all along was masquerading as Nox’s publicity officer yet she was his girlfriend.

The singer is alleged to have been using the older Amai Gamu as his source of money, despite portraying a successful music career on social media.  I can believe this because the pictures of the rooms Nox is pictured in are a far cry from the flamboyant celebrity he appears to be on social media.

Another Zimbabwe celebrity Jah Prayzah made headlines in the last few weeks after he was unable to pay one of his employees their salary, as well as allegations of sexual harassment.

I could go on and on about the scandals of Zimbabwean celebrities living a high life on Facebook when the reality is a different story. I could also go on about celebrities in Zimbabwe indulging is disgraceful behavior which makes them laughing stocks on social media. Is this because of the political situation and the poverty in Zimbabwe? It looks like the celebrities are not immune to the Zimbabwe situation.

Only a few months ago Lady Squanda mercilessly beat up comedian Skimbo and made him lick her foot. She went on to record the abuse on video. What on earth would cause a woman who is supposed to be a celebrity to resort to such behavior.

Is it not the frustration of the industry itself? In fact the real reason Lady Squanda assaulted Skimbo was because she had been accused of stealing underwear from a lodge, that just about says it all.

At the beginning of the year another female celebrity former actress Tinopona Katsande suffered a public humiliation after she split up with her husband/boyfriend Virimai Chigariro. He then went to the press and exposed the poverty Tinopona was living in, despite the contrast she had tried to portray on social media. It then came to public attention that Tinopona was living in a rented one room house despite being a “successful celebrity” who is constantly featured in the tabloids.

I will conclude with the two music legends of Zimbabwe, Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi. The political situation of Zimbabwe led Thomas Mapfumo to flee Zimbabwe and seek aslymn in the USA, which has affected his music career. It was very sad to see Thomas Mapfumo among the other 8 people who were protesting against Mugabe at the UN Headquarters in New York last month organised by Evan Mawarire.

There was nothing wrong with the protest itself, but it was sad to watch because of how unsuccessful it was.  I could not believe the videos I was watching that it was actually the great Thomas Mapfumo. This is a man I grew up listening to in the background. His music was everywhere.

He was a household name. But to see him now in exile in USA looking lost and participating in a demonstration that was such a flop was sad. He could not even pull the 100 people to the demonstrations against Mugabe. This is a man who is supposed to be honored considering his music contribution to Zimbabwe and Africa, but there he was standing in the streets of New York, with no one even noticing him or acknowledging the legend he once was.

As for Oliver Mtukudzi, he is one of the best musicians Zimbabwe has ever had. Like Thomas Mapfumo one would assume these two men are multi millionaires. I remember a few years ago when Mtukudzi purchased a Land Rover Discovery. I remember the headlines “Oliver Mtukudzi shows off new wheels”.

There were pictures of the car everywhere, even fans surrounding the car taking pictures. However only last month, Mtukudzi was being sued by a car dealer over failure to pay the monthly installments of the car.

The local car dealer Premier Auto Services took him to High Court seeking to recover over $43 000 for a Land Rover Discovery 3 vehicle he bought some time ago. So if a Zimbabwean superstar like Oliver Mtukudzi can not afford to buy a Land Rover Discovery, what hope is there for artists like Stunner, Trevor Dongo and Lady Squanda. Does Zimbabwe even have millionaire celebrities at all?  I am talking of people who have made a fortune because of their talent in the music and entertainment industry.

I have learnt that the people of Zimbabwe love to brag about wealth and statuses on social media. Our celebrities are no different. In fact its worse for the celebrities because people expect them to be living the high life so they go out of their way to show the public that indeed their talent is paying them, when that is far from the reality.

Its truly sad how being a Zimbabwean celebrity in the music and entertainment industry is almost like a curse. I feel like the economic situation has made these “celebrities” vulnerable and  a national laughing stock.  Will anything good ever come out of Zimbabwe?

I am not talking about artists like Tinashe who may have a Zimbabwean name but are American, I mean real Zimbabweans. Other African countries are able to produce world class musicians who where born and raised in Africa. What about Zimbabwe?  It does look like a nation cursed starting with the celebrities. Where are the blessings, talent and wealth of Zimbabwe?

The Solution 

The purpose of this article is to highlight a problem in hope for a solution. Its unfortunate to see Zimbabwean celebrities being a laughing stock on social media week after week. How will the world respect them if they are a butt of jokes in their own country.

In one of his videos, I recall Stunner mentioning that maybe Zim celebrities need to have some sort of committee or advisory board where they are represented and advised on how to conduct themselves in public. Something positive that Stunner has ever said.

Public relations is something these celebrities seriously lack. They may be suffering financially and economically due to the Zim situation but that is no excuse for barbaric behavior. They also need to be advised that they do not need to portray an online persona of something they are not just to please people as it always comes back to haunt them.

A solution needs to be reached as a matter of emergency for we can’t afford to have yet another celebrity next week being made into a laughing stock for the embarrassment of Zimbabwe.

You can visit Jean Gasho’s  blog, Jean Gasho

  • Tikandirei vedio tione

    • grammar nazi

      learn how to spell video first.

      • kismores

        There might be some misspelt words, missed information etc, etc but thanks Jean for your article. You have dozens of different techniques for creating intriguing good stories. Yes, most writers have their own pet ways of playing around with words, making the stories they write interesting. You are one of them. And to be honest, I enjoy reading your stories. You find shortcut ways of writing your stories. The most effective shortcuts. One is saying Trevor Dongo story was distorted. You might have been given a wrong information yourself because of your Georgraphical location. It is common. Next time you make sure to verify and check with your source of information. But we have all misspelt and misnamed. One important point: always have a reliable source. I’m not trying to lecture anyone on this.

  • Fox

    Your problem Jean Gasho is you are rushing to be a key board warrior of morality without the facts. A thief grabbed Trevor Dongo stuff and started to run away. Trevor chased and caught up with the thief who fought back, hence resulting in the fight you saw. So what was Trevor supposed to do? Leave the thief to go with his stuff? ooh please !!

  • This young man is so humble and organised ,to my point of view he nt that type of a person who fight for a woman ,plus mface wacho waairwa. naye cant compete with trevor . It high time we must think to solve our problems nekutaurirana , esp mahwindi regai kufunga kuti mune power rekurova munhu wese wamanetsana naye ,weather muri wrong munongoda kurova vanhu.

    • Ndirikuuya ikoko,KuZimbabwe,ndinzwe hwindi anozviti anorova,nenzara,no stamina,hokoyo

  • Diva Dollar

    This article is full of grammatical and spelling errors!

    It’s a shame to journalism!

    Plus siyana nenyaya dzisinei newe, dofo!

    • ABCD

      iye akumhanyira kushora apa haagone kunyora!!! let alone they have “free” spelling checkers!

  • ABCD

    Problem of this low life half-baked Reporter is u left it to the whiteman/American/mabojambo/1st world numpty to set the pace for u now in ur numbskul iwe ukaona Trevor Dongo ukutoda kuti aite saMace kana Will Smith……

    manje ndezvako takazvarwa takangodaro ita yaunoita shaa. rega ubirwe kaPaperbag kako iwe uine njapis toona kuti unodii…kkkkkkk…. get a lyfe mhani and stop this nonsense yekuda kuti fananidza nevako vaunonamata…

  • No matter what status Trevor has, he is a man first.
    No matter who you are but ukandi disrespecter kudaro ndingatofa uchirova coz hapana hapana.
    Zvinhu zvinorovesa or kuurayisa hazvina kana basa se mudzanga we mogo but 15 billion yakangobaya takati vavava, so you must understand.

    • I saw the video and i was disapointed kuona vanhu vafarira kuona vanhu vachikuvadzana baba and they were insisting kuti pasawane anovabata . Ini hangu i dont feel comforta ble kuona vanhu vachikuvadzana .

    • Real talk that Charle , our priorities are getting twisted.
      Zvichatora nguva kuti tidzore hunhu hwaiva muvanhu.

  • street kids are now too they grabbed Trevor’s food and tomorrow it will be your school girl coming from school

    • Grab food kupi sei uchinyepa iwe ,haisi iyo nyaya

  • Bvunza Mahoso kuti vapfana vacho vanorova sei. Vakamutyora ruoko zvikashya basa

  • Tomorow its u an true that be ma hwindi manetsa tichatanga na Hwindi President wacho

  • If these two fighters were gadgets I would say they run with the same software, it’s not about food
    Paita ma pitbulls

  • hmm but dai trevor angosiyana naye. when we do make decisions we must also consider who we are to the community, and the efects of such behaviour to our person.

    • well I think he tried 2 let it go bt u know hunhu wema hwindi so e only way 2 escape this was 2 protect himslf frm tht idiot,,,handingati yanga iri mhanda bt self defense.

    • hoo kana pakadaro hapo.

    • Vick wangauripo here kuda kutotsanangurawo

  • Grammar Nazi

    let us comment . so that you get traffic you pathetic excuse of a writer.

  • Celebrity? ……the word is so abused dear lord.

  • The Whites control the press. Now they want to use it to wiggle out of their heinous crime. Apartheid SA killed Samora Machel so as to keep Mozambique at war. This made it difficult for uMkhonto weSizwe and other liberation movements in SA to get a base within striking distance. In Zimbabwe SA had found a willing partner in Mugabe’s ZANU PF which was busy butchering ZIPRA which was ANC ally.
    The real puppets of whites are those that shout at the top of their voices om mountains that they hate whites

  • Bt amakisa travor .waz not suposed to fight.mheni

  • Celebrite aifanira kufamba nemumwe munhu kana achiendawo paladai

  • ini ndinoti hangu munhu atora vidio anhu echikuwadzana ndiyo horo yekupedzisira yakabaando zara ngemadhodho achiona vidio ichitenderera soo anoto zviita mugoni but azvina unhuba kani anhuweeee.

  • Mufana uyo ane black belt re fake because akazororwa rough. Akarakashwa na windi

  • Trevor is right and those thugs (street kids) must be arrested .if not stopped ,its going to be a can you just grab my groceries.hes not a registered donor ka aagh!

    • Wc grocery ws grabbed ??? Not suporting tht vendor

  • I think the guy akarwa na trevor doesnt even know what status does he carry in Zimbabwe ,Trevor should have just humble himself and let go other than involve into a fight. The guy who shot a videos aida kungomakisa Trevor …. What i can say is Trevor has a talented voice and nomatter what definition of a celibrate is ,Trevor is one of our Zim talented artist… Everyone make mistakes in life Trevor dont get discouraged … Its just a small thing ndozvinoita vanhu wangu.

  • Thz is shameful yaz. At first i thought it was nt trevor bt eeish Trevor wasnt suppose to fight bck. He shld hv humble himself n walk away. Fightng is nt a solution. Look at his status nw. He sings gud love song charming ladies bt nw wen da ladies you charm sees dis video, wat do u expect from thm nw?? Yes we human beings bt b4 an action we take, we mst think b4 we act. Ur fighting in da stress jst proves a point dat where u grow up smtyms determines your behaviour. Ghetto youths wl always b ghetto youths

    • ini am not sure hw it started, maybe anga aiswa pakona such that he has to defend himself

  • gasho mboko

    Ask folks in the States kuti Mapfumo hupenyu hwake hwakamira sei? that guy is a varsity lecturer.. that guy is loaded zvimwe ndezvimwe..

  • Sugarfoot01

    Vagasho mukaziva kuti hire purchase as compared to higher purchase zvinokufambirai

  • chimurenga3

    Counties like Nigeria or countries like Nigeria? Zviperengo Jean !
    I have to admit some of what you’re might be true but you sound like you have an axe to grind against Zimbabwean men in general.
    Ko iwo ma Nigerian nema Ghana anyanyo tapira zvakaita sei ?

  • Vane ma jerasi mhani
    Mfana anogona uyu

  • TheYellowTambourine

    Such a lame argument. I just read a few lines and quickly got disgusted. Do you know for a fact this doesn’t happen in Ghana or Nigeria? I doubt so. You consider yourself a celebrity but be assured this can happen to you….
    Celebrities are also humans that’s why icons like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and many more are six feet under.
    When it comes to the nature of being human nothing can distinguish one person to another.

  • This article is so crap. It lacks a lot of facts.

  • Muhard

    Trevor Dongo, Mapfumo and Mutukudzi made their money way back in Zim dollar days. Few artists even in the U.S make money on music nowadays, when was the last time you bought a C.D?? unfortunately 90+% of us nowadays who listen to music, download or listen to some streaming service of which an artist would be lucky to receive 2cents per play for. Music is now a platform to do other things. Trust me I saw Jarule walking in NYC last year with 3 body guards and other than a few shoutouts from some die hard fans, nobody really cared, everyone thinks they’re important too. I couldn’t hate on these people, you see some young determined people making silly videos on youtube, then next thing they’re on TV talking about how they get $40-$60k a month from youtube for the viral videos they put out. Just saying………

  • Maya guys akange aine mkadzi wake chaiye wekumba so thez street guys thot kuty igirlfrend vakaharasa mkadzi wake pamberi pake kana ndimiwo aifanira kudii …trevor aitozvidzivirira iye nemkadzi and remember trevor ndewe marshal arts but haana kushandisa dat skill since asingabvumirwi…so plz get things straight vafana vemustret vakamujairira kutaura chokwadi zvimwe zvacho hazviite soo..

    • Usanyepe iwe mkadzi akaenda kudhara. Vafana awa havaroore vanoda kuramba vachizviita majaya

    • Kkk hanzi anemarshal art ,bika mangayi udye kana washaya nyaya

    • saka kuzvidzivirira kwacho kuri papi manje iye achiti ndakakuvadzwa. Marshall arts hadzishande pa fight, dzinoda pana ref.

    • Aiwa mdaraaaa monoona chiii manje aitofanira kuvaslicer nekarate dzacho idzodzo kwete kuvasekerera

    • Avi8r

      Truth, a true man will defend his wife’s honor.

  • Firstly not all musicians or entertainers are celebrities if someone is provoked the human nature in them bounds them to react despite their status, us article though it has numerous examples which could also have included the likes of roki,amara,macheso etc seems to have biase towards zim artists look at p square for instance how many times have the brothers physically fought? We can’t blame the economy on the celebrities behavior Facebook and other social medias are being used to portray false impressions about people , if u have time read on scandals in RSA of their so called celebrities even in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia etc the list is endless the moment we continue writing negatives about our own people the worser it will become…..

  • you have never been provoked especially infront of a woman,. mistake yaakaita ndeye kurohwa. In cases like this I won’t use hands, ndotora tsvimbo ndotekesha munhu. Hamheno ikoko but fight ndahwina.

  • Vafana Ava vanonetsa nekuda #shine apa vachitambura. The way yavanoda kuratidza vanhu pasocial media through mapics awo nereal yavanorarama its totally different. No wonder why pple were actually cheering for his defeat though it wasn’t a defeat as such. How can a celeb fight for a take away food nahwindi? Why didn’t he Js walk away and save his dignity. He deserved to be embarrassed cz he danced to the situation. They must stop nyaya yekuzviisa pamsoro

    • So ppl where against him coz he seems beta than them on social media?

  • Tapera

    This monkey does not know the world of celebs. May I say Donald Trump, 50 cent, Lil Wayne etc. Oh to spell it out for you savages they are broke! Idiots!

  • that guy i very arrogant there is heirarchy btwn them y ar yu fighting fo a whore in street

  • 2 Timothy 3 v 1 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away ………….

  • He is only human ,the economic situation also these boys spent a lot of time doing projects withot any returns

  • Trevor was right to defend his woman mawhindi aya anoonererwa hes humane just lyk u and mi

  • Public fight iyoyi ndiyo yamungaita busy kuzadza media yese qwanai

  • Iwe siyana nemacelebrity.Imhosva here to be attacked by a streetkid/man ? In your sensible right mind unofunga kuti Travor ndiye atanga kurhwisana nembga iyi ? Wakakwana here mupgungwa dzako ?

  • Mutunhu Une Mago

    Jean you can’t even spell hire purchase, its a shame

  • Empress

    Jean y do u arrogantly sound like u leave in a vacuum. Imi ma Zanu PF spoilt brats hamufungi. Who is immune to the economic meltdown?

  • Jojochenjera

    It’s people like you Jean Gashi, who are enslaved by this “celebrity” mentality. What value do they add to our bread and butter issues? Why don’t you lament about genuine human capital? Oh I know, you’re to shallow to appreciate that life doesn’t revolve around a microphone and social media.

  • yowe

    So do you want these artists to have a cult status as is the norm in those other countries?? Where people worship useless talentless individuals like Kim Kardashian? An artist does a job of entertainment what the individual does in their private life should be of no concern to you or any sane person.

  • Mboko

    This Jean Gasho needs to have a life and stop writing about stuff that she has no knowledge of. Trevor is such a humble and well grounded guy. I was actually shocked when I first saw the headline about him being involved in street fight. I only got to understand when I realised that he was fighting a thief off. Trevor is a gentleman and people should support him, this thief must be arrested

  • dai kakarohwa kaTrevor

  • The Word Celebrity is being abused in zimbabwe . Celebrity anofamba ne Tsoka shuwa ?

  • Nyc man


  • Please guys check the definition of celebrity n give us the full meaning,thanks..

    • Gymbunny

      Celebrity is someone who is celebrated for achievement , honoured

      the right word for some of the Zim guys is famous

  • Zimbotalk

    Jean, Jean first you need to understand or maybe define for us what you mean by celebrity, its just a word used for those who have managed to gain fame and public attention. therefore each society can have its own celebrities.. at high school you had your own celebrities. even a village in dotito has its own celebrities..what differs is what they are famous for.
    someone might be a celebrity in UK but go to USA and become just an ordinary person.
    unless you know how the figh started you have no right to judge Trevor. would you rather he be battered to a pulp without defending himself.
    wasnt Beiber involved in a fight with a clubgoer recently, John Prescott former PM of Britain fought with a protestor who threw eggs at him. Alec Baldwin fought a photographer..

  • Avi8r

    There is a distinction between celebrity and public figure.
    Celebrity carries with it some element of success and prominence, the latter hinges on simply being known by a significant component of the general public.
    Most of Zimbabwe’s ‘celebrities’ are public figures who are grasping for actual celebrity.

    That said, they are also a direct reflection of the country and economy they live in. their art is yet to reward them as the masses who would typically feed those avenue are themselves grasping with everyday bread & butter issues.

  • wezhira nezheve ne zhara

    Haana hake kutodyiswa tsoka , arinani

  • Munya

    Jean Gasho is Jean Gasho vanhuwe. She is a waste of space and a waste of time to follow. She is trying to enter into the industry of blogging through back door. She became to light through the wrong reason when she cried abuse from a certain Man of Cloth. Every article she writes is like stenching vomit coming from a drunk’s mouth. Last month she wanted Pastor Evan to be a sacrificial lamb and today she is critising Thomas Mapfumo AKA Mukanya. JEAN calls the New York demonstration a flop because she is not in the right mind to know the objectives of the gathering. The objective was to deliver the petitions to IMF and the objective was fulfilled hence we found IMF retracting the Financial support Chinamasa was waiting for. Can we say the NY demonstration didn’t meet it’s objectives? Jean, you are a fake assylum seeker/ economical refugee in the UK but you are quick to criticise people who are making an effort to shout for a good cause. Shame on you woman. No wonder you tried to cry victim after you handed your own savings to the Man of Cloth voluntarily. Find another career because as for blogging you are pathetic.

  • Sarkzy

    Don’t you think you yourself are cursed mo than those you mentioned Unopenga iwe benzi remunhu

  • Conquistador

    …Get off your moral high horse. Here you are busy mudslinging every other Zim celebrity uchizvisiya iwewe. You’re not even a celebrity, urikutoyedzawo kuda kukwana kwana nezvima Feminist Article zvako zvisina kana basa izvi…and we just googled your lonely blog. tibvire apa siyana nemaZim celebrity edu. They are celebrities for a reason..unlike you. Dont be a Hater bruh

  • Humphrey

    You have said it so well, these so called celebs are immature and have no idea how to handle themselves, once you are a celeb, know how to handle yourself, talk, walk, where to go shopping, how to address people, not to be rowdy and rude. a lot of these youngsters think after 1 hit they have made it. they need to invest in their lives and give back to their communities at the same time build empires and a legacy for their families.

    even if mkanya ran away , im sure by now he could have done a lot. Tuku is a good example, #pakarepaye arts studios.

    so young folk focus, and be something.
    best article writer thanx. and the celebs need to form a union where they actually contribute to buy houses, equipment, stands in all major cities to build their own entertainment centers , so that when they perform they do not have to hire venues and hotels, which costs them a lot of money, and even to open up their own promotional companies to market them all over the globe and form advertising agencies as well,
    and stop being one hit makers really now . PEACE.

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