Full Text: Mduduzi Mathuthu statement on Zimdef scandal

By Mduduzi Mathuthu

I have become aware of utterances made by convicted fraudster Goodson Nguni, alleging that I corruptly received money from ZIMDEF. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jonathan Moyo shares a drink with Mduduzi Mathuthu
Jonathan Moyo shares a drink with Mduduzi Mathuthu

Following the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in May, I was asked by ZIMDEF – in my professional capacity then as editor of The Chronicle – to coordinate a newspaper supplement in recognition of their achievements as well as those of the parent ministry.

Subsequently, in a transparent business transaction, I put together editorial material – with the help of colleagues who were paid for their input – to design a supplement that was published by The Herald, The Chronicle, The Daily News on Sunday, the Financial Gazette and The Standard.

In the case of Zimpapers, the supplement earned the company in excess of US$20,000. I billed ZIMDEF for the work done because beyond my own input, other colleagues contributed pictures and editorial material for which they had to be paid.

Zacc raps Jonathan Moyo, reveals bank details and bogus payments

I don’t reap where I did not sow and I’m troubled that a whole constitutional body like ZACC now cannot distinguish between a commercial transaction and corruption, clearly blinded by a political and malicious pursuit of myself as a private citizen.

If I have committed a crime, ZACC knows what to do and, as every Zimbabwean knows, what to do is not to have a rampaging, lone rogue commissioner calling press conferences to besmirch people who have done no wrong.

Mduduzi Mathuthu is a former editor of the Chronicle newspaper who is now editor of the state owned Southern Times in Namibia.

  • Wait a minute. Did Zimdef pay the Chronicle or Mduduzi? These two is smelly.

  • It would have been more transparent if the figure invoiced for supplement was made public in that text like the income generated by Zim papers because of the supplement! If it’s not made public like this, speculators will come in and start saying that he inflated the invoice for preparing a supplement!

  • Who is Mduduzi Mathuthu? The backyard paper he now edits in Namibia is file size. He must concentrate on getng content fr it.

    • Gidza

      He is the founder of the beleaguered New Zimbabwe Forum based in the Uk. He was called by Jonathan Moyo to become an editor of The Chronicle a paper based in Bulawayo when Jonathan was minister of information. These two are very much connected. If anyone keeps looking and knows where to look will come up with a very Good story.

  • We know the oath signed by Mugabe, after him is a Ndebele for president! Now Mujuru and Mnangagwa are trying by whatever means necessary to dishonor this agreement, a little too late. Its zapu time, zanu has failed

  • Mhofu

    Reasons for supporting the status quo now starting to emerge. If you were approached in your capacity as chronicle editor then y take extra payment ? Still not convinced

  • That guy said he saw yo name on the transactions that took place… he was not there nd only records are showing that….. defend your self

  • clement moyo

    I think ZACC has a beef with Jonathan. There are just too many corrupt characters in Zimbabwe that have stolen millions of dollars and that are so easy to catch. Their interests on Jonathan is suspicious and vendetta like. The problem is it makes ZACC move farther away from tackling corruption problems in this country rather being in the mix of individuals’ political fights. I’m sure there are packs there too. By the way, how is it chosen?

    • Jambo

      Vanhu vese havasungwi zuva rimwe chete. Everyone with a case shall have his day in court. Zvekuti vamwe vakabawo saka handitongwi ndezve mahumbwe.

      • Chaporonga

        Spot on. Unenge wajaira kutonga matare iwe.

  • Mukanya

    Mduduzi basked the same fire with Jonathan Moyo, so are birds of the same plumage, no amount of vitriol writing will exonerate him. In short he is a LOOTER!!

  • Diva Dollar

    Who does not know that Moyo is mduduzi’s blesser, some even go as far as alleging an improper or gay relationship between the two. I do not do so tho.

  • who is Mathuthu

    • Gidza

      The former owner of the defunct New Zimbabwe Forum. He was based in the UK before being called by Jonathan Moyo to take up a post as editor of The Chronicle, a paper based in Bulawayo, which I’m sure has also gone bust. It is said the dude has relocated to Namibia running a backyard paper. It seems all the dude that he lays hand on goes bust.

  • marasha

    the question here is if you were contracted by zimdef why receive the money from Fuzy???????????????? Why you are the corrupt one

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    Kuda kuzvichenesa zvenhema uchida tikuhwire vurombo chokwadi ndechekuti makaba mukadhla mari nechikiribidi zvino gwaikozvino Shumba Ngwena varodza gangavuta uchabaiwa pahudhlu

    • Chikorwi

      kikikikikikikik ya unodo taura gwamai!

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