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Deliverance in your marriage – Emmanuel Makandiwa

By Emmanuel Makandiwa

There are forces I see when ministering to married couples, forces that are contrary to our beliefs, contrary to our success, to our marriages, and spirits that are forever present and cause us to suffer. 

Prophet Makandiwa and wife Ruth
Prophet Makandiwa and wife Ruth

But remember Jesus gave us instructions and He said in my name you shall cast out demons. There is no other way of doing it we need to cast demons out.

You will notice that in some people’s marriages some have become victims of witchcraft, victims of satanic attacks, everything they want to do fails.

Some of them keep on trying and nothing works despite the fact that they are professionals. But by the grace of God upon my life and after reading this article and praying you will experience freedom that you have never experienced before.

I will help you cast all demons and your deliverance has to be permanent. And once you are delivered from a sickness today and issues negatively affecting your marriage it will be permanent.

I know some of you people go through a cycle it’s going to be over today.

Before I proceed I would like to say that some people may have been bewitched and a witch is behind you, targeting you and fighting you, some of you have been exposed to witchcraft environments.

Some of you grew up in a place infested with witchcraft and that’s causing you to diminish, now you can’t walk, you can’t run, you can’t fly, you appear to be ordinary but there is nothing ordinary about you. Today I am going to come after every spirit one after the other until you are free.

Some of you will experience liberty in your flesh as the spirit of God touches, your soul and your body. If any of these places is occupied by spirits this article is for you. You are in and out hospital, wasting time, wasting resources, wasting money and you seem not to be recovering.

If it’s an affliction in your physical body it can be corrected in the name of Jesus. Often these kind of circumstances negatively impact your marriage.

Some of you have demons in your soul, when a demon is in your soul your decision making ability is affected, you get confused sometimes, you cannot even love your wife or husband. You become an irresponsible father and mother in your house.

When you have a demon in your spirit, it means there is spiritual interference and this kind of deliverance is necessary.

Freedom is our portion, liberty! We are here for liberation.

People are going to be delivered from demonic manipulation, whether the devil likes it or not the fire of God shall bring a change into your life. Some of them are ancient demons, very old demons, they have been in your generation for years, and you are becoming the first person in your family to be delivered!

For a moment some of you will be in a state of confusion, but there is an anointing that I feel has power to set people free! Take time to lift up those holy hands and pray to God, thank Him for your Husband and for your wife and declare your liberty so that your marriage will be free from demonic interference.

God will give you a different story for the barrenness you have and a experiencing in your marriage. You will feel it, you will know it and it will reflect in the way you think, you will know that it’s God.

Father in the name of Jesus, you are holy, we will start slowly and it will rise up like a ladder demons are starting to check out. Evil spirit, you don’t have a right, rights you don’t have, I’m here, and I have come after you to bring you out.

I’m starting with your body, any demonic spirit in your body for the next two to three minutes I push you out from that structure in the name of Jesus I give you a notice which is effected in the next few seconds, leave that body in the name of Jesus.

I’m starting with demons in the flesh, even if your flesh is born again, you can have a demon there, and its receiving salvation of your flesh and right now in the name of Jesus. You are free. Demonic spirits in physical bodies occupying your bones, bones, manifest!! Show yourself, come out right now in the name of Jesus!!

Nyama yako ngairwirwe, ngaisunungurwe! hupenyu hwako mishonga!! mainjections chete no! no! noo!!! vamwe venyu zvirwere zvamuinazvo ndezvedzinza, those curses are broken in the name of Jesus!!

-Blindness, zvirwere zve sugar diabetes, BP, cancer let that disease be broken in the name of Jesus!!

I declare your freedom today. You can do anything through Christ who give you strength but demons are frustrating you all the time!!

-In the name of Jesus any demons are exposed let the fire of the Holy Ghost liberate your people. From this day onwards may their marriages be secure from the power of the enemy. God and prosper, may the Lord be with you everyday of your marriage.

I sanction every demon never to come back again! Never to afflict you again! Never to break your marriage again! (In the name of Jesus you are free)*7. In the name of Jesus!

Declare that your life is free from witchcraft, declare that my flesh, from today shall never be under demonic influence again.

Speak to your body declare over your soul, say my soul you are liberated, because you are washed by the blood of Jesus when they call upon your name you shall not answer.

  • Amen

    • Jazzy E

      Stupid moron

  • These people make money from saying what people want to hear

    • taura hako wangu

    • Mbavha hombe kufanana ne ZANU

    • Jazzy E

      Selling hope chete chete, nothing else.

      • Muwoni

        so whats wrong with hope? Who doesnt have hopes in this life? If you are hopless then dont kill other people’s hopes. Last time i checked the bible Jesus is a God of hope. Thats why he promises us things eg Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, gentiles, born agains etc. Romans 15:13 Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost
        Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future
        Psalm 42:11 Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God
        Ephesians 4:4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called.
        1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love
        Psalm 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

        There are so many scriptures that speak about hope. Its actually an anchor in Christianity and God aloows it. So it proves that Prophet Makandiwa is called by God when he speaks about hope like you says. It authenticates his calling according to the scriptures. Thank you for highlighting one area that can be used to show whether a man of God is true or false. Once again i thank you

    • Muwoni

      Ungatsamwira kuti munhu ane demon ranga richimurovesa nemurume ribuditswe? satan

      • Alex Muregi


  • Amen

    • Jazzy E


  • Amen

    • Jazzy E

      Yet another idiot

  • Amen

    • Jazzy E

      Stupid idiot

  • i am receving dis fo myself and my family

  • amen

  • Amen papa in the name of Jesus

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  • Amen

  • Vamwe vanhu vane mweya wa antichrist chaiwo kungonakidzwa nekungoshora chete. Ko kungonyarara kana usingatenderani nazvo. Nyaya yemari yapinda papi? Thank you man of God ,we love you.

    • ndivo vanhu vasinga dzidzisike muupenyu ivava, vanotokwidza vamwe bp kkkkkkkkk

    • Mwari ngavatibatsire isu maZimbabweans kugona kupana support, look at South Africans angava mamusicians, sports personalities etc, they support and respect them zvinonakidza so.

    • you seem to assume that everyone is a christian.africans in the southern region are mostly christians because christianity got to them first whereas those in the north are moslems because islam got to them first.If it had been the Chinese who had gotten here first u would be a Bhuddaists.Missioneries tralleved all over the world preaching but the only people they really converted are Africans esp to the South.Arabs in North Africa are still Moslems,Indians are still either moslem or hindu,most Chinese people are Bhuddaists…etc

      • Mr Mutsvanga not Cde

        Zvimwe tinyanyeperane mahomed haasi Mwati. raitovewo tsotsi rakafurirwa nekamvana kainzi Khadija whith satanic inspiration of course to subvert chiKristu

    • Jazzy E

      Fuk you and your man of god. Munotyeyi kana muchiziva kuti mumire muchokwadi lol !!?

  • Amen

  • Amen!!!

  • Amen

  • Jesus walked on sandals,someone came to him with cash but he told him to the poor go and give it .master what can i do to be saved go give all your riches to the poor but of today the mem of god are the accumulators of massive fortune fleecing on their congregants who continue go poorer believing that the more they give the more they shall receive from god .if you ask these bilionaires of god for a thousand dollars they simply tell you to make an offering and see what god does for them and blame their finances to not paying god’s dues.if nothing happens tgey accuse of lack of faith .these are thieves of this era .it is writen that it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle than a rich men to enter his kingdom and those who are first shall be last and if you follow a blind leader heading into the ditch off you shall fall with him

    • Isaac

      The demon in you needs only Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to cast it, repent and come to jesus because your poverty is in mentality

      • fidza

        u really need to read ur bible and not blindly follow these prophets, scripture is clear on conduct and character, asi imimi and ur prophet are after worldly things.

        • Muwoni

          Can you give us the list of conduct and character that you are talking about with scripture references

          • fidza

            the bible is clear in its instruction when it comes to how we should live, it says we should not gather wealth but rather give it away so it becomes a communal society where we look after each other and no one lacks. You see this humility and compassion as a poverty mentality and choose to stack up thousands of dollars for yourself. Doctrine yana Makandiwa or Magaya of self enrichment has an underlining problem because it makes people focus on self, hapana humility (which u can judge by utterances of its members e.g isu tavakumberi, papa wedu i hero etc and even how you respond to people who highlight errors in their doctrine). i like what kevin said earlier kuti vanhu havachateeri what scriptures says but rather things that flatter their egos. Hanzi naMakandiwa ndakatumwa na mwari kuzobisa vanhu from poverty? which doctrine is that, i thought they are sent to help people receive their salvation in the afterlife and not material possessions in this life.

    • The bible says Judas Iscariot was Jesus’s treasurer so if Jesus had no money treauserer aimudii?the bible says Judas aiba mari yacho and Jesu aitozviziva.Saka i dont understand people who say Jesu akanga asina mari

      • fidza

        no one said vanga vasina mari, but they didnt have the type of money people end up wrongly assuming. They had money for their provisions, and since they where a group who bought group provisions it would have made sense for one person to keep it. Even in Acts they gathered money received from well wishers in one central place. Biblical money collecting from offerings etc was meant to take care of the whole assembly, in Acts the money collected was shared equally amongst those that where there, but what you have now is a situation where someone says in Acts they game money so bring it to church, and when it comes the pastor ends up buying flashy cars, houses, guesthouses, hotels, airlines, jets and his assembly doesn’t get anything. The money that Makandiwa or Magaya or Angel gets is kept by him, and buys assets in his name so you end up seeing how people are being deceived into giving their money to a person under the guise of giving it to god. Kupa kunamwari kupa kunevanotambudzika, as he said “if you give to these poor ones you will be giving to me”

    • Muwoni

      Jesus received very expensive perfume from that woman and the disciples complained that they had to sell it and give money to the poor meaning it was in their habit to sell some of the expensive gifts they constantly received from people. They were not broke. Why dont you give yours to the poor? Why dont you give the gadget you are using to type to the poor yourself to prove your point? Jesus said the poor you shall always have with you. He never said you will all become poor. Having the poor among you means you are not poor yourself. You know nothing when it comes to Prophet Makandiwa. Some of those who attack him vanoita basa rekukwenya misana yechembere in a forein land. I forgive where you are coming from

  • AMEN.

  • amen l receive

  • Lol oyayaya

  • amen

  • Satan anorwadziwa nevanhu vaMwari ndasvika pakunzwisisa kuti satan anogumbuka arimumunhu

    • Jazzy E

      Satan na mwari wako are all figments of man’s fertile imagination. How can you possibly know what satan feels and thinks kkkkkk !?

      • Muwoni

        because we see it when you respond. Its clear

  • amen

  • Vamwe vanoda kuti Jesu apfeke corner shoe iyo yanga isiko Jesu aifamba ane mubati wehomwe kuratidza kuti anga ane mari sei pakapera wine mai vakanomuudza zvoreva kuti vaiziva kuti anemari yekutenga iko kutokokwa ku muchato kuziva kuti munhu airemekedzwa ane cash musaverenge bible makaita up side down

  • Kevin Dlamini and Phiri James…..not flesh and blood has revealed this to you but God himself…these are thiefs of this era

  • Vitalis Nhimba

    Thank you Jesus,taiwudzwa chokwadi chenyu ichi nani dai asiri Muporofita wamakatipa. This is the gospel the good news. Tavenazvo nekuti vazvitaura,Thank you Jesus. I receive Amen.

  • Amen

  • Amen

  • Isaac

    Thank you man of God.

  • Kkkk vanoshora hazvina kutanga navo coz chero iye Jesu akatorambiwavo panguva yake ,tinonzwa asi hatinzwisisi ,tigoona asi hationesesi

  • Imi murikunyora Amen ndimi wekutambura iwo ndiwo wokuita cash

  • Its true,that man talks sense.vamwe majaira advice dzekuBhawa yet u wanna apply it to the real life that u living.Saka muchizobata mishonga

  • Kusawirirana ne pfungwa inopiwa hakusikushora .uye kushorwa hausi mucherechedzo wekuti unoshorerwa chokwadi .uye panezvekunamata hakusi kutanga zvedu .zvekuti tinoti lets us suport mwana wemumusha ayewa !

    • Jazzy E

      Taura hako, at least you are better than me you are polite to them kkkkk

  • Amen

  • Newton

    Thank you man of God. I receive my liberty!

  • Badza

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, true man of God. Thank you. I receive my deliverance and confirm every declaration you have made in the Mighty name of Jesus!!!