Succession question is a critical issue to our economy

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

The hot question which can never be avoided is the issue of succession. Definitely the succession issue determines the flow of governance and policy matters. Whilst Zanu Pf may try by all means to down play the issue of succession it’s a serious matter because it evolves around political and economic matters.

Second VP Phelekezela Mphoko, President Robert Mugabe and First VP Emmerson Mnangagwa
Second VP Phelekezela Mphoko, President Robert Mugabe and First VP Emmerson Mnangagwa

Mugabe’s clinging to power has jeopardized the future plans of this country and it has contributed to the economic decline. We have a serious problem as a nation. The problem with Zanu Pf is that they have gone to the extent of threatening abductions to those who are outspoken on Governance matters particularly on succession matrix. Mugabe has done enough for this country and it’s high time he has to table the succession plan on the table and it must be debated.

This cannot be a party matter only but it’s a national and regional matter because it has seriously affected almost everyone. My question I would ask Mugabe and Zanu Pf especially Chombo is that what is it that Mugabe wants to do that he has never done for the past 36 years? That’s a very important question and it’s a national matter.

Even those in Zanu Pf have been seriously haunted by this problem but because most of these people have benefitted in a corrupt manner they cannot accept a leadership renewal plan. Mugabe presided over a failed state that has failed the nation for the past 36 years and we are saying succession matrix is the question and it has to be resolved.


The succession plan has scuttled the economic projections of this country. This country has low revenues, decline in revenues and more imports than exports and we have problem with our balance of payments. No one can trust Zanu Pf and no one is willing to enter into business agreements because of policy inconsistency and mistrust. Zimbabweans we have a problem and truly speaking the problem is Zanu Pf has brought a lot of misery and untold suffering on Zimbabweans at large.

Our unemployment rate is standing at 97% and there is no way we can attract any meaningful investments in this country until the succession problem can be resolved. Zanu Pf believes in beatings, intimidations and abductions without necessarily looking into economic matters. Most of these economic giants like US, EU, WORLD BANK, AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK have given conditions and the condition they have given us as a nation is MUGABE must retire and we will give you a bail out.

So people cannot run away from this issue its haunting us and we must expose the matter to its fullest. Dangotte was warned recently in US against investing in Zimbabwe because he risks loosing his investments and this has become the biggest embarrassment to us as a nation. The question will then be should the nation wait for Mugabe to die? Or should we recommend impeachment? What’s next?


The recent political outbursts and current waves of demonstrations are a real threat to stability. We have a problem here and authorities must deal with this problem. Mugabe is not the only person who has the ability to rule this country. We have so many prominent and mature people within and outside Zanu Pf who can deliver good results. We have a political problem and political question which needs answers.

The question is when we are expecting Mugabe s departure because honestly people cannot wait for 2023 so that we begin to plan for the future. The future of the current generation has been plundered into serious crisis because of the political crisis.

SADC must definitely convey an emergency summit to deal with this impending matter because it has become a security matter within the region. Sanctions can never be linked to the succession matter or the issue of regime agenda its out, people are saying we need a new leadership to resolve this political crisis. The poverty levels of this country has reached unprecedented and catastrophic levels.


We have a serious economic crisis, Government is failing to pay its creditors, civil servants have no definite pay dates, and corruption is rampant in the system. The donor community and international partners are not willing to part with any cent or to assist our Government because we have a crisis of legitimacy. The issue evolves around the succession problem. Donor community is saying we have the money but “MUGABE MUST GO first and this is the condition.

My question as development analyst is should the country be held to ransom because of one person? Definitely NO. Donor community requires transparency and some of their projects they are long term and who can guarantee the safety of resources when succession issue is not resolved. Most donors have cut projects until leadership has resolved thus succession toxic issue. It’s a thorn in the flesh.


Whilst Zanu Pf may deny the issue of factionalism but Zimbabwe is risking sliding into a civil war if this issue is not addressed. When Michael Sata died PF Government was in a serious power struggle that threatened the stability of Zambia. It almost took 6 months to resolve the matter when party members were threatening to flood the streets.

Zambia experienced this problem until Edgar Lungu came into power to fill the vacuum. This can be dangerous to the nation and the region at large. African leaders have a problem because they do not want to groom a successor.

We have two factions namely team Lacoste and G40 and there is a lot of power struggle within the two. My question is cant these two factions push for a congress and elect a substantive leader to avoid a chaotic situation in the country.


Khama has led the region by making it clear that we have a succession matter and it cannot be swept under the carpet. This is a serious matter and it must be dealt with in a diligent manner. We are in this situation because of succession issue and we urge Zanu Pf to take issue of succession matrix seriously. Chinamasa went to UK and EU seeking a bail out and he was given a condition, go back and resolve the succession matter.

Generally the ruling party has been down playing the matter, attaching it to sanctions and I think in our normal sense who can lend a 92 year leader with funds without guarantee and security conditions of their money?

They have the money but as long as Mugabe is still in power Zimbabwe will never get a single cent and we are going to continue suffering until we wake up to our sense. The ruling party should wake up and stop politicising the succession matter and they must critically consider and allow their leader to appoint a successor who then should move this country forward.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Director of Mentorship Institute of National Development and Sustainability (MINDS) and he can be contacted at [email protected]