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Despite controversy Zimdancehall venture pays off for Fungisai

By Vasco Chaya

Venturing into Zimdancehall is turning out to be an inspired decision for music star Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave.

Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave
Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave

When Fungisai stirred controversy in gospel music circles early this year after she collaborated with Zimdancehall chanter Killer T on the hit “Vanondibatirana,” her music career appeared to be in a rut but due to the success of the duet she has bounced back in the limelight.

Despite being attacked left right and centre by gospel music purists, Fungisai is indeed having the last laugh.

The controversial gospel star has been invited to perform in the United Kingdom (UK) at the end of the month alongside Zimdancehall stars Shinsoman, Tocky Vibes, Freeman, Ninja Lipsy and Empress Shelly.

Fungisai and the Zimdancehall stars will perform in Birmingham, Luton and Manchester on August 26, 27 and 28 respectively. She last toured the UK almost three years ago.

The Makomborero hit-maker, though, is adamant that the career revival she is experiencing at the moment has nothing to do with her recent venture into the Zimdancehall arena.

“I am going to the UK as Fungisai and not as a Zimdancehall artiste. I will be targeting everyone not a certain section of fans and I am doing this just to be relevant in the music industry. I will mix all genres from chimurenga, reggae and Zimdancehall among others.

“I will not stay there for a long but those few days should satisfy almost everyone there. I am not going there to make money but to give people there my music,” she said.

Fungisai has no problem working with Zimdancehall artistes despite their largely “bad” reputation in some Christian circles.

“There is no Christian accountant who quit his/her job because they had to share office or desk with non-Christian accountant. Kubasa hazvinzarwo, you work with workmates awapihwa naMwari panguva iyoyo… otherwise we would not be a united country if we discriminate each other on socio-cultural background basis.

“Music is a place or an industry hence you are bound to meet different people with different characteristics just like any industry.

“While other (Zimdancehall) artistes do some things which might be condemned by the society, I will simply do my work without judging .As a result, I do not have problems working with Zimdancehall artistes,” said Fungisai.

The economic downturn has impacted negatively on artistes in the country but gospel musicians were the hardest hit. The development has forced gospel artistes to think outside the box and come up with new survival skills. Daily News

  • mbirikunaJesu

  • Nguva ndoyaenda kuna mai ava dai vanobikira murume nevana

  • Is she nt married

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  • I like this lady she inspires me with her songs

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  • makumbe

    her music is tripe. SHE IS talentless , big mouthed . HIGH PITCHED AND THATS ALL.

  • ChidoChomoyo

    Kune achiri kuwona Fungisai in this day and age? Which rock have they been living under?

  • Anofunga MUKADZI uyu

  • Ko akagotyisa tyisa kunge munhu wemudzimu kudaro indava

  • Chuck Norris

    Way to go young lady. Zvekuti kristu or non kristu is bullshit. Do what you got to do. Most, if not all, of thos dancehall guys, they are kristu’s. They just be at work chete. Example, Denzel Washington acts movies sometimes as a bad guy, using foul language and shooting. But he is a kristu. Outside movies, he is at church, family man, donates millions to charity and sports etc etc. And living good here on earth, and in heaven. Imi muchingoita judge each other, and muchifongorera makomborero muchiti this this right, this wrong bla bla bla. Unofa uri rombe ukawanza hope machewe. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • U are a true artist kwete zvevamwe vanonyepera kusada dancehall iyi ivo vachida havo wakaramba kuva a hypocrit thumbs up

  • Musicians shld b versatile, creative & flexible. The muzik terrain z everchangin & 1 has 2 b abreast & on top f the game, l feel Fungisai z doin that. Hapana kusina controversy & ts really difficult 2 pliz every1. So Fungisai kip on- otheryz u will be History. Nekakuchema ako kaunozomboita usakarege.

  • Totally lost,fungisai. Times and things change but this type of music you have ventured into is far far far away from e music you used to sing.trust me on this zim whatever you’re going nowhere. You wonder all those who are into that kind of music own a cat.just noise especially in kombis and ndezvekuto burner, a few would actually try to buy e original discs, what a shame.try pole dancing kana irinhamo yakudaro. Maybe you could get some bond coins