Shutdown call hurts Beitbridge border business

By Tatenda Dewa | Harare Bureau |

Business at the Beitbridge Border Post, a hub of regional trade, has slumped in the wake of a call to shut down all of landlocked Zimbabwe’s ports in protest against a recent government ban on selected imports.

Promulgation of the statutory instrument recently torched protests in the border town of Beitbridge that connects with South Africa as unemployed citizens who depend on informal trade shut down the port.
Promulgation of the statutory instrument recently torched protests in the border town of Beitbridge that connects with South Africa as unemployed citizens who depend on informal trade shut down the port.

Gabriel Shumba, a South Africa-based advocate and head of the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) late last week circulated a video in which he called for Zimbabweans to shun the border ports.

Reports from Beitbridge indicate that shipping and cross-border activities have been severely affected as people heeded the call for the shutdown starting Monday.

Police and army details had to disperse thousands of protesters from the South African border town of Musina demonstrating against Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 that has banned a long list of imported goods that include creamers, oils and building materials.

By Tuesday morning, the Musina and Beitbridge posts were largely deserted.

Dennis Juru, a spokesperson for The International Cross Border Associations which was part of the organisers of the shutdown said South African businesses heeded their call.

“We are happy, South African shipping companies heeded our call. There were no buses from South Africa or Harare and limited activity in the commercial customs offices of both countries,” said Juru.

He added that civil disobedience against SI 64 would continue on Wednesday.

“These disruptions will be intermittent. We will continue today (Wednesday) and South Africans are ready to help us.

Several other protest groups are part of border shutdown campaign, among them Tajamuka, which in July helped mobilise thousands of Zimbabweans to protest against President Robert Mugabe’s government, the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF), Africa Diaspora Workers Network and Zimbabwe Communist Group.

All shipping houses on the South African side were closed while those at the Beitbridge port were manned by minimal staff.

Armed police and other security agents maintained a heavy presence along the old bridge linking Musina with Beitbridge. Nehanda Radio

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  • Ban must remain or we introduce tariffs. Zimbabweans must support home businesses

    • Which businesses are those if any ?
      How many people are they employing if at all?
      Where are the lever brothers among others?

    • If any??How do you expect Zim businesses to grow if u are not supporting them

    • Achimwene mukutiiko

    • Is there anything to support!?

    • Varikungooshomokakumama nemuromo APhiri

    • I actually think its embarrassing that Zimbabweans go home carrying sugar that is there in Zimbabwean supermarkets. No one else from the region does that

    • The last time I went home with groceries my mom told kuti dai wauya hako nemari chete.Zvinhu zvawauya navo zvirimo mumashops.Same goes for my in laws.they asked us to stop sending them groceries but money instead

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    • U cant force any1 to buy from any place. Remember its not your fucken money . Even fucken mugabe n his fucken wife they shop outside zim. Fucken nyasarande.

    • izvozvo zvinoonekwa newe unoenda uchisunda gilloso nebhara . kana mafuta achiita 5 dollars achigadzirwa munyika imomo ini ndichiwana e30r brain dzako dziri kukuudza kuti chii?

    • Thousands of businesses have closed. Agriculture is at an all time low. The politics of Zimbabwe has destroyed this nation. Millions rely on cross border for a living: bottom line. Fix the politics and totally depolitize the nation. You can’t grow an economy with oppression violence greed hatred and bitterness. Zimbabwe needs to totally wake up: we are in big trouble. And things need to CHANGE! Even Zanu PF need to understand that….and quickly…..

    • I agree if they want Bussines with Zimbabwe then they need to invest in Zimbabwe vopa mabasa to Zimbabweans not just wanting Zim money vapedza vovauraya 👍🏾and kill our economic at our expense.

    • U are lost aPhiri ; businesses need not be supported but need to rise to the occasion and compete in a free market economy by being relevant rather than being pampered

      Zanu Pf businesses have failed to live another day nor has indignationization benefited the masses ; just accept it

    • Grace goes to Singapore for shopping. Sir Wicknell goes to America. Kasukuwere goes to Dubai. Chiyangwa goes to South Africa. Saka iwewe Achimwene Aphiri, why forcing us to buy locally when the leaders are going out shopping? I suggest you go to Malawi iwewe #Phiri Phiro yesaga!

    • This Phiri knows better.yes the ban must stay

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    • @ Zulu but South Africa bans certain products from Zimbabwe doesn’t it

    • Which business that needs our support for it to grow.

      Where is CSC ?
      Boss are you in Zimbabwe?

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    • Achimwene are you even aware kuti zvamurikuti zviriko kuZim zvirikutobva kuSA kwacho nemagonyeti ana’Mboko’?

    • You don’t hear the S.A. government complaining do you? ?They understand that ban very well. In fact when Mugabe was here he raised this issue at a press conference with Zuma present.The South African textile industry is lobbying for the S.A government to ban cheap clothes from China and just recently they have said 90% local content on all SABC stations to stop royalties from flowing out of the country

    • tafamutekwe

      Problem is the Zim authorities are desperately trying to plug a very minor leak with this import ban whilst the known major leaks of corruption, lawlessness, unattractive indiginisation policies, poor governance, desperate monetary policies,a president who has become a major national liability and zero economic investment are the major leaks gushing out in free-fall.

    • Scarlet Pimpernel

      No joke intended, but i think Phiri you are a minister in our dear Government,,, your mentality says it all. What benefit other than enraging the populace do you derive from banning everything? Ban mshikashika, Ban Japanese Tyres, ban imports, ban marches, ban offshore accounts, restrict internet usage, ban community radios, Make all drivers carry fire extinguishers which they dont know how to use, ban left hand drives, ban maize import, even Hon Parirenyatwa at one time wanted to ban bacon(all processed meats)!! Soon they will even ban sex or introduce sex tariffs to control HIV! Banning is not the solution, the government needs to support a positive environment which spurns growth and get rid of the uncertainty monster they created. If local products are well priced,,, hapana anoda kudya Romi,,, asi kana Romi ichiita $1 and buttercup $4,,, economic sense will tell you to use Romi!! So b4 every department run around banning things,,, they need to get their heads out of their *** and start thinking of development policies!

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    • Innscor superior bread costs 80cents in Zimbabwe.

    • You are manufacturing facts and that smarks of desperation.Superior bread costs 80cents and a can of coke about 70 cents.Is that four times the price

  • They got shops that will now now close because of the toilet paper bond notes who would do business in a country with no money @Sandra Timindzi

  • What economy Sandra sound like another lost adopt the rand no one forced you wher is your zim dollar 💵?

  • Watching

    Zimbabwe police CIO and Army have introduced people who are there to cause confusion and destabilize the social media. Off late we have seen so many people joining in and saying some of the most absurd comments. Lets take note of such people and ignore them, because commenting on their comments derails the whole story.

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    • Innscor, Lobels,Tregers,National Foods,Nampak..???

    • Those are a few i spoke about perhaps u have to travel outside zim to broaden the way u see things .Its not enough to have only few companies like that in a country like zim.

    • Innscor, Lobels,Tregers,National Foods,Nampak..??? how many nationals do these setups employ against 90% national unemployment rate?

    • @Isrome in your comment you said THERE IS NO BUSINESSES EXCEPT A FEW FOR THE MINISTERS…The companies i mentioned above i not owned by ministers.Those are in the private sector.Read your comment again .i hope you see that you are the one contradicting yourself

  • Phiri south Africa gave Zimbabwe an ultimatum to sort out their ban or face the consequences check nehanda radio s story for yesterday Rob Davies minister of trade and industry gave them two weeks

  • There is no money the dollar is held only by the informal market so where is the money

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    Keep the momentum going. we need to stay resolute and bring Zanu pf to its knees. hit them where it hurts the most which is the pocket! Aluta continua

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