Marry more wives: King challenges men in Bulawayo

By Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya

King of Amangwe, Ntshosho Zwane 11, from Durban, South Africa encouraged his clan in Zimbabwe to start polygamous marriages in a bid to increase their dwindling population.

King of Amangwe, Ntshosho Zwane 11
King of Amangwe, Ntshosho Zwane 11

The King was speaking at the recently held annual Umgubho on Saturday in Ntabazinduna near Bulawayo. He was shocked after asking a crowd of about 500 people, if they were in polygamous marriages but none raised their hands in approval.

“How many men gathered here have more than one wife? This is completely unacceptable. People are supposed to have more wives so that our nation grows,” said the King.

He further added that when next time he visits Zimbabwe he expected to find his subjects married to more than one wife.

“Next time when I return, I expect to find people having more wives. This is part of our culture and should be conducted in a proper traditional manner,” he said.

He, however, said infidelity was a bad thing for the community.

“Infidelity is the cancer that is tearing apart social fabric. We now have many children without fathers! Well raised children need both parents to be around,” he said.

“Young men and women should know their partners first before they rush into relationships,” he said.

Ending his speech, he added that there was no place for witchcraft and thieves in society.

“That’s why most people are failing to get blessings from God because they offer cows that are stolen. There are no blessings that come from stealing.

“Witchcraft has to stop at all costs, it has no place in society. It actually destroys our nations, we don’t get any blessing from that,” he said. B Metro

  • .nguva yavana mbuya neHanda yakapfuura.mukadzi mumwechete wandipedza here.kukara

    • Ngozi

      Ku Masvingo akazara mabarika wani?

  • wanya

  • Ilove that

  • MukarangawekuMberengwa

    ibenzi ngaazviite kwavo natal kusina kufundiwa not vuno

    • TSM Season 6

      nyere too much

      • BRAVO

        ibenzi nguwe msathanyoko

        • TSM Season 6


  • Just wait king, with the current situation in zim we cant afford it

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



  • Nemamiriro akaita zvinhu kuzim wotora barika shuwa ,koo kana uine nzara simba rekugutsa vakadzi dapi unoriwanepi shuwa. Baba avo ngavakwane

  • lol! If only Isilo knew how difficult the Zimbabwe economic situation is he would wait a bit maybe kuzolunga..

  • Wena kaZulu siyakuzwa thina abendlu kaMthwakazi

  • why cant he recall his clan

  • Nonsense

  • how will they feed those kids as u see uncle Mugabe is trying his best to make life toughest for all Ordinary Zimbabweans only good for Zanu PF bigwings

  • For myself l need 4 wives but we are living in such a joke economy we are force to stick to be in a one house situation while my grandfather was a man of 3houses l even want to be like him but we are in the country of poverty

  • makumbe

    What an asshole in Zimbabwe there is no jobs money life certanity and You here a chief not king telling you to have more wives an d have more children. What a douche bags this chief is

  • 1st century King. Shame.

  • There are no more men in Bulawayo. All the men went to Egoli

  • There no adequate food bro uyahlanya kanthi

  • There no adequate food bro uyahlanya kanthi

  • Kunobungozi ngesikhathi samanje king.Umbuqa zwe ufikile .Umuntu kumele abe le one partner to stay safe.

  • In Mat-North not in Byo

  • Fools’ paradise

  • Like in this day and age you wont increase anything but pple will die instead

  • Iyhoo this king want our pple to die of porvety and dieses……some advice tho its only there to destroy

  • shallow minded racist

  • Ungubani yena ngoba bonke sekungabantu baka Mambo. Rise Bukalanga Rise. Tjangamile Moyo owns Bukalanga and its people

  • It takes a wealthier men like us 2 uphold such tradition, so relax king, the tradition ain’t going nowhere..

  • stupid primitive advice this with hiv and stds u just encouge fastrr death

  • Aah ini zhii zangu

  • What the king has said it is untrue, to marry more wives it is evil b4 God, only those pple who does not fear the power of GOD should follow and what the sinful king has said, please! Fear God not ahuman being who will also die and face judgement b4 God

  • Thats bullshit if not kak promoting poverty on top of another

  • The message is meant for the rich not every Jack & Jill, so the poor ones just relax,, he is just being kind not to sound descriminating!!

  • The Big dog

    I think longumpiko oqondiswe kumandebele, mashona akelixole livale amagabha enu

  • Nzimande kaLanga

    He was referring to the Ndebele people not to you ass hole

  • Ntombi kaDawu

    Ah he half of those who are languishing in anger at this speech nje seem to be shona people, please just sit down, this isn’t your platform yoh!

  • ProudNguni

    The King was talking to Mthwakazi people not the entire country. I wonder why the insults from those that are not from Mthwakazi

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