Fungisai rubbishes claims she stole her latest song ‘Amai Ndakanaka’

Gospel singer Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave has rubbished claims by a rival singer Vimbai Zimuto (Vee Kay) that she stole her latest song “Amai Ndakanaka”.

Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave
Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave

A furious Vee Kay went to Fungisai’s Facebook page and wrote the following comment on one of her posts:

“Hello Fungisai. I would like to tell you that this song is mine. I gave it to Oskid to do a beat for it. I even paid for the beat which I am still waiting for. Gadzirirai ma lawyer amana. Oskid you told me you were professional but wandipa a good lesson that I will never forget. I have all the proof of all our transactions and emails. I told you this song is already registered. Zvakaoma. Tsvagai ma lawyer. You need them.”

Singer Vimbai Zimuto (Vee Kay) advertised her song "Ndakanaka" on Facebook on the 8th of April this year
Singer Vimbai Zimuto (Vee Kay) advertised her song “Ndakanaka” on Facebook on the 8th of April this year

A picture posted by Vee Kay on Facebook on the 8th of April this year shows her advertising a song called “Ndakanaka” – where she also said “Single Coming Soon”.

But Fungisai in a response also posted on her Facebook fan page said;

“It is with shock that I have learnt a fellow artist is claiming my intellectual works to be theirs. I am however at peace and am so relieved to realise that God saw it and delivered me long back before i could see it coming. The truth is.. and i owe it to you.

“When planning for my Huya Uone Production I decided to work with 3 Producers, i.e PTK, Oskid and Kenako music coz I wanted a different feel from different producers at the top of their game. Kenako produced Dzimurai Moto (yet to be released) I was going to give Oskid my Amai ndakanaka amai but he was nowhere to be found.

“I looked flat out for him haana kubatika until i gave the song to PTK and I was so angry. Kkk I had no idea God was at work whisking me away from these terrible allegations. When Oskid eventually resurfaced, i then gave him Huya Uone Zvakuitika to add onto Gororiya that he had also produced.

“My amai ndakanaka amai is therefore not related to Oskid in any way and if anyone has a song called amai ndakanaka I am positive it is unique to that person and I would never claim it to be mine. There is no way mine will be the same as theirs because it came from within me. Inspired by my favourite childhood nursery rhyme “amai ndakanaka amai”

“I personally developed it to motivate the girl child. I am believing this artist is unique to herself, and she is free to introduce her Amai Ndakanaka which is obviously different from mine. I pray you give her song a chance as these songs are two different songs from 2 different artists. I have produced 13 albums to date.

“Of all my songs, I have never bought or accepted any song writer’s offer because i believe in having a personal relationship with my songs, all inspired by God. I have personally composed all my hit songs including Vanondibatirana etc only with God’s help.

“I will not steal from anyone kutanga nhasi. I am appealing to all music lovers out there to give my fellow sister ‘song a chance, and regard it independently from mine. My AMAI NDAKANAKA AMAI did not come from Oskid, was not produced by Oskid and it can not be the same as hers because as artists we are unique to ourselves. Stay blessed.

“I will not be moved or derailed from God’s plan. I thank God for “Vakuru vanofamba naJesu” Surely his people have contributed a lot kuti ndisaparare. Mhepo dzinosimuka kundiparadza but thank God I am in safe Hands. Enjoy Huya uone . Its on itunes and Jive Zimbabwe. I will still wake up and praise God through it all,” Fungisai added.

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