Chronicle editor Mduduzi Mathuthu demoted… shafted to Namibia

Mduduzi Mathuthu, the editor of the state-owned Chronicle newspaper, has effectively been demoted after being told to pack his bags and head to Namibia to become editor of the little-known Southern Times newspaper based in Windhoek.

Jonathan Moyo shares a drink with Mduduzi Mathuthu
Jonathan Moyo shares a drink with Mduduzi Mathuthu

According to Nehanda Radio sources, Zimpapers Group Chief Executive Pikirai Deketeke told Mathuthu that the change was with immediate effect and that he needed to take up the new post in Namibia by Monday 23 May, 2016.

Innocent Madonko has been appointed the acting editor of the Chronicle effective 23 May.

Although no reason was given for the change, its thought Mathuthu is the victim of the vicious infighting rocking the ruling Zanu PF party over who will succeed President Robert Mugabe when he eventually dies or retires.

Seen as a pioneering anti-government critic who led the internet revolution when he founded the UK based New website, Mathuthu shocked many when he agreed to leave the UK and head back to Zimbabwe to edit a state owned newspaper.

His close relationship with the then Information Minister Jonathan Moyo was to many the reason why he was appointed to the post. Moyo was demoted to the Higher Education Ministry and it appears his proteges are being purged one by one.

There is speculation that a series of articles in the Chronicle shining a spotlight on the role of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the Gukurahundi Massacres could be one of many reasons why Mathuthu is being picked on.

  • 1st

  • Akakotsira mfana uyu

  • Every dog has its day, lol.

  • Zim rubbish

  • Being shafted to a country doing better than Zim, is a blessing in disguise ..,!!!

  • its better to be in namibia than in zim

  • not this time around.

  • a good demotion! if the current editor in Namibia is promoted and sent to Zim, that’s will be bad and useless promotion.

  • IsiNdebele is being banned from parliament and you are busy with that so called Mathuthu

  • Reggie

    We don’t want to hear those clicking sounds in the August House of Parliament!!! MP’s must speak the language of the people, Shona only!!!

  • A blessing in disguise….. actually its a promotion… Its jus lyk a player leaving Dembare fo a division 1 one side in e UK

  • Mathuthu that’s a blessing worry not.

  • Mudhomeni

    Is Southern times owned by Zim government?

  • clement moyo

    I don’t know what is wrong with dictators and these murderers who call themselves politicians. Sagas like the Gukurahundi massacres do not dissipate – you need to deal with them the wright way or they will haunt you to your grave. Apologizing may not be enough but its quite a step in the wright direction

    • Tobias

      I do not know what is wrong with this writer. How can he say a movement from being an editor of a City daily to a southern region paper is a demotion. We know u just want to find somewhere to include the imaginary ZANU PF factional wars and add a few tribal notions to divide the people.

  • Enough pliz yo treatment on Ndebeles must now be questioned ,now Mathuthu ,later u hav banned Ndebele in paliament yet Chinos speak Shona ,shame on you

  • Congratulations Mathuthu at least you will be paid in real currency, amhlophe…

  • better economy so thats not bad

  • You are brave Mathuthu. Bravo! let them intimidate you!

  • Why don’t he resign?

  • who is baba jukwa???

  • Zim1

    Comrade Matutu is now the proverbial “used condom”.

    • gidza

      He left New Zimbabwe in the hands of the incapable and incompetent pesons. The site has died a slow and painful death. Things really are not what they used to be Each time I’m so fed up with everything and to think that we no longer see the site back to life . If it is his fate to gather no moss he must have the courage of being a rolling stone. I congratulate him on his relocation to Namibia and wish him the best of luck.

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