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Zimbabwe Achievers Awards 2016 in PICTURES

The Royal Garden Hotel in London on Saturday was the venue for the annual Zimbabwe Achievers Awards. Celebrities from all walks of life converged to help deliver the glitz and glamour that has come to be associated with the event.

Former ZBC Radio and Television presenter Kevin Ncube (centre) with singer Gemma Griffiths (right) at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (Picture by E&N Designs Ltd)
Former ZBC Radio and Television presenter Kevin Ncube (centre) with singer Gemma Griffiths (right) at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (Picture by E&N Designs Ltd)

Winners on the night included former ZBC Radio and Television presenter Kevin Ncube who now works for the BBC. Ncube won the Personality of the Year award. Man of the moment on the music scene, Jah Prayzah won the award for International Music Artist of the Year.

Tembalami scooped the International Gospel Artist of the Year award. The People’s Choice Award went to comedian/musician Ofishal Xavier. The crowd was also treated to Xavier’s smash hit song “Check Your Balance” and some of his outrageous comedy.

Philanthropist Linda Satimbura won the award for Community Champion of the Year while the Young Achiever of the Year went to Nyasha Duri. Below are some of the red carpet moments and pictures from the awards courtesy of Nehanda Radio and E&N Designs Ltd.


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  • inizvangu

    Uyo Ncube ane lipstick anoita nezvei?

    • Muyenzi
    • Mutsawashe

      Thought he looks so odd in that picture.mmmm????

      • Doppelganger

        you don’t remember this guy and his scandals back in Zim. he left for the UK under a cloud of issues

        • Mutsawashe

          Ohhh really!! I didnt know.

  • Mutsawashe

    ZAA has done it again hands up to you.

  • tintin

    Why is that ncube guy wearing makeup

  • Skuzapo

    Leave Kevin alone, he did not bother anyone. Let him be, that’s what he wants.

    • Ndini wacho

      True that people should leave Kevin to be who he wishes to be! Takarasima kukomenda someone exercising his free will what about mbavha nevanoita zveupombwe vakazara mumapikicha e zim diaspora umu

  • inizvangu

    Yhaaa I remember him now…the Sodomist.Rega aise lipstick zve shuwa.