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More woes for crumbling Obert Mpofu business empire

By Dumisani Nyoni

BULAWAYO – Zimbabwe’s cabinet minister and business tycoon Obert Mpofu could be sitting on a crumbling business empire after some of his movable properties were set to go under the hammer over an outstanding debt.

Living Large: Obert Mpofu at his Nyamandlovu Mansion
Living Large: Obert Mpofu at his Nyamandlovu Mansion

Mpofu, who is Macro Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister, owns companies such as Trebo and Khays, Maminza Transport, Khanando Safari and Tours.
He also owns immovable properties in Bulawayo such as Centrust Building, York House, Anchor House among others. Mpofu also owns some properties in Victoria Falls.

However, the government minister now finds a business empire he has bragged about before on the brink of a spectacular collapse after a series of misfortunes experienced in the recent past.

On Wednesday, the Bulawayo High Court Deputy Sherriff said in a notice it would be selling property worth millions of dollars belonging to Maminza Transport, which is one of Mpofu’s businesses in Bulawayo.

Living Large: Obert Mpofu at his Nyamandlovu Mansion
Living Large: Obert Mpofu at his Nyamandlovu Mansion

The auction, in Bulawayo this Friday by Hollands Auctioneers, will see the company’s movable assets such as mud drilling compressor on wheels, 8 Volvo trucks, and three trailers, going under the hammer in a case pitying the company with Menwood Trading.

Contacted for comment over the matter, Mpofu said Menwood Trading officials “made a mistake”.

“We don’t owe them anything. It was a mistake,” he said before hanging up his phone.
Several of Mpofu’s operations also in the Hwange mining town had either closed down or relocated to Victoria Falls.

Living Large: Obert Mpofu and his Nyamandlovu Mansion
Living Large: Obert Mpofu and his Nyamandlovu Mansion

His Minus restaurant, Matetsi meats butchery, KST Bypass fuel service station all leased from Hwange Colliery Company (HCC), KoMpofu sports bar and KoMpofu butchery at Mpumalanga high density suburb in Hwange closed last year.

The closure of Mpofu’s Hwange companies came less than a month after the former mines minister was dragged to the Labour Court by security guards at his Moya Security firm over salary arrears.

Moya Security had reportedly ignored a court order to pay the security guards outstanding salaries in four-monthly instalments from May 30, 2015. In the recent past, Mpofu has also been accused by workers at his several businesses of failing to pay salaries on time.

Living Large: Obert Mpofu and his Nyamandlovu Mansion
Living Large: Obert Mpofu and his Nyamandlovu Mansion

His financial institution, Allied Bank, surrendered its operating licence in January last year due to lack of capital. He was slapped with a $16 million lawsuit for failing to surrender immovable assets to the liquidator of his now defunct Allied Bank Limited.

The Zimbabwe Mail, headed by one of Mpofu’s daughters, Nomsa, hit the streets as a daily paper towards the end of 2013, but folded early 2015 after failing to make profits. In a desperate attempt to manage losses, the paper was transformed into a weekly for a few weeks before it eventually went defunct, leaving employees stranded.

His Gwanda building, according to media reports, has virtually been turned into a brothel with sex workers reportedly using the premises to serve clients.

Living Large: Obert Mpofu and his Nyamandlovu Mansion
Living Large: Obert Mpofu and his Nyamandlovu Mansion

The building, which previously housed a lodge, was reportedly unoccupied and security guards manning the building were now charging the sex workers who flood the town’s nightclubs $1 per session.

The facility is located at the corner of Soudan street and Fourth avenue in the transit town.
Mpofu last year once bragged before High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu that he was so rich and would not stoop so low as to demand kickbacks from prospective miners as alleged by embattled Core Mining and Mineral Resources director Lovemore Kurotwi.

Mpofu was responding to Kurotwi’s claims that the minister had demanded $10 million from him as kickback for approving the latter’s diamond mining activities in Chiadzwa five years ago.

Mpofu said he had been a businessman for many years and was so rich that he could even employ Kurotwi and his co-accused, Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) chief executive Dominic Mubaiwa. Radio VOP

  • Business is not a bed of roses in a dead economy like that of Zimbabwe..Kuba,kujuta nekukiyakiya chete kuti zviite.Good luck Hon Mpofu.

    • Patrick Guramatunhu

      They are the ones who created the corrupt system for selfish gain and now the chickens have come home to roost!

  • jaya

    tiri kuperekedza vamwe kurarama

    • met mina

      Haa taura hako wena. Asi tiri nani tinodzikotsira..hopee.

  • We are all in a tough situation guys unless you are doing nothing.

  • easy come easy go

    • Mart

      Ill gotten wealth dwindles. It’s there in Proverbs.

      • met mina

        We also need to warn wickinell for bragging like this man.

    • SimonPetere

      A the time Mc Dee

  • Bez Wimba

    When the sun set,
    they came and proclaimed poverty,
    That they had lost it all,
    Even Alpha & Omega
    had gone with the wind.
    When the sun rose,
    crocodiles retreated to the banks
    As forty generations
    cried for mama

    • RuffoG

      You’re a remarkable poet, Wimba! Subject matter is depressing & causes angst, but the way you captured & presented it made me chuckle 😂

      • Bez Wimba

        She carried her precious cargo in her belly,

        Bursting with promises,

        that one day she will deliver to all,

        Out of her belly would be her future,

        Bright and mighty for all to see,

        For a child is communal born,

        An addition to benefit both you & me.

        Her belly delivered as promised,

        Her skin blossomed as sign of jewels within,

        Yet witnesses to the birth were few,

        As in broad daylight they sang a tune or two,

        Of merry with flutes of gold.

        So few we know all of them by name,

        Of gout gaited bellies they shared the spoils

        Like father like son they prospered

        Like obedient sons of bertor,

        With milk of grace from mum to huge applause.

  • takakuudzai zvemabocha hazvibiwe mai mujuru aripi nadhidhi wawo Mugabe mari yacho ungodbhadhara tiranzipoti pasina rwendo imwe yacho ari kurapisa kuchembera Haaaa!! faroo tekiteki

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  • Mai Tinto

    Look at his stomach – it says volumes. Anodya maplates mangani esadza kuti agute anhuwee. Hazvisati zvanatsa kutanga kuita crumble mirai mumboone henyu hamusati maona chiroba. Ini I dont envy vanhu vanopfuma ngekuba ngekuti ndinoziya magumo azvo.

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    easy come easy go..

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  • Tino_Namatako

    Businesses do well when the economy is functioning well for everyone. No tourists, no other businesses to hire your security services, ordinary people can’t afford to go eat at your restaurants. Where do you hope to get the money and sustain the businesses? Mari dzekuba dzakapera. But I m sure you still got a big chunk of the $15Billion kana wakaita musoro! And you seem not to have a clue about economic planning and investments, asi ndiwe minister wacho!

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    There was nothing honest and solid with what President Mugabe and his Zanu PF thugs did; this was a house built on sand, it was would have stand the test of time!

  • No diamonds lol

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    He still cant explain how he got the money in the first place

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  • Mukanya

    Supervisor in the looting of US$15 Billion worth of diamonds crumbling!!! Unbelievable under-hand transfer is the correct descriptive term not crumbling.