CAAZ impounds US cargo plane . . Bleeding body, millions of rands found on board

By Tendai Mugabe

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe yesterday impounded a chartered MD11 trijet cargo plane owned by Western Global Airlines stashed with millions of South African rands and a dead body after it asked to land in Harare during a flight from Germany to South Africa.

The Western Global Airlines cargo plane impounded by security services at the Harare International Airport yesterday after the handling staff discovered a bleeding corpse aboard
The Western Global Airlines cargo plane impounded by security services at the Harare International Airport yesterday after the handling staff discovered a bleeding corpse aboard

During routine refuelling airport staff noticed blood dripping from the plane, the dead body found, and the alert given. Investigations were still in progress last night.

Western Global Airlines is based in southwest Florida in the United States of America. The plane was flying from Germany to South Africa when the captain asked for a technical landing at the Harare International Airport after an initial request to land in Mozambique was turned down.

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe general manager Mr David Chaota confirmed the incident last night. “Yes, it is a Western Global Airlines plane and now the case is being handled by our security ” he said.

South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Vusi Mavimbela confirmed the incident last night but would not give details.

“I spent the better of the day at the airport,” he said. “I am aware of what you are saying but I cannot comment now because there are investigations that are still going on.”

Sources close to the matter told The Herald last night that the plane was destined for South Africa. “The plane requested for a technical landing which was granted by the airport authorities,” said the source.

“Upon refuelling, the airport attendants discovered that there was blood dripping from the plane. When they checked to try and ascertain where the blood was coming from that is when they discovered a suspended dead body in the plane.

“The matter was reported to the authorities at the airport and the plane was impounded while the body was taken to pathologists.”

Unconfirmed reports say the crew included two Americans, a Pakistani and a South African. The whereabouts of the crew were unknown last night.

The nationality of the dead person could not be established by the time of going to print, nor any details of how he died. Western Global Airlines operates a fleet of 16 MD11 freighters, a modern stretched upgrade of the old DC10, according to its web site.

The private cargo line is owned by James and Sunny Neff and advertises that it has a good range of customers, including FedEx. It said aid agencies chartered it to fly staff and supplies into West Africa last year to fight the Ebola epidemic.

The last time Zimbabwean civil aviation authorities impounded a foreign plane was in 2004, when the authorities arrested a planeload of 64 mercenaries who wanted to take part in a coup in Equatorial Guinea.

Efforts to get a comment from the police were fruitless as police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba’s mobile phone went unanswered. The Herald

  • Pane nyaya apa..😳😳

  • Last time it was a French aircraft landing in Masvingo with military hardware enroute to Zambia, now an American aircraft with a dead body and money!!? What the hell is going on? What suprises me is that Zim is under sanctions with many aircrafts avoiding our air space so that we won’t get any revenue but why r these Western superpowers want to use our airspace especialy when transporting sensitive cargos? Mayb they wanted to leave some monies in Zim to finance some bankrupt oposition political parties. I smell a big rat hear. Why asking to land without developing a technical fault? It seems many mysterious things r happening over our airspace.

    • They said refuelling

    • baseless assumptions

    • Be careful with the bleeding dead body and that money…therez a lot of viruses these days…God knows how they are transmitted

      • The ID10T

        Exactly what I was thinking. Now you handle the dead body and bring it into our country without proper tests and procedures, meanwhile that was the intention all along; to deliver an infected body and some laced money.

    • Even South Africa should be on the look out because they are causing devaluation of their currency. When a country does not have enough liquidity in the country, it’s likely that SA will print more money the by losing value. Africa remember they will never like your prosperity, they hate us.

    • utter nonsense, money can be deposited in bank accounts, primitive

    • malicious immunization & vaccination programmes thats how mankind is exposed to viruses there’s nothing to a dead bleeding body

  • ….with a bleeding dead body; died on the way from a rand mission or what..???

  • …With a record of delivering supplies to Ebola infested countries; nw dead body on board? Carefull..!!!

  • Dead body?

  • @NewsDayZimbabwe @dailymaverick

  • Chipai maticha bonus yavo mawana mari

  • Who ever authorised that landing must be investigated. kuri ku party ndaikudanira Cde Mahoka vakutaurire chikorekore

    • There is nothing sinister with authorising an aircraft landing space with or without contraband as long as the relevant protocol or procedures are followed . It doesnt have to be a MAYDAY MAYDAY reason for emergency landing , what if his fuel gauge was running low , did you expect the crew to refuel high up in the skies ? Come on and start to think outside the box !

    • U seem to be defening a lot maybe u hve a better idea. So if a plane askes to land,why ws it searched then?

    • Zulu you are the one inside box.If Maputo turned down the request why Harare which is on the black list of these airbus.musingazivi vhunzai vaZulu tikuudzei zvakavanzika.

    • Zulu the big question is why did Maputo turn down their request

    • Gwinyai when you say blacklisted for Airbus you wrong besides this was an MD11 not Airbus besides KLM had air buses landing at HIA.

    • Why Maputo declined the landing is for them to answer , why Harare accepted is for reasons best known to them , hapana chekubvunza apa chakavanzika u still thinking inside the box ,the plane had to be searched because among other reasons it was not a scheduled flight

    • @Trevis,double check.hadzimhari ndege idzi dzichiti hakusi safe is in the public domain that Zimbabwe is not in good books with the western side.watanga kunzwa izvi neni matter the type,make,or name of the plane my point is Zimbabwe is not in busn with western

    • @Zulu,Zimbabwe tisu vanhu vacho.zvinoitwa ngazvitifadze kwete kuti its up to them.unofunga AirZim ingamhara muAmerica ine maPounds uye chitunha chinobuda ropa.

    • Its not unheard of that planes can ask for emergency landing. The request can be accepted or turned down like what Maputo did. Whenever an emergency landing is done, security checks have to be done, because the reason for requesting a landing might be misleading or it might not be the one. Its also common knowledge that if plane lands the ground personnel have to check for any possible damages to the plane and this includes the landing gears, tyres, the plane’s fuselage amongst many things. This is done for the safety of the plane, its crew members and cargo, the other planes using the runway (bear in mind that the Concord’s last disaster which led to its grounding for good was a result of hitting a metal piece{that had fallen from another plane on take off } that struck its tyre causing it to burst and eventually pierce the fuel tank and cutting electric wires that ignited the jet fuel leading to the death of all those onboard.)
      Thus its very important to check all planes that land on any airport. The process of security checks and inspections is the one that led to this discovery. As for the bleeding corpse, the investigation will give an answer. It may not be ruled out / or may be ruled out that they intended to spread the Ebola virus since they once operated in Liberia. It may also be possible that the person might have been murdered and stashed in that part of the plane. A lot of things can be said, but I think the investigation will give us an answer.

    • like any free country Mozambique had their own right as a country to do as they wish, and zimbabwe can not do e same cos Mozambique yaramba, No, remember e captain said he wanted to refuel and u pay to refuel your plane which is money in Zimbabwe, and wen ever u grant permission on landing of a plane reasons are stated and recorded for reasons amd decisions are usually done collectively, and surely for one to say who ever authorized e landing shiould be investigated its criminal, least I remind u that e plane and e money its now government property

    • Give Munyaradzi Mukwada a round of applause and a 2l Coke , u answered all e questions

    • But what suprises me is if that plane was heading to S.A.,and was able to reach Maputo. The geographical location of Maputo is far from Petersburg or Mussina. There is an Airforce base in Mussina which could have been a better geo location than Harare. Why landing in Harare?

    • People just want to politicise everything , how can u say Air Zimbabwe landing in the USA with a dead body ? Air Zim is a national airliner and this one is a private plane , l insist that u thinking with blinkers , its like u saying they left Germany with the dead body , why dont u consider that he or she died on board hence the body was still dripping blood ? Zim is part and parcel of the global community and hence there is nothing perculiar to Zim that they would do differently regarding handling that plane that is not part of I.S.O. (International Standardisation Organisation ) regulations , dont think the way u do kuti tisu anhu acho , it does not work that way

    • Now relax and stop politicising everything , the cash belongs to the South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) and not Zim opposition as some of you pathetic chancers were beginning to claim they know anzi tisu anhu acho , how pathethic of you EWN has released a report and case is clear

    • And the bleeding dead body?

    • The plane had sought and had been granted authority to refuel of course at host country’s financial advantage , however a CAAZ staffer observed some blood dripping from the plane’s fusilage and upon investigation a dead body was found and the body is the cause of the impound and not the cash. The American owned carrier had left Munich at 8am on Saturday hearding for Durban. And not this ZanuPF this and MDC that which u guys are advocating

    • Mr Zulu, u seem to b in touch with this plane’s events, what caused the bleeding dead body ?

    • Zulu unonyepawo zvako.ndifonere panet 1 ndikubatsire

    • Gwinyai Shoko thats why l said u must think outside the box and stop thinking politics always claiming u know zvakavanzika zveyi ? That body is a stowaway meaning he boarded the exterior part of the plane undetected and died due to cold temperatures in the skies and the money belongs to Sarb , case closed kunyeba itai kushoma

    • Orgimo , there is nothing secret here its all in the news are u in some cave somewhere not to have heard clarity about the whole issue by now ?

    • So unoti munhu anopinda akasaoneka kusvika pakufa ozobuda ropa ava muno.inhema chokwadi chichabuda.wateerera news dzekupi iwe.

  • Mari iyo

  • Dead body???????

  • Zvinoshamisa,dead body

  • Body rasayi,..mari ndoda ka thaza chete,….todye mari yendege…

  • Guys heads up to inteligence of airport staff

  • dead dody ebola pfee

  • Mari muhomwe,,yauya yega,,dead body iyi chererai pasi

  • ko pama Rands apa pane achiripo here tanzwa kuti millions manje nembavha dziri munyika medu hapana mari inosara, next they will saying thousands of rands

  • Kubva Ku German nema Rands?

  • Haa myb english yandirasa:bleedng dead body how guys duz a dead person bleed pliz help bfo ndarasika bren

    • Taura hako

    • Yes a dead body can bleed i hev first hand info abt a zimbabwean woman who was attacked by a croco on saturday in Banket.she was buried yesterday info comin said she was bleedin thats y they quickly buried her.

    • Wonders shal never end my bro

    • english is better said by those who use it as their mother tangue for us we speak and write it anyhow as long as you get the subject in question

  • Ndina Uya

    Bury the body, take the money and donate the aircraft to Airforce. This is manner from heaven.

    • wasu

      i love the way you think!! kkkkk

  • Hoo

  • Something fishing,things like these mustn’t happen again becarefull someone is testing or otherwise,

  • So varikuti chiiiiiiiiii varidzi vendege

  • they need a tough lesson thez guys so tht nxt tym thy won’t try again their dirty tricks in our beloved country

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  • EBOLa in

  • They are very safe, coz they hv millions with them

  • kanyaya kacho hakasi kunzwisisika..million rands from Germany..

  • the big question here guys is ,,,, this plane is not south african plane and we all aware tht Germany is the world source of all tht paper used to print money. Why they decided to land in Zim ? They hv gt their own mission these ppl and the bleedng dead body. Only ebola can cause a dead body to bleed fr some tym

  • Thats satanism

  • pane nyaya

  • majabvi

    “discovered a suspended dead body”… they say it was suspended?????… So if blood was dripping, how was cabin pressure maintained in flight (Cabin pressurization). Could this have been a stowaway gone wrong or if its a bio hazard attack on Zim was it a suicide mission because the crew was exposed to the body, and since maputo were the first and denied the landing rqst, was mozambique the actual target not zim… many anomalies and technicalities here…lest see how the investigation goes.

  • wtf again.

  • This plane was already close to South Africa AZ they first ask for permitone from Mozambique to land there meaning they where actually avoiding S.A as their destination even though they were going there. Smthing is not right in this whole ordeal

  • they’re no details explaining cause & manner of death YES a dead body bleeds

  • yowe

    Covert intelligence operations. This story will not return to the papers anymore.

  • Its not unheard of that a plane may request for an emergency landing in any part of the world. Reasons for requesting an emergency landing are varied. They may include engine failure, onboard fire, hijacking, fuselage failure, need for re-fuelling(in developed nations they can do mid-air re-fuelling),mechanical faults, bomb scare etc. A plane may be granted the permission to do the emergency landing or it maybe turned away just like what Maputo did. Upon landing security checks have to be done on the entire plane as they check for any damages to the landing gear,the fuselage, tyres, and other things, because the reason for requesting an emergency landing may not be genuine and if its genuine it has to ba attended to to ensure the safety of the plane, crew members, the passengers, cargo, the airport itself and other planes that will land at the airport as well as those parked.
    Concord was grounded after it had killed more than 145 people after hitting a metal piece that had fallen off a plane that had departed before it. The Chinese airplane exploded in flight at 32 000 feet due to metal fatigue that had not been detected on inspection and security checks. All these things need 2 be considered and I am sure the security checks led to the discovery ö this bizarre incident. A lot ö theories may be promulgated as one may argue that it was reasonable 2 proceed 2 an military airbase in Mpumalanga coz its closer 2 Maputo than Harare, but maybe the plane’s size could not be accommodated there? The intention to spread Ebola maybe raised also, but this may only be ascertained after the investigation, one may even say the money they would use to pay for the fuel was somehow meant to spread an unknown virus since Zim and German are not in good books, but again, this can only be ascertained by some tests, the corpse may have been someone killed in flight but only the crew or the source ö its takeoff in German may reveal how the “bleeding ” corpse found its way in2 the plane.

    • dnt over kill kkkk…. tnks fr d comment

    • Kkk

    • Its a stowaway

    • Yaa diplomatic comment i accept it ,reasonable

    • @Absalom -yaa but the crew has expressed ignorance on the matter saying they were not aware that there is a corpse on the plane. The theory being put foward now is that he might have been crushed by the landing gear, but it does not hold water in my perspective because if that had been the case, he was supposed to fall when the landing gear compartment opened in preparation for landing. The other question will be how did he find his way into the storeaway if he had been crushed by the landing gear? Like I said before, they will have to trace the case back to Germany or even beyond (by doing an analysis and investigation into the routes and destination of the plane prior to its hire to transport South African money). Its a puzzle that is not easy to solve, because the most important thing is to identify the corpse. From there they may know who is and how he got into the store away. However, South Africa seriously needs its money and have requested for the plane to be released. Kkkkkkk

  • farfetched speculations mystetify & complicate circumstances. They’re a few theories *money belonged to the deceased *dispute to murder on board *money laundry *drugs (unlikely, none mentioned). Virus exposure is through malicious vaccination & immunization programmes implicated is the WHO, USA, France, list continues

  • Millions of southafrican rands and a dead body ummm , we are staying tuned ! Zvinevakuru kusouth izvi . Proud to be a zimbo, our security system always on alert

  • They were taking millions of rands to South Africa ???? from Germany ???? & a dead person full of blood Ummm these guys has a lot to explain

  • Ngavasabate mari iyo ndeyeropa

  • Blood dripping from inside the plane? Did the plane have cracks??

  • Pakaipa

  • beware of this blood tosimudzirwa mhepo.thanx to our security , well trained in all areas .remember those mecinneries .dont play with Zimbos

  • thanx to our security , well trained in all areas .remember those mecinneries .dont play with Zimbos .Asi panoti blood apo

  • muchatiunzira ebola muno siyanai nendege dzevanhu plz next time no compromise no emegency landing

  • imi nyatsotaurai chokwadi mhani chii chamakaona mufi aichucha ropa. Umm marands mundege yemajerimani futi aaah

  • Wonders shall never end

  • I think this report shows international transparency. Roll on transformation and peace.

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