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Uebert Angel buys his wife a Lamborghini for Valentines

UNITED KINGDOM – Prominent Zimbabwe preacher and Spirit Embassy founder (now Good News Church), Uebert Angel, has reportedly splashed out on a $US400 000 Lamborghini sports car for his wife Beverly as a Valentines present.

Pictures released on social media show Beverly Angel receiving keys to a Lamborghini Aventador.
Pictures released on social media show Beverly Angel receiving keys to a Lamborghini Aventador.

Pictures released on social media show Beverly Angel receiving keys to a Lamborghini Aventador.

In an exclusive interview with Nehanda TV several years ago, Uebert Angel defended his flamboyant lifestyle saying he did not take money from offerings in church and instead ran several businesses including real estate.

But his critics accuse him of exploiting the prosperity gospel that preaches that the more you give in offerings to the church the more you will reap in blessings from God.

Angel has not been to Zimbabwe in a while since he was dragged to court by a Harare man who accused him of duping him out his Bentley luxury vehicle. The case was eventually thrown out and this week a church spokesman Rikki Doolan said Angel could go to Zimbabwe anytime he wanted.

“Uebert Angel, can go to Zimbabwe any time God says he should go. God is the determining power in all this, remember Uebert Angel is a servant of God and as such he goes where God wants him to be. He is also a business person who is a global citizen and is not restricted to any one geographic area, he is not barred from any country and he is neither a fugitive of the law in any place,” Doolan is quoted saying.

An arrest warrant that had been issued against Angel on the 24th of December 2014 is reported to have recently been cancelled by Harare provincial magistrate Mr. Vakayi Chikwekwe with consent from the prosecutor- general’s office.

  • Major do it.

    • mukuti nzara wani.?

      • The Seer

        Iwe ndiwe uri munzara. There has never been a time when the whole world was in poverty. Only people ignorant of the word and principle of God

        • Snipper1

          The seer, so you are saying ” no true Christians are in hunger?”

    • Maiwe

      I love it when critics shiver at the success of a person. They cant even buy their wives some panties and they attack those who love theirs. The prophet buys his wife a car written Lamborghini and these critics the last time they bought panties for their wives it was written No Nonsense.

      • mandi

        You need to look at the sources of income. If someone out of nowhere owns houses, surely people have a right to ask. If someone has been working hard 24/7, I mean genuine work NOT preaching to people how they should pay tithe, then it won’t raise anyone’s eyebrows

        • caleb2011

          So you are real prophet who can tell the sources of income of other people? If you are not a prophet then why are you blabbering?

          • fidza

            less than 5 years ago he confessed on record that he was broke in the UK, he even had a sermon on how he would go to the atm knowing he had less than 2 pounds in it etc. The problem is that these people make merchandise of people, and then flaunt that money as if they generated it elsewhere – thats where the problem is. If he said he was buying stuff using church money we wouldnt have a problem because we know thats where he gets the money from, its only the lies of not taking from the church that we disagree with, becuase all of them makandiwa, magaya etc got their money from church.

          • caleb2011

            How did you know about all this? Give us some evidence lol you might be true.

          • fidza

            there is a video on youtube where he specifically talks about that, where he says he was speaking to the atm to bring out money etc, dnt remember its title.

      • makumbe

        maiwe.you are an idiot,booty licker, and hangers on. the guy is not a prophet thats what irks right thinking minds. The guy charges people for his stupid fake ,false miracles, selling a fictitious phenomenon called christianity.you think people are jealous of steve masiiwa?

        • schicco

          “Steve Masiiwa”

          Strive Masiyiwa

          • makumbe

            waal you are so wonderful.smarty pants ,steve as good as strive.you sound like an iligitimate child claiming his position

      • Vhurai maziso

        Keep donating to Angel so he buys more presents to his wife. Good job Maiwe! Ngatishandise pfungwa chipo chamwari.

        • Maiwe

          At least he buys a lamboghini to his wife. Why should we give you so that you buy a panty written NO NONSENSE for your wife?

  • Moruti wa tsotsi

  • Let his enjoy his money,tengera wakovo kana ma tommy zvawo

  • Kudya mari yemakudo

  • Ko Tsvangirai hippopotamus is going t splash what

  • That’s not his money u all know that. So l wonder kuti mumba macho how they celebrate. Ndomari dzamunobvisa paunoenda kuchurch kwake. Anywai wanoenda kuchurch kwake kunomupa mega maida kuti adii. Maprophet emukore uno aya. Pakaipa

    • So iwe zvakurwadza? Warwadziwaka? Zvakudzimbai moyo yenyuka?

      • yowe

        Iwe nekupa kwako uri kunzwa sei?? R u feeling blessed?

      • Jazzy E

        Ho ndimi mafuza ari kupa Hubert mari nhaika ? I think i need to start my own church – perfect business model, fleecing gullible christian morons.

    • m not even bothered

    • we all know akadzoka kuzimbabwe asina mari

    • The Seer


  • Madness

  • levels determines…

  • pakaipa mheeni

  • kana anayoo aipihwaa odii, otongo idlaa zvee! idlai Major

  • Why wouldn’t he? He get the money from the stupid desperate congregants anyway .

    • Jazzy E

      He has earned that money – he has managed to convince stupid gullible christians to part with their cash. Let him enjoy it hama dzadiwa – haana kubira munhu mari kkkkkk

  • Marwadziwaka? Zvakudzimbai moyo yenyu nhai? Muchafa nejealous renyu. Jealous nehuroyi it’s the same.

    • yowe

      Iwe nekupa kwako how are you feeling? Do you feel blessed??? Are u blessed by your tithes and love offerings that have bought the car????Pindura

      • maiwe

        Handina godo in handina daka saka warwadziwa nei? Tithe yacho ndeyako? Offering yacho yatorwa mumba mako? Who asked you for money? and who even bothers to do that?

        • yowe

          Sangana memubvunzo upindure

          • Snipper1

            Maiwe anenge arwadziwa nechegumi but still manage to display a brave face.

          • yowe

            Chegumi ndinopa ha nevanhu vanotambura every month. Read your Bible and understand. I do my part to show God’s providence to those in need. Not kupa a multi- millionaire when I have people around me in need.

  • LOL I also bought my girlfriend a car for Valentine’s, big up to the man giving their loved ones nice treats zvekwabva mari or value Ye gift haa yatoo imwe nyaya plus anoba here Angel?

  • Exactly what business enterprise are these people engaged in that gives them so much money??

  • Keep giving him money he will buy more and no food in your house kupusa

    • maiwe

      I love it when critics shiver at the success of a person. They cant even buy their wives some panties and they attack those who love theirs. The prophet buys his wife a car written Lamborghini and these critics the last time they bought panties for their wives it was written No Nonsense

  • Mbavha iyo but varikubirwa vacho mapenzi nxa

    • Jazzy E

      Mayaz – hapana munhu akabirwa mari – mafuza ma kristu vari kumupa mari dzavo vega saka siyayi anakirwe kkkkk

  • I do not expect that from some body from somebody of his calibre especially when we are begging for food aid. Some peopleare starving. Is that your Bible say?

    • Mwembwe

      Th bible says you will always have the poor among you Mathew 26:11. It is God himself saying the poor will always be available. If you cant give food aid yourself it means you are also poor. How do you expect a rich person to donate food when you being rich also stand aside and fold your hands? It means you are poor. Hakuna inofurira ivete wajaira kushandirwa

    • The Bible expects us to take care of the poor….etc..

  • They always have businesses and real estate on the side. Disgusting and awful.

  • Shane

    Wodya dzemarema

  • Ndiyo mari yamunobvisa yechegumi.

  • when your time comes you are going to be punished bra dont enjoy much

    • Jazzy E

      Punished by who ? There is no god, Hubert Angel will enjoy his life imi muchingoita wish him bad. Rohwayi mari makanyarara matununu evanhu lol!!

  • Kwaakumberi kwekumberi,

  • For those who say Prophet Angel is getting money from congregants. Which congregants when he has been away for almost 2 years now.Muri kuedza kumirira vanhu vari kuUK why cant they complain vega.Still what does the bible say about offerings.Hanti yakanzi ndeyevaRevhi here so what is the problem here.After all Angel has got businesses that he runs.Zvikaitwa naProphet aba, Politician zvonzi aba, zvikaitwa wo kana neni zvonzi ane chikwambo saka achazoita mari yechokwadi ndiani. Even zvikaitwa nemunhu anozikanwa ane business saPhillip Chiyangwa zvonzi imbavha but he is a business mogul zvinozikanwa nevanhu vose.Imi chiitaiwo pavalentines tione zvidiki zvamuchaita.Dai Angel akatenga mapata pata as a gift kuna Amai Angel maibva mati abroker. Hamuna chakana you people.

    • Asi iwe ukutambura!!bible says help the poor

      • Mwana waPapa

        Did it specifically say prophet Angel should do that or you are also included there unless you are poor yourself? Getting back to the bible how do you help the poor? Luke 4:18 says The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor. How do you help the poor? You preach good news to them. What is good news to the poor? God has not abandoned you, it is the pleasure of God for his people to prosper, let the weak say im strong, the first shall be the last etc. surely the word of God is strong for you to understand you need help

    • Nyaradzo Moyo Who told you kuti ndiri kutambura. I am content with what I have and I am blessed with what I have.

      • Mwana waPapa

        Those poor people who you want prophet angel to give to are they also not content with what they have? Are you their spokesperson? Birds of the same feather

    • Kwaanga ari kunawo futi macongregants ufunge. Plus Bevhas been running the show here too. So your argument is weak on that grounds; of his absence.

    • U really must be stupid to think that one has to be there in person to collect the money

    • Absolom Mhiripiri, grow up mhani iwe, hauzive here kuti vanhu vanongorohwa mari whether iye aripo or not, inongouya, imbavha uyo hantie ndosaka akatiza kuZimbabwe.

    • igora muface uyu!

    • This Absolom Mhiripiri is in the poor impoverishment cartel,looting from the masses selling heaven and hell

    • the point here is not kupihwa mari nema congregants or not nekuti haana waakabatira banga or gun kuti amupe munonobvisa mega,2,anobatsira wani vari poor I know of a story achino feeder vanhu hobho vanogara muma squatter ku India etc. .point ndeyekuti hamumutongere zvekushandisa mari yake or value yezvaanotenga nayo..hamumuudzire how much people vaanofanira kubatsira because of the money he has nekuti imimi munayowo mari no matter how much it is hapana anooongorora kuti matenga zvemarii or mabatsira vanhu vangani #lesson MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND STOP BEING JEALOUS…zvekuti ndewamwari here or No hapana anomanikidzwa kuendako saka chakunetsai vanhu chii chaizvo? ???

    • Shungu dzako ndedzeyi kubvisa mwana vemvana madziwa? Iwe, the money your papa has got came from church he never applied for a loan, wanzwa-a-a-a!!!!

    • It’s so sad that we still have such ignorant people like Absolom Mhiripiri. Read ur news carefully and understand, there’s a warrant of arrest for this so called man of gold. He went to the UK after defrauding 1 of his congrigants a vehicle.

    • he stole the money from stupid and ignorant and spiritually lazy zimbos and went to invest it in UK….he’ll come back and steal again by making false promises to stupid and ignorant and spiritually lazy zimbos……

    • Its not only about how he gets his money, but about the fact that he spends a lot of time investing it in earthly treasures. When you choose to become a man of God, to a certain extent you have to deny yourself and take up the cross. No one is saying he must starve, but buying a Lamborghini? $400,000 spent on earthly things such as a car is unbecoming for a man of God. The argument yekuti showing these blessings will lead people to God is satanic. Zvinhu zvaMwari hazvitengeke nemari or ruchiva. You cant lead people to God with your wealth. They wont last once they get disappointed kana miracle money yacho yaramba kubuda.

    • Futseki unopenga iwe mbwa yemunhu. Angel imbavha, chiyangwa imbavha. Ukuzama kuti chii ipapo. Mbwa

    • Prophetess speed anoidii?

    • mai Bee

      Very true. Munhu wese anonzi aba or chikwambo

    • But this man of God is also learned and has a lot of businesses in Zim and abroad, i dnt see any need to debate or talk about presents given to his wife coz he is affording, iwe ukatadza or kana wakaomerwa it doesn’t mean that it applies to everybody

  • Hanya naani

  • yowe

    My PAPA rovai mari dzevakapusa!!! Please come back and take money muno zvakare! People are even more desperate than when you went you can get back the money you spent on the car in one mega service!!!

  • So fucking what ? That car could kill her, why not feed the poor or build houses for them idiot….

    • or to build a school vanhu ava imbavha asi vanhu hazvioni.unotonzwa munhu achinetsekera bhavhadhi ramufundisi asi wake mubereki haatombo muitiri.Itai henyu mega ini handipo

  • m

  • Prophet havazive kt i leap year here? Vakashandisa miracle money

  • akasiya avhara vanhu muno akarova pasi.hameno pamwe ndiro bhaibheri racho.

  • These pastors use the bible to steal .

  • Kkkk jelousy is a terrible disease.why cant u sell your phone n feed the poor.sorry brother.Ukarwadziwa naMajor haupore zvekumhanya.

    • What an unChristian unloving thing to say. Ndiwo mweya wamunopihwa ku cult kwenyu? If your comments represent your ministry then better to be a non Christian.

    • Shame poor God will always reveal the truth.

  • Bentley case cancelled? Haaa kana uine mari muZim you don’t go to court. Pane akadya mari naEngero. Dai tirisu taiwana dzedu mhosva dzakatimirira

    • guest

      The case was not cancelled. The parties involved settled out of court. In other words Angel paid the claimant

  • Valentine’s day is not biblical. Set your minds on things above not on earthly things(Col 3:2). You can say whatever things you like asi munhu uyu sandi we chech

  • ….thats it major ….thats what the bible says even frmm the old testament in deut 28:13….u shall be the heard, n not the tail….. Mukasaishandisa totoshaya kuti mukushandireyi zveeee

  • ….thats it major ….thats what the bible says even frmm the old testament in deut 28:13….u shall be the heard, n not the tail….. Mukasaishandisa totoshaya kuti mukushandireyi zveeee

  • Why not buy a $100 000 dollar car and take the difference and feed the poor from his church,or take to school some poor kids from his congregation.

    • Hope you are also feeding the poor yourself from your salary

    • because its his money not yours,vanhu vatema are so judgemental and very good at minding business that’s not theirs

    • who are you feeding if i may ask

  • ….n what abt dr Chiyangwa a well knwn bsns man

  • those who sing help the poor but have not even one are just ridiculous. If he got money why not buy? Learn from his hustle and stop being jealous. . People in churches give. out of their own free will imi marwadziwa nei. chengetai yenyu makangwara mugochengeta varombo tione

  • Regai munhu aje cashi yake, chii ne povo nhai

  • sabhuku nhopi

    This is just kind admonition to those who do not know Prophet Angel nor have close contact with him, If you dont know nothing about where he got his money, NYARARA (be quiet). Somethings are not worth talking about, they just deserve your silence. This is an act of love, you better buy your wife hers too if you can afford it, if you cant then let those who can afford it do it. If you think that is church money, y dont you start your own church and we will see if the offerings will buy even a datsun 120Y. Zvamusingazivi nezvazvo nyararai.

    • Mr. Roboto

      Angel’s spokesperson I suppose?

      • The Seer

        You buy your wife an underwear written No Nonsense whilst someone buys his wife a Lamborghini

  • MweniTafara

    Apa dziri kudya mari yevarombo dzichitenga lamborghini mbavha idzi.

  • So were do we fit?

  • Greasemonkey

    Rova mari yako Uebert tiinde . Siya mabharanzi achihukura nemiromo yakaoma KKKKKK LOL

  • Ipai Angel and other fake prophets/pastors mari kupusa kwenyu

    • I did electrical work for this international church but Im struggling to get my money……so I no longer trust these pastors.It was complete automation….. Wireless switches,remote controls,receivers etc…but no fruits for my expertise!!!!

  • As for me i an not being jealousy but its a fact pliz dont try to defend him otherwise he is using the word of God to enrich himself. Please i stand to be corrected that very same Prophet was in India donating some goodies HATINA TSIKA DZAKADARO PACHIVANHU CHEDU!

  • As for me i an not being jealousy but its a fact pliz dont try to defend him otherwise he is using the word of God to enrich himself. Please i stand to be corrected that very same Prophet was in India donating some goodies HATINA TSIKA DZAKADARO PACHIVANHU CHEDU!

  • no valentine formed against my pocket shall prosper

  • Why buy her a car when they have cars already whats e point ?

  • chibaba

  • Ooh so the prophets also believes in this valentine animal? God help.

  • God will judge

  • eeeh zvee ndokuti kudya zvipo zve church ka uku wapinda wna isu vamwe kutsvaga yekutenga cup ye RED!!

  • ummm izvi azvisi zvegaaa, imwe mari andi gutsikani nayo

  • ummm izvi azvisi zvegaaa, imwe mari andi gutsikani nayo

  • Ko ivo vaporofita ava vanobvisavo here chegumi nekuti toona kuti vanotovavo nemakambani makuru uye chegumi chacho choenda uye kubatwa nani

  • Bev Mutambara

  • Buy me a house

  • Endai nayo movapa hawo ka madevolpmenzi kkkkl avari kuita iwe unei papa

  • 400thousans us dollars ayaa

  • Hahahaha ha-ha pathetic hanzi why not donate that money, this guy has donated money and food to opharns over the years , hamuzvizivika because kana muporofita akaita chakanaka you don’t notice it, u wait for him to buy an expensive car mobva mati dai apa varombo, ko iwe ,esp iwe wakambodonater wo kunaani,chero dollar zvaro, asi maporofita ndovega vanobvumirwa kudonatre?if you follow these prophets well there is quite a lot of good deeds that they do to the society , which has never been done even by politicians , but your media doesn’t published it, because newspaper harizotengwi, kungonzi prophet ani , vatenga mota yakadii , its in the headlines of all the papers momhanya kunotenga bepa ,kana iri Facebook poita thousands of likes and comments, akaita chakanaka hachinyorwi bodo why because hachitengesi bepa.The media knows what u want to read and hence they give that to you.saka most of you before u comments zvinhu zvisina mafacts chimboitawo find out kuti , munhu uyu chero hangu ndisingafollowi church yake, pane zvakanaka zvaakamboitawo here kusociety , akambodonater wo here anything to anyone , if you do that ukashaya , then wozopostawo hako ,vaunoziva, otherwise muri kuzvi embarraser online ne ignorance dzenyu

    • Lol , why should we know or know not for the bible says let not the right hand know what the left hand has done, so why stand on rooftops blowing one’s own trumpet about what one has bought ? Who cares what he donates or does not donate ? vis a vis who cares what he buys or does not buy ? Tineyi nazvo ?

    • Kkkkkkk who cares ,what he donates or does not donate??? Hoo you don’t care nhai, But you care about what car he drives or what car he buys for his wife ??? Typically what I was just saying on my first comment , akaita zvakanaka hanzi we don’t care , if he donated to opharns and widows ,we don’t care ,and we dont even want to hear about it , futi futi Bible rinoti the left hand must not know what the right has done, kkkkk but akanzi atenga mota inodhura maakutizve dai apa varombo mari yacho, saka munodeiko.Kana pane chakanaka chaitwa whether ndiMagaya or Makandiwa or Ubert vamakavenga ivavo tendaiwo , learn to appreciate vana veZimbabwe,

    • Hazvina basa kuti aka Doneta marii this guy is just evil you are worshiping h

    • Him not the true God he is stealing from the poor and enriching himself there is no need to buy such an expensive car for what there is so many poor people within Zimbabwe vanotorara ne nzara vasina che kudya ndihwo hu Satani hwacho iwoyo

  • eish just tired of dis story,who cares hey.

  • Show off

  • Vanity! vanity!

  • Man of satan,why is he so devilishly selfish


  • Marii idzi vanombodziwanepi isu vamwe tine 3 3ma degree tichifondoka nenhamo

    • Mwembwe

      God is superior to earthly wisdon like degrees. The prophet is even more qualified than you. He is even more spiritual than you. He is even more intelligent than you. He loves his wife more than you love yours. The fruits speak for themselves. Maybe there is something wrong in the doctrine that you have absorbed into your system

  • Indapa wangu sweet

  • Tapiwa Mdangwe

    This is Prophetess “Something” Angel the yellowbone wife of Zim-born UK based Prophet Ubert Angel receiving a brand new Lamborghini worth Millions … Now this is happening when the Tithe giver is in a Kombi struggling to pay the R5 taxi fare … Murimabharanzi

    • Mwana waPapa

      Common sense still prevails. If one person cant pay R5 it means they cant pay tithe. They cant part with one tenth of R5 otherwise their transport money gets less hence they cant go home. I thought common sense was common. It is no longer common these days

  • Doppelganger

    ey, but Mai mfundisi ava isimbi chaiyo!

  • Why not helping the poor than wasting money buying a bitch such an expensive car , Ma show offs aya nekushaya pfungwa

    • Sabhuku Nhopi

      Zvino kana moti mukadzi wemunhu ibitch, mavavengerei ko Mai Angel, kusvika pakuvadaro. Dai raiva hure taiti zvino akabvisirwa pfuma ndowamungabva mati bitch, ahhhh madarireiko nhai vakuru?

  • Dai apa kune chirikadzi nenherera agona😢

  • hooo. nyaya iya yemota yavapapi

  • Sellassie Army

    babylon plots and schemes

  • So wht

  • Ko mari yeIlluminati ndeyeku splasher in tht manner

  • A preacher should not be a rich man, he is working for God who was poor. He should be giving his wealth to the people who need it and not be buying a Lambourghini for his wife.

  • Where there is religion, there is ignorance and poverty for the flock in most cases.

  • Kkkkkkkkkkkk busy naye Angel don’t lose focus nezvinhu zvemumwe itaiwo zvenyu

  • Wow! Beautiful, fit for a Queen,

  • 400 000 saka zvikureva kuti sir Wiknell vanopfeka Lambogini muruoko (watch) jkkkkkk

  • Ko arikushanda ku White House? Or imari nzevanhu zabekutenga suv

  • ndohu christu here ihwohwo vanhu vachitambura.kushoresa zita rababa

  • Haisi leap year here

  • let them enjoy their paradise for there is no destination for them after this life than hell…….

  • inini1545

    What do these men have in common? Angel,Bushiri, Deutshce, Gumbura, Guti, Magaya, Makandiwa and Mutsvene. Is it ambitious to coin it a “multi million dollar industry”? Given, that these men accumulated wealth after a few years as preachers and none of then inherited wealth from a successful relative.

  • Ndozvinoita vanegodo vanogwadziva neanoita kuti mhuri igute nekufara mazirombe

  • Susan Heathcote thank very much but whats your take on this issue I wouldnt want to put words into your mouth, but i dont buy the idea and the EVENT because at the end of the day you all you would have done doesnt take you close GOD remember we are only living a fraction of our life, thank you!

  • He is a preacher..the people give to the church that he is the leader..why did he not give that money to the poor….

  • wow tts awesome

  • kaygoy

    Nehanda that is a Lamborghini Huracan US$250 000 and not an aventandor, i blame the gullible ones who give their hard earned cash

  • kaygoy

    i need to start my own church as soon as

  • mai Bee

    I thank the Lord also. My husband bought me a new iPhone and BMW 3 series. Aah Beverly, you and I must thank God for our husbands. Please don’t hate, congratulate! Kwedu kune party all weekend pakaoma mhen

  • vatendi kupusa here ikoko

    Those who go to these churches are extremely stupid. You give the so called prophet money and he buys his wife a lambogrhini while you are starving. Yes look after prophet and prophetess. Good lessons for the loyal followers but then they do not learn anything as they are now busy raising money to maintain the car for the prophetess.

  • Chipazhamwongo

    In this drought year how many people could he had fed or schools rehabilitated. I am not a church goer but I believe in doing good even with my money. What is the difference if she drove a Toyota Camry. She will still get from A to B in relative comfort, and fast. People lets get our priorities right. In case God will one day ask you I gave you all that money what did you do with it.

    • teyi

      So if one has a billion dollars are you then saying they must not buy what satisfies their desires. People are poor because they are not obedient to the word of God. We do not pray to a poor good and besides , we pray saying ” thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” meaning what ever is heaven like it should manifest in the natural.

      • Chipazhamwongo

        Then live the life of a billionaire but do not claim to live the live of Jesus or John the Baptist. Those who seek spiritual closeness to God mainly become monks and forsake the riches of the world. Jesus said it is difficult for a rich man………………….

  • Mutsawashe

    Regai vadye zvemarema.

  • Nxa

  • Vaita cash. Amen

  • fidza

    Dai mambonzwa shoko iri mbijana https://youtu.be/0RNI_NdHdNE, mombosiya zvenyika izvi

  • Mutengesimukuru

    Did anybody see the title to this vehicle? These people can do anything just to get public attention and to satisfy their egos

  • Muchamama

    Good for his wife we need to stop criticizing because he wanted to be arrested by the Zimbabwean government. Why do you want him to come and help looters and people voting for the same rigime. Go and ask Mugabe for food aid not prophet Angel.

  • Munamati Mukuru

    I am a hard-core Christian, believe in prosperity. On the other hand I am also a business man. I went to schools of business and analytical thinking to show for it. First drug there are drug dealers who did zvinemusoro and did good with their money. People can get money every which way and then end up using it for very successful businesses. What’s detestable is when someone makes their money off some source (church) and then starts business for them to then say it’s God given money really? Yes now you have a business but tell us where you got the money to start it. Which bank gave you loans. Show us your tax returns in the various countries you have businesses.
    Nothing with God prospering people but please. Kana nemi mongoti prophet prophet wise up be discerning if anything muchatongerwa izvozvo.

  • Mizilikazi

    Kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndokwadzino mhanyira

  • RumbyWacho

    Pakaipa. Kuna mai vari kutadza ku feeda vana nekuda kunopa mari kuchurch. Asi pastor vari kutenga zvavo Lambo. Morambawo makashinga vanopinda church iyi!

  • Jazzy E

    I for one do not blame Angel – it is not his fault that there are plenty of gullible christian idiots willing to part with their cash for an invisible product that one can only fully “utilize” after death !! Keep taking their money Hubert and enjoy every moment of these idiots money.

  • King

    Criticising people. Remember that you only give when you have have something to give. If you don’t have, you can’t afford. Religion is only for those who believe. Your situation is different, and may change one day, like many others.