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Caster Semenya marries girlfriend

It is being reported that star athlete, Caster Semenya held her traditional wedding ceremony over the weekend.

Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya

According to the SA Fame Awards, which forms part of Limpopo Media, Caster and her longtime girlfriend, Violet Raseboya, had their traditional wedding ceremony in Ga-Dikgale in the Capricorn District of Limpopo.

Pictures of Caster and Violet dressed in traditional wedding attire were published on the media group’s site.

Last year it was reported that the pair had become engaged after dating for a long time, and their union got the approval of their families.

However, shortly after the reports emerged, Sowetan reported that Caster denied the claims. “There is no wedding. Don’t believe the rumours you read in the news”


Speaking to The Juice, a representative from Limpop Media, who attended the celebrations held on Sunday, says the atmosphere were celebratory. “People were very happy. The mood was jovial and they are supportive of this union. Everybody was happy and smiling.”

When attempting to contact the athlete herself, a person claiming to be her cousin answered the call. “As a family we don’t comment on such matters. Caster is off for two weeks.”

It’s believed that there is some confusion on whether it was an engagement or a traditional wedding. However the person claiming to be Caster’s cousin later added; “There was no wedding. If I say there was no wedding then there was no wedding.”

Another contact number for Caster has gone unanswered.

Source: News24

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