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Bev’s wicked dance act scoops R25 000

SOUTH AFRICA – Zimbabwe’s leading dancer Beverley ‘Bev’ Sibanda is celebrating after winning first place in an Africa-wide reggae dancehall dancing competition held at the Bassline, a popular music venue and club in Johannesburg.

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage
Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage (Picture by NewsDay)

Thursday night’s inaugural Dancehall Queen annual competition, organised by Johannesburg-based Zimbabwean-born ragga DJ, Jah Seed, whose real name is Adrian Anesu Mupemhi, provided an opportunity to showcase the best dancehall dancers in Africa at a competition that saw Bev scoop the top prize of R25 000.

A vast array of diverse performances were seen on the night, with judges marking on skill, musicality and creativity.

Bongo Muffin’s Jah Seed said the competition was highly successful, and was organised with help from Hillary Mutake, the CEO of Punchline Entertainment. Contestants were supposed to be 18 years of age and a holder of a valid passport.

The competition saw South African dancers doing battle with dancers from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Nigeria.

The winner was voted by the bumper audience, and Bev’s range of flexible, booty shaking and gravity-defying tricks earned her top place and excellent feedback from the crowd and judges, who were “wonderfully and magically impressed” by the yellow-bone’s wicked dance routine and hugely entertaining theatrics.

Bev’s manager Harpers Mapimhidze said they had such an amazing experience and were absolutely thrilled with coming tops as the standard was extremely high.

He said Bev, who was unreachable for comment yesterday, was feeling a sense of achievement adding that seeing continuous progress was a real motivational boost for her. Daily News


  • mufungi

    Dancing and making a livelihood.
    Its never as easy as is written.

    • The Sweetest Manhood Season 2

      kwahi anonaka futi !! kkkk good in bed pa chikapa ne kukoira

      • RastaMan

        But JahMan Manhood, Iyah man sey munhu haanake uyu!!! Ndi Jezebel zvake and she definitely can move but huchi hapasisina. Biltong gambi mi tell you sey.

        • chinungu

          panonaka pakapera

        • The Sweetest Manhood Season 2

          kkk Biltong Gambi kkk ndaseka hangu !! vanhu vanongotaura but know kuti yangove mvura yekuna Mukuvisi chete !!

  • The Sweetest Manhood Season 2

    Dirty dancing Pays hey !! shit

  • Tau Rai

    Let’s see if Zimra will withhold her passport for not paying tax on the R25,000 as they did to Charles Manyuchi (the boxing champion)

  • mhofu

    akagona kuvatambisira riri 1