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I’m good in bed boasts Bev

By Nyasha Kada

HARARE – Outspoken raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda recently suggested, on her WhatsApp status, that she is a great pleasure to men. The dancer caught the attention of many with her status which read :”Ini zii zvangu semunhu anonaka”.

I'm good in bed boasts Bev
I’m good in bed boasts Bev

To accompany the status, Beverly put a suggestive profile picture. She has since replaced the picture with a more decent one but still maintained the status yesterday.

Contacted for comment, the Sexy Angels boss said: “I mean what I wrote and those that I have ‘serviced’ know what I mean with the status.

“I’m good at it (sex) and I have the bragging rights,” she said.

Added BEV: “Anyway , why are you always after my status and movements? At times give me a break please, I am also human and a proud mother of one.”

Over the years, the 24-year-old dancer has been linked with several musicians, footballers and even promoters although she vehemently denied some of the affairs. Warriors forward Khama Billiat has also been linked with her. H Metro

  • Pretty

    she should be good in bed judging from her flexibility

  • Nhodza


  • Wapas

    so says who kuti unonaka, vanenge vachida kungonombora huchi muhoney jar and using you as a practice or warm up stadia

  • Sellassie Army

    In this day and age.Who cares.

  • Papa D

    chokwadi , hadzisi nhema, imbouya kumba kwangu 4 ma trials

  • Mamavista

    Hanzi serviced kkkkkkkk. My mom used to say nhunzi dzino zara kune nyama yakaora. Kana achi naka why is she not married with the husband bragging kkkkkkkkkkk

    • gutter poet

      Good question…

  • Chatunda

    Hakuna zviripo kunotoita kunga Bakayau hove yakaomeswa. Ndakamboda kukudya ndikati chakafukidza dzimba matenga. Matuzvi ega ega aya ishe!!!!!!!


    marketing strategy. MaCustomer akuita mashoma.

    • kusakwana uku

      Zvichapera soon nekukura

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