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Full text of Mujuru manifesto

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru has unveiled her party manifesto – setting the stage for the launch of the breakaway People First (PF) political party after she and several heavyweights were expelled from the ruling Zanu PF party.

Former Vice President Joice Mujuru
Former Vice President Joice Mujuru

In the manifesto published in full below, Mujuru pledged that her administration would allow people in the diaspora the right to vote, respect property rights, run an apolitical civil service, a small but effective government structure and to promote political tolerance and a free press by repealing oppressive laws.

Below is the full text of the Manifesto

MY FELLOW CITIZENS, COUNTRYMEN AND FRIENDS, Since my last statement issued in early June 2015, we have been hard at work and I wish to share with you, in brief, how we propose to translate our vision for a better Zimbabwe into reality – through the proposed Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (BUILD).


Zimbabwe belongs to all people who call it home, regardless of colour, creed, disability, gender, race or religious background. Together we can BUILD Zimbabwe into a modern democratic State, with a vibrant economy where every citizen is responsible for peace, freedom, democracy and can prosper. Zimbabwe is part of the global village.

We shall ensure that our policies are informed by its sovereign interests viewed in the context of the current modern global geopolitical context.


To attain Peace, Freedom, Democracy and Prosperity for All


To organise, promote and support full stakeholder participation in order to BUILD our country.


To RAMP (Remove All Measurable Pitfalls) up production across all sectors by promoting a full understanding and commitment by the country’s leadership and its people to BUILD


We are national democrats, guided by the values of the liberation struggle, of self determination, self-dignity, self-pride, expressed through the adoption of market driven policies under a constitutional democracy, with the State acting as a facilitator and regulator to allow for a level playing field and provide equal opportunities for all.


1 General

i. Our fundamental premise is that all people are created equal under God. The law should therefore be applied equally to all citizens and offices in the land.

ii. We shall respect and uphold the supremacy of the Constitution and through an independent Commission, align all outstanding laws to the State Constitution and oversee the proper implementation thereof.

iii. We shall promote, respect, and support the principle of the separation of powers of the three pillars of the state i.e the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature.

iv. We shall respect and restore the role of traditional leaders as prescribed by the Constitution.

2 Civil Service Advancement

i. The civil service shall be apolitical, and we shall promote meritocracy and professionalism.

ii. We shall encourage e-government throughout the service to achieve set targets by set timelines and curb corruption.

iii. We shall commission a biometric skills audit to inform a manpower planning and development strategy, to ensure effective delivery, high morale and also link it to curriculum development in the education sector.

iv. We shall clearly define the roles of Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Heads of Ministries.

v. We shall promote accountability and transparency by giving the Auditor General more resources and authority to initiate or recommend criminal prosecution.

vi. We shall encourage and promote a “small but effective” government structure.

vii. We shall review the State Procurement Act in line with international best practice and BUILD, in order to ensure transparency, timely delivery on national projects and value for money.

viii. We shall ensure that Government’s role is to facilitate, promote, regulate a level and sustainably stable economic playing field.

ix. We shall establish as a think-tank, a Presidential Economic and Advisory Centre for Excellence (PEACE), made up of experts from various sectors, to advise, assist, comment on and support government policy formulation, implementation and review.

3 Constitutional Commissions

i. We shall resource, restore and fully implement the intended roles of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, Human Rights Commission, and the Gender Commission as prescribed under the Constitution.

4 Democracy and Human Rights

i. We shall promote and support a free press. Repeal AIPPA, and review the licensing criteria and methodology under the Broadcasting Services Act and related legislation.

ii. We shall give the vote to diasporans.

iii. We shall acknowledge dual citizenship.

iv. We say no to political intolerance. We shall repeal POSA and replace it with a modern legislation that is in line with the Constitution.

v. We say no to violence.

vi. We shall re-align the Criminal Code Codification and Reform Act, to the Constitution.

vii. The Electoral Act will be amended to FULLY comply with the Constitution’s provisions and requirements.

5 Employee and Employer Rights

We shall link salaries and wages to productivity as a way of increasing national competitiveness and improve living standards for the population.

6 National Healing

There is going to be compassionate national and spiritual healing programmes throughout the country addressing trauma emanating from pre and post Independence conflicts in Zimbabwe.

7 Property Rights

We shall enforce, promote, and respect property rights and address historical compulsory acquisition, through fair and transparent compensation.

8 Rule of Law

i. We shall respect and uphold the rule of law by treating all people equally before the law.

ii. We shall respect the independent role of the Prosecutor-General under the Constitution.

iii. All political leaders should be accountable to PEOPLE FIRST and observe State laws. We want our political leaders to be honest and have integrity and be trustworthy.

9 Women, Youths and the Disabled Advancement

We shall actively promote the advancement of women, youths and the disabled in all economic, social and political spheres, which has largely been accorded lip service to date.


1 Agriculture Production and Marketing Sector Advancement

i. We shall promote and support transparent contract and corporate farming models to ensure self-sufficiency and a surplus for export.

ii. We shall promote the establishment and resuscitation of irrigation schemes to boost production through public and private sector partnerships.

iii. We shall promote and support the establishment of an Agriculture Commodity Exchange.

iv. Government’s role shall be to guarantee national food security, through sourcing externally to cover any deficit and finding external markets for any surplus.

v. We shall re-capitalize and expand the role of Agribank in line with international best practice under BUILD.

2 Banking and Financial Sector Advancement

i. We shall promote and legislate for international best banking practice under BUILD, to ensure the sector plays its rightful role in the development of the country, including an independent Central Bank.

ii. We shall facilitate availability of adequate and affordable lines of credit, through guarantee of property rights, sanctity of contracts and other investor protection instruments.

iii. We shall revisit the pensions sector to ensure that it plays a positive socio-economic development role.

3 Conservancies and Tourism Sector Advancement

We shall ensure that there is legislation to promote and support Conservancies and Tourism, to guarantee the preservation of our natural resources, through sustainable use, security of tenure and global viability.

4 Debt Resolution Strategy

i. We shall engage bilateral and multilateral creditors and commit to a debt resolution strategy tied to our socio-economic development initiatives under BUILD.

ii. We shall commit to tight, transparent budgetary control and management of State and national resources.

5 Indigenisation

i. A wholesale review of the Indigenisation Act will be effected. We shall emphasize Economic Empowerment that attracts investment and promotes the broadbased socio-economic and infrastructure development objectives of BUILD.

6 Land Policy

i. All persons who call Zimbabwe “home” shall be entitled to access land and participate in its sustainable utilisation.

ii. We shall give immediate value to agricultural land by promoting a transparent land policy framework that attracts investment, creates, promotes and supports security of tenure and bankable leases.

iii. We shall rationalise existing farm sizes in line with agro-economic regions and or production capacity. iv. We shall establish an independent and well-resourced land commission to deal with all matters land under BUILD.

7 Manufacturing Sector Advancement

i. We shall facilitate availability of adequate and affordable lines of credit, through guarantee of property rights, sanctity of contracts and other investor protection mechanisms.

ii. We shall encourage and support minimum quality standards on the local market through the Standards Association of Zimbabwe. We shall encourage and support local manufacturing through a concerted “buy local” campaign and appropriate tax incentives.

iii. We shall encourage and promote “import substitution” and encourage exports through targeted tax incentives.

iv. We shall expand, promote and resource the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC), and encourage strong linkages with local industry.

v. We shall promote and support e-commerce to reduce corruption, fraud, and inefficiencies.

8 Mining Sector Advancement

i. We shall make our mining legislation investor friendly in line with International Best Practice under BUILD.

ii. We shall ensure that the proceeds from the extractive sector flow to the people.

iii. We shall review legislation and enforce implementation of laws on land reclamation and the environment.

9 Parastatals Advancement

i. Parastatals and State enterprises will not enjoy state subsidies indefinitely if at all. We shall depoliticise/commercialise and where possible privatise Parastatals/State owned enterprises as necessary to ensure accountability, effective delivery, and transparency and commercial viability. The above will generate growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), increase the tax base, create employment, and release immediate resources to government for other programs, whilst creating investment opportunities in the national economy.

ii. Government’s primary role shall be to facilitate, promote, and regulate to ensure a level playing field in the economy with minimal direct State participation.


1 Energy Sector Advancement

i. We shall promote and support investor-friendly tariffs in the sector.

ii. We shall promote and support the development and expansion of existing Hydro Electric Power and Thermal Power stations through a consistent and transparent Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) framework.

iii. We shall encourage, promote and support the exploration and development of new and renewable energy sources.

iv. We shall promote and support investment in the exploitation of Coal Bed Methane resources.

v. We shall promote and support the development of solar and wind energy.

vi. We shall streamline the whole value chain of liquid fuels for efficiency and value for money.

2 Telecoms and Transport Sector Advancement

i. We shall encourage, promote and support regional and international best practice in the telecoms sector for the benefit of all stakeholders under BUILD.

ii. We shall promote and support air, rail and road infrastructure development through transparent and viable PPP models to surpass regional standards and make Zimbabwe the regional hub.

3 Water and Sanitation Sector Advancement

i. We shall promote and support investor friendly tariffs in the sector.

ii. We shall promote and support investment in the rehabilitation of existing sewer and water reticulation systems through appropriate PPP models.

iii. We shall promote and support the development of dams, de-siltation programmes and the reclamation of river systems to protect the environment.

iv. We shall enact regulations to ensure sewer and water reticulation is place before any new housing and industrial developments can be sold.

v. We shall encourage, promote and support secure water sources in the rural areas.


1 Foreign Policy

i. We recognise Zimbabwe as an independent sovereign State.

ii. We shall ensure that our foreign policy will be guided by rapprochement across the board, putting Zimbabwe and its People’s interests first.

iii. We shall review the number of our foreign missions to reflect affordability and impact across our economic and political interests.

2 National Security Establishment

i. We recognise and respect the role of the Security Sector in fostering law and order and maintaining peace and security in Zimbabwe.

ii. The security establishment shall be apolitical, well-resourced and we shall promote meritocracy and professionalism in the sector.


1 Education Sector Advancement

i. We shall ensure that there is primary education for all.

ii. We shall promote e-learning in schools.

iii. We shall encourage, promote and support investment in science and technology.

iv. We shall encourage and promote life-sustaining skills through emphasizing practical subjects, promoting and supporting the relevant technical and vocational training centers.

v. We shall ensure that the Education Sector is fully resourced to address low morale, equipment and textbook shortages, in line with regional and international best practice to meet skills needs of the economy now and in future under BUILD.

vi. We shall link the civil service skills audit and manpower planning strategy to inform the curriculum development in the education sector.

vii. We shall encourage, promote and support extra-curricular activities through a robust arts, culture and sports initiative at national level.

2 Health Sector Advancement

i. We shall ensure that there is basic health hygiene, education and basic health care for all.

ii. We shall ensure that the health sector is fully resourced to address low morale, drug shortages, and re-tool in line with regional and international best practice under BUILD.

3 Housing Sector Advancement

i. We shall promote and support decent housing development through public and private partnerships by reviewing regulations and taxes, to ensure sector consistency and transparency across the country.

ii. We shall encourage, promote and support basic minimum housing standards in the rural areas through incentives. In Summary our policies are informed by:

i. Our desire and determination to see our Nation move forward as a proud member of the community of nations;

ii. Our desire and determination to create a just and equitable society, in which all people are treated equally in line with the founding principles of the liberation struggle and;

iii. Our desire and determination to see our Nation grow and create equal opportunities for all. Zimbabwe must move forward, economically, socially and politically.

Let us BUILD Zimbabwe together. God Bless You, God Bless Zimbabwe. I thank You.


Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru For the People of Zimbabwe Harare, 8 September 2015

  • Sellassie Army

    Not really sure what to say.Feels like something I have seen and heard before.

  • Wandile

    At last…a sigh of relief. Now we have hope

  • guest

    The blue print is very good and exciting looking at it on paper. The same ideas and vision has been well articulated before by the opposition parties in Zimbabwe for the past 15 years, especially the MDC. Infact this is a situation were the disgruntled and now enlightened former ZANU – PF cadres have smelt the coffee and are now singing from the opposition side or hymn book. The big question still remains ‘how is this achievable’ and is Mugabe going to allow these ideas to see the light of the day. My take is that these guys will be treated in the same way Mugabe has treated the viable ideas of the opposition in the past

    • mastadon

      Its good how she recognizes the Significance of the Diasporas,plus how they can play a Big role in rebuilding Zim.Looks like she has been sharing notes with MDC,so it likely marks the beginning of the long awaited Grand Coalition.Money will not be a PROBLEM as they know where the donations will come from,unlike Zanu which relies too much on China that is on shaky legs at this time. Hope they persevere the tough road ahead,coz rewards will not be too far off.

  • mastadon

    At least its a start.She has taken the First step to tell her Former friends in Zanu PF that she has crossed the Bridge and won’t come back.ZANU has Officially lost Mai Mujuru forever,they will be kicking themselves for how they have treated her and her Late Husband’s Legacy. The Slow death of Zanu PF has started……..Rust In Pieces Zanu PF.

  • nekumba belingwe

    Come on Suitable Kajau, John Sigauke and Caitlin Kamba as well as Jonso we need to hear more from you? Fully knowing that your party is still stuffed with gamatoxes who will be deserting you as soon as it is convenient? ZPF is finally doomed!!!

  • farai

    Reads like Mavambo/Khusile all over again

  • MweniTafara

    I shall kill myself if I fail to do the above.

    “Shall” is an order normally used in relation to 2nd and 3rd parties and not compelling self for the reason that if I fail to do what I promised to do, I cannot chastise self unless through shedding crocodile tears.

  • yowe

    Simple and straightforward!!! I will vote for you anytime

  • Rwendo

    This is a very enticing description of a promised land that lies across a crocodile infested river.

    But now, better, (far, far better) than this picture of a land of milk and honey must be the plan to get the people across the river, and likewise the leaders and implementers of the plan.

    So far, so good. Let us see what follows.

    • kizmores

      The country Zimbabwe has suffered a lot, sinned most . Many politicians have come and gone. Many promises were made and broken and some were not even fulfilled. Many manifestos were read in the past but nothing came to fruitution. People were lied to by these politicians with their sweet words. But my fellow citizen, let’s not lose focus. Let’s not lose heart. I know sometimes when trust is lost it is difficuult to win it back. But people are different and have different upbringing and backgrounds. Zimbabwe desperately needs a change and this woman has seen it all, suffered a lot. I think this has helped her to grow a thick skin to take on Mugabe. She has been humiliated a lot and cruelly dumped by Mugabe, perhaps that would help her to become a better candidate for the presidency

  • Pirato The Duke of Enkeldoorn

    This blue print can surely extricate us from the clutches of this vermin regime…..

  • Sheu

    There is no mention of how they are going to revamp the tax system since this is the main source of income for the government. Also no mention of the workforce particularly in light of the recent labour law changes.

  • Shane

    if they are genuines opposition tinongoona nokurohwa kwavachaita

  • Shane

    Mujuru said she will never leave ZANU PF so what is the name of her party

  • Mpho Mkhalipi

    No matter how much Mujuru now suddenly views herself as a democrat and a bulwark of human rights and the rule of law, it’s hard for her to wash away her sins. Her present actions are simply the rants of a nationalist charlatan who has suddenly discovered that she is deprived of power and privilege.

  • C.ZULU

    Thanks a lot Amai Mujuru to allow dual citizens and diasporians the right to vote please join Morgan Tsvangirai come 2018 we want to burry ZANUPF