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Full Text: Petition to Mugabe on Itai Dzamara

HARARE – The brother and wife of abducted journalist Itai Dzamara on Monday presented a petition to President Robert Mugabe demanding that the Zanu PF government take action and release or locate his whereabouts.

Patson and Sheffra Dzamara
Patson and Sheffra Dzamara outside the Parliament of Zimbabwe

Patson Dzamara and Itai’s wife Sheffra expressed concern at what they feel is the “relaxed approach towards investigating his disappearance” by the government and the failure by Mugabe as Head of State to show any interest in the matter.

Patson and Sheffra Dzamara
Patson and Sheffra Dzamara outside the Parliament of Zimbabwe

Itai Dzamara was abducted on the 9th of March this year and has now been missing for 168 days. The state security agency the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) are the chief suspects given that Dzamara had been demonstrating at the African Unity Square demanding Mugabe’s resignation.

Patson and Sheffra Dzamara
Patson and Sheffra Dzamara outside the Parliament of Zimbabwe

Below is the full petition written by Patson Dzamara and delivered to Mugabe’s Munhumutapa Offices in the capital Harare.

President of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Munhumutapa Building

Samora Machel Ave



Speaker of Parliament

Mr Jacob Mudenda

Parliament Building

Nelson Mandela Ave


23 August, 2015

Dear Sir,


My name is Patson Dzamara, the brother to Itai Dzamara. I am a Zimbabwean man aged 29 years. I am presenting a position and demand on behalf of my family and many others concerned, including progressive Zimbabweans, over the disappearance of Itai Dzamara.

We are also concerned about the stance of your Government, which we feel has adopted a relaxed approach towards investigating his disappearance.

Itai Dzamara was abducted and went missing on the 9th of March 2015 and we are still oblivious of what happened or is happening to him. Today marks one hundred and sixty seven (168) days since his disappearance.

I am however concerned and disturbed by the stance assumed by you as the Head of State and by your Government.

In terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe which you swore to uphold, defend, obey and respect, you have done little or nothing to observe Section 90 (2) (c) that mandates you to ensure protection of the fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law.

To date, you, as the Head of State and your Government at large, have done little to assist us as a family to at least come to a place of closure. In fact, your spokesperson Mr. George Charamba indicated that the issue of our missing family member is too small to bother you, a sentiment we felt was irresponsible, insensitive and unfortunate.

Although Itai Dzamara openly opposed your Government and some of its policies, his security and right to life remains a direct and unquestionable responsibility of your Government.

Ever since Itai Dzamara’s disappearance, a lot has transpired and various theories have been promulgated. However and in spite of that, I am of the view that by now some headway would have been made if everyone involved and concerned acted in good faith, especially the Government through the responsible ministry, the Ministry of Home Affairs.

From the onset, there has been suspicion of the involvement of State Security agents in the abduction of Itai Dzamara and that position has not changed. As you might be aware, Sir, Itai Dzamara petitioned you to step down for failing to run the country well, according to him and since that day he had been receiving threats on his life from the security agents and he was subjected to serious torture at the hands of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and other private sources within your Zanu PF political party.

That, together with various activities he engaged in as an activist within the provisions of the Constitution presented him as a marked man by the State Security system. He was beaten, arrested and received death threats by State Security agents several times even though his activities were well within his Constitutional rights.

As highlighted above, today marks 167 days since Itai Dzamara was abducted. A human being cannot disappear just like that. Section 49 of the Constitution states that every person has the right to personal liberty, which includes the right not to be deprived of their liberty arbitrarily or without just cause. Furthermore, the Constitution grants Itai Dzamara the right to personal security and protects him from all forms of violence from public or private sources.

I am thoroughly convinced, Sir, that with your assistance and that of your Government, in good faith, we can make some headway on this matter.

I am hopeful that Itai Dzamara is still alive and he must be released from this unjustified and unconstitutional captivity.

I hereby make the following demands:


1) That as the President of Zimbabwe sworn to protect every citizen, you should immediately issue a statement over Itai Dzamara’s disappearance.

2) That as the Head of State and Government you order whoever is keeping Itai Dzamara in captivity to release him immediately.

3) That as the Head of State and Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces make a commitment and public announcement that the State Security agents shall intensify their efforts in uncovering the mystery surrounding Itai Dzamara’s disappearance and making sure he is released immediately.

4) That as the President of Zimbabwe and a concerned leader ensure that your Government, through the responsible ministry engages the Dzamara family and walk with us through this austere experience.

5) That your Government through the relevant ministry take the responsibility to engage the Dzamara family and the nation at large on this issue the same way it engaged whoever was concerned when Cecil the Lion was killed. Itai Dzamara’s disappearance cannot be treated as not being important.


My position is backed by many concerned Zimbabweans, who, like myself, await your response on this matter.

In the event that you choose to ignore my demand and request, I shall engage all progressive Zimbabweans within a week and protest in various ways against that in a civil, peaceful and resolute manner as provided for within the Constitution.

It defies logic and reason for my brother to disappear without a trace in a nation that is not at war and allow that to go unnoticed and unquestioned.

Lastly, Sir, l beg of you to appreciate my legitimate demand and treat it with the urgency it deserves as a responsible leader.

Looking forward to your response.


Patson Dzamara

  • Cde Viper

    Big up the Dzamara family, to hell with the evil goblin Matibili nezvimbwasungata zvake!!

  • james joseph

    Patson and Sheffra your resolute stance in the face of adversity is commendable. Keep the focus. Fight on.

  • Muza Sibanda

    Uyu anenge akurova zvunhu zvemukadzi wemukoma uyu. Kwati kwati yacho yanyanya.

    • schicco

      Is this the first thing that runs into your small brain imbecile?

      • Muza Sibanda

        That is the truth dude. What with the culture of bedding each other in the Mdc-t.

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      • Muza Sibanda

        I learnt from the best – Chematama Mogiza.

    • bhutsumutandarika

      You can not be trusted even with your daughters and sisters. You must be removed from society

      • Muza Sibanda

        I am not MDC. Thought from the MDC are well known for bean shooting. I am not from that flock.

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  • chirandu

    I am behind you my brother

    • Xsir

      Which brother, hope you not refering to Muza.

  • Sala

    Even though addressed to His excellency the president of Zimbabwe, this letter is for the media, perhaps international. And it doesn’t show genuine concern for a brother but maybe Patson has joined political activism himself.

    • Jackson

      Sala why do you say Patson does not show genuine concern for his brother. I dont get you

      • Sala

        Patson seems to mainly quote constitution and sources and risks playing into challenging His Excellency the president of Zimbabwe and playing into reviving his brother’s line of activism.
        It doesn’t appear a genuine plea from a concerned brother, it actually potentially can put his brother at risk. It’s far from being persuasive. So I think Patson is trying to maintain his brother’s line other than ask for help in finding his captors.
        Or simply seeking relevance as the case seems to gaining some relevance here n there. In case Itai is out tomorrow, Patson will have something to show?

      • Sala

        It’s activism business as usual it’s not a brotherly plea for help in finding where Itai is?

    • bhutsumutandarika

      Why respect an abductor Mugabe himself

      • Sala

        Where is the evidence? We respect a legitimate leader, and the country and region’s strongman. Most of you are busy running away from your shadow?
        If you need help from the country ‘s leader then be clear, if you play challenge games you better be strong enough.
        But why ask? Why risk the potential assistance in this case?

        • bhutsumutandarika

          What assistance can you get from a criminal who has killed the person you are looking for?

          • Sala

            Wisdom and diplomacy. They talk of soft power these days. The rise of soft power not confrontation approach

    • chitova

      Sala hauna kufunda iwe dzokera ku grade one

  • ChimhosvaJ

    Itai must be the stroll that broke the carmel’s back guys dai kurikufunga kwangu apa ndopachanga chichi fanira kubvondoka manje

  • bhutsumutandarika

    We stand by you the Dzamara family

  • clement moyo

    Patson, we are behind you brother – big up and let these morons realize that their little god actions can be tamed. Say that again – how can Dzamara’s life be less important than that of Cecil the lion. Who did this – let us see – .the letter demanding resignation .threats by the security agents .torture by the police .the comment that his life is not important .total ignoring of the matter by the President .no government statement on the matter .the identical kidnapping system. Mmmmhhhhhh. I hate to say this but something is totally wrong here and may lead to disaster if Zimbabweans are serious about the way they are being governed.

  • Yokera💥

    Dumbu remukadzi wacho kutorembera pasi nekuguta,She doesn’t seem to be grieving or stressed one bit,these people know where this Dzamara guy is.

    • bhutsumutandarika

      you will produce him.

      • Yokera💥

        Achabuda hake kwamakamuhwandisa

  • Love King

    Lol! mere time wasting.

    Looks like Zim now has a new idol god called Itai Dzamara.

    The return or resurrection of an insignificant boy, who messed up his good career to be involved in wars he would never win, will not bring us food.

    These are mere obstacles. Let the police and the family do their duties and we focus on our dying country. Conduct prayer rallies for the millions suffering in Zim. Print those T-shirts for the millions of Zimbabweans to be free.

    We love Dzamara and he was doing his best but take him as a fallen hero if he was playing any important role and let’s redirect our efforts to the original vision.

    To be honest, I’m tired of these Dzamara issues which do not bring about any progress.

    • Sellassie Army

      At least he had balls to stand up.The only thing is you and me never stepped up to join any movement to remove the Mugabe regime. We are cowards who easily get intimidated. Utah did not do anything wrong .He was just exercising his constitutional right that of peaceful protest and that of freedom of speech. Until we as Africans are able to speak freely without fear of government security agents whatever suggestions you have will fail.So I urge to consider your stance.What police do you talk about ?We all know that the police are not for the people but are just tools for the powerful in government. Our police and army and even the whole judicial system is not professional. They do not abide by the constitution.These are the very people who will come at you with riot gear as soon as you open your mouth.So support those who take a stand.
      My name is Tavongwanashe Chiromo and I am not afraid.

    • bhutsumutandarika

      What of the 35 year and 92 year old issues they give you some nolstagia which makes you feel happy. Well on this side we happy that the Dzamara issue irritates you it shows its on the frontline

      • Love King

        well, it means nothing to say an issue is on the frontline when there are no prospects of getting bread for the millions of Zimbabweans out of it.

        I think I would be concerned if Morgan disappeared and would be okay with it if all papers write about it everyday and many times a day if possible.

  • Sellassie Army

    Only time will tell.With time the world will no the truth. Our elders said you can’t hide something with horns.Chinenyanga hachipfukudzwe

  • mhofu

    u must start mobilizing pple for your protest coz i dont c anyhow on earth your letter being responded to

  • yowe

    Its sad. I hope they do not make Patson disappear as well

  • truths

    The wife looks like a he, no wonder why many people believe this Dzamama is homo.