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Air Zimbabwe grounded…. hit by fuel shortages

By Nyemudzai Kakore and Tinashe Makichi

Air Zimbabwe has been hit by acute fuel shortages which forced it to cancel all morning fights and approach regional counterparts for assistance over the past one week.

Air Zimbabwe grounded.... hit by fuel shortages
Air Zimbabwe grounded…. hit by fuel shortages

All morning flights were cancelled yesterday and delayed to midday as the crisis escalated. The Under-23 football national team had to endure long hours waiting for their flight to South Africa yesterday for the last leg of their CAF Under-23 championship qualifier.

Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Obert Mpofu confirmed that there was a fuel crisis at Airzim, but said the matter was administrative. He also pointed out that the Energy and Power Development Ministry was responsible for the importation of the fuel.

“There is a shortage Jet A1 fuel and we are trying to normalise the situation, but this is rather a management issue,” said Minister Mpofu.

He referred questions to the airline’s acting chief executive Mr Edmund Makona, who professed ignorance of the situation.

Sources at the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe said the fuel shortages had been ongoing for a week due to logistical delays in the supply of Jet A1.

The sources said the delay in fuel supply also affected Zambia and South Africa, but those countries had enough reserves to sustain operations, which was not the case with Airzim.

The sources said fuel started to be delivered at the airline tanks yesterday at the Harare International Airport, but the delay had affected the efficiency of the airline.

“There are fuel shortages at Airzim that saw the airline soliciting for fuel from other Sadc countries,” said one of the sources.

“The ship was delayed and we have not been furnished with the reasons behind the delay, hence culminating in the fuel shortage.

“We have been with this problem for about a week after our reserves ran out. The fuel trucks have started arriving, but management is not sure if the quantities will be able to sustain operations in the long run.”

The source said Airzim consumes 90 000 litres of fuel per day.

A visit to the Harare International Airport yesterday showed that the situation had eased late in the afternoon as trucks carrying Jet A1 fuel could be seen off loading it.

Energy and Power Development Minister Dr Samuel Undenge said he was not aware of the fuel crisis as he was out of town. The Herald



  • Rambo

    This report is not accurate. Air Zimbabwe does not import Jet A1 but buys from fuel suppliers. I am not sure who the suppliers are but long back, used to be Shell-BP and Total. All airlines get their fuel from these suppliers. I stand corrected but some airlines were not affected as they tanker fuel in their countries so they don’t refuel in Zimbabwe.

  • MadzibabaJoshua

    Maybe Air Zim keeps stock of Jet A1 or maybe the suppliers keep it on their behalf,or the suppliers supply it as and when needed,regardless of which option is at Air Zim’s disposal,the fact is there was a shortage of Jet A1 and planes could not fly and passengers were stranded.

    Way Foward
    Investigate what transpired at the same time look at their fuel strategic reserve stocking levels in relation to the number of planes in service.
    If it has happened now,it can happen ahain in future,maybe increase the fuel in the strategic reserve.
    Whichever way a solution has to be found to try to minimise cases like these in future.
    Just my own opinion.

  • masese

    Lets revrt to coal fired transport mode we have large reserves

  • Volvo

    I would like to thank God for prayers that were done by the church. Prophet Makandiwa on July 19, 2015 at Chitungwiza church spoke of Air Zimbabwe plane disaster that was supposed to happen in the skies then God averted that after prayer. He then said on that Sunday,his last service named Art of Keeping, the disaster will now happen on the ground hence headlines Air Zim Grounded. It was prophesy given on Sunday, July 19.

    It is now a disaster on the ground BUT GOD SAVED LIVES. We have a prophetic eye in our land for sure. God loves our nation. Hundreds of lives could have been lost whilst these planes were flying as in other nations but by the Power of Prayer & the Love of God demonstrated by preservation by a Prophet just as it was said then no one has died just an issue of fuel yet its God speaking & confirming his Love. This was seen by Prophet Makandiwa almost 2 weeks before it happened. Glory to God