Traditional healer exposed: Asks female clients to undress

By Tsitsi Mubvumbi

A local traditional healer has been accused of indecently assaulting his female clients by fondling their bodies during cleansing ceremonies.

Carlton Chigwida, known in his circles as Doctor Zwane
Carlton Chigwida, known in his circles as Doctor Zwane

Carlton Chigwida, known in his circles as Doctor Zwane, 36, has been exposed for being in the habit of instructing clients to undress during rituals.

H Metro reporters, Tsitsi Mubvumbi and Mercyline Hunye went undercover to unearth how he “helps” his clients.

When they approached him pretending to be clients, he asked one of them to enter the ‘examination’ room and produce $10 a consultation fee.

He went on to say the client needed him to apply an unknown concoction all over her body after she stripped to her knickers.

Zwane said the “client” needed to pay an additional US$30 to take some herbs home which she would use within four days.

This visit came after one woman complained that Zwane had indecently assaulted her during a cleansing ceremony.

“When I visited his place for help, he instructed me to remove all my clothes. I was shocked since I have never seen a person being healed naked,” said Mary (not her real name).

“He must change the methods when he is healing; I now see him as a person who wants to abuse women.

“I don’t know if he is a real helper or not but this idea of healing people when they are naked is not acceptable,” said Mary.

Zwane, however, denied indecently assaulting or touching his clients when the reporters confronted him.

“I don’t abuse my clients. I am a traditional healer and I went to school to help people, not to abuse them.

“A client’s problem determines whether I will ask her to remove clothes.

“Mainly, clients who have marital problems or bad luck have to remove their clothes first for me to assist them.

“I then apply my concoction on their arms and legs only,” he said.

Zwane had, however, said to the reporter that he was going to apply the concoction from her neck to her feet.

When probed further, he changed his defence and said he indeed applied all over but did not see it as abuse.

“This issue of removing clothes does not apply to women only, men also remove clothes.

“I don’t know why people are seeing it as abuse.

“Since people are complaining, I think I will have to hire a female assistant to help me because I did not see it as indecent assault,” he said.

Zwane said he started operating as a traditional healer in 2012 after being trained by a couple from Swaziland.

He said he got his herbs from Swaziland and Uganda. H Metro