Jonathan Moyo hired gay editors: Nguni

HARARE – Well known Zanu PF apologist Goodson Nguni on Wednesday came out guns blazing while urging the ruling party to investigate Information Minister Jonathan Moyo for plotting against President Robert Mugabe and employing gay anti-government editors to run state owned newspapers.

Goodson Nguni
Goodson Nguni

Nguni claimed Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi and founder and former editor Mduduzi Mathuthu now at the Chronicle were gay and had been hired by Moyo despite a long history of writing and publishing articles that attacked President Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

Mugabe has in the past described gay people as “worse than pigs and dogs” and this has seen politicians in his party using allegations of homosexuality as a political weapon.

Nguni was reacting to a story in The Herald yesterday claiming that he leaked issues discussed at last week’s meeting of the Zanu PF politburo to NewsDay.

This was after the paper published a story on Monday where Zanu PF insiders alleged Mugabe had disclosed that he owed fired Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde $30 million.

“Zimbabweans must just do a research and see the multitudes (sic) of anti-Zanu PF attitude by Moyo,” Nguni said.

“I hope Zanu PF will understand that Moyo has previously stated that he wants to destroy Zanu PF from within and he is co-ordinating the public and private media to write negative stories about Zanu PF, the President, Vice-Presidents and all progressive Zanu PF members.”

“It is for [Presidential spokesperson] George Charamba and how is it that he can tell us that the President can do this or not do that? Moyo is a very dangerous mafikizolo [upstart],” he said.

“The recent BBC interview was held in Zimbabwe at Moyo’s request where he wanted to denigrate senior members of the party and talk about Zanu PF issues when he is not the party’s secretary for information.”

“I hope Zanu PF will look very closely at all his editorial appointments at Zimpapers. Moyo wanted The Herald to snare me into mentioning particular names within the politburo,” he claimed.

“He was hoping that the people who I talk to in the politburo would be linked to the story, but unfortunately for him all the people in the politburo are friendly to me. Moyo is targeting me because I am the face of Zanu PF attack against the MDC and I regularly pop up to defend Zanu PF when he is busy conniving against the party. He was hoping to silence me.”

“I never had a teleconference or meeting with (Richard) Chidza after the last politburo meeting. I have never had access to politburo meetings or been advised of deliberations except what the party’s information department churns out in public.

“The story was written because Jonathan Moyo was informed that I was going to launch a petition in the Constitutional Court to enjoin and oppose the application by Herald editor Caesar Zvayi to purge our Constitution of criminal defamation.”

“I had occasion to challenge Zvayi on why The Herald is taking Mnangagwa to court over criminal defamation. Zvayi told me to my face that Moyo ordered him to sue Mnangagwa in order to remove criminal defamation.

“Zvayi also told me that Moyo was the author of all anti-Zanu PF stories carried in the Zimpapers stable. Zvayi also told me that Moyo wants criminal defamation removed so that journalists can write false stories and not get arrested.”

  • maita

    This name has been abused.Killers, factions, murderers, looters, corrupt people, torturers, thieves have all used the name Mugabe. It is about time Mugabe stops all from using his name, it has become synonymous with everything evil in the country.

  • maita

    If you see tuma Youth twe zanupf tukobvu kobvu twakabhenderera kumagaro, kusokoswa kwega kwega.

  • hovo

    As far as Zanu is concerned, a good journalist is that one who lies about Zanu. Those who report things as are, are the enemies of Zanu and must be purged.

  • FromTheHip

    I notice that in recent years Mugabe has (finally) stopped raving and ranting about homosexuals. On the other hand, are there now less or even more of them in his cabinet? Hopefully not a JEH phenominum.

  • Cde Munotidako

    Nhai Goodson Nguni unochemei iwe uchiziva matsotsi ezanu pf acho ko taura tinzwe zvedu isu vanokunyarara asi nyika ichiondongwa nemi navo.Zvaiwana ngwarati nhasi.

  • wilddong Pumer

    Whats all this nonsense about homosexuals, is that not just a sexual orientation without any relevance to the things that a person does in his job? This is the pettiness which I talk about, all the time, grown men who are spending their time with useless issues while the country is on fire. Why is it such a crime to have a different sexual orientation than others, and why is it supposed to be anybody else business? I talk all the time about the mental capacity of Zimbabweans and people see me as arrogant and start shouting obsinities, but they fail to see that what they are doing and thinking is old age and undemocratic. It puts them in the corner of stupid and mentally underdeveloped people in the world. On one side they are claiming to be seeking democracy and freedom from the dictatorship of Zanu PF, on the other hand they want to dictate what type of life another individual is supposed to lead. A person’s sexual orientation is his private affair and within his democratic rights to practice it. Here we have people who go around shouting so and so is homosexual, putting that fact above all other accusations they have in store, as if its a serious crime. This is another of the signs that we are a lost lot and need some intervention from somewhere. Its all in the brain, and will stay like that because instead of going step by step through the ages, from totally dumb and superstitious, to enlightened, each stage accompanied by “aha” feelings of discovery,like the developed world went through so that they know and value their democracy, we have come from totally subjugated directly into another world which was not ours and have taken over a lot of modern lifestyle norms without going through the metamophis and toils which would have made us understand and value what democracy and tolerance and good governance is all about. In short we are caught up in the middle of two hurricanes which have merged but blowing in different directions. Our primitive unresolved views pull us in one dirrection while the modern and fast changing hightech world is pulling us in the other. We cannot decide to be one or the other because we do not know the value of the two. Developed nations have gone through a lot of revolutions and civil wars and know how expensive and special and important democracy and good governance is.

  • wilddong Pumer

    I also want to add that I find it paradoxical that people come here like this Nguni guy and whine that someone is doing evil things against Zanu PF and expect us to get angry at the person. Even the ousted Zanu PF members did the same after they got booted out, they were crying to us that someone wants to destroy Zanu PF. Very strange logic.

    • Chiratidzo gumbo

      Well said I would not have said it better.

      • wilddong Pumer

        Thank you.

    • Belingwe1

      They think we are stupid. They must all go back to their Zanu Pf and Mugabe. I always say why dont they fight and divulge what we dont know, they keep telling us what we know. Vachakaura. Kwandiri vese vakafanana!!! To HELL, stop moaning, reap what you sew.

  • mahumbwe

    That’s all we can get from Zanu…infighting

  • sherpard

    This Mguni is just an imbecile, and drunkard why don’t you have the courage to defend yourself instead of being a coward and hiding behind other [people’s names


    pakaitwa makuhwa akashata apa esh zvinonyadza

    • kizmores

      This is why leaving Zanupf for me was not difficult. When I resigned from Zanupf I felt relieved. I knew it wasn’t the party for me because it had lost its values and what it was formed for. There are still Zanupf supporters who are loyal to the party that no longer values them. My family and I gave up countless hours to campaign for the party but guess what I then got? It backfired on me. Our young ones are faced with a bleak future, financially crucified. They are expected to pay off the debts and the sins of these callous, inconsiderate and greedy politicians. All those who are struggling in work are not able to get a comfortable retirement. Our children want quality life, quality education and better training for real skills. Real jobs that give them proper hours and wages that do not need topping up by crossing the borders. We need a better plan by the government, than bickering over petty issues that don’t bring food on the table for our children.

  • Brad

    The whole party is full of gays. Musatinyaudza.

  • Cde Jongwe

    Sexual orientation is not an issue, only half wits are concerned about what other people are doing. Mugabe and Co., should be tried for war crimes, end of story. This nguni guy, I hope his wife leaves him.

  • clement moyo

    Jonathan and homosexuality have become stale news – try something better Nguni and please discuss your factions problems in your political party with your other morons in Zanu PF – don’t bring them to us, please

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