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SA has highest number of migrants in Zimbabwe

HARARE – At a time when hundreds of migrants are fleeing xenophobic violence in South Africa, a report by a Zimbabwean government body has revealed that South Africans constitute the largest number of all migrants living and working in Zimbabwe.

Foreign nationals headed home from Durban to Zimbabwe on Sunday
Foreign nationals headed home from Durban to Zimbabwe on Sunday

Releasing its 2014 Labour Force and Child Labour Survey (LFCLS) report results this week, the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) said among the 207 130 migrants in Zimbabwe, 45% (93 208) are South Africans.

Zimstat is the main source of official statistics in Zimbabwe and is mandated by government to play a co-ordination and supervisory role within Zimbabwe’s national statistical system. It also has the authority to certify and designate any statistics produced in the country as official.

Over 400 Zimbabwe migrants have so far been repatriated from South Africa following xenophobic violence against foreign nationals. These returning Zimbabweans are among more than 2 000 foreign nationals reported to have been staying in the Phoenix camp in Durban.

“The largest numbers of migrants are from neighbouring countries.

“South Africa contributed 45% of migrants, followed by Mozambique and Malawi with about 22% and 15% respectively,” the report says.

Other migrants are from Botswana (3.9%), Zambia (7.8%), other African countries (2.8%), United Kingdom (0.6%), other European countries (0.7%), American countries (0.2%) and Asian (0.2%), while the remaining 1.4% cannot be accounted for.

The report added that “out of all migrants in Zimbabwe, 82% were unskilled, 7% semi-skilled while the remaining 6% were professionals”.

The majority of the migrants were employed in the agricultural, forestry and fishery sectors.

At least seven people have been killed in South Africa and many left homeless since the attacks started about three weeks ago. Over 300 people have also been arrested and the South African government has deployed the army to xenophobic hotspots in Johannesburg and Durban.

On Wednesday, Zimbabwe church umbrella body Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) urged Zimbabwe’s government to  take urgent political and economic measures to avoid an influx of its citizens to South Africa, where they face humiliation.

Over one million Zimbabweans live in South Africa, making them the biggest community of foreign nationals in the country. Hundreds of Malawians and Mozambicans have also returned home after the attacks. News24.com

  • Khalikrishnan

    Is it possible that some of the “SA migrants” have dual SA and Zimbabwe citizenships? I have relatives who came to Zimbabwe after 1893 and 1910. Under SA immigration law they qualify for SA citizenship, but I’m not sure about those of us who came in 1836. If this article is a veiled attempt at alerting Shona hatemongers to the presence of South Africans in Zimbabwe, then you will most likely be attacking and killing Ndebele-speaking Zimbabweans, like you did in the 1980s. What a shame…

    • victorMOLASSES

      If that is the case then it’s an absolute disgrace.

    • schicco

      “like YOU did in the 1980s”

      Who is “YOU”?

      I think you better watch Joshua Nkomo’s video. The killing by Mugabe was not targeted at Ndebele but Zapu. Matebeleland happened to be a Zapu political base because it’s leaders hailed from there.

  • Pafeya

    How about Nigerians, u ddnt count them coz they ar not in the system….lol

  • Cde Viper

    This article must have been created by the senior Matibili bumlicker, the one and only chameleon propagandist Jona Moyo. It is a very misleading article!!

  • Dolly D

    Are they counting amaNdebele as South Africans?

  • renewal

    Asians (0.2%). Are you sure? I doubt the credibility of this statistic. Maybe Chinese do not fall under Asians.

  • FromTheHip

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.”

  • Bayethe muzukulu

    This looks untrue statistics. Malawi Mozambique ?