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TB Joshua ‘curses’ Zimbabweans for lying against him

By Tonye Bakare | The Guardian Nigeria‎ |

The pastor and the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, TB Joshua, has cursed some Zimbabweans whom he claimed are spreading lies about him.

Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

The controversial pastor said on Thursday that if the people did not desist from spreading ‘false rumours’ against him, they would be destroyed.

Zimbabwean media claimed that Joshua had predicted that three of their prominent preachers would die this year. The alleged prophecy was contained in a message delivered by TB Joshua in his church in early April.

The transcript of the message was published by state-owned Herald newspaper in Zimbabwe.

Joshua was quoted to have said, “I saw in a vision a flag, the Lord said that’s the flag of Zimbabwe. In the vision behold there were three trees, but of the three trees only one had roots, the other two were standing, but had no roots.

“The Lord said look again and when I looked the other tree had fallen, and another tree was about to fall. The Lord said take this message to Zimbabwe and tell them, I am cleaning up Prophets in their nation, and the work has already began.

“The three trees represent the three well known prophets in that nation, one who has already fallen and the other about to fall harder than the first.”

But speaking through his verified Facebook page, TB Joshua said he did not make such pronouncements because he was not given such a prophecy by God.

He said, “Good morning, people of Zimbabwe. Our attention has been drawn to false rumours spread by the father of lies which are currently being circulated around Zimbabwe. The reward of liars is destruction.

“We hereby curse, in the name of Jesus, whoever is spreading these rumours. Prophet T.B. Joshua can NEVER and he will NEVER give such a message because our God is not the God of confusion. We should be very careful not to touch an anointed man of God and lie against him.

“The Bible says in John 8:44 that satan is ‘the father of lies’. Don’t listen to the father of lies, the sons of lies and the daughters of lies. Do not sit somewhere, hear this or that and come to a hasty conclusion. God requires that we find out the truth from Him first and hold fast to that which is true, as the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:21.”

  • Tindo

    Nehanda Radio your heading is misleading. Is that really what Prophet TB said?

    • Observer79

      I think NR is referring to “We hereby curse, in the name of Jesus…” bit from the Ministry’s page.

    • James Bond

      Editors are obliged to cast headlines on stories which headlines are summaries or the what they deem most exciting part of the article. The headline is an accurate summary of the statement.

      • AJ


        • James Bond

          Iwe wabuda mubako kahi?

        • Escando


    • Jazmine

      PEven Jesus himself was scorned and lies spread about him. Who’s Tb Joshua that people c any

    • Siege

      Cannot use the name of Jesus to curse – no man of God does this. The name of Jesus is for salvation and forgiveness of sins, not cursing people who spread rumours about you!

    • Jazmine

      Even Jesus himself was scorned with many lies spread about him.Who’s Tb Joshua that people can’t criticize & how can a do follower of Christ rained curses at those he accuse of lying uabout him? This guy actually sees himself as little Jesus and therefore untouchable but yet, refused to appear in court to answer questions about his collapsed building. Is that what Jesus thought his follpeers..disobey authorities because you’re a so-called ‘prophet’? Preaching virtue while practicing vice.

      • Jesse

        So TB Joshua is Jesus now ?

        • Jazmine

          My pc was acting up while commenting, but where in my comment did I call this fake prophet Jesus?

        • AJ

          that was what pharisees used to ask Jesus, they accussed him of calling himself GOD. Jesus did not appoint you to fight or judge for him but preach his gospel-love God and your neighbours as yourself, feed the poors and needs, help the needs etc

      • Chidiebere

        Take your time and mind what you are saying about the man of God. What ever you said about him will fall back to you in the name of Jesus amen

    • Emmanuel

      He is my spiritual father, the bible says that we shall face trouble in this world but our reward in Heaven, those who persecuted him will be cursed, for touch not the anionted

  • 7General

    So did he say it or not? Wtf

  • Paul

    Cursing in the name of Jesus?

    • plantshustles

      I also didn’t know you can curse in the name of Jesus.

    • AJ

      read these bible chapters and verses;luke11v42-52, matthew chapter23v13-36,matthew26v24, mtt11v18-19, mtt11v20-24.

  • Paul

    I hope the Jesus referred too is not Jesus Christ, becoz by the way there are may Jesus’ around

    • RafSeks

      It’s Jesus Navas..lol

  • False Prophets

    Man of God??? What man of god? False Prophets as the bible says. All of them are. He has so many prophesies which did not come true. Why not just pray to the Lord and stop these prophecy thing. Anyway between you and your God the truth is known. And you will get your judgement. Deuteronomy 18 v22 “If what a prophet proclaims in he name of the Lord does not take place or come true that is a message the Lord has not spoken…..” You cant curse anyone if you are not a true Man of God. You can only do that using your juju and if those people have the protection of the Blood of Jesus then tough luck! Zvichapera!

    • Vusi

      If he is not a true Prophet, who is then? do you any? The Bible NEVER said there will never ever be prophets in our time, Yes it did say there’ll be false prophets

      • Vusi

        I meant, do you know any?

      • paparay

        …why have you got this obsession about prophets? Where not 100 innocent people killed under his very roof and you still call him a prophet? You need help Vusi. Just worship God and you don’t need T B Joshua; Makandiwa or Hubert to be prophets for you to do that!!

        • AJ

          Job lost all his children and and belongings the same day. Judge yourself son of satan.

    • rose

      Was Jesus Christ not called false prophet. If you call tb Joshua one, it doesn’t change what he is and what he stands for. His master was called that too. Those spreading false rumors, about the anointed man of God, I can only say sorry for you.

      • Jesse

        @ Rose,

        What anointing does he have ? The one of false prophecy ? Has Boko Haram given up the Chibok girls ? Has the MH370 already been found as he said since 15th March 2014 ? What about the death of a great politician he was on about last week ? Should a man of God not bless those who despite fully use him or even pray for those that resist him ? Nobody can lie about him, but he can lie that he did not hear for three years from God that the Hostel was an illegal building without building permit. What I am saying is no lie, it’s a fact. He never sat with the Holy Spirit about that Hostel because the Holy Spirit would have said to him it would have resulted in disaster. What do you have to say on the last Inam saying ?

        • Zimbo

          I agree with you @Jesse, the “prophet” killed 180 innocent worshippers because his hostel was being built illegally and The Holy Spirit did not tell him the illegal building was going to kill innocent christians; surely this is not behaviour befitting a prophet. After the collapse of the building he tried to lie about the issue remember the story about the mysterious aircraft etc when he fully knew that the building was an illegal structure, surely is that what a prophet does. I hope this new gvt will prosecute him for his reckless behaviour

    • Tha Truth

      Your argument is based on lack of knowledge, in the bible Major prophets like Elijah & Elisha cursed in the name of God, and if you say stop this prophecy thing then why would the bible say the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ. Apostle Paul goes on to say desire the gifts of the spirit especially the highest one of prophecy

      • paparay

        …you are the one with little knowledge here; Jesus is LOVE and you don’t CURSE your enemies in HIS name. I tell you this Joshua dude is a SATANIST period and if you follow his teachings you are a follower of T B Joshua and NOT a follower of Jesus Christ bcoz Christ is LOVE!!

        • Tha Truth

          First of all I dont follow his teachings but what I do not like is character assassinating someone based on your own opinion on what is Godly, how many prophets in the bible were rejected by people that they were not from God. Did the holy spirit tell you that he is a satanist?

        • guest

          Then if Jesus is love while don’t you love TB Joshua? Why all this negative remarks about him.If you are follower of Jesus show it, apologise to Joshua and show love to him.

    • AJ


  • Dr hugh janus

    Lets not misuse the Lord’s name

  • Ecclesia

    I told you that you are in trouble. Things fall apart for you

  • Max

    I salute Prophet TB Joshua for taking the route of vengeance. And he is not the first Prophet to have done it.

    For years people have been cursing, persecuting and saying all types of things about Prophet TB Joshua. Now the tides are turning. Go read Malachi. 3:6 ” I am the Lord, and I do not change. And so you, the dependents of Jacob, are not completely lost.” So therefore, God is the same yesterday, today and forever and will not change.

    God destroyed the world before because of their sinful ways. The lives of thousands, infants died because of Moses and because of Jesus.

    Jesus Christ cursed Judas. Is HE not God? Why didn’t HE forgive him (Judas)?

    God cursed king Nebuchadnezzar when he thought he was big a king and proud for nothing. Go ask God why?

    Elijah killed the false prophets of Baal.
    Noah cursed his son.
    Ananias and Sapphira died because they lied to the Holy Spirit in Apostle Peter , how about Apostles Paul making someone blind.
    Are you telling me they where false prophets.

    People want blessings from Man of God and want him to continue to pray for blessings and keeps on forgiving them.

    Yes, it’s true what we want, blessings and forgiveness, but who told you people that Psalm 35 is not for Man of God.

    The right time has come for Prophet TB Joshua to be praying Psalm 35 and other vengeance prayers. I salute him. Other Apostles prayed it.

    Enough is enough. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, and according to Psalm 35, Oppose those who oppose him, lord, and fight those who fight him. Take your shield and your armour Lord and come to his rescue. Lift up your spear and your axe Lord against those who pursue him. ….May their path be dark and slippery while the angel of the Lord strikes them down. In Jesus’s name I’ve prayed

    • Tinso

      Jesus never said an eye for an eye, instead He said give the other chick. Who are we to fight our own battles. Why do I sense that TB Joshua has got something to hide. The bible says “There is no curse against you oh Jacob”. TB is not God, he is a man just like us, whom one day he will also die. He has no heaven to take people to, he is also desiring to enter the same heaven, so stop idolising him. Max you seem to know about TB Joshua than Jesus Himself, whats up with that?????????

      • Max


        You right when you say Jesus never said an eye for an eye, instead He said give the other chick.

        So I ask you, why did Jesus Christ condemn and curse Judas? Is HE not the God who forgives.

        2ndly, Apostle Peter walked with Jesus, saw Him, did Miracles and Jesus said Peter is the Rock upon whom He Jesus will, built the church. Why didn’t Apostle Peter for Ananias and Sapphira for lying?

        Or you want to judge Jesus why HE never practiced what HE said.

        Or you also want to call Apostle Peter a false prophet or Apostles.

        It’s in the Bible, and the Bible is our standard and all aspects of it, whether we agree with it or disagree with it must be accepted.

        Psalm 35 is in the Bible. Are you also telling me it’s wrong or outdated?

        So long as it conforms with biblical standards, I accept it except proven otherwise.

        And there are lots in the old testaments.

        Your problem is that it is because Prophet TB Joshua had said it and he is a Man of God.

        Ask yourself, did Jesus and/or any of His Apostles condemn or curse? The answer is YES.

        That is how people of nowadays just like to tell lies, slander others and persecute people of God.

        God said “I am God and I do not change.” So, God listened to the cry of HIS prophets of old and honoured the Curses the Prophets gave. I personally do believe all of God’s Words in the Holy Bible.

        Show me a place in the scriptures, Holy Bible that says you should not curse or condemn, and I’ll show you lots that happened in old and new testaments.

        • Jesse

          We will return the curses in JESUS Hands. And He will decide what to do with them. It’s is likely that He will send them back to the issuer of the curses which is TB Joshua. Secondly when you curse others, the curse that you speak out will first touch themselves and their families. See how that worked on the Mount Sinai.


          Proverbs 26:2 Like the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

          What are you going to do ? Don’t you know ..

          2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

          We do not cave in in fear mongering. We laugh at it as we see the Wings of God spread over us when others want to curse us.

          • guest

            Jesse you sound like one of the authors of the false statement and if not tell me why you are fighting for liars.

        • Jesse

          @ Max,

          You are malicious and evil. You want others to die for those who do the lie. All themselves. No prophet will ignore Gods pointing out that illegal buildings and no building permit is actually a sin. A sin to be repented from before church and IN COURT !

          Instead he makes up stories and lies. Hides behind lawyers of the law but does not want to be scrutinised by that same law he takes refuge in. AWAY WITH FALSE PRIVATE PROPHETS who use trinkets to make a full time business that are no continuous ministry application taught from the Bible as repeat ministrations. It’s a money scam and luring people to church with false promises and actors who play the ones that are being paid for their acting.

          • Haley


            His grandma tbjwatch clearly preferred Vooke over this Joker Childish boy Jesse!!!!

            Cripple Michael aka Unwanted Troll Jesse ,Have i not told you numerous times you are a real deranged maniac person and a troll ??
            Now everybody has got to see it by themselves everywhere you pass by with your foolish and nonsense rants you go around trolling looking for attention …..BWAHhahah,WHAT A SHAME !!

            hihihijihihihii,Good Job Grandma TBJW,Vooke and Justwonder to have put This mentally ill Joker and a Liar Cripple Jesse to his place ,WOOHOOOO..

    • paparay

      T B Joshua is a FAKE prophet and is NOT christian full stop!! I have never heard of a CHRISTIAN who CURSES anyone in the name of Jesus; this man is a SATANIST and I challenge him to curse me in the name of Christ!!

      • Max


        Go and read your Bible.

        I thought you where going to dispute what I wrote and the Biblical examples of Jesus and Apostle Peter. So clearly it’s in the Bible. They condemned.

        And by the way, Jesus is the Prince of Peace and love.

        Now read Matthew 10:34 ” Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I come not to send peace, but a sword.”

        Don’t be shock, this was said by Jesus. HE came with a sword, not for peace but to separate evil from Good, darkness from Light, children from fathers, Brothers from sisters, lies from truth.

        The Prophet, TB Joshua, acting under the influence of the Holy Spirit and guided by Jesus Christ with the sword, is separating liars, lies from truth.

        If you upset with that, go and ask Apostle Peter, the Rock, why he didn’t forgive Ananias and Sapphira for lying but instead condemned them to immediate death. Go and question Jesus also, who is love, why he didn’t forgive Judas.

        • paparay

          …you have an obsession with T B Joshua iwewe. I ask you why 100 innocent lives were lost under his roof when he is supposed to be a “prophet” and didn’t see it coming? Did he NOT prophesy that the missing Malaysian jet was going to be spotted within a week? Dont even try to equate this charlatan to Peter let alone Christ. I think you need to have your head looked into it. I challenge him to curse me in the name of Christ, I am sure you know the fake prophet go and tell him!!

          • Max


            Sadly enough am not equating Prophet TB Joshua to Christ Jesus because he cannot be Christ, neither can he be Apostle Peter or any of the Prophets in the Bible.

            However, the Bible never said that there would never be any True Prophet. As such, when anyone on earth bears the characteristics of a true Man of God, like Prophet TB Joshua does, we go to the Holy Bible to view if he fits in the category of of a Prophet and seek clarity from the Holy spirit, Jesus Christ and the Bible is our standard.

            That’s the unfortunate acceptance many don’t agree with.

            Listen, when God has decided when and how you will die, you will certainly depart as such. Prophet TB Joshua is not God nor Jesus Christ, He has never claimed to be one, and as such when God allows the incident where about 180 died, that does not mean he is fake. Also note, prior to the incident, about two months before, he prophesied about it.

            You want to know if the Bible gives us a similar event, I’ll tell you, yes.

            What happened to Job? The Bible says God called Job righteous. Yet what happened to him? He lost all his children, servants, workers, properties, had terrible sickness, sores, was called fake by people around him, his wife told him to cause and forget God, was called all type of names, yet what happened, he stood firm with God and in the end was proven right to others and still righteous in the eyes of God.

            While you people are criticizing Prophet TB Joshua, he is still getting stronger and stronger, doing what Jesus Christ commanded Christians, you and me to do, ie, Matthew 10:7-8 “Go and preach, ‘The Kingdom of heaven is near!’ Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer dreaded skin diseases, and drive out demons. You have received without paying, so give without being paid.” Also check the gifts of the Holy Spirit. As a Christian, no one prevents you from having them.

            He delivers countless weekly, redeem the afflicted, heals the sick, lame walking, demons casted out, etc all in Jesus’s name. Broken marriages, homes are restored. Barren women now have children. Widows and widowers are assisted financially, financial assistance to destroyed families, students for fees, scholarships, etc, to everyone, white, black, Indian, coloured, Christians, Muslims, different religions, etc. All in the name of Jesus Christ.

            You want people to believe he is fake, in other words, you implying he is from satan. Can satan be this good or has satan be converted?

            If all the doings of Prophet TB Joshua are from satan, then I need the definition of a good person. Then you people are all saying the Bible is false.

            Finally on the issue of the Malaysian aircraft, he prophesied before it happened, and it happened. Seven days after, he gave the location were it was in the ocean and that if his instructions are adhered to it will be seen within a week. However, like many doubting Thomas out there, he was not taken seriously and the plane was not seen. He can’t be blamed if his instructions are not followed.

            I know people like you will blame Noah why he never told others about the destruction of the world, or his relatives. He kept quiet, took his children and their wives only.

            Didn’t Abraham plead with the Lord to spare Sodom and Gomorrah? What happened in the end?

            When Elijah prayed and stopped the rain for three and a half years, famine and starvation came to the land. Do you know how many people died? Are you going to call Elijah fake or false.

            Do you want me to carry on.

            The Bible is our standard. While you complaining and calling Prophet TB Joshua names, many all over go to his church, shown live every Sunday, they are blessed.

            His church takes thousands in one sitting, some Saturday and every Sundays, imagine a month, then a year, for the past 20 years. Millions have gone there. I advice you, go there and be blessed and stop accusing him.

          • paparay

            Anyone who CURSES his accusers in the name of CHRIST is SATANIC, period. You use the name of The Lord to bless people, to heal people NOT to CURSE and kill them. CHRIST IS LOVE. What type of Christians are you who want to instill FEAR into your critics? This is what the Apostle Jude said and I quote: “But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”. The ArchAngel himself never cursed the devil NOR insulted him but simply said “…The Lord rebuke you”. The examples you quote about Job are way off the mark and irrelevant here; 180 innocent Christians were killed under his roof that to me is SATANIC!! You further tell me he prophesied about it but you are deliberately forgetting to tell us that he was blaming some “strange” aircraft that was spraying some white powder over his building; something that was later confirmed to be a lie and the guy is still a “prophet”? Did the buildings NOT collapse simply bcoz he added illegal floors to the ones that were authorised? So does it NOT occur to you that he prophesied that the buildings will collapse bcoz he knew he had added illegal floors to the building? You are just beating about the bush about his Malaysian aircraft prophesy; you need to go on you-tube and watch it yourself the guy said “…the aircraft will be found within a week..” He NEVER said “if they follow my instructions”. T B Joshua healing the sick, sorting out broken marriages and barren women is not a sign of him being a true prophet of God bcoz a n’anga can do the same things. The devil is today mimicking The Holy Spirit. You seem to me to be T B Joshua himself and I have got one word of advice for you: REPENT!!

          • Jesse

            @ Paparay,

            Agreed. These false apostles are Wolves in sheeps clothing. They abuse the people rather than bless them as commanded. AWAY WITH THEM !

          • Jesse

            He does ALLLLL these things from other people’s monies. Any atheist such Mark Zuckerberg of facebook does the same. Why is TB Joshua using a total invented godless medium to promote himself !??? Writing story after story and let advertisements work for an Atheist organisation Facebook. The Lust of the eye, the lust iof the flesh and the pride of life is what yiu and him peddle themselves forward with. A Devil inspired invention is the foundation of his ministry to announce himself to the world. How awful. Indirectly supporting Atheists.

          • Jesse

            “You want people to believe he is fake, in other words, you implying he is from satan. Can satan be this good or has satan be converted?”

            Satan can and will BE AN ANGEL OF LIGHT. Millions of unbelieving people who are atheists and even witches do charity work. Check out Bill And Melinda Gates. Are they born again believers ? Warren Buffett is an hard core Atheist, but gives all his money away to Bill Gates and charity. You really think that all these deeds will get you into heaven or is a pass for going to heaven and doing Gods work. Go back to Matthew 7:21 andcstart reading. What is Gods will for anyone ? Of course when you do charity you automatically are doing Gods will ? AND WHOSE MONEY IS IT ANYWAYS ? Is it his’ ? No it is not. He plays happy sunshine of what he did not work for. Let him get a job aside as Paul did. You want to take one scripture and skip another right ? Let’s rightly dividing the Word of God shall we. Paul did regularly join tent makers and help them out by working with his hands to make money not just beg all the time. And it is likely that Peter went out fishing. How could he maintain a house and HIS WIFE !

          • GUEST


        • Jesse

          He tries to let us believe in his heresy and false doctrine that JESUS did not have power after the resurrection to do the impossible. He just pretends what is there uses the scaremongering to flog people in place because they have run out of cannon fodder to control people with charismatic witchcraft. He can drink his own Kool Aid. I am not joining in his own perverted lies of distorting the Gospel for gain. It’s likely he goes to hell all by himself for spreading that to others.

      • Voice of wisdom and truth.

        paparay, and who are you? how many window, orphans,poors,weaks have you help? This is the gospel of christ. Prophet TB Joshua excel in this areas. God used him to heal the sick , helped the oppressed. You don’t have to challenge him ,you are already cursed and judged. Show the world your handwork, will don’t know you. If you are light , the world will know you.

    • Alex

      My br Max, you need help Jesus never cursed Judas can you please give the vase. also note the old testament was based on law and cursing was permitted. and the new testament is based on grace we are not permitted to curse our enemies in the name on our Load Jesus . TB Joshua is not a Prophet neither is there a Prophet in Ghana or Zimbabwe. these are soothsayers.

      • Max

        My Br Alex,

        Am happy with what you raised, what you mentioned about the subjection of the Law in the Old testaments and that of the Grace in the New testaments.

        Let’s understand what is a CURSE? It is “a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something. ”

        Jesus on Judas : Matthew 14:21

        “The Son of Man will die as the Scriptures say he will; but how terrible for that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would have been better for that man if he had never been born!” (GNB)

        The above clearly depicts the hall mark of the definition of curse.

        Jesus here acknowledges the fact that He came to die, but, and here is the beginning of the curse, but, how terrible for the man who betrays Him, it would have been better for that man if he had never been born.

        Why Jesus never forgave Judas but condemned and cursed him I don’t know why.

        Judas reaction to the above Words from Jesus after his deeds is found in Matthew 27:3-8.

        “When Judas, the traitor, learnt that Jesus had be condemned, he repented and took back the 30 silver coins to the chief priests and the elders. “I have sinned by betraying an innocent man to death!” he said. ………..” (GNB) and am sure you know that after this in another verse, he hanged himself and died. Acts 1:18-19.

        So Judas repented, only after he knew what has happened to Jesus. However, because of the curse, condemnation placed on him by Jesus, he had to die, so he hanged himself.

        So My Br Alex, if what Jesus said to Judas is not curse, then please tell me what is it.

        Also, why are people hell bent in criticizing, persecuting and destroying Prophet TB Joshua?

        Jesus Himself was called a False Prophet. They said He had demons and called Him Beelzebul. Now we know they where all wrong.

        All the Apostles where called False, now we know they were all wrong.

        Are you sure My Br Alex, that people are not doing the same?

        In the words of the wisest Pharisee named Gamaliel, who was a teacher of the law and was highly respected by all the people, he said and I quote in Acts 5:35-39 :
        “…Fellow-Israelites, be careful what you do to these men. you remember that Theudas appeared some time ago, claiming to be somebody great, and about four hundred men joined him. But he was killed, all his followers were scattered, and his movement died out. After that, Judas the Galilean appeared during the time of the census; he drew a crowd after him, but he was killed, and his followers were scattered. And so in this case, I tell you, do not take any action against these men. Leave them alone! If what they have planned and done is of human origin, it will disappear, but if it comes from God, you cannot possibly defeat them. You could find yourselves fighting against God!” (GNB)

        This is in the New Testaments, the book of Acts.

        Why can’t people be silent but keeps criticizing and persecuting all the times.

        • Jesse

          He is not the Son of man. He is TB Joshua the mortal that deceived the world with an illegal hostel and building permit and claiming he is a prophet of God. Please let us not start about Boko Haram and about Chibok girls and MH370 15th of March false lying prophesies and above all claims of “these people” who destroyed Gods house, is and was totally himself because of sin crawling at his door and is now ruling over him as irrevocable conditions set by God of trespassing the Law of the Land. TB Joshua must appear before the Courts and testify his innocence.

          • Jesse

            We don’t want abusive cursing pastors rule over us. away with them, throw them out the wolves in sheep clothing. Using God as their defense for peddling themselves forward to curse them. Away with false apostles and robbers of the flock. Rise up my brothers and sisters and shout Away with false private prophets and thieves that abuse their flock that tell truth and try to make lie of what they truly say. AWAY WITH THEM ! We want Shepherds who are with JESUS, not Satanists that curse ! AWAY WITH THEM ! THROW THEM OUT !

        • Jesse

          So Judas repented, only after he knew what has happened to Jesus. However, because of the curse, condemnation placed on him by Jesus, he had to die, so he hanged himself.

          Judas choose to hangs himself. He did not have to do so. He was ashamed of what he did. But TB Joshua is NOT innocent. He lies, he cheats, he deceives the Body of Christ.

          He speaks false prophecies. That makes him a false prophet. He says others destroyed his Hostel. It was himself because he never listened for three years to God telling him that illegal buildings and no building permit was a sin. So he was a sinner by default as all born mortals are born after Adam.

          He lied about being born after 15 months in one video of SCOAN and in another 20 months. He is a liar.

          In one video he claims he never went to school and on facebook he did apply and did some sort of college. He is a liar !

          He said the Chibok girls will be released immediately if he was a prophet of God. It did not happen. He is a liar.

          He said the MH370 would be found after 15th of March. Wing and debris. Nothing was found up till today. He is a false prophet and a liar.

          Are you still saying we are fighting God when I just told YOU HE IS A SINNER in need of serious public repentance and rebuke before the church he leads.

          • paparay

            …you are wasting your time bro on these people; they are his people running his publicity campaigns for him. You need to search on YouTube for this video that was done by people who used to work with him; one of the women in the video used to do the voice-overs on all his DVDs and the other was his right hand man in Ghana. These were NOT just ordinary members of his church but very senior members of his church who were quite visible in all his activities. What they say on the video will be very depressing to ordinary christians. The devil bro, is MIMICKING The Holy Spirit these days, he is performing “miracles”, healing the sick, prophesying etc and yes he is doing all these things in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. People are being duped today exactly the same way Adam and Eve were duped in the garden of Eden, we are none the wiser today than the two were millions of years ago!! In short, I declare and I do so without fear of this man, T B Joshua is a SATANIST.

          • paparay
    • Jesse

      Then I declare that all curses fall to the ground and will be picked up by JESUS and be annihilated and destroyed.,

      We will apply Psalm109 against the false private prophet and he shall fall after the order of Goliath and the Angel of the Lord shall restrain him in his words and your words and words. We will call upon Psalm 34 and 36 and we will speak to the North, South, East and West and call upon the Host of Heaven to annihilate false private prophets and bring them before the Courts and let them testify of their accusations of their own personal choices they made in private and take accountability for that. We do not fear any false private prophets that keep hiding themselves with earthly lawyers to escape the Laws of the Countries wrath. We call forth all powers and kingdoms to come forth and raze down false private prophets in their Ivory towers and be exposed to the world and shamed for their works. Selah !

    • Chegorerino

      A very elaborate analysis Max, but most of the examples coming from the OT. Jesus came with one simplified rule: Love one another. Zvema curse izvi totonzwa nemi. Those who were punished ana Ananius, were punished by God the ultimate Judge. Even Jesus never cursed Judas in the Bible that we know. I dont know abt you, for me the final and ultimate prophet was Jesus. Chimwe chichada kuziviswa chii? Jesus said he will be back and the day is not known to anyone. Prophecy dzekuti nhingi achafa rini, goridhe ichanaya? Not saying I do not have respect for Pastors, eheka vafudzi, ngavafudze havo asi hwayi sandidzavo.Some people are getting overzelous.

  • paparay

    Do you CURSE people in the name of Jesus? Is Jesus NOT LOVE? Did Jesus himself not say ” Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing? This guy is a false prophet and I challenge him to curse me in the name of Jesus!!

  • False Profit Tuberculosis has just gone full-retard

  • inizvangu

    Ganda rekamudhara aka kuita smooth serekacheche.Mari yakanaka!!

  • Flo

    why do you twist stories. we know you put such headlines to get people to follow but sometimes zvimwe zvinhu kuzviwunzira munyama in your life.

  • The ID10T

    Mhata yako Temitope Bologun Joshua!

    • Vaughn Tucker

      Those prophets that curse was under the Old Covenant, we must rightly divide the word of truth on everything, we see a big change happened after the cross, and it is by the principle of the new covenant that we should see the word,in Luke 9:55 Peter and John ask Jesus if they should ask Jesus if they should call down fire from heaven to destroy some people, Jesus responded, But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. We could ask the Question? if T B Joshua did ask Jesus if he should curse these people what would be Jesus response, remember Jesus is the one we are following.

      Peter and John was following the great prophet Elijah I believe in coming up with this because that is what he did and God allowed it. 2 Kings 2 :23-24
      The Apostle Paul and curses

      But Jesus is the one who we foBut even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel other than what we have preached to you, a curse be on him! As we have said before, I now say again: If anyone preaches to you a gospel contrary to what you received, a curse be on him! (Galatians 1:8-9)
      Paul curse was not because people was spreading lies on him, he did not care for worldly reputation, what people think but about pleasing the Lord and spreading the gospel, The curse was base on the truth and a principle that those who try to justify thmemselves by the law is under a curse that is also found in the Old testament, in other words those who reject Jesus is under a curse, now back to T.B. Joshua, he state correctly from scripture that there is a reward for lying, but it should be remember that Jesus died for such and love them and if they repent and accept him they cannot be cursed, The only cursed we should and I believe have the right to utter as I see it in the new covenant is for those who refuse to be justified by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

  • Apostle Dinesh

    Galatians 1:8-9 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
    As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    • Zimbo

      I think you are misquoting a scripture here bro. To quote your own wording “..preach any other gospel..”; this means if anyone preaches to you “contrary” to the teachings of the Apostles. Is this the same accusation T B Joshua is making against some Zimbabweans or he is angry they lied and/or misrepresented his prophecies and not about the Gospel of Christ?

  • Apostle Dinesh

    ◄ Matthew 23:33 ► Even Jesus Cursed
    Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

  • Apostle Dinesh

    Fools don’t have any job they always waste their time and others time by accusing true men of God. All they need is topic.

    • Jesse

      Why don’t you get a job. To work with your hands instead of begging from the people. Paul did work aside and joined tent makers. Who are you to suck out ignorant people so you can walk around in flamboyant suit and LeBoutin shoes with red soles. Or have your private jet flying around cursing those that have put you there. You curse instead of teaching them and yourself to bless and pray for them who yiu thought were despite fully use you. Away with Apostle Dinesh, who is wolf in sheeps clothing and abusing his flock by cursing and destroying those because they actually say truth. Let us rise up and sack cursing pastors and apostles and throw them out of the ministries. The thieves that rob poor people who live extravagant lives and let us choose shepherds that feed our flocks and have no more of such people in our churches.

    • Jesse

      Also Apostles who call us fools while our Bible teaches not to speak or call people fools. With the same mouth they curse and bless. How can salt and sweet water come from same mouth ? Away with false apostle Dinesh. Throw him out of the ministry and rebuke him sharply before the elders of his ministry of sheep abuse.

  • Jesse

    @ All,

    Quote of the misleading prophecy.

    “I see his people running around, I see papers with his name moving from one office to another, I see people desperate to clean his image, can his image be cleaned?”

    He is clearly also there about his own demise as false private prophet. His followers work over time to cover up after his tracks concerning the collapsed building. Away with him. He never sat down with the Holy Spirit for three years about illegal building and no building permit. His followers do not count that as sin ? When he is supposedly a prophet, then he should have heard from God that the building WAS ILLEGAL AS WELL NO BUILDING PERMIT !

  • Jesse

    TB Joshua like other false prophets are using The strong muti or ngorongoro voodoo is also believed to be the source of them.


    Is there anyone God has revealed to, who the true prophet and false one is? You can’t just jump into conclusion based on your human facts or what you see. Life is spiritual, to understand how God appoints his man you need to be spiritual. If you are a christian who understand the anointing you will refrain from talking evil about the man of God. Jesus disciples came to him one day and told him that they stopped someone who was casting out demons in his name (Mark 9:38-40) Jesus’ said ” no one can use my name to do something good and powerful, and in next breath cut me down.’ The reason that these man of God don’t fall under your denomination should not make you a judge of who is a true prophet or not. By their fruits we see them. Only the canal minded pple will seek the government of a nation to control the church of Jesus Christ. People of the world are governed by laws but the spiritual by the Spirit.
    Didn’t you read from the bible about the tower of Siloam that collapsed and killed pple? (Lke 13:4) Why didn’t Jesus prophesied about it?
    42 boys were killed by bears at the command of a man of God Elisha when they laughed at his baldhead(2 Kings 2:23) Did God rebuke him for that?? God said touch not my anointed one, my prophets , whether with your mouth, pen, hand etc Psalms 105:15, 1 Chronicles 16:22.
    Don’t let the wrath of God come upon you for criticizing his elects, for surely the same anointing that heals can work against anyone who tries to hinder the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mttw 21:44 if you smash yourself on the rock you will be broken, but if it fells on you, you will be shattered.