Energy Mutodi insults Itai Dzamara’s wife

By Lance Guma

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Controversial musician Energy Mutodi has ignited outrage after he insulted the distressed wife of abducted journalist turned activist Itai Dzamara.

Energy Mutodi insults Itai Dzamara’s wife
Energy Mutodi insults Itai Dzamara’s wife

Dzamara, who has been leading protests demanding that President Robert Mugabe step down, was abducted 18 days ago from a barbershop in Harare’s Glen View suburb.

Like most abductions carried out before, its believed state security agents from the notorious Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) were behind it.

While most decent citizens are praying for Dzamara to be found or released, Mutodi is using his Facebook fan page to launch vitriolic attacks on the family. He brazenly told Dzamara’s wife Sheffra to “quickly look around for a suitable new husband who can satisfy her both in bed and on the table.”

Mutodi, a terrible vocalist who makes up for his lack of talent by splashing money on flashy videos and poaching band members from other musicians, is more prominent for defrauding thousands of civil servants in a dubious housing scheme that eventually led to his arrest on several occasions.

But in a shocking turn of events, Mutodi was controversially acquitted on allegations of swindling desperate home-seekers of over $588 000 through his National Housing Delivery Trust. His acquittal in January this year, coincided with the ascendancy of Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to the Vice Presidency.

Mutodi has wasted no time in appeasing Mnangagwa by writing incredulous articles on how Mnangagwa’s fierce rival, former Vice President Joice Mujuru, allegedly plotted to kill President Robert Mugabe. Only this week Mutodi released a new album with a song “Havo Ndibaba, praising Mnangagwa. The attack on Dzamara is seen as more bootlicking.

In post after post on Facebook, Mutodi is doing his best to divert attention from the suspected role of the Mugabe regime in Dzamara’s abduction. The musician claimed that Dzamara is “currently in hiding in Botswana while faking an abduction” and the opposition MDC-T had helped stage the abduction for political gain.

Itai Dzamara (inset) his wife Sheffra Dzamara (left) and brother Patson Dzamara
Itai Dzamara (inset) his wife Sheffra Dzamara (left) and brother Patson Dzamara

“There is no doubt on our part that Itai Dzamara was not abducted. We have since told the nation that he is hiding in Botswana in Selebi Pikwe and is currently in an MDCT safe house. Dirk Frey, a Zimbabwean man of German origin orchestrated the fake abduction move and was helped by Thabitha Khumalo (Bulawayo East MDCT MP) and Thamsanqa Mahlangu of the same party,” Mutodi said.

“The stage managed abduction is meant to propel the opposition party and allow it to gain relevance in the eyes of its Western handlers. It is also timed to coincide with the UN meetings in Japan and also Tsvangirai’s foreign begging tours in the USA.

“The President’s leadership of the AU and the SADC can not in any way be affected by opposition activists who stage manage abductions in order to line their pockets and get international awards or unwarranted asylum.”

Mutodi said Dzamara was “a clear example of a poor Zimbabwean man who hopes to break the yolk of his poverty by faking political persecution, indulging in attention seeking activities such as his Occupy Africa Unity Square campaign which has failed to attract any backers as well as stage managing abductions.”

“Meanwhile, the wife of the destitute Itai Dzamara is being encouraged to look for another husband who can serve her better both in bed and on the table. She obviously should be sex-starved by now. She should not continue to wait for a gay who is busy enjoying an…l sex in Botswana while at the same time posing as a victim of state security abduction.”

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