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Energy Mutodi insults Itai Dzamara’s wife

By Lance Guma

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Controversial musician Energy Mutodi has ignited outrage after he insulted the distressed wife of abducted journalist turned activist Itai Dzamara.

Energy Mutodi insults Itai Dzamara’s wife
Energy Mutodi insults Itai Dzamara’s wife

Dzamara, who has been leading protests demanding that President Robert Mugabe step down, was abducted 18 days ago from a barbershop in Harare’s Glen View suburb.

Like most abductions carried out before, its believed state security agents from the notorious Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) were behind it.

While most decent citizens are praying for Dzamara to be found or released, Mutodi is using his Facebook fan page to launch vitriolic attacks on the family. He brazenly told Dzamara’s wife Sheffra to “quickly look around for a suitable new husband who can satisfy her both in bed and on the table.”

Mutodi, a terrible vocalist who makes up for his lack of talent by splashing money on flashy videos and poaching band members from other musicians, is more prominent for defrauding thousands of civil servants in a dubious housing scheme that eventually led to his arrest on several occasions.

But in a shocking turn of events, Mutodi was controversially acquitted on allegations of swindling desperate home-seekers of over $588 000 through his National Housing Delivery Trust. His acquittal in January this year, coincided with the ascendancy of Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to the Vice Presidency.

Mutodi has wasted no time in appeasing Mnangagwa by writing incredulous articles on how Mnangagwa’s fierce rival, former Vice President Joice Mujuru, allegedly plotted to kill President Robert Mugabe. Only this week Mutodi released a new album with a song “Havo Ndibaba, praising Mnangagwa. The attack on Dzamara is seen as more bootlicking.

In post after post on Facebook, Mutodi is doing his best to divert attention from the suspected role of the Mugabe regime in Dzamara’s abduction. The musician claimed that Dzamara is “currently in hiding in Botswana while faking an abduction” and the opposition MDC-T had helped stage the abduction for political gain.

Itai Dzamara (inset) his wife Sheffra Dzamara (left) and brother Patson Dzamara
Itai Dzamara (inset) his wife Sheffra Dzamara (left) and brother Patson Dzamara

“There is no doubt on our part that Itai Dzamara was not abducted. We have since told the nation that he is hiding in Botswana in Selebi Pikwe and is currently in an MDCT safe house. Dirk Frey, a Zimbabwean man of German origin orchestrated the fake abduction move and was helped by Thabitha Khumalo (Bulawayo East MDCT MP) and Thamsanqa Mahlangu of the same party,” Mutodi said.

“The stage managed abduction is meant to propel the opposition party and allow it to gain relevance in the eyes of its Western handlers. It is also timed to coincide with the UN meetings in Japan and also Tsvangirai’s foreign begging tours in the USA.

“The President’s leadership of the AU and the SADC can not in any way be affected by opposition activists who stage manage abductions in order to line their pockets and get international awards or unwarranted asylum.”

Mutodi said Dzamara was “a clear example of a poor Zimbabwean man who hopes to break the yolk of his poverty by faking political persecution, indulging in attention seeking activities such as his Occupy Africa Unity Square campaign which has failed to attract any backers as well as stage managing abductions.”

“Meanwhile, the wife of the destitute Itai Dzamara is being encouraged to look for another husband who can serve her better both in bed and on the table. She obviously should be sex-starved by now. She should not continue to wait for a gay who is busy enjoying an…l sex in Botswana while at the same time posing as a victim of state security abduction.”

Tell us what you think of Energy Mutodi’s posts on Facebook?

  • Bayethe

    Zanu pf attracts idiots and this my friends is a biiiiiig one

    • SphiaTaylor65465

      That’s what happens when Energy’s head comes out of Mnangagwa’s arse. It’s full of shit.

    • makotsi

      I think Mutodi ‘s conspiracy theory can not just be dismissed. What if it images true .

      • Bayethe

        I do not have the luxury of arguing with your kind

        • makotsi

          Its not arguing its discussion. In a discussion you don’t have to agree with my view neither am I. Mutodi expressed his views on the matter and I thought if you are level headed you would have postulated your views in an academic form and not the partisan approach you appear to love. Of cause what emerges from your uncivilized language is of a personality who does not see beyond one’s shadow.

          • Bayethe

            True.i am not level headed I don’t see beyond my shadow and I use uncivilised language but I am ME. It doesn’t bother me and I will not engage in arguments or discussions or whatever they be which celebrate other people’s suffering. It’s just evil, untact and plain gehenic stupidity to suggest a person whose husband has disappeared go and find a replacement. And you expect me to debate around such lunacy? I do not care what personality you see in me it doesn’t change who I am and sadly it doesn’t change who you are.

      • Rudi

        Fools like you are responsible for the mess we are in. Why would someone fake his abduction and leave his family in anguish. You lend credence to idiocy . Mhata yemunhu

        • makotsi

          I think reason tells us not to take things for granted. An analytical mind would always be asking questions until all possibilities are examined. The danger of not engaging the mind is that one is bound to believe what ever comes. What if the family is part of the unfolding script players. We are in the information technology era. Bet my last bond coin, if it is not a conspiracy, why don’t you spare 10 seconds to ask yourself the interest of the last empire (USA) on this matter. How many people are abducted or disappear every minute in this world and what has the emperor said about them. It is unfortunate that some of us are blind-folded hence we don’t see the bigger picture.

          • bhutsumutandarika

            I think you guys are behind this abductions and you want to step the gear up so that if this man gets killed and you keep on saying he was never abducted in the first place. You are here to spin a story for his CIO abductirs who probaly have killed him or are considering to do so. Shame on you?

  • Prof Mlambo

    This post is in very bad taste. Is he truly a musician? Who can buy and listen to such a heartless man?

  • Mother Teresa

    That’s what happens when the head comes out of Mnangagwa’s arse. It’s full of shit.

  • Cde Viper

    Evil in the mould of a typical Zanu and Matibili bumlicker!

  • Outta on bail

    oh, oh, this guy sounds like a dick shoved his behind

  • the bigger boss

    Vile pig has a very smshable face, like ciyangwa his ladyboy bum-chum, fellow common thief and child rapist. I want a front row seat when mob justice lynches them/zpee-f/zpoo-f/zpuff.

  • Mbuva Yesango

    That’s what happens when someone has an elephant body with rat brains.

  • war crimes tribunal

    The time has simply come for Zimbabweans to sign a petition recommending Robert Mugabe & Co, to the War Crimes Tribunal. I have put my first endorsement, this day 03/27/2015

  • zvanyanya

    Mutodi what do you get for this bootlicking.? Are you the one who did the abduction for your bosses? Mane uchatsvira mumansion mako imomo.

    • Nyimo

      Does that even look like a mansion nhai mashewe?

  • Nyimo

    What can this bastardised son of bitch who infects his wife with an STD tell us as if he knows what sex is when he failed to satisfy his own wife who eventually left him.

  • chihera

    This is so so tragic to actually think and imagine that someone will say such hurtful and unkind words at the height of another human beings suffering is regrettable and cruel. The bible says chemai nevanochema mofarawo nevanofara. mwari vamuwanire nyasha murume uyu

    • I am Very Shame Stereki

      Dai mwari amutora

      • dotito

        Kkkkkkkkkk true dat

      • makotsi

        Pamwe ndiwe uchatanga kutorwa na S……..ni.

  • dotito

    Idzi dzine hutsyinye idzi

  • dotito

    But mutodi ishe nyadenga vachapedzerana newe.tinozvisiira mumaoko amwari.mwari ndovanoziva zvavachaita newe nekuti wanyanya

  • jojo

    The chicken will always come home to roost. Only fools walk with hobbnailed shoes were angels fear to tread.

  • dotito

    Mutodi i wish yu a sudden death

  • jojo

    No problem with trying to make a living, however this type of trying a living makes a joke out of Degreed people

  • wasu

    Chimu pfanha ichi chaenda kure…ndaibviro da kumbo chimamisa chaizvo…kuno kwamutare usambo svike hako…taka kumaka…shamwari dzamai wako ndidzo dzakakujaidza …manje isu tino kinditsa….gara zviya uri kumwa here ma tablets ako….please bambo ndapota imwayi…handisati ndapedza…uri idiot. ..mwana wepamba!!!!!!!

  • Challenge Sibiya

    mazi EDZI amai ako, mai hure, SATAN, baba achembera



  • guest

    Munhu akahurwa anonetsa too much. Imbwa yemunhu, busy licking mugabe’s ass.

  • Zii zii

    Mutodi is a Zanu Pf bootlicker. A thief who is not in jail because of his Zanu Pf links. Zvichapera one day.

  • Tafadzwa T Chabata

    mutodi kunyarara kuri nane

  • Mina Makoti

    “That’s what happens when Energy’s head comes out of Mnangagwa’s arse. It’s full of shit.” Most accurate analysis of this guy. SphiaTaylor65465 wagona wena.

  • Ass kissing Ministers ,

    • kismores

      Many people have been hurt by Energy Mutundo or its Mutodi’s statements. But this dude is used to criticisms and attacks. He is hardened to them. Compliments kill him.

  • ita tione

    Avakuto enderera bharanzi uyu, sei asinga fungi remangwana rake, iduzvi remunhu blaz uyu. Achasangana nazvo cheti, regai ambo nyumbwida sendove yema gwavha uri murukova.

  • ita tione

    This is no longer bootlicking this is butlicking..

  • Pafeya

    Ndiye weMunotidako project here uyu..?

  • Challenge Sibiya


  • Yola

    Energy MUDHODHI

  • sherpard

    don’t worry God is watching closely and very soon will unleash his anger on him, in fact he has already done so, its only that the idiot can not just realise

  • sly

    Wakauya usina chinhu uchadzokera usina chinhu.Asi chii nhai umwe musi zvichaiwanawo ngwarati ichafurawo ivete yabaiwa naro pfumo .kufunga KwaMutodi kwandishamisa muromo nyarara asi meso anoona.kutsiva ndekwa Mwari

  • mahumbwe

    Kana chiri chi Border Gezi chazosiya munhu ave murwere we pfungwa. Don’t worry people every dog have its day. ..even the shrewd ones.

  • Tomara

    mutodi yu are nothing but a dog,yu are an idiot

  • sherpard

    His name is supposed to be Energy Madhodi

  • Chipoto vhaivhai

    Energy urimwana wehure. Wakahugwa mubhawa.

  • oppressed

    welcome to disqus

  • Dwalaliyasha

    Mutodi is a sociopath desperate for public attention

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