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Mahofa bars Mzembi from ‘strategic’ farm

By George Maponga

MASVINGO Provincial Affairs Minister Shuvai Mahofa has barred Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi from taking over part of Barquest Farm which is home to the province’s largest hatchery project that produces 100,000 day-old chicks per week.

Shuvai Mahofa
Shuvai Mahofa

The farm, owned by Hellen Mitchell, is located near Lake Mutirikwi, about 20km east of Masvingo city.

Minister Mzembi wanted to partner Mitchell in the hatchery project after he was issued with an offer letter for about 370 hectares of land at Barquest Farm that was gazetted for acquisition under the land reform programme a few years ago.

Senator Mahofa yesterday said the farm was strategic to Masvingo province in terms of supply of chicks and eggs.

Besides supplying day-old chicks and eggs to Masvingo, Mitchell’s hatchery project also serviced Manicaland and Midlands provinces.

Sen Mahofa said she had already informed officials in the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement in Masvingo to identify another farm for Minister Mzembi.

She said other senior officials in the province like Zimbabwe Chiefs’ Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira wanted to take over the farm a few years ago but were stopped because of its strategic importance to Masvingo.

“We’re not saying Minister Mzembi should not get a farm but the farm he was allocated is strategic to the province because it supplies day old chicks that sustains lives of many ordinary people,’’ she said.

She said Mzembi would be allocated another farm once it has been identified and that Ministry of Lands officials have since been notified that Barquest Farm could not be taken over.

Sen Mahofa said the Masvingo provincial leadership would not tolerate take-over of productive farms that benefit the majority of the people.

“I think there was a mistake on the part of Cde Bhasikiti (former Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister) when he allowed Minister Mzembi to get an offer letter for Barquest Farm. Maybe he didn’t know the history behind it,” she added.

Minister Mzembi said he wanted to co-exist with Mitchell at Barquest saying his offer letter was for part of the farm.

“I’ve my own equipment (hatchery) that is on the seas and I have no intention of taking anyone’s equipment. My offer letter is for an area that was gazetted. I’m a Zimbabwean who’s also entitled to land like any other person,” said Mzembi.

Mitchell had allegedly been given three months to cease operations at her farm which would have left more than 200 workers at jobless while also threatening future supplies of day-old chicks across Masvingo province and beyond. The Chronicle

  • Thumbs up for madam Mahofa.You need to distinguish between idle and productive form. Please Muzembi can you see sense in madam Mahofa’s reasoning other than being driven by selfish interests.

  • Zimbabwe

    Wafungawo apa Mahofa


    wana mai mahofa ma grade 2 warikungo, rikita mari mu government vakati zii zvavo…

    • mujibha

      Gudo kuipa kuipa zvaro asi haridyi chakafa chega. Apa mahofa wagona interests of the community come first.

      • Zimbabwe

        Wataura Chokwadi hama, wagonawo apa Mahofa

  • Warrior

    Thank you cde , at least we now see common sense prevailing within some people in we Zanu PF. However you have also helped to close the case against Didmus Mutasa .Remember he was investigated for protecting whites . Those farms he protected are still productive. The same thing shou.d happen to Chipinge and Matopos. The re is no point of taking something that you can not sustain.

  • freedom_fighter

    Moti munochemera mbavha dzakaita sana Mujuru where basikiti belongs to.

  • Jekiseni

    Endesa equipment yako iri on the seas, ku A1 farm kwako mhani iwe!

  • mahumbwe

    Ndiko kugona basa ka uku. Please stick to that decision and make sure that Mzembi goes elsewhere

  • Free Speech

    Thank you Mahofa,defend your people well done.

  • lot chitakasha

    I applaud Mai Mahofa’s decision,used to think Mzembi was on of the few reasonable ones,now we know anongodawo pakapfumbira,why not start his own project somewhere.

  • Mseyamwa

    saka on that basis shall all other farms redistributed while productive be given back coz all their products were eventually for human benefit?

  • FlyboyX

    Apa Mbuya mafungawo…ndokuti munhu mukuru ka uku

  • easy bunny

    Chakanaka chakanaka .We are not totally against Zanu Pf but against bad policies and reckless decisions.Big up Mahofa!!

  • ndoro

    If we can have just 5 people who think like this old Mahofa then Zimbabwe may start coming back to its hay days. Mahofa has shown maturity in her decision. I urge minister Mzembe to see sense in this dicision. Mzembi should start his project somewhere else if he still wants Zimbabwe to respect him. I always thought he was one of to the best in Mugabe’s government but now I have to think twice bro.