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8 types of women men avoid

By Stephanie Daily

Have you ever wondered if the way you act makes men cringe? Have you ever worried that your behavior might be making them run in the other direction?

8 types of women men avoid
8 types of women men avoid

Just as men are attracted to certain type of women, there are other types of women that men go out of their way to avoid. Here are some of them:

The Gold Digger
Money matters a lot to her. She wants to marry a rich man in order to get his money. She demands gifts and expects a man to spend money on her all the time. She often asks lots of questions about man’s financial position. It’s a main blow to a man’s ego to ask him about it. That’s why men stay away from gold diggers.

The Control Freak
For this woman, her ideal relationship is less about compatibility and compromise and more about having someone do everything she says. This type of woman insists that you spend every waking moment with her, refusing to let you go out with the boys or spend any significant amount of time with anyone else.

Mother Goose
If your girlfriend is constantly fixing your hair and tucking in your shirt, you’re the victim of a Mother Goose. Although she may have good intentions and be great in many other ways, her motherly instincts will eventually drive you up the wall.

The Flirt
She goes around flirting with one guy and another. She can’t be loyal to one man. She cheats on her man over and over again. Even if she tries, she couldn’t stay faithful to any man. Most men wish to have a long-term relationship so they stay away from such type of women.

The Wannabe
She comes across as if she has a lot going on, yet you can’t really pinpoint what or who she really is. It’s more likely that she has an identity issue or is too wrapped up in the lives of celebrities that she’s lost herself along the way.

The Chatterbox
This type chatters incessantly about every topic that crosses her mind, no matter how mundane or unimportant it may be. She will drive you crazy with her never-ending monologues about the guy at work who never makes a new pot of coffee when he finishes the last one and the woman at the supermarket who wears too much make-up.

The Comparative One
She’s the one that compares you to either her terrible ex or her father that you will never live up to. It’ll be very hard to feel appreciated by her because whatever you do will not measure up to her standards. She can’t see you for who you are, she only sees how things can be better or how wrong they are.

The Cry Baby
Getting emotional is good sometimes, but I’m talking about women who use their tears as a weapon to prove their point. In fact, men don’t like emotional blackmail. Dating a crybaby makes a man feel like banging his head against a brick wall. Rather than doing that, men prefer avoid such women.

Do you have any more qualities to add to this list? Do men really avoid such type of women?

Let’s discuss!

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  • Kudzanayi Sabeta

    married to the third

  • ndezvenyu

    Ndinoda wangu wekumaruzevha!

  • Brian

    The gold digger and the wannabe are usualy one ,that is the type you mostly have nowadays,absolute trash

  • SKD

    In splitsville with the last one..

  • Jack Mugabe

    Haha.. So whats left? I’m pretty sure that covers all women out there? You have to pick one from that list and lay down in your bed and take it like a man

    • Dr Zobha

      I think thez one the sex freak who wants sex everyday.

  • Wasu

    There is a ninth woman that men avoid……… She is called Beijing……(in reference to that women’s conference of yester years) She sees the world as one hell of a paternalistic black hole….Everything you say/do/don’t say/don’t do/insinuate/joke about/laugh at/ignore/etc. has “male chauvinist pig” written all over……Oh…. except buying her chocolates, taking her to dinner, opening the car door for her, cooking for her, or (to cut the long story short) being her slave!!!!!

    • Jack Mugabe

      She is related to #2

      • Denver Guti

        And to #7.

  • Blessing Bere

    I dont mind a Mother Goose.

  • gutter poet

    Would not mind a mother goose..

  • Dopori

    Mine’s everything except three and six. I used to think that I was alone and that I was the problem but these revelations have somewhat set me free. She’s such a bore and I’ve now learned to ignore her most of the time and get on with life.