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Uganda “monster maid” explains why she beat up child

Jolly Tumuhirwe, a Ugandan nanny who has been dubbed the ‘monster maid’ after she was secretly filmed savagely beating up an 18 month old child in her care, has spoken out from prison and sought to explain why she did it.

Jolly Tumuhirwe
Jolly Tumuhirwe

Speaking from Luzira Prison, Tumuhirwe (22) who goes to court on the 8th of December and is likely to face attempted murder charges is quoted saying:

“My dad in Kabale was very sick and my mom did not have any money. I asked my bosses for some money to send to my dad but they told me that I hadn’t made a month yet and my father was dying, so it kept on haunting me. That is the more reason I referred the anger to the baby but I’m sorry.

“But that madam (Arnella’s mom) is not easy. She used to say that I steal money from the clothes and Eric’s wallet, I eat the babies food…and yet I can’t eat the food, I’m not a baby, those were all lies, so, I was also not happy from my heart.”

“I feel guilty..ok when I was doing it I thought I was disciplining the baby because also the mother sometimes slaps her, I also saw from the mom. The torch I used was small and it’s not hard. I think, I will never do it again”

How are other prisoners treating her?

“It’s not good at all even my fellow prisoners don’t want to associate with me, they want to beat me up. In fact they were saying that I should join them in their rooms, nobody likes me and I’m feeling bad I will never do it again, I ask the world to forgive me and also tell the bosses who have maids to treat them well.”

In the shocking video that has since gone viral Tumuhirwe batters the baby with a hard object on the face. When the child starts vomiting, the video shows the maid throwing her heartlessly on the floor of the living room.

She then beats her with a hard object before standing on the baby’s back several times and the toddler groaned in pain on the floor. (Watch the Video here)

  • Dumi Sani

    Bullshit, this monster should actually be charged again for saying she was disciplining the baby

    • AJ Chiong

      I agree, she’s a total bitch. And she’s not “disciplining” the child, she maltreats her.

      • L


        • Daniel

          maltreat works too

  • Gertrude Mutikane

    She is more sick than I thought. There is no excuse for being that evil unless if she was having some visual hallucinations e.g seeing a child as a snake and she starts hitting the child thinking she is hitting a snake. She
    Is far from being sorry. Would you kill someone because you saw another person killing. ?

    • don guenella

      Hallucinations? seeing the child as a snake? wtf are you talking about? crazy bastards including you. Less evolved human beings. Savages

      • Gertrude Mutikane

        You do not know me ,so name calling is not called for.
        Have you ever heard of a condition called schizophrenia? If not , Google it or ask nurses or doctors they can enlighten you.
        Some symptoms for schizophrenia are audio and visual hallucinations, meaning the person can hear commands from voices and see what is not physically there.
        (The imaginary voices heard by schizophrenic individuals can be very disturbing. Voices which tell them what to do are referred to as “command hallucinations”. These can be especially problematic if they are telling them to harm themselves or someone else. This can potentially make schizophrenic individuals vulnerable to suicide or violence, as they feel compelled to obey the voices.)

        For your own information, that maid may need psychiatric assessment.

        • inizvangu

          Man! You are patient.Taking your time to explain all this to some ignorant person who just insulted you for no reason.You give mankind hope.Hats off to you!!Am impressed.

          • Gertrude Mutikane

            Thank you

          • Ken Pankotai

            Inizvangu . . . and who are you to call Don ignorant? Anyone who can watch this vicious bitch do what she did to this baby and not want to beat her like she beat the baby has his or her own problem. There are absolutely NO excuses or reasons (in my mind) to beat and stomp a child the way she did. NO EXCUSES!!!!!

        • annette

          Bullshit, she knows what she was doing, dont make excuses for the bitch.

        • Marty Girl

          That is not what happened here, she is not schizophrenic, this is outright evil and she should never have ever been alone with any child. This is demonic possession.
          She needs to be put in prison for life.

        • Prem Naidoo

          ….the lady clearly indicated that this was her reaction to psychosocial stressors….her clear apology is uncharacteristic of an untreated schizophrenic….I do hope that people understand why fundamentally legal decisions should take medical opinion into consideration but does and should always take precidence. We have evolved from savage beasts to modern day humans via external positive and negative feedback. By no means can this woman be praised for her actions and would have to experience negative feedback dear I.e incarceration or death…..such is lufe

      • Juju

        Get a life looser

    • Juju


      • Gertrude Mutikane


        • Laurita

          Your right she needs help. She’s out of her mind and need psychiatrist help instead of being in prison. She’s confuse and hallucinations.

  • Dade

    She is not sorry for being evil, she’s sorry she got caught. What does she mean she doesn’t eat the baby’s food when in the video she’s tucking into the baby’s food? She deserves all she gets.

    • Cills

      Well said Dade ……

  • rudeBway

    sterilize this bitch before she spawns more of her kind

  • Sisinyana

    She’s denying eating the baby food. Has she watched the video? Doesn’t she know that part where she was eating the baby food also appears on the video.. She’s luck she can still speak

    • Stephanie

      I’m sorry but if I was that baby girls mother that woman would’ve been dead…prison isn’t enough for that heartless bitch…if she was convicted here in NYC she would a got life or the death penalty. She needs to be punished for life!!!!!!!

  • hey hey

    and yet I can’t eat the food, I’m not a baby, those were all lies – pwakaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!! this lady is dumb

    • bafalo

      the law will take its own course ,but i don’t think she will go free again she is into it .

  • Challenge Sibiya

    ngaafire mujeri uyu, original copy yaSATAN chaiyo iyi

    • Satan

      Even pama standards a satan this is too much.

  • Memory

    Hand over this woman to me…! . Was mommy stepping on baby, hitting with torch, continously, and giving the toddler those thundering slaps?

  • Bumhu

    The mother of the baby is equally evil as the maid.

    • SODIE

      You could not say that. When a mother hits the baby, she may not hit to hurt her or to lets anger on the baby but lightly hit to make baby knows what is not okay to do. Its different from when maid did as she meant to hurt her, not to discipline her.

      She says sorry because she got caught, not because she is really sorry. She is sorry because it puts her in prison, not that she hurt the baby.

    • AJ Chiong

      That’s just lies what she’s saying… The mother is actually scolding the maid because she did several mistakes before the incident.

    • yeah123

      you people are stupid you just believe this monsterous lady when she says the mom hit the baby, you are stupid as shit

  • Illuminati

    This maid is as dull as she looks; does she really think that her lame excuse makes sense? People don’t go about beating other people in the street because of their personal issues, so why should she beat the child because of her personal issues.

  • Blessing Bere

    A moment of madness i guess. Who are we to condem you?

    • Mambinga

      We are the society ka nhai Bere. Have you watched the video. Are you saying this one confuses you to the extend you cant tell this woman is evil, satan chaiye.

  • ele

    l have no mercy for such savages, she is even not remorseful. l am now doubting whether she is really a person and if she is a person then she deserves life imprisonment

  • benon bagz

    but the toddler had no business with your mis understandings with your bosses!!!!!!!

    • Anna Guzha

      You really need forgiveness from God.What you did was evil and no reason can ever justify that.How could you be so cruel to a defenseless baby the worst thing was stepping on her back.l could not stop crying after seeing that video.Iam praying for you and l would like you to know that you need Jesus Christ to transform your hard heart Tumuhirwe.l understand that your dad was sick but this will never justify what you did to the innocent child.

      • SODIE

        She just tries to dot her lame excuse altogether. If she would have had heart, she would not have done all that with those lame excuses.
        She said sorry because it put her in difficult situation, not because she feels sorry.

  • lutendo

    she says she was disciplining the child..what wrong did the baby do!!?? this maid has demons she should b taken to church then back to jail wher she can rot der is no excuse for what she did sies and yes she must feel hated by her inmates she is a lying monster aii

    • Rhonda Howard

      Vomit. The baby literally vomited, an uncontrollable impulse. What baby do you know DOESN’T vomit? Just like the monsters who will beat and kill their kids for simply soiling their pants before they’re potty trained or peeing or pooping on them as babies, again, unavoidable.

      And the only reason the baby vomited was either because 1, she was being PUNCHED in the head beforehand, and or 2, the nanny was FORCE FEEDING her beforehand.



  • Nyimo

    She’s heartless witch ngomwa yemunhu. Ndirimurume but l could not even watch that clip twice. Uyu ngaworere mujeri.

  • schicco

    “madam …. used to say … I eat the babies food, and yet I can’t eat the food, I’m not a baby, those were all lies”

    But in the video you are eating the baby’s food. Shame on you.


    She deserves to rot in jail and hell, she not SORRY for doing that because she did it for three consecutive months and forcing a baby to eat is neglect and then slapping her, then after the baby vomit after being force to eat SHE was thrown to the floor very cruelly and why didn’t she have a diaper on? Just so she could whip her and then stepping on that baby with her fat ass when she weighs every bit of 200 lbs and then kicking the baby in her ribs and then in her face and the baby was just lying there so helpless, and then she took her foot and stomped on her and then took her in the bathroom and continued the abuse, NO child deserves that type of treatment I don’t give no fucks bout what a person going through that baby is helpless and precious and cannot defend herself the mist hurtful thing you can do to a child she has done and she’s not SORRY for what she did she’s sorry she got caught and that every body wants her dead..that’s not her child to take her childhood out on, if that BITCH was so mad at herself and LIFE why the fuck is you a maid/babysitter..she deserves everything that she has coming to her because carmas a BITCH and you most deff reap what you sow, so she has more suffering to come to her..that baby didn’t deserve that.how would y’all feel if that was y’all child? I know I’d killed that BITCH with no remorse BECAUSE when she tortured that baby she had no remorse, fuck her she should be hung if you ask ME

  • Tatta

    Go to hell lady.thats where you belong.if she thinks that she can have excuses then she has problems.first of all a child is innocent.if she had problems with the parents then she should have beaten the parents not the child so that excuse is lame.i feel sorry for whoever gave birth to her.Even her own father must have been angry that she had to assault a baby because she couldn’t afford money for his treatments.

  • slow

    she needs a real punishment….but honestly i dont trust the mother of that baby either….what good parent in their right mind would leave their 18 month old baby with a maid they hardly know????..they said she had only been a maid shortly there….stupid parents…i bet the mother is not a good mother either and she really maybe beats the child too, maybe not to that extent but still! Unfortunatly beating children is part of the african child raising……..But…..still this whore maid has to be tortured and humiliated…..i would invite the whole town to come see and have a big torture orgy with her….cut her eyeballs out, have dogs eat her and hang her high from a tree………


    heee she is still alive, ABOMINATION I SAY!

  • Miranda

    “The torch I used was small and it’s not hard” she said, I`m from the Netherlands and saw this video 2 days ago, I am still seeing it in my mind now and when I go to bed and when i am at work! I cannot lose the brutal torture out of my system! I`m shaking now still when I think of it. She is a monster and she must go to prison for the rest of her live! You just don`t do that to a baby-girl ore any other child! This is onforgivven!

    • SAD For Days

      Sad for days!!!
      When I saw the video at work , that evil woman was about to slap the child and I told my frend I didn’t wanna c the rest of it, coz I was gonna have nightmares , when my mother was sent the videa by a frend I could hear her listening to it, I screamed and told her to stop watching I ran to her crying!! I have never seen it I just saw the crazy maid lifting her hand and I deleted it, I have children and this would have haunted me for a very long time , it was good I didn’t see it! Im glad the baby is fine but that Maid deserves soooo much worse!!!

    • Rhonda Howard

      I’m not surprised. Minimalization (“the torch was small and not very hard”) and justification (“I thought I was disciplining the baby because I saw the mother slap her sometimes”) tactics are very common, especially when they’re publicly shamed as seen here.

  • otis

    She should get the death penalty.

    • Jan Scere

      I AGREEEEE!! She is a monster stop giving her the out of mental illness!!!

  • maddy

    Ok so the mother slaps her child sometimes but does she throw her flying or step on her ?? This is ridiculous Hell no mother will do that even evil women love their children why doesn’t she pick on someone h
    er ow
    n size huh she should be thankful its not my baby she did that to ….she would be six feet in the earth by now and I would be going to jail and then she can explain to Satan why she stepped on my baby …..I wish she gets live imprisonment …….. Thank you very much


    no brothers and sisters,as long as she did not kill the baby,we can forgive the ‘monster maid’the majority are saying “DEATH PENALTY”so what shoul we have sayed if she had killed the junior???

    PROPHET MOSES punched one of his opposers on the side of KING PHARAO and he trgedly died and after that he[moses] repented to ALLAH and his repentance was accepted by ALLAH[GOD]

    NOTONLY the opposers but also the ANGEL responsible for taking peoples souls was punched by the some prophet and his left eye was absolutly out because GOD had sent the angel to take his [moses’s] soul BUT still GOD forgave him.WHO ARE WE THEN NOT TO ACCEPT THE APPOLOGY???

    • Munhu waMwari

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Mwari batsiraiwozve

    • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

      What? Make some sense. What ur nonsense book says us irrelevant

    • Marty Girl

      Moses was defending his Israelite brother, he did not kill without reason or without just cause. He did not murder nor did he do it out of abuse but to protect and there is a difference between killing and committing murder. Also the “angel” you speak of is Lucifer/Horus and not an angel of God but satan…No angel came to take his soul either, the angel contended with satan over the dead body of Moses and said “The Lord rebuke you” and did not rail any accusation against satan.

  • Hudla N

    It is such a pain how vulnerable our children are in the hands of such heartless people. I am only happy that the child is alive. But all the same i do not think that taking the girl to rot in jail is in an way a solution. The girl has had enough torture by discovering the whole world has all its on her and should be given a second chance in life. I respect the family to the little innocent girl and i can feel the pain they went through. May God Bless that little girl abundantly with wisdom that surpasses all human kind.

  • kobra

    such a fool

  • Ashley

    If I was that child’s parent, that woman would have been dead-not wheelchair bound. What a sick monster.

  • Laurita

    She should’ve just put her on the stroller for timeout. If the baby was hyper and misbehave; that would’ve been her punishment. But no she physical abuse her; that’s no way to treat a baby. She didn’t deserves to be treated that way. But in the video the baby was just relax on the couch. Idk how someone could be so evil and feel no pain whatsoever. 🙁 Abusadura

    • Rhonda Howard

      People like this don’t think reasonably, the way you and I do. They go off the deep end for scarily innocent things, like a baby crying too much, or simply getting their feces or urine over them, when that’s literally unavoidable. But they’re never REALLY beating the child for the small or unusual offenses; they’re doing it because of a sickness in their body or mind. Maybe they were abused as a child, maybe mentally ill, on drugs, whatever.

  • mhuggins5

    “They also want to beat me up.” Well what did you expect they didn’t chuck a baby at a tile floor. NOT WOOD… TILE. She is out of her mind saying she is sorry I didn’t eat the baby’s food. Is that why we all watched you do it??!!!

  • Akhtar

    She deserves beheading in front of Public so that others may get lesson,, No question of mercy at all…

  • ali

    this fuckin woman is a monster, vermin , evil and should be executed and beheaded .
    without her ass it’s about 100 kg and standing on the back of baby but said baby’s mom slaps her. this inhuman animal should be fucked everyday. she isn’t nanny , call her nose booger.

  • Simon Brown

    I have never seen abuse like this from what the child must have perceived as a carer – there can be no excuse whatsoever for this abuse. I hope she gets what she deserves. The full video couldn’t even be shown on many UK news stations including the BBC

  • Mels

    If she done it to my child……..I will not take her to the police……HOPE SHE ROTS IN HELL!!!!! I could not sleep and cried for the child’s sake…..how on earth can one do it???? Her comment: “I don’t think I will do it again. All I can say is Bullshit! You don’t think. Point is, you HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THIS TO ANY HUMAN BEING!!!!!

  • JP Rohlandt

    The dad shouldn’t even be charged…..that nanny is actually still fine but that incident will haunt that child forever.

  • Mindi

    The only thing this woman is sorry about is that she got caught. I’m sorry her dad is dying…so she says but she can’t get mad about not receiving money from her boss that she has not earned yet. I don’t doubt that she wasn’t steeling from them…anyone who could be so heartless to beat this precious baby. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. If she is beaten every single day that she is in prison, it would not be enough!!!!

  • Cd

    There are different kinds of evil…this kind should be punishable by death

  • Dun Hilda

    As a Priest, there is only one way we can clean her soul, Blessed Holy Bleach, So strong and blessed it will clean that Soul and make it pure again.

    Look I’m a Priest, not a doctor, my task is cleaning the soul, someone else can take care of the mess.

  • katrinabennet

    Clearly an idiot!!!

  • James

    You’re damn right you wouldn’t do it again. I’d have your ass 6ft under by now if it were my child.

  • george orwell

    There is NO “why” on earth, or in the known universe that would excuse this. EVER. She got a slap on the wrist with four years. Forty would be a start, if not life or hanging in my universe. I will have nightmares from this, and I had to stop half-way through it.

  • Art

    This nigger bitch needs tortured

  • annette

    Does she not know we saw her eating the baby food on the video, she needs stringing up, wicked wicked cow!!!

  • Libby

    I hope they beat her ass in prison more ruthless than she did that beautiful little girl .. I pray for the little girl and her family…. that “Jolly” bitch can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned… there is no excuse as to what she did to that baby…..

  • Poopywhoopy

    Do you people honestly think this is a credible interview with the accused. Or does it not seem likely everything written on this page is fabricated by someone sat in their bedroom somewhere. Do you see those adverts to the right, that is the only reason they want you on this site. What is written on the left may as well be klingon.

  • Priscila Cassou

    Is this a real news website?? Because I saw so many different versions of this story and this one seems to be “fake”… there is no picture of someone interviewing here and even BBC didn’t say anything about the nanny’ story…

    I wanna know the sources of this interview, or proves… for me you are just trying to make her look “human”…

  • Simonn Dames

    She should be tortured like she did the baby. She can be so glad it was not my child as I would have really given her a reason to be sorry. She is mentally i’ll and disgusting. If anyone needs to be “disciplined” its her. I hope her fellow inmates let her feel what that feels like.

  • John Orjias

    So she uses the excuse that she saw the mom slap the kid before so she felt that meant is was ok to kick the poor child in the HEAD and brutal beat her???? and what the heck “I think, I will never do it again”??? When I say “I think” that means I am unsure like “I think I want to do this” does not mean the same to me as “I want to do this” am I the only one that uses it that way? Perhaps it’s a language thing. But to me, her saying “I think” means she not really sure she would not do this again if she had the chance?

  • Xolodnyj

    So she wants the world to forgive her, but she has no remorse as she blames her abuse of the toddler of not getting money..or a sick father… Whatever.. What she did was beyond monstrous and maybe a prisoner or two can give her some payback. And it should be attempted murder. She threw the child from the couch.. step on the kid, and then kick the child in the body and face.. pull the kid up by her arm and went into a back room and video cuts off as the kid is screaming horror of whatever she is doing in that back room. I am glad to hear that the father beat her to within an inch of her life.

  • Kaitlyn

    I don’t give a fuck if ur sorry. Die bitch. She did that because she enjoyed doing it. It had nothing to do with her problems with the parents. No one just goes and does that she’s full of shit.

  • Jolie

    Yeah, she WAS eating the kid’s food in the video. Lying sack of shit. I don’t care what kind of hell you are living through, there are ZERO excuses for abusing a child!

  • Bighorns

    That cunt was not disciplining the child. She was torturing her. If she had just slapped the kid, I would be more inclined to believe she was using excessive force on the kid, but she flat out stomped on her…she was obviously being very sadistic and trying to cause extreme physical pain on the child.

    She’s lucky she got away with it. If it were my child she did that to….she would live the rest of her life wishing she were dead.

  • Magalina Masso

    The torch I used was small and it’s not hard. I think, I will never do it again”

    YA SORRY MY MOTHER FUKING AZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Sylvia Goalby

    She was eating the food. She’s lucky it’s not a murder charge after stomping on the babies body. That sick little baby
    could so easily have died from internal injuries. Poor child having to be at the mercy of a totally cruel torturing BABY BATTERER. I hope you get your come uppence in prison.

  • Rhonda Howard

    If she truly thought that display was “discipline”, I feel sorry for her, and not in a good way. Even if she saw the mother slap the baby (which is also shocking and wrong!), she took it WAY farther than that, standing on the child with her full weight, kicking her in the head and ribs, and stomping on her for good measure. Then she picks the baby up and CONTINUES to abuse her off screen.

    And why? Because the baby vomited, something that’s literally uncontrollable. Raise your hand if you can control when you vomit, especially when someone is force feeding you?